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The Brand News
Frequently updated with photos of new outsider art, cut paper collages, unusual.


Big Fish Small Pond
2007-04-15 04:27:00
Photographed:Scanned: It is faster to photograph things then upload them than it is to scan thingsand then upload them, however scannedimages are more better. I guess someday soon I'll be walking around with a wandthat can scan images portably. Although it reproduces images lovely, scanning takes so long and the files are huge! This is 11 x 14" cut paper and glue.
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When Symmetry Attacks!
2007-04-15 04:23:00
8.5 x 11" cut card stock and glue
More About: Attacks , Tacks , Attack , Symmetry , Atta
Beauty Shop Lady #1
2007-04-15 04:21:00
11 x 14" cut construction paper and glue
More About: Beauty , Lady , Shop
2007-04-15 04:15:00
8.5x11" cut paper and glue
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