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Free Font Friday: LOT
2009-12-25 15:00:00
I have been trying to keep from putting up overly stylized fonts, just because they can be more difficult to use [correctly].  But I couldn’t help myself when I saw this one.  Lot comes to us from Font Fabric and really brings a bold style and some amazing lettering (the “Q” is my favorite).  Check it ...
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Free Font Friday: FONCE SANS
2009-12-18 14:00:00
This typeface was created by Ryan Ford, and is intended solely for non-commercial use. In the event you would like to use this typeface in a commercial setting, please contact Ryan Ford for licensing inquiries. Fonce Sans is an all-original sans serif typeface which Ryan spent several months designing. The typeface includes old style (hanging) numbers, a ton of ...
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Free Font Friday: MUSEO
2009-12-11 14:00:00
Museo... it all started with my love for the letter ?U?. This uppercase letter just came to me as an image in a daydream. The top of both stems bent into semi-slab serifs. From this principle I worked out the rest of the uppercase letters. My first intention was to make it an all-caps display font but after a while I changed my mind. I wanted it to be a bit more versatile, so I decided to add lowercase and adjust spacing and kerning to increase legibility.
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Eco-Friendly Christmas
2009-12-08 14:00:00
Stop me if you’ve heard of this before, but did you know there are companies ‘out there’ that will rent you a Christmas tree?! You heard me…RENT. For those of us who aren’t fans of artificial trees, these companies allow you to enjoy the smell and ambiance of a real tree without it having to ...
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Free Font Friday: PATAGONIA
2009-12-04 14:00:00
Haley Fiege, the canadian typographer and owner of Kingdom of Awesome released a free typeface at MyFont s. The font Patagonia is a sans-serif face based on 19th century aesthetics. Get Patagonia at MyFonts.
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Help Us Change Lives
2009-12-01 16:03:00
Last year we were lucky enough to be introduced to All Walks of Life, Inc (AWOL), an organization that uses arts and technology education to expose at-risk youth to a new world of possibilities, while keeping them out of trouble during the hours they are most vulnerable. There are many organizations out there that do a ...
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Free Font Friday: ECOFONT
2009-11-27 14:00:00
Appealing ideas are often simple: how much of a letter can be removed while maintaining readability? After extensive testing with all kinds of shapes, the best results were achieved using small circles. After lots of late hours (and coffee) this resulted in a green font that uses up to 20% less ink. Free to download, free to use. » ...
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The Iso50 Field Guide to Color Management
2009-11-25 15:51:00
I am always brushing up on my technical knowledge of the printing process and color management, so I obviously have found this little field guide to be most helpful. Alex Cornell and Scott Hansen of ISO50 have put together an impressive and definitive Field Guide to Color Management .
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Featured / Scott Hansen and ISO50
2009-11-24 16:43:00
I have always loved and respected artists that can excel in more than one creative field. To me it seems to prove that one's creativity has no bounds, and that it is more than just learned mechanical processes (contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity). Scott Hansen is an artist and musician that I have followed for years (although only recently on twitter), and his distinct style has always been an amazing mix of the old and new.
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2K Wallpapers
2009-11-23 14:46:00
Here are some desktop wallpapers for your computer or iPhone. 2K Limited Poster Wallpaper This wallpaper for your desktop or iphone is a high resolution graphic based on the limited edition 2K Strong poster. Download it, share it, or if you are really adventurous, make your own and send it to us. Maybe we will ...
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Shiny Suds do a Shintastic Job!
2009-11-20 18:25:00
We found this awesome spot dealing with the proposed Household Product Labeling Act. Instead of the usual, “call your senator” approach, Droga5 and method took a more humorous (and I dare say effective) direction. Here’s the post from fastcompany. And enjoy!
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Free Font Friday: CHUNK
2009-11-20 14:00:00
Another Free font for you all.  Chunk is an ultra-bold slab serif typeface that is reminiscent of old American Western woodcuts, broadsides, and newspaper headlines. Used mainly for display, the fat block lettering is unreserved yet refined for contemporary use. It is featured by the League of Movable Type. » Download Chunk
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Free Font Friday: COLDI
2009-11-13 14:00:00
The free font Coldi is a personal project by Alessio Avventuroso, a young designer from Italy. COLDI is a modular typeface applicable for print, brand identity, posters, invites, t-shirt, motion-graphic and perfect for title in the book and magazine. » Download Coldi Here
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3D Modeling Reel?done right.
2009-11-12 18:17:00
Yeah…so we see a lot of 3D reels. Mostly, they suck. There are only so many times you can watch the disproportionate model of a sci-fi character with ridiculously long limbs, executing a slow 360 degree spin. Usually we don’t even make it through to the end. And then there’s this guy…incredible models, exciting camera angles, ...
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Kickstarter - A New Way To Fund Ideas and Endeavors
2009-11-12 14:00:00
There’s a common theme that seems to apply to more than one conversation we’re having around the office of late: community funded projects. You’ll be hearing quite a bit about this from us in the coming weeks.* Right now though, I thought I’d share a recent discovery, Kickstarter. I love the way they introduce themselves: We believe ...
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Design Inspiration Starter List
2009-11-11 14:00:00
During our panel discussion this past Geekend we promised a list of sources of inspiration for the parched designer running out of creative juice. A complete list is impossible but here are a few of the places the team here uses for a bit of brain caffeine, categorized by our different  interests for your browsing ...
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Geekend09 Unconference Mini-Recap: ?Managing, WTF??
2009-11-10 14:00:00
For those of you unfortunate enough to miss the Geekend Unconference on Sunday, you missed out on some of the most informative and engaging sessions of the entire conference. Hopefully other participants will share what they got from the many sessions but here’s a recap of one of the break out sessions I personally found ...
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Savannah Soundstage: Meddin Cuts the Ribbon
2009-11-07 14:00:00
Our friends Nick, Stacy and John at Meddin Studios took some time out of their hectic construction schedule to hold a ribbon cutting yesterday. Some of Savannah ’s production-centric  Who’s Who were there to support this new venture. Furniture and equipment still needs to be moved in but the excitement in the air about all that potential ...
Free Font Friday: PUBLIC GOTHIC
2009-11-06 14:00:00
Check out the cool* and free font by the minimalists at  Antrepo Design Product. They have crafted a font that is a little industrial, little vintage, little condensed, and little bold. My favorite is the square version, but with 4 styles you can pick your own.  The font works on both Windows and Mac, and is only ...
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2009-11-04 14:00:00
Just in time for Geek end here in Savannah, check out the “I Be Au Sm“ T-Shirt over at Threadless by designer Lawrence Villanueva. NES. Xbox 360. Aliens. Robots. USB. Test tubes. Protractors. If it’s geeky, you can bet you’ll find it hidden on the front.  Enjoy, and see you at Geekend. »Check out the Shirt »Check out Geekend
Arcane: Interview with Jason Brubalow at Ellusionist
2009-11-03 14:30:00
Last week the creative team over at Ellusionist released something simple and beautiful.  A deck of cards that is the product of three top designers who have been working late into the night for the past 5 years.  The deck is called Arcane, and it is the first in Ellusionist’s new line of Signature playing ...
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Featured Artist: Tom Whalen
2009-10-29 14:00:00
With Halloween fast approaching, I thought everyone would really enjoy the work of Tom Whalen.  He has recently revamped several classic horror movie posters, mixing vintage elements with modern techniques.  To see more of what he can do, check out his portfolio.
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Guitar Duet: Another Video to Blow your Mind
2009-10-24 16:00:00
Just a little amazing guitar work for your Saturday morning enjoyment.
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TCCa Innovation Awards 09: a Biased and Brief Recap
2009-10-24 00:23:00
So last night is still ringing in my ears, but in a good way. Not only does it warm the heart to see how the city I’ve chosen to call home awards and encourages innovation, but 2 of our friends, Music Intelligence and Structured Green won in their respective categories; Small Business and Sustainability. I’d ...
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2009-10-22 15:34:00
By using as many dark colors on our standard monitors as possible we can reduce energy consumption by 20%, and while this may not be noticeable for a single user it can really add up when dealing with numerous computer terminals. According to Stephen at Stephen’s Lighthouse: “White and bright colors (especially in backgrounds) can ...
Featured Artist: Si Scott
2009-10-21 16:00:00
Si Scott is one of the artists that I have been following for a long time. His work is iconic and elaborate and has inspired specific pieces in my portfolio. Si Scott is from the UK, he left school at 16 and went to Leeds College of Art & Design. He has worked ...
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The New Face of Lexington
2009-10-20 14:59:00
Known as the “Thoroughbred City” and the “Horse Capital of the World,” Lexington is the second largest city in Kentucky. Before moving to Savannah and joining the Paragon team I lived in a loft apartment in downtown Lexington, which gave me instant access to everything this beautiful bluegrass location had to offer. It ...
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The Fun Theory
2009-10-16 17:40:00
I can’t take credit for finding this (a friend emailed it), but it’s too good not to share. The Fun Theory (
Shameless Promotion: 4 New Websites Launched
2009-10-15 15:30:00
Since we haven’t done this in a while, and because we have a few sites to announce, we thought it was time to blow our own horn a bit with some of our latest web launches. 1. Tasty eCommerce: Coffaros Baking Co. Through our friends at CommerceV3, we redesigned the online storefront for Auburn Washington based Coffaros ...
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Mind-Numbingly Easy Waterfall effect in After Effects
2009-09-24 16:00:00
Whenever you see the Paragon blog go quiet for a while you know it’s because we’re really busy. But I wanted to share a quick tutorial that came in handy last week for one of the projects that’s been keeping us busy. We needed to create several natural effects like snow, sand, fog and a waterfall ...
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