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art poetry philosophy
It should be understood that our consciousness has been, is and will always be the same, the question is, what happens to the form which allows it to realize self in a new light. This form, i.e. body mind is necessary in the process of change. The qu
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harmony of line
2009-05-17 16:54:00
after all. It has come to this.Copyright 2006. All Rights Reserved. Brian Morrison
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Democrats vs Republicans
2009-02-15 15:02:00
It is apparent to me during this time of great need politically, physically, with our foreign affairs, in fact with our entire system, which is now regrettably monitored and controlled by the Government, that the Republican party has no interest in becoming a team with the Democrats to save this great blend of democracy and capitalism. The Republicans are giving every indication they are not going to join in a group effort to fix the ills of the country, in fact it is looking as though they quietly are hoping for failure on the part of democrats and the policies they are implementing in this crash course for economic survival. The Republicans appear to be hoping for failure because, in the sick scheme of things, it is their hope that a failure translates to more votes and seats of power in future elections. The Republican party is continuing on a path whereby they tear down the walls of democracy in its very name.Copyright 2006. All Rights Reserved. Brian Morrison
Art painting life
2009-01-27 13:55:00
I just want to say off line watch out for the one is not better approach to art, (or life). of course one can be better, better appreciated, better feeling, better color combinations, forms, lines. What is not better often is the time spent creating, that often is as precious for the flops or the hits. so, with that it mind, that creating time spent in mindful thought of how to better create a creation is the beautiful attribute to being human. Digest all we experience and pick the weeds to better nourish the fruit, KNOW the difference.acrylic canvas pastel about 3' x 4'BrianCopyright 2006. All Rights Reserved. Brian Morrison
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2009-01-24 16:37:00
or RaptureCopyright 2006. All Rights Reserved. Brian Morrison
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Looking forward
2009-01-18 15:37:00
When Bank of America bought Merrill Lynch, did you stop in your tracks and say, "the biggest, strongest, smartest bank just became another broken, senseless, robbing institution which will only hasten the collapse of our current style of government and living". Well I did and I don't need to tell you, if we still have 1 1/2 more years of topsie turvie downward spiral, and this is taking place today. well, the carpet is about to be swept clean so to speak.And another thing. now that the banks and other typical institutions have received the first second and third round of "bail-outs" and seem to have spent it all, yes all on bonus money. As we sit and watch this unfold, how can I not believe that this is anything but the largest heist in modern day history.I believe we will pull out of this, I don't think it will make us stronger, but I am sure it will make us different.(back to paying my bills, which I'm o.k. with.)BrianCopyright 2006. All Rights Reserved. Brian Morrison
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Dividing space
2009-01-16 13:32:00
My description of being human in both psychological and physical being with regards to the soul with all we understand in science, math and faith. Visually speaking.Copyright 2006. All Rights Reserved. Brian Morrison
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We bit crazy
2008-12-17 20:59:00
If you think I'm crazy, turn on the t.v. and watch it for five minutes, now thats crazy people speaking crazy drool. Except of course National Geographic.Copyright 2006. All Rights Reserved. Brian Morrison
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Goliaths Head
2008-12-04 11:50:00
So many symbols, so many barbarians.Copyright 2006. All Rights Reserved. Brian Morrison
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2008-11-30 21:44:00
It is the idea for me, to leave my ego at the door.Copyright 2006. All Rights Reserved. Brian Morrison
2008-11-26 15:45:00
In case you need a reminder of all we have to be thankful for and how fortunate we are.Survival.Copyright 2006. All Rights Reserved. Brian Morrison
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2008-11-25 16:31:00
Warlords, coming to a theatre near you.Copyright 2006. All Rights Reserved. Brian Morrison
bailout deal
2008-09-28 14:55:00
The bailout deal is the largest con in world history. Money does not evaporate, in our current case it has been stolen. Now comes the con, after stealing 800 billion from the American middle class the wealthy non productive financial planning super spending upper-class consumers want to get their hands on another 800 billion dollars for free. Let the large corporations collapse, let small business companies take root and replace them. these small companies are what made this country great, successful, leading in the world economies and social values. The Ronald Reagan administration was the beginning of Government allowing the snowball purchasing of company after company to the current state we are in. We can not allow the continuation of large corporations holding our economy hostage by there shear size . Stop the bailout and let the large corporations fold, the pain and suffering will be long and hard but the consequences are worse, it will be the end of democracy and American ide...
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Barack Obama
2008-08-20 16:26:00
In the hope we will avert a sure collision course with disaster, of mammoth proportions, I am endorsing Barack Obama .Copyright 2006. All Rights Reserved. Brian Morrison
Starry night
2008-08-10 15:40:00
The wonder of wonder.Copyright 2006. All Rights Reserved. Brian Morrison
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night club
2008-08-02 19:46:00
What are we doing here, spending money, on beer!Copyright 2006. All Rights Reserved. Brian Morrison
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2008-08-01 20:20:00
I wonder what they see.Copyright 2006. All Rights Reserved. Brian Morrison
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Gasoline prices
2008-07-30 16:01:00
If the price of oil by the barrel is being driven by futures trading, not supply and demand, or not by source nation pricing, then why are we discussing the need to drill for oil in Alaska and the Gulf? the price will not come down, but the environment will be in jeopardy of a large scale catastrophe. Once again we have our government engaged in propaganda to falsely scare the population into agreeing with concepts introduced solely on the merits of large corporate profits, NOT based on the well being of the peoples, or environments we hope to occupy for EVER.The Republican Senator from Alaska has been accused of false declarations concerning gifts by oil companies to him, he is fighting the claim believing there is enough wiggle room in the laws for his defense to win and justify his "lack of knowledge" of any wrong doing. When our elected officials break the law because they believe the interpretation of the law in a court room can be manipulated enough to give a reason of doubt, ...
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The wind
2008-07-15 13:07:00
Its blowing oddlyDue in large part to religion, the United States voted in President Bush for two terms. Some of us knew he would do far more damage to our country, in fact the worlds stability than terrorists. Ironic.2012Copyright 2006. All Rights Reserved. Brian Morrison
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The Stock Market and Wall Street
2008-07-13 11:35:00
The days of the stock market are over, The Market originally was created for investing in a business with the intent of making money off of the business when it performs as you hope, productively within the economy, creating jobs and financial strength. What has happened? the answer is greed and gambling took the place of production and hard work. Our counties biggest investment became investment itself, making money not from a product but from gambling, from the trading of money itself. This path to eventual failure has been taken for the past 25 years and now it can go no further, our Government has chosen to become a business itself hoping to make money off a false economy which like the national debt seems to be something the future will have to fix. The future is here, It is time to elect people who understand life is a hard earned road to prosperity, with many desires left unfulfilled. The days of getting anything one wants just because they want it, immediately, are over. In ...
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Cluster Bombs
2008-07-09 16:15:00
The selling of weapons by countries for profit means the cycle of endless warfare and violence will not stop. The Large economy countries such as The United States and Russia let greed stand in the way of peace. Profit by Government leads to social, political and economical injustices for all peoples who find themselves in the path of power hungry politicians. a. global warming will see reduced emissions by 2050. - to lateb. cluster bombs will be "better designed" by 2015. - now that makes me feel better.c. petroleum from corn uses more petroleum to grow the corn than what its worth. - senselessd. Tax breaks may be coming for having more children. - how about tax incentives for fewer children? and on and on it goes. BrianCopyright 2006. All Rights Reserved. Brian Morrison
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If only you knew
2008-06-21 05:50:00
More earth like planets found> no kidding.Copyright 2006. All Rights Reserved. Brian Morrison
Gasoline prices
2008-06-17 07:40:00
Don't believe increasing the volume of oil production per day will lower the price per barrel! Our Government and corporations have sold the future of America down the river by allowing the whole sale sell off and mergers of American companies. Now the businesses have left for lower wage workers to keep their products affordable, the layoffs due to this and loss of small business have created a short fall in our gross national product. America is now in a position where it cannot afford to buy what it makes, and neither can our trade partners, so now we import cheap sometimes lethal products, produce little ourselves, the dollar is in a free fall, oil rises in direct response to the value of the dollar and many including the leaders of this once great nation lie through there teeth and tell us all, its the production, its the Saudis, its something other than what it is!We need to stop the buy outs and hope that small business, that which made this country great, small farms, people...
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2008-06-16 11:40:00
Line form content, the female figure has it all.Copyright 2006. All Rights Reserved. Brian Morrison
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The Ballet
2008-06-16 10:07:00
The beauty of love cannot be denied. it is the most beautiful of all life's ballets.Copyright 2006. All Rights Reserved. Brian Morrison
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Death Mask of Democracy
2008-06-10 07:07:00
Do you think Democracy is dead? Is it time to nationalize the oil companies here in the states which supply us with 85% of our oil and still screw us. and health care and education? Is pure democracy dead, ruined by greedy people and corporations who wouldn't see Democracy only survives through self governing? The odd thing is, the people who claim to defend it the most, patriotically, may just be the main force behind its sped up collapse.Copyright 2006. All Rights Reserved. Brian Morrison
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2008-05-31 13:05:00
Icons, symbols, meaning, expression not abstract, art painter, thought provoker, figurative symbols, color forms lines content. full time explorer of creation, part time artist of paint. philosophy is something like this, Life like an ocean wave is in part a never ending sea of dimensions, one moment we are the wave, it passes through until the next fills its spot. The water in a wave is not what travels, it is that which passes through in timeless movement of what is always about to be.Copyright 2006. All Rights Reserved. Brian Morrison
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cyclone here twister there.
2008-05-10 15:35:00
Any guesses to what is going on? there have to be guesses, there are billions of us!Copyright 2006. All Rights Reserved. Brian Morrison
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Margin of hope
2008-05-04 14:07:00
There is always hope, that some day we concentrate on our future.Copyright 2006. All Rights Reserved. Brian Morrison
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World Hunger
2008-04-26 13:45:00
I see clearlytoo many dirty feetstanding on worn out soilno spaces betweensubjects briefly touched so as to not disturb the dinner is not about hunger, or oil, or war, or money. It is about too many people. It is about a planet and its dominant species which has lost. and I for one am not sure there is enough time left to win.Copyright 2006. All Rights Reserved. Brian Morrison
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2008-04-21 13:46:00
50 years of constant wonder and i have the reality of "soul". Its not a physical property, not a time, not a place, not even a "spirit". ITS A DIMENSION. since we can't even figure out "our own" no wonder we can't see how many "our own" consists of. its the first and that means, mine is yours and yours is mine, the great books were close. deja vu.Copyright 2006. All Rights Reserved. Brian Morrison
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