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Crooked Brains - A blend of the most unusual, weird & interesting things.
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3D Tattoo.
2008-06-08 07:06:00
3D Tattoo .Here we got some remarkable tattoos which have an amazing 3D effect.(Image credit: Thesun).(Image credit: Linkinn).Other Posts:Seen On The Streets.Ads Made To Admire.Interesting Garden Design s.Creative & Interesting Bookcases - Part: 2.Interesting Fountains From Around The World.
Mixed Images & Links: Part - 10.
2008-06-08 07:03:00
Mixed Images & Links : Part - 10.Perhaps this is the only place which is a bit cool on a sunny day for the dogs to relax. An interesting way to commute: (Image: Credit).(Image: Credit).Way to drive:Unusual subway in Israel: Hand art: (Image Credit: Unknown).Benefits of driving a compact car: An excellent reason for not playing with one of these things: Musical instrument shaped buildings: Buildings shaped like piano & violin.Letter shaped buildings: Other Posts:Finger Art.Amazing Lighthouses.Creativity With Banana.Alternate Use Of Containers.Mixed Links & Images - Part: 3.
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Aquariums That Are Definitely Worth A Second Glance - Part: 2.
2008-06-07 19:25:00
Aquariums That Are Definitely Worth A Second Glance - Part : 2.Here we have Macquarium created from Macintosh computers.Sandcastle aquarium is a reminiscent of those endless summer days at the shore& measures 21½" length, 21½" width, 29½" height.Aquarium toilet designed by Oliver Beckerta is a fishtank in the tank. The fishes are safe as they are in aquarium which is separate from the flushing tank.Michael Khor recycled an old 26" wooden TV & modified it to accommodate a fishtank .This one is from early 19th century an interesting pairing of birdcage with fishbowl. The bird can rise up in the bubble inside the fishbowl creating an illusion that the bird is in the bowl with the fish.Now that you have an aquarium toilet, to complete the theme here is an aquarium washbasin, its not a simple washbasin, but also an aquarium for goldfishes. Birdcage aquarium. Pieter van Suijlekom's Reef Aquarium: It has all the details you may ever wanted to know.Do check the Part - 1...
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Interesting Beds - Part: 2.
2008-06-07 19:20:00
Interesting Beds - Part : 2.With the changes happening & technology becoming integral part of our lives, it time we redo our beds! Hi-Can Canopy Bed: It features state of the art technology hi-fi sound system, features integrated flaps, ventilation, hi-fi sound system, screen with DVD, apart from these you can surf the internet right from your own bed & also it has temperature & lighting controls for making you comfortable.Feel Seating System: Inspired by molecular structure, made up of 120 soft sofa balls, this ingenious design allows it to be folded & rearranged into pretty much anything depending upon your imagination.Private CloudBed - It requires little more space than a "normal" bed, a rocking-chair style bed by German designer Manuel KlokerBedup: A perfect one for apartments with short space. During the daytime you can store it on the ceiling, & the under-surface of the bed becomes a part of ceiling with the possibility of integrating lighting.Floating bed: It can be fixed to...
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Making Of The Car From Nothing.
2008-06-07 19:17:00
Making Of The Car From Nothing.So how do you make a car from nothing? Here are some really amazing photographs of this guy making a car using the structure of an existing car & converting it into something unexpected. But one thing for sure can be said, that the final result looks quite impressive. Click on the images to enlarge.Other Posts:Armored Cars.Artificial Reefs. Bathroom Ads.Art With Money.Beautiful Railway Bridges From Around The World.
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Innovative Chairs.
2008-06-05 19:34:00
Innovative Chairs .Alexander Kneller Side Chair:This one has a nifty & huge slide-out storage compartments were you can store your books or just anything. chairAntidiva Micama Chair: The Antidiva Micama Chair is a versatile piece of furniture. The outer cover can be in fabric or leather & the chair can be filled with the material of your choice.Tre di Una Chair by Hunn Wai: One To Three For Five (Seconds) by John Nouanesing: It's a multi-function furniture, wherein you can easily make low riding chairs & a red table or the other stuff from the white cube table.Soft square by Marta Antoszkiewicz:Its intended for urban living, space management chair set by designer Marta Antoszkiewicz. Splash Chair by Michael L. Wendel: This Splash Chair seems to be inspired by slow motion water drops. Some other chairs: Other Posts:Monowheel.Houseboat.Modern Laundry.Cars That Run In Water.Global Effect - Then & Now.
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Japanese Food Art.
2008-06-05 19:31:00
Japanese Food Art.Japanese lunchbox: This is Japanese Bentou (Japanese lunchbox), seeing these, who would like to have it?--------Bread: These breads are made by 28-year-old art student Kittiwat Unarrom, who is a fine arts master's degree student & whose family owns a bakery in Ratchaburi, Thailand.(Image credit: Dannychoo). (Image credit: Hemmy).More images.Other Posts:Colorful Dogs.Ads Using Pillows.Cool Looking Cups.Seen On The Streets.Most Interesting Bookstores of the World.
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Creative Holiday Advertisements.
2008-06-05 19:29:00
Creative Holiday Advertisements .We have seen many companies using illusions for their ads. And here we have ads for the advertisement of ClubMed, the famous French corporation of vacation resorts in more than 100 destinations worldwide such as Asia, Europe, USA or Australia & others. (Image credit: Adverbox).(Image credit: Adsoftheworld).(Image credit: Adsoftheworld).Other Posts:Car Parking Ads.Not The Usual Schools. Second Skin For Your Car.Things You Can Do With Coins.Innovative Sitting Arrangements.
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Custom-Made Tennis Courts.
2008-06-04 20:07:00
Custom-Made Tennis Courts .Tennis court over water: Two of the world's leading tennis personalities, Serena Williams & Rafael Nadal took part in the first ever tennis match on water. The event took place atop Miami's Gansevoort South Hotel overlooking South Beach on its first day of business on Monday, March 24, 2008. The custom-made water-covered court was constructed in the 110-foot swimmingpool set in the Gansevoort's 22,000-square-foot rooftop. It took five days for a group of underwater specialists using a combination of bespoke acrylic sheets & supporting acrylic tubes to construct two invisible platforms at either end. Sony Ericsson hosted the event to celebrate the start of the Sony Ericsson Open, one of the most important tennis tournaments.World's highest tennis court:Tennis stars Andre Agassi & R Federer played on the most unique tennis court & which is also world's highest tennis court on the helipad of Burj Al Arab, (the world's most luxurious hotel) to begin the D...
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Creative Ads Of Reporters Without Borders.
2008-06-04 20:04:00
Creative Ads Of Reporters Without Borders .These are some of the creative ads of 'Reporters Without Borders ', they do seem to make a point.(Image: Credit).(Image: Credit).(Image: Credit).(Image: Credit).(Image: Credit).(Image: Credit).(Image: Credit).Other Posts:Frozen Ships.Wood World.Amazing Lighthouses.Vehicles With A Difference.Best Places To Visit Least Once.
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Things You Can Do With Styrofoam.
2008-06-04 20:02:00
Things You Can Do With Styrofoam.Styrofoam Hummer: Ken Jenning's Big Styrofoam Head:Styrofoam robots by Michael Salter: Styrofoam Castles:Other Posts:Jeweled Eggs.Interesting Tables.Creativity With Trains. Fun With Toilet Paper.Swim On The Verge Of The Victoria Falls.
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Not The Usual Buses.
2008-06-03 15:37:00
Not The Usual Buses .Cat Bus:(Image: Credit).(Image: Credit). Dog Bus:(Image : Credit). Pig Bus: (Image: Credit).A Train + Bus: Toyota & its truck-making subsidiary Hino Motors along with Japan Rail Hokkaido developed a dual-mode vehicle which can travel on roads & railways. The DMV has four rubber tyres & travels just like a bus on the road & has steel wheels for the tracks. It just takes about 15 seconds to convert using a hydraulic system. It seems the testing of these DMVs have started 18 months ago.Upside Down Bus:This piece of artwork was welded together, one upside down on top of the other from two yellow buses. It was an idea of Ben Cohen, & artist Stefan Sagmeister & it was car artist Tom Kennedy & group who made it a reality. Here is rest of gallery. Microsoft Office Bus: It's suggested that it's a 'Microsoft office bus' for employees to work while providing the conveyance to & from workplace. Can this be yet another work of 'Photoshop'.Here is rest of gallery.Luxury...
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Ads Using Puzzles.
2008-06-03 15:34:00
Ads Using Puzzles .McDonalds Puzzle Billboards: Outdoor billboards created to promote McDonald's Large Coffee for only 1 Euro. The billboard in reality is a puzzle & all you need to do is to shuffle the pieces & sort out to get the model's head.Though a very old one but still it looks interesting: it's by Google, who at that time was looking for some smart & intelligent engineers. The message on the billboard read: {first 10-digit prime found in consecutive digits of e}.com & Google's name was nowhere to be found on the ads. Red Bull - Puzzle: 'A jigsaw puzzle containing a thousand white pieces was presented together with a can of Red Bull'. Now what makes things more interesting is the whole puzzle of thousand pieces are in one single color & what one needs is lots of energy & stamina. And that's where they made their point with the product giving a clear message. How about this one?Ravensburger: Construction, 2.KWI - Puzzle: Which says us to plant more trees. And we need to ...
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Single Seat Helicopters.
2008-06-03 15:30:00
Single Seat Helicopters .Here we have HRH which uses powerful 165 hp 4-cycle, 4 cylinder Subaru, has a flying time of 2 hours with top speed of 103 mph. Russian Single Seat Helicopter: You send some guy mini 500 assembly manual who lives in the middle of nowhere in Russia & has no experience in building an aircraft, what do you think will happen? Well, apparently they call you four years later with a working prototype! Here is the rest of it:GEN-H4, a compact single-seat helicopter, developed by GEN Corporation of Japan. It weighs 75 Kg & is equipped with four 125 cc engines, can fly for 30 minutes with a maximum speed of 90 km (56 miles) per hour.Dornier Do-32 an ultra-light single seat helicopter designed by Dornier. It could be taken in a container of modest size, & when the container was fitted with wheels, could be towed by a regular car. Or it could be stored anywhere & could be assembled in just five minutes.Campbell Cougar:Modac 500 Hornet:Helicom Jr, a single-seat helicopter...
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Seen On The Streets.
2008-06-02 18:03:00
Seen On The Streets .Ramenskoye's Painted Houses:These are the painted houses in Ramenskoye, a town in Moscow Oblast, Russia, located 46 km southeast of Moscow & its famous for two things; one its Zhukovsky airfield & the other its painted houses. Here is the rest of the gallery. Street Paintings Of Kurt Wenner:These are the 'Street Paintings Of Kurt Wenner' & here is the rest of gallery. From The Streets Of Hong Kong:Tape Sculptures: Tape sculptures by Mark Jenkins.3D Street Paintings By Julian Beever:Portable Computer painted on The Strand, London.This picture is part of a series used by White's Electronics of Inverness in Treasure magazine. These are the street paintings by Julian Beever & here is the rest of gallery.Light Graffiti:Cool time-lapse photography taken using LED glowsticks & flashlights by light graffiti artists. Here is rest of gallery.Street Art:Here are a few images of street paintings which just look amazingly pretty & here is the rest of gallery.Statues on St...
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Ads Made To Admire.
2008-06-02 18:00:00
Ads Made To Admire .Here on CrookedBrains we try to find things which are unique, different, special or just simple & yet have a strong statement to make & which you may find interesting to read. In the same pursuit, we decided to make a collection of the best ads that were created using various objects we come across in our day-to-day life & yet don't relate them in a certain way until we see these ads. These ads were gathered over a period of time on CrookedBrains & we thought we would post it on the completion of our '1000' posts, but it looks like we couldn't make it on time. These are the 14 best ads using various concepts that we came across until now. Ads Using Mirrors: These have been our personal favorite & we liked the concept, idea & the thought behind these ads very much. A really cool one which says "Personalize your post." This reminds us of a case study during our masters in business administration. Though it's a very long one, we will tell in a fewer words: What...
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Interesting Garden Designs.
2008-06-02 17:57:00
Interesting Garden Design s.Here are some of the most interesting & contemporary garden designs. Many of these designs were shown at Chelsea 2004, 2006 & 2007, Ellerslie Flower Show 2005 & Hampton Court 2007.This is a Garden Design (Chelsea 2006) by Andy Sturgeon who is in making contemporary external spaces for residential & corporate clients using modern design, natural materials & innovative planting. A show garden, Chelsea 2006.Modern garden at 2005 Ellerslie Flower Show, Auckland, New Zealand.The 'view across the water'- Centrepoint Garden, Hampton Court 2007Andy Sturgeon's garden, Chelsea 2006. Garden by renowned pebble artist Janette Ireland, Chelsea Flower Show 2006. The Laurent Perrier Garden, by Jinny Blom, Chelsea 2007. Contemporary Garden, by Actual Landscapes.An Australian entry which won the gold award at the Chelsea Flower Show 2006.Cocoon design by Merlo.Small Office Garden Office (SOGO) garden designed by Lizzie Taylor & Dawn Isaac.--------Interesting concept of ...
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Mixed Links & Images - Part: 8.
2008-05-25 10:46:00
Mixed Links & Images - Part : 8.Interesting bed-sheet, now you don't need to keep a book along.There is a lizard on the bark in this photo, try to find it before you checkout the second photo.Mountain Dew tree.Coffee bag - The bag for coffee.Who doesn't know how difficult it is to carry two cups of coffee which are filled to the top, managing the car keys & all? Here is the answer: This bag for coffee.Portabello - 75 million dollars for a house:The sprawling Portabello Estate located in the center of Newport Beach, California is an oceanic architecture. With a cost of $75 million you get about 30,000 square feet of space, eight bedrooms, plus a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean from almost every room. Apart from these, it includes 2-story grotto with a swimmingpool, 2 spas, tunnel slide, poolside lounge room & barbecue area, Jacuzzi, kitchen, entertainment level with bowling alley, Art Deco Theater, automotive museum, cafe, full exercise facility.Carolyn Bahm started a meme usi...
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Things You Can Do With Coins.
2008-05-23 22:31:00
Things You Can Do With Coins .Amazing Coin Balancing Structures: Here some amazing pictures of coin balancing making it into some work of art creating interesting formations. This requires lots of skill & patience too. 50 Million Pennies:This is what 50 million pennies look like, it is 156 tons & is worth half a million dollars.Portraits Made Out Of Pennies:This is the artwork of Adrian Firth who created these amazing portraits using pennies. 100 Million Pennies:It's called the "Penny Harvest Feild". $1 million worth of pennies were gathered & the exhibit was 30 feet by 165 feet long.9 pound balance:This is what you can do if you have spare time & want to get creative! Other Posts:Chromed Bikes.Creativity With Grass.Art & Sculpture Garden.Cars That Run In Water.Creativity With Balloons.
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All In A Days Work Of A Photographer.
2008-05-23 22:27:00
All In A Days Work Of A Photographer .Have you ever given a thought as what takes to get one beautiful or a perfect photo? Things aren't as easy as they seem, it does take a lot. Ask a photographer who wants a best photo what it takes, & you will be amazed to know. And here are a few photos of these photographers while they are trying their best to get a perfect photo!Source: Collected from various forums over a period of time & mail.Other Posts:Art From Above.Bubble Gum Walls.Upside Down Houses.Global Effect - Then & Now.The Most Flexible People In The World.
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Interesting Inventions.
2008-05-23 22:25:00
Interesting Inventions .The weight watch belt:Measures the waist every time you put it on & lets you know if you put on any weight. Fafi's Straws: Their expressions looks more interesting than these drinking straws. Pet Peek.Stairs Bookcase:Climbing Light:Interesting Safe: Interesting lamp: Brushed aluminum armadillo breadbin.Penguin tea timer:Paper bag vase:Large fish bowl book ends. Toaster teapot: Other Posts:Crayon Art.Cats love Mac.Creativity With Plastic Bottles.Sculptures Created From Scissors.Clever Alternate Uses Of Everyday Objects.
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Just A Little Home Improvement.
2008-05-14 20:29:00
Just A Little Home Improvement .If you think that your apartment isn't large enough anymore & you need some more space, here is the perfect way out for you. Rucksack House - designed by the German team at Convertible City, its a great new way to expand your living space. It functions as an extra room, & is designed as a walk-in cube consisting of a welded steel cabin, using steel cables anchored to the roof of the existing house. If you want an extra room, then this might be a real great idea to expand the apartment size. (Image: Credit).Other Posts: Bubblegum Art.Art Of Sleeping. Humor In Uniform.Official State Cars.Funny Toilet Writings.
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Art-Eggcident in Leeuwarden by Henk Hofstra.
2008-05-14 20:26:00
Art-Eggcident in Leeuwarden by Henk Hofstra.Dutch artist Henk Hofstra is back & this time it's the sculptures called 'Art Eggcident' (environmental art project) in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. Remember we brought to you his earlier work titled 'Urban River' where he painted a complete city street aqua blue. Recently several large ones (each 100 feet wide) were spread on the Zaailand - one of the Netherland's largest city squares. The largest ones are totally flat, but the smaller ones have a three-dimensional 'yolk', & are able to take the weight of the kids. Other Posts: Bubble Gum Walls.Lady Police Officers.Upside Down Houses.Soldier Formations' Photography.Sculptures Created From Scissors.
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Batmobile For Sale.
2008-05-14 20:23:00
Batmobile For Sale .These are the photos of Batmobile that came up for sale on eBay at a cool $500,000. The car is 20 feet long, 8 feet in width, powered by a Chevrolet 350 engine & has a custom-built chassis. It has no doors, and the only way to get behind the wheel is to get in through the top where the canopy opens, just like in the movie. Though now the item has been removed from the site, well we're guessing this auction has a probability of reappearing soon hopeful at a lesser starting price.Other Posts:Armored Cars.Bathroom Ads.Women Of The World. Unusual Painting Techniques.Open Sewers Of The World.
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Modern Laundry.
2008-05-13 20:48:00
Modern Laundry .These are the dhobighats, the large laundry of Mumbai where thousands of men clean thousands of clothes everyday. A lot of people in India use this where these men (dhobi, a traditional laundryman) who collect, clean & iron the clothes in the place like this. These people live & work here. Later on it is continued by their next generation. If you get your laundry done in India, remember that it most probably goes to one such place. (Image: Credit).(Image: Credit).(Image credit: Travel blog).(Image: Credit). (Image credit: Pictures).(Image: Credit).Other Posts:Roman Colosseum.12 Most Amazing Illusions.Houses With A Difference.Handling Heavy Machinery.Can You Make It Through These Russian Roads!
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IKEA's Promotional Train.
2008-05-13 20:45:00
IKEA's Promotional Train .This train was a part of promotional campaign by IKEA, a Swedish furniture company (which pioneered flat-pack design furniture at affordable rates, is now the world's largest furniture manufacturer) for their new retail store at Port Island. The Kobe Portliner Monorail in Japan was changed into a moving showroom with colorful exterior, interesting patterns adorning the upholstered seats & curtains. The train remained Ikea-ed till May 6.Source: 1, 2, 3.Other Posts:Kids.3D Wall Painting Art.Custom Painted Bikes.Swimming Pools You Love To Get In.Restaurants That You Wouldn't Like To Visit.
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Discipline In Army.
2008-05-13 20:43:00
Discipline In Army . These photos give a complete new meaning for keeping the head up & walking tall. Its known that life in army isn't easy, but none can anticipate this, least we didn't. You can see pins in the collar so the head isn't bent; & you can see the wooden ones on their backs to give a perfect posture. Well what can be said, every army has its rules & ways to teach their cadets.Other Posts: Ads Using Trees.Funny Soap Dispensers.Creative Building Paintings.Interesting & Funny Pillows. Manhole Based Ad Campaigns.
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Intelligent Fish.
2008-05-13 20:40:00
Intelligent Fish .Comet the goldfish is the world's most intelligent fish. He can play football, basketball & even dance. He has been trained by his owner to perform the astonishing range of aquatic activities on demand. With this new development coming in, perhaps its time that proper credit is given to the intelligent fishes. Other Posts:Replica Cars. Animals & Loyalty.Awesome Hand Paintings.Interesting & Funny T-Shirts.These Drivers Aren't As Smart As They Think They Are.
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Interesting Car Bridge.
2008-05-13 20:38:00
Interesting Car Bridge .This bridge doesn't look like the one which people would use out of necessity to get to the other side. It looks more like one created for some competition or a part of movie set. Though the photos aren't that clear; which leaves many questions unanswered, like the type of tyres used or any other details. One thing can be made out from these photos, we can see a square metal pipe over the tyre & the bridge wire / pipe which must be some sort of safety measure. No details are known as of now about the location of the bridge, or who the driver was, & what was the purpose of the drive over the bridge? Thanks Neil!Other Posts:Interesting Nails.Interesting Tables. Fun With Toilet Paper.Impressive Ads Using Illusion Effects. Creativity With Computer Components.
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Creativity With Barcode.
2008-05-03 16:16:00
Creativity With Barcode .Here we have Barcode art by Scott Blake. He started it before year 2000 & since then he has made 30 portraits of cultural icons, traditional paintings & videos all based on barcodes. And here we have some barcodes with a brand new look from the land of invention - Japan.Other Posts:Green Cars.Interesting Lamps.Interesting Sculptures.Face Illusions Around Us.High Speed Photography - II.
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