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Missing you.
2009-07-15 17:07:00
I woke up missing you, wanting you and forgot that you were gone. It's only been a day but yet it seems like so long. Girl you said you were sorry and I played the fool. I gave you my all and now we are threw.  read more »
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Holding You.
2009-07-15 16:49:00
Holding you. The rain pours down and the brisk wind fights its way threw the trees. Only one thought comes to mind. Holding you.  
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Take Me.
2009-07-15 16:42:00
Take Me. Its days like this when my arms seem to grow and wrap them selves around you. They pull you in close and all the numbness fades away. My Body, heart and mind are sheltered in your love  and affection.  read more »
More About: Love , Sexy , Free Verse
Dream Big
2009-06-28 14:49:00
On top of the world, beaming, I stood Staring into the distance, as far as I could I saw vast expances of barren land.  read more »
More About: Love , Free Verse , Dream
A dream
2009-06-24 04:26:00
A man with a dream, A woman with a cure. The bee stings, The dam will break at dawn. someday it will happen, Someday it will begin. The water is pure. The bird sings a song, A child listens, And the dream becomes reality. Whoosh says the water, Coming down the river. The bee sting hurts, but only for a while. All will be well.  
More About: Weird , Love , Free Verse , Dream
2009-06-24 04:15:00
Look out your front window and what do you see? The tall tree growing with apples undernieth? The sky so blue, It's a blinding sight. Oh, no that would be the sun shining so bright. The fluffy white cloud that will be grey by tomorrow. The rocks and boulders; pebbles and sand. The car in the drive, waiting to be drivin. The road that has no end. And when you come back to the reality inside, You see nothing at all worth your eyes.  
More About: House , Free Verse , Sadness
Lazy Pete
2009-06-24 04:10:00
Lazy Pete , lazy Pete, Get up! Get up! Do you not see that the day Is waiting for you? Come and enjoy The sun and the grass. Why are you sitting there still? It's time to take a walk, Go play a fun game, Run with the wind. Lazy Pete, lazy Pete, Are you okay?  
More About: Free Verse , Lazy
2009-06-24 04:06:00
I want to go home, But I have no home, This is my home now. There is no lock on the door, There isn't even a door. There are no windows to open And feel the nice breeze. There is no bed, just some rags. I sleep with absolutely no ease. I wonder if I can afford To stay somewhere, someday. With a sturdy roof That will keep the rain away. But I know the truth: This will not come true. Because there are so many others Still looking for jobs. Why hire a bum?  
More About: Free Verse
2009-06-24 04:00:00
Listen to your heart. What does it say? Does it say to jump; Or stay where you are? Are the beats a set rhythm; Or an unmistakable blur? Will you ignore your heart; And listen to your mind? Telling you to think fast; Or will it be too late?
More About: Love , Mind , Listen , Free Verse
Take Me There
2009-06-24 03:29:00
Take me there,To that place.You know that place,Where the grass is the perfect shade of green.The sky the perfect blue.The flower has no sign of wilt.Where the sun is shining so bright.Where the water is pure.Where even in the midst of all this noise,You will still be at peaceIn your heart. Take me there. For in that perfect place,It will not be perfect without you.You are my grass, my sky.My flower, sun, and water.You are the air before it rains,The wind in my hair.The light to guide my way, When no one else can.Take me there, To that place.And I will show you how perfect it will be.But the perfect place can be anywhere,  read more »
More About: Free Verse , Place , Perfect
Apology to Gorgeous
2009-06-13 04:20:00
   A few years ago, while I was still in school, margin-left:13.85pt;margin-bottom:.0001pt ;line-height:normal;tab-stops:36.0pt; mso-layout-grid-align:none;text-autospace :none"> EN-US">I met a girl, more special than any other.  read more »
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Death of the Salesman
2009-06-04 12:23:00
       read more »
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2009-05-28 09:23:00
Normal 0 false false false  read more »
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Carte Blanche
2009-05-21 05:30:00
         read more »
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Love Is...
2009-05-14 14:23:00
  I find myself asking the same question over and over.  What is love?  How do you truly define what love is, or where to find it?  How do you know you are in love?  read more »
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BOOK: Intimate an Experience (2009)
2009-05-05 21:34:00
The new book and first edition of Intimate an Experience: An intimate experience that can change. Free distribution. Unexplained Patterns! Poetry .  read more »
More About: Philosophy , Politics , Books , Love
Help Them
2009-04-29 22:30:00
When you think enough you'll think of all that pain, The pain that has been caused through each and every vain, One step up is one step down, They sleep with one eye open in the public town, They have this pain that traps all there trust, They cry they die we should help them yes we must, We get stressed over stupid things yes we do all moan, They can still manage a smile even though they are alone, How do we walk with our heads high, I cant help but think of all those mothers going without saying goodbye, So when you sleep tonight think of all of this, I will also be thinking of everything those people must miss  
More About: Love , Free Verse
Our moment
2009-04-29 21:26:00
Our Moment   He takes my hand, He pulles me cose, i'm addited to him, He's my dose, He scares my heart, He makes me week, He walks away, My eyes start to leek,  read more »
More About: Free Verse
Violet Muwanguzi
2009-04-01 23:25:00
As a delicate flower,you bring beauty to a barren gardenwith your wondrous smile.Despite the harsh winds of Life,you are firmly planted in God's handsand stand upright in strength.Your tenderness will always be evident;avoid those who would lookto trample you under foot.Let Jehovah's spiritual principlesblossom fully in your life -Be a blessing to othersand reflect the brillance of His Light.   Author's Note:  read more »
More About: Poetry , Violet , Free Verse
My Life With Bipolar 3/15/2009
2009-03-23 15:32:00
By Shawn W. Philpot I've made my mistakes in this world this is true. But dealing with Bipolar is not easy for me and you. I've had this disease since I was five in my youth. My parents have been there throughout my mistakes. But they don't just love for the old time sakes. They love me more then I love my own life this is true. They do this for me because there heart is pure and true. People have seen me in my mania and depression. They do not understand the pain and suppression. So if you know someone with this disease and infliction. Don't be too hasty to judge us with your conviction. Our emotions are on overload so be careful with you suspicions.  read more »
More About: Life , My Life , Free Verse
Forever Love
2009-03-19 02:34:00
   read more »
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Forever Love
2009-03-17 22:36:00
 This love so unconditional yet rare Like my own drug, can't help this addiction A love to which no other can compare Reaching for you there is no restriction.   Forbid it leaves, bliss would become disgrace  read more »
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Forever Love
2009-03-17 22:35:00
 This love so unconditional yet rare Like my own drug, can't help this addiction A love to which no other can compare Reaching for you there is no restriction.   Forbid it leaves, bliss would become disgrace  read more »
More About: Love , Forever
Nothing Gold Can Stay
2009-03-09 00:01:00
Standing at the thresholdof Death's ultimate door,my last gasp escapes me...As I've never experienced before. Into the Heavenly realmI ascend in wonderment,now housed in an incorruptible bodyand thankful that from sin I did repent. Standing in God's throne roomfreed of all Earthly flesh,my spiritual essence is energizedand feeling fully refreshed. Now gathered unto my Savior,unencumbered reality is more than it seems;for to be in His Presenceis my accomplished dream. Having been given my kingly reward,in these times of everlasting days,willfully I set my crown at His feet.For upon my head, nothing gold can stay.    read more »
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Enjoy This Season
2009-03-09 00:00:00
Withering grass of this seasonwith your abundance of green,take advantage of Today -Contribute to this Earthly scene. Enjoy your present strength;ignore worries of the past.Let the distant failures fadeand let sweeter memories last. Be true to yourself always,standing tall and strong.Focus on your own meadows and...Learn to hum to Life's song.   Learn more about me and my poetry    read more »
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The Thoughts of the Unborn
2009-02-10 06:02:00
   read more »
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The Thoughts of the Unborn
2009-02-10 05:57:00
The Thoughts of the Unborn Pain is so real and it's easy to seeIt all happens to you and me I know we are born to dieBut at such a young age I don't understand why  read more »
violin plays
2009-01-18 10:55:00
      Violin plays In the beautiful orchestra of you . In the melodies of passion Do you sing in a thousand voices Love your only choice Piano plays In the presence of ever flowing Harmony Like the music of words You play a heavenly piece The sound of what you create Is more than enough As the violin plays The audience of me Watches in awe of lovely sight That blesses the night As I blow kisses your way And throw roses of my heart Violins plays
More About: Publishing , Deep , Plays
my lost love
2009-01-14 02:17:00
My lost love Would I ever see you again You were my world of believe My hope and light My soul’s delight The days have your memories blessed The night an awful conquest In thoughts of ruins and pain The warmth of u I seekMy lost love do u think of me Does your being long for what we were Do you dream and see me there  Like a broken window Am a lonely shadow With no frame I walk in the loneliness that calls me I can’t truly be For to me you are lost     read more »
More About: Lost , Love
the phantom
2009-01-14 02:12:00
A phantom as I walk through the night Lurking around  your heart Filling your thoughts With images of me Pleasing your soul With memories unknown As the day dawns I wear a mask of love And smile As you pass along Knowing my passion would be your song A phantom I am To you charm With desire’s will Even as the evening stills The wind blows I whisper slow Come to me., come to me Then I leave you to wonder The phantom    read more »
More About: Phantom , Together , Imagination
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