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These are the films you want to watch again and again and will not be tired of them. These are the films that are not just for entertainment, but also inspire you.


DVD Switch
2007-06-20 22:44:00
We all have some favorite movie DVDs, music CDs, video games, and books. I bet that you will be delighted to know that you can actually switch them with someone else who happens to have something else that is on your wish list! Those items are left somewhere in your room, however, someone else is eager to have them. The same, a dusty item that lies in someone else's room may be what you long to possess. If only you can exchange those items, then you don't need to increase your investment, but you still can enjoy more entertaining items. Say goodbye to your old items nicely and welcome the new ones, or maybe some day you can get back the old ones when you really miss them!Who will help you complete this fabulous trading? Switch! On SwitchPlanet the switch is free. The only expense is the postage! Now let's try it. The Website looks hilarious. The items are classified by "Most Wanted", "Most Switched", "Most Available" and the "Newest". So if you have a "Most Wanted" item...
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2007-06-06 02:22:00 is a film review blog that includes films you want to watch again and again and will not be tired of. These films are not just for entertainment, but also inspire you.Apart from hot Hollywood films, the blog includes some outstanding foreign films especially French films, also some disputable films like Brokeback Mountain, and some other great family films for both kids and grown-ups.Besides, the blog shows appreciation for some potentially remarkable film stars like AnnaSophia.
Movie vs. Reality
2007-04-18 18:43:00
You enjoy staying home in front of a TV watching your favorite show or DVD with a bunch of junk food alone or with a mate; you enjoy going to cinema watching a movie with more entertaining sound and image effect to help your imagination fly; you watched a lot of stories places people in various movies; you watched different cultures in foreign movies. You experience colorful life in your imagination. Of course, some day, you would like to visit a place you saw in a movie. You need some exercises to burn the junk food too! Asia, the East, is always a mystery; Europe, is cozy and romantic with ancient historic feel; go to grand Rocky Mountains to understand a gay's deep love story composed in "Brokeback Mountain"; explore snow white tranquil Quebec city in winter; enjoy the splendid famous Los Angeles; and of course, encounter a dream lover in the most romantic city Paris. Why not book a trip to a place you dream about and embrace it for real? offers Guaranteed ...
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2007-03-17 01:28:00
I went to watch the movie "Bridge to Tera bithia" because I read this New Berry Awarded book and was really touched by this excellent book written for middle school children. The bridge to the friendship between Jess and Leslie in the book was mainly reflected by the description of Jess' thoughts since he is a very introverted boy. I was moved again and again by the way how the author delicately wrote about their friendship. I can only use the phrase "it's just so much" to summarize how I feel. It's like an endless eternity, their profound friendship, even such an outstanding writer couldn't show you all and left you broad space to feel, to relate, to imagine, to realize, to understand. It's not only for children. It's not a perfect angelic type book but it's deep enough for you to think to enjoy. The only part I was trying to avoid was the tragedy. The goodness of the movie is that it softened the tragedy and strengthened a more positive view. It's probably due to the modern...
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Happy Pie
2007-01-07 04:03:00
I'm recently watching a Chinese TV series called "Pass by Happiness". It's based on a novel called "Happy Pie". I fix the schedule watching it. When I compared it with the novel, I started to understand how great a filmmaker can be. A novel forms basis of a story; it may be meaningful; it may be beautiful, however, the dialogs in a film are usually based on the script or even more than that, and often times, they are the key sources of the story's being wonderful. It seems, films, in a way, are more expressive than novels; what's more, it seems, filmmakers are able to understand and dig deeper than novelists in SOME way. I keep watching this series, not because of its story; it's a common entertaining story about love and marriage. It doesn't really matter if you miss some part of the plot, and the story goes on and on. You watch it as an onlooker, and look at the main characters to see how their feelings offer you some kinds of emotion at some moments. However, when the ser...
A Knights Tale
2006-11-05 15:31:00
I rarely watch adventure films but I watched this one because I wanted to watch Heath Ledger when I saw his performance in Brokeback Mountain. He is good at playing different types of roles in different types of films. In some films you may not even be able to recognize his faces while you are enjoying his performance. But I always recognize him since he is a kind of my type with his being cool.It's a film to teach children to be knightly, to be brave, to be courageous; it's a film to encourage people that to change their "stars" is possible.It's a 14th-century adventure epic with a 20th-century contemporary twist. It inspiringly incorporated of classic 1970s rock tunes and created an anachronistic bridge between "then and now". It inventively applied "We will rock you" soundtrack to the opening sequence of this 21st century Chaucerian tale. Middle Ages peasants are stamping their feet and clapping in the bleachers of a match of their most extreme sport jousting.William, as a pea...
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Brokeback Mountain
2006-10-13 01:12:00
This film is about a gay love story, no, I would not say that, rather, I would say that it's a love story that happened to two men Ennis and Jack, as what Ennis and Jack said, "I'm not queer" "Me neither". I admit that it's a long way for conventional society to accept homosexuality, even if Canada officially recognizes and legalizes same-sex marriage and hosts gay pride parade yearly, I have to say homosexuality is not widely naturally recognized. Perhaps it's because homosexuality is mostly related to eroticism but not feeling. I would not focus on homosexuality's being recognized, rather, I would like to talk about this film, this love story, this feeling.The story happened at Brokeback Mount ain , somewhere in the middle of Wyoming and Texas where Ennis and Jack were living with their wife and children. Ennis' words truly expressed the oppression from the society: "Two guys living together? No way." Therefore, they have to stand living in this way, hiding their feeling, "onc...
La Vie Avec Mon Pere
2006-10-07 04:15:00
It's a successful Québec film with Hollywood taste. There's no intense story but "the life with my father" You will probably overlook it with a not romantic title, however, you will find the title just right when you watch the film. It is romantic but not ordinarily romantic. The success is at how it portrayed the personae to their most delicate.Famous writer François wrote only one novel in his life - but what a novel! He likes the women, the wine but most of all his sons, Paul and Patrick. Two brothers are opposite: Paul is an unconventional apprentice writer while Patrick directs a multinational corporation of the pharmaceutical industry. After a long absence, François reappears in their life, alone, without a penny and sick, but always with the same rage to laugh, to like ... to live, all simple.Here is the conversation between François and Paul:François: How's the writing?Paul: I'm blocked. When I sit down at the computer ... I go blank.François: Forget reality. See where t...
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2006-09-02 05:34:00
It's a great film not because it has a perfectly beautiful image there; every single word of tag lines, monologues and dialogues is meaningful. Let's taste the story following some of those masterpieces.Viktor's confessions to his ex-wife Elaine outlined the setting of the story:"Do you know why I, Viktor Taransky, two-time Academy Award nominated director overseeing the most cherished movie project of my career, am walking around with a pocketful of cherry Mike & Ike's?...It is because Miss Nicola Anders, supermodel with a SAG card God's gift to cinema, has it written into her contract that all cherry Mike & Ike's be removed from her candy dish along with strict instructions that any room she walks into should have seven packs of cigarettes waiting for her three of them opened, that there be a personal jacuzzi within eighty paces of her dressing room, and that any time she travels, her nanny must fly with her first class.""We used to decide who would play what role. W...
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Film Resources
2006-09-01 08:28:00
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The Favourite Game
2006-08-29 21:46:00
Also called "Le Jeu de l'ange", the plot setting begins with this piece of pure whiteness in a park of Montreal and also ends there:The story is about Leo's relationship with two women Shell and Lisa. In real life, Leo is deeply in love with Shell. I captured a couple of fantastic scenes of them:When they fell in love, their image in the moon was absolutely beautiful and I captured the moments when the night was approaching to them and they were gradually merged into the moon: This sunset image is also almost perfect:When they separated, Shell's sadness was artfully expressed through the car mirror: Here comes Leo's "true love" in his childhood memory:"Lisa the child had evaded me and was still perfect, suddenly making all other women less perfect. They were still beautiful, but somehow less crucial." "Lisa the child, that perfection remained, preserving the past. Everything could be preserved forever, like my connection to Shell, and in that moment, I remembered.""I remember...
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Femme Fatale
2006-08-23 20:17:00
The best part of the film, for me, is neither the strong sexuality nor the gold and diamond snake design (although they are the indiscerptible part of the film and they are undeniably subtle) rather, the end of the story, the tagline below:"When you're on the road......your little girl will always be with you."When you understand both English and French, this film is pleasingly tailored for you."Quand vous êtres sur la route......votre petite fille sera toujours près de vous."This necklace changed future.In the end, the story reminds you of the beginning, a TV show. It asks, ?If you could see the future in a crystal ball......or in the palm of your hand, or in a dream......would you change it??The story is then perfect.Laure (Rebecca) was given a second chance, but it's not a right future; when she woke up from her dream, she didn't take the chance people would mostly take, simply because this wonderful life wouldn't belong to her and this choice made all the difference.Rebecca...
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