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Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Roadster
2008-05-18 17:43:00
As a follow up to my last post... Check out a pic of the amazing Mercedes -Benz SLR in it's new Roadster configuration. Love that color too! Usually only see the SLR in Silver & Black..
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The Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR
2008-05-15 15:55:00
Despite some controversy when first introduced, there is no denying the Mercedes -Benz SLR McLaren is an amazing piece of engineering. This car seemed so over the top when I first saw it, but the more I learned about how much of the flash and flair was actually function built, this car started to make sense. It's yet another example of Mercedes-Benz flexing their engineering muscle. Below is a fantastic clip from Jay Leno's Garage on his SLR. Thanks for sharing the video's Jay! I'm going to try and feature Jay's new video each week... enjoy!
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Road Test: 2009 Nissan GT-R - MSN Autos
2008-05-12 18:18:00
Link to a road test review on the amazing new Nissan GT-R from MSN Autos !Road Test : 2009 Nissan GT-R - MSN Autos
The still amazing Jaguar XJ220
2008-04-28 23:41:00
Coming out of the ever excessive 1980's, the Car industry was in a strange state of transition in the early 1990's. Japan had come to the states with cars that were giving the Corvette quite a run for it's money. The Germans were tooling up for a horsepower race unseen since the Muscle Car era that is still being slugged out to this day. As for the British, Jaguar s line up of cars was at a low point after troubled reliability throughout the 80's. Jaguar really needed something to shake up the car industry, something to return to it's glory of the 1960's. In 1989 Jaguar officially announced the concept of the XJ220 would actually go on sale. When shown to the world at the British Motor show, the XJ220 was like nothing the world had ever seen (and had plenty of Italian car makers shaking in their hand stitched leather shoes).Although the concept XJ220 was slated to have a V12, emissions had prompted Jaguar to equip the production version with a 3.5 Liter twin-turbo V6. Despite n...
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iPhone Road Shots: Audi S5
2008-04-11 19:47:00
Since it's release, I have only seen one of the illustrious Audi S5's on the road. A friend just happen to snap this pic on his iPhone of the new S5 up close and in person. This car really looks more subtle in pictures than on the road. It has a very aggressive stance while in motion, and personally I think it is understandably beautiful! (And check out that rare color! I think it's a dark metallic aqua green of sorts...)
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2009 Nissan GT-R
2008-03-29 20:58:00
For years Nissan has been holding back it's flagship, techno masterpiece Skyline from the U.S. market. Little was known in the states about the Skyline series Nissan until the hugely popular video game "Grand Turismo" took off like a Zero in the late 1990's. Instantly the Nissan Skyline became the must have car for the playstation generation.For years many in the U.S. begged and pleaded with Nissan to release it's previous generation Skyline (R34) in the U.S. market. Top exec's and Nissan still couldn't believe the U.S. market was ready for a 70K plus econo box with more digital gizmo's than a Las Vegas tech convention. Another problem that Nissan engineers realized was it was just to costly to reconfigure the car for left hand drive.Finally after all these years, your dreams of a $70K+ Nissan have arrived!! And the beast from the east has affectionately been named the Nissan GT-R!! At first glance this car plays proportion tricks with the eyes. Body lines seems to abruptly st...
2004 Mystichrome Mustang Cobra dyno video
2008-03-22 18:17:00
I know it's been long enough.. so finally here is some good ole American muscle! This happens to be my cousins amazing Mystichrome Cobra ! As you will see by the dyno results this car is a screamer!!! Wowsers what an animal! And the best part is.. This car is currently being tuned and will be pumping out more than double those specs very shortly!!! More to follow on this bad boy stang...Mystichrome Dyno Thrash
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1991 Mercedes-Benz 300SE
2008-03-16 16:53:00
From previous post I've done, most of you may know how big a fan I am of the Mercedes -Benz 126 chassis cars. It was a time when Mercedes build quality was the finest in the world. Here is a challenge to my readers, take notice next time your on your daily commute. See how many 126 Mercedes you see on average over the week. I can guarantee there are more of them on the road than any other car from that era!Towards the end of the long run of the 126 Chassis, Mercedes brought to the U.S. some non V8 powered 126 cars. From 1989-1991 Mercedes offered the 300SE & 300SEL for sale in the U.S. With a bullet proof, 3.0 Liter strait 6 engine, the 300 series cars offered all the prestige and quality of it's top of the line 500 series brothers, without the high gas bills. The 3.0 wasn't a slouch on power either, pumping out around 180hp and 190lbs ft. torque. Good by even modern standards.These are just fantastic cars, and you really don't see a lot of the 300 series around due to their ...
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Then & Now: 2008 BMW 650I
2008-02-25 05:34:00
As an awaited follow up to my article "Wall Poster Classics 1985 BMW 635csi" I wanted to take a current look at the second generation BMW 6 series.The BMW 6 series was a focal point in the Chris Bangle driven redesign of the BMW fleet. Currently available in a coupe & convertible configuration, the 2008 BMW 650I see's little changes since the second generation introduction in 2003. Powered by a silky smooth 4.8 liter V8, the 360HP 650I rockets to easy mid 5 second 0-60 times. Options include the legendary BMW 6 speed manual transmission, or one can opt for BMW's all new Sport Automatic Transmission. According to BMW this is a step forward from the clunky and laggish steptronic transmission from previous years (no pun intended). Of course the 2008 BMW 650I has the "Hate it!" or "Really hate it!" idrive system. BMW says the idrive has been updated to make it easier to navigate the system. So in other words you'll have 3 pages of options to go through to change the radio ...
What 2008/2009 new car model will be the most significant? New Poll Added
2008-02-05 21:51:00
New poll posted on what everyone thinks will be the most significant 2008 /2009 new car model. I comprised a list that I felt deserved the nod, and will be getting the most buzz in 2008. Of course if anyone has any cars they suggest be added to the list, feel free to leave a comment..
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The 2009 Jaguar XF
2008-01-28 21:08:00
I am very grateful to my friends at Fort Myers imports for the invitation to see the unavailing of the 2009 Jaguar XF! With sales on the decline, the S-type needed a fresh face. Something to compete more seriously with it's German and Japanese rivals. The key would be for Jaguar to attract a younger client base, without loosing the long time Jaguar owners who mostly care about the trunk space available for a set of Golf clubs.At first glance the new XF seems more German than British. There are definitely details that are unmistakably Jaguar, but the overall stance of the car has a sportier more enthusiast based look. Jaguar has taken elements from the XK and improved on them to introduce the totally new XF. As a correction from when I first posted this. The U.S. spec Jaguar XF will only be available with a 4.2L V8 engine producing 300HP and 310 lbs. ft torque. Also available will be a supercharged 4.2L V8 pumping out a massive 420HP 413 lbs. ft. torque!The most dramatic change y...
The Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano "An Enzo in a designer suit?"
2008-01-21 00:36:00
Here is the last set of pics my friend Bryan snapped on his holiday New York trip. And hopefully you all will agree I saved the best for last. Behold the mighty Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano ! When released the 599 was Ferrari's most powerful series production road car to date. This came thanks to the Enzo 's 6.0L V12 producing 620HP and 448 lbs ft. torque. The front engine rear wheel drive 599 is the latest in a long lineage of front engined Ferrari's (including the famous 365 Daytona). The 599 also features a techno showcase of computer controlled driving dynamics borrowed from Ferrari's formula 1 cars. Many have said the 599 is like a front engined Enzo with creature comforts. All said and done the 599 is an amazing car....But, I have to say I don't think it's Ferrari's best looking design. Ferrari continues to make better and better technical cars... they are faster than ever, handle better than ever, and are without a doubt a technological marvel. I just wish Ferrari could recap...
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Mercedes-Benz CLK 63 AMG Black Series
2008-01-10 18:22:00
As promised, here are some more pics from my friends holiday New York trip! Unfortunately Santa did not leave the new Mercedes -Benz CLK 63 AMG "Black Series " under my tree, but by the looks of these pictures someone may receive quite a gift! Mercedes seems relentless in it's ongoing production of "Uber" power cars. This amazing CLK has a 6.2 liter V8 that pumps out a jaw dropping 530+ HP!!! The racing inspired coupe isn't just a normal CLK with a ton of power either. Adjustable suspension, monster composite breaks, 19 inch AMG alloys and numerous weight saving additions make this CLK one special machine. I guess I better start being REALLY good in 2008 and maybe Santa will bring a Mercedes down my chimney!!!
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The Amazing Maserati GrandTurismo
2007-12-28 16:31:00
For a Christmas gift of sorts, my good friend snapped some great pictures in New York during the holidays.. Of course there was Rockefeller center, the tree, times square... all the usual New York affair. But, being a car buff like myself.. I knew he'd snap some great pictures of cars on his trip. And he sure didn't disappoint!Here is the new Maserati GrandTurismo! What an amazing looking car. I am so glad to see Ferrari has rejuvenated the brand and is releasing amazing cars like this! The lines give this car a look that is better suited for an art museum (or the Roma version of the Batmobile). Nonetheless you could drive this beauty right out of the gallery and head for the first sweeping, curving piece of asphalt. A Grand Tourer with the flair of a F430... How can you go wrong with that! And the 405 HP V8 isn't to shabby either! More great pics from New York to come! (Oh ya.. speaking of 430's.. check out the Ferrari in the background... decisions decisions)
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Merry Christmas!
2007-12-25 18:13:00
Just wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas ! Have a wonderful holiday! Thank you all for reading!
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Popular Luxury Cars on MSN - MSN Autos
2007-12-21 16:57:00
Popular Luxury Cars on MSN - MSN Autos Here is a link to an MSN Autos article of the most researched luxury cars on MSN. Not surprised to see the benchmark BMW 3 series & aging 5 series (which I have still not adjusted to the styling after all this time). The redesigned Mercedes-Benz C-Class that I did a test ride review on earlier. The all new Cadillac CTS, a car that has fantastic styling ques, but I'm still not sold on the build quality. The Acura TL, a Honda accord in a tuxedo with astronomical torque steer. The Lexus IS, well.. just so little to mention about this car that I'll leave it at this... it's probably reliable. The infinity G35, hmm.. I have always been a Nissan fan.. but I'm sorry.. if I offend any G35 owners, I can't stand this car. The obnoxious drone engine noise, the cheap silver painted plastic trim parts....I have driven the older coupe version of this car and just couldn't stand it. I really wish Nissan would revert back to their old quality control s...
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2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STI - First Test - Motor Trend
2007-12-10 05:08:00
2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STI - First Test - Motor Trend Here is a link to a Motor Trend first drive video of the all new 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STI. This is a car I've been really anxious to see. I'm still not sold on the new Evo X because I just don't think it's as good as the previous Evo. I had a sinking feeling when i saw the new Subaru STI mainly based on the fact that I still can't picture this car as a hot hatch. Although this video is an early test drive, the stats look good on the new STI. I like the changes in the ultra Spartan interior, and just maybe the "hatched" STI will grow on me over time. We'll see.. But, base price in the mid 30's? hmm... I'd probably live with the .6 seconds slower 0-60 time and save $10,000 and get myself a Mazdaspeed 3.
Decommissioned Classics: Cool Cars We Miss - MSN Autos
2007-12-04 06:48:00
Decommissioned Classics : Cool Cars We Miss - MSN Autos Here is a link to an awesome article from MSN Autos showing some really cool cars from the 1980's and 90's destined to become classics.Starting the list is the quintessential Japanese super car, the Acura NSX. This car was really a leap of blind faith for Honda. When it was first released people just couldn't fathom paying close to one hundred thousand dollars for a "Honda." But, the amazing mid engine NSX proved to be one of the best cars of it's generation. You can pick up a nice used NSX for reasonable money without the insane maintenance bills of it's Italian counterparts. The only complaint I ever had with the NSX is being 6'3 I really couldn't fit in them. So to write about how wonderful they are to drive is something I can't and may never be able to do. Without a doubt the NSX is and will remain a future classic.Next on MSN's list is the Buick Grand National. Ok, some of my readers may have easily figured out my t...
iPhone Road Shots: Ford Mach 1 Mustang
2007-11-29 16:37:00
Well as I posted a few days ago.. I have a ton of great iPhone road shots I'll be posting over the next few weeks. Here is a beautiful Ford Mach 1 Mustang . Thanks to Barry for helping me identify this car as a 1970. The Mach 1 had a various range of engines as did most muscle cars at the end of the era. Ranging from a 351 Windsor to the mighty 428 cobra jet in the 1970 model, the Mach 1 was a serious tire shredding machine! I've always been a fan of the Mach 1. It was one of the last great beasts of the Muscle car era. With the fuel crisis soon to follow, the Mach 1 ended a great era of American power and style with a high note.(Special thanks to Bryan for all the great road shots!)
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iPhone Road Shots: Lamborghini Gallardo
2007-11-26 03:48:00
This week I have a bunch of great iPhone road shots to post. So let's kick it off with the always traffic stopping Lamborghini Gallardo ! This Italian bull in yellow isn't quite as out of this world as it's forefathers, but you have to admit there is nothing else on the road that comes close to that design. Some complain that Audi has tamed the ragging bull since their influence began in the early 2000's. Personally I don't think an AC that actually works & a rear window you can see out of is a bad thing, but hey.. I could be wrong?
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New Poll Added!
2007-11-23 23:55:00
Well just added our newest poll... When shopping for a car.. what do you consider most important? This should be a good one! Look forward to seeing what everyone considers most important. If you have any suggestions for a poll for Car Test Ride.. feel free to drop me an email at
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Supercar Poll: And the winner is?
2007-11-23 23:40:00
The Bugatti Veyron! Our supercar poll winner.. Seems the longstanding must have supercar McLaren F1 has been de-throned as the supercar champ. It's hard to argue any other car that can trump the Bugatti. It is the first car in a long time that is over the top in every way imaginable. Thank you to everyone who participated in the poll! Be sure and check back soon for a new poll.If you have ideas for a new poll.. please send an email to
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iPhone Road Shots: 2008 Jaguar XJ Vanden Plas
2007-11-20 03:58:00
Here is an iPhone pic I took at my local Jaguar dealership of the beautiful 2008 Jaguar XJ Vanden Plas. I've always been a fan of this car.. especially the "R" version's. The extended wheelbase Vanden Plas edition comes standard with a healthy 300HP 4.2 liter V8 and some nice added luxury features on the inside. This car demands prestige in any crowd and I can't imagine any car on earth that says "Jaguar" more than the XJ!
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Top Muscle Cars - 2007 SEMA Show - MSN Autos
2007-11-16 06:25:00
Top Muscle Cars - 2007 SEMA Show - MSN Autos Here is a look at the top ten muscle cars from the 2007 SEMA Show from MSN autos. I personally love the "Smokey and the Bandit" 1978 Trans Am! Who wouldn't want the guilty pleasure of popping the T-Tops out of that bad boy and going on a beer run. Also interesting is the Gateway Classic Mustang. The plan is to put modern tech under the classic body of the first generation Mustang. Seems a big and expensive task, but then again Classic Mod cars are becoming quite popular. Come on though, isn't drum breaks and Bias Ply tires part of the fun of owning a classic muscle car?
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The Search for my next car: A Testament to Durability- The 1986 Mercedes-Be
2007-11-15 05:43:00
It has been a while since I've posted a review on the quest for my next car. To be honest I haven't really even looked at any new cars lately. I've been playing around with the idea of purchasing an older used car and doing away with car payments all together.Now for most people this would be a pretty simple ordeal. There are tons of great used cars available for an affordable price. One could be sensible and pick up a nice used Honda Civic or Toyota Camry.... But, of course not me! I have been playing around with the idea of purchasing a Mercedes -Benz 560SEL/SEC for years. These cars have always epitomized the pinnacle of Mercedes build quality in my opinion. For me purchasing an older car couldn't just be something cheap and sensible, it would have to be something I would feel passionate about driving. A car I would wake up every morning and look forward to glancing at the over polished shiny paint sparkling in my garage. For me all the quirks of an older car make it seem more...
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iPhone Road Shots: Porsche 911 "964" Cabriolet
2007-11-13 03:48:00
Here's a shot of a beautiful guards red Porsche 911 Cabriolet . This is probably a early 1990's model officially referred to as the 964. The Porsche 911 Cabriolet had the tried and true N/A 3.6 liter air-cooled flat 6 boxer engine that pumped out 250 HP and 228 lbs ft. torque. The light 964 Cabriolet had a curb weight of approximately 3200 lbs which rocketed the car to low 6 second 0-60 times and a top speed of around 160mph!! Porsche was one of the first auto makers to introduce a tiptronic automatic transmission on the 964 model which is now standard on most modern automatics. This car really is timeless (well.. maybe it's just because the 911 hasn't really changed much in 43+ years). The 911 holds it value well, and dare I say if your looking for a collectible car for auction blocks of the future.. You can't go wrong with a Porsche 911!!
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Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1/Callaway Turbo Corvette Video:
2007-11-09 04:34:00
Here is a cool old school Motorweek video testing the Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 & Callaway Turbo Corvette. Now, I have to admit I have a love and hate relationship with Corvette's. Unlike most.. I liked the C4.. and can't stand the C5. It is probably because the area I live in has the most C5 Corvette's in a 30 mile radius than any other place on earth! The ZR-1 stands as a real achievement for Chevrolet, and I dare you to find any Corvette enthusiast that wouldn't die for one in their dream garage. And look at those performance numbers! These cars are screamers even by modern standards!
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iPhone Road Shots: 2005 Audi S4
2007-11-07 02:23:00
A nice iPhone shot of a Dolphin Grey 2005 Audi S4. I have actually driven one of these cars with an automatic and they drive beautifully. The S4 is very scalpel precise in every execution on the road with a smooth, silky V8. I love the very subtle details that make you do a double take to differentiate it from a normal A4. Can't wait to see what Audi has in store for the 2009/10 S4 redesign!
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iPhone Road Shots: Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3L 16v Cosworth
2007-11-03 23:50:00
Thank you to Bryan for a great iPhone road shot of the classic Mercedes -Benz 190E 2.3L 16v. This car was an answer from Mercedes to BMW's first generation M3. Mercedes teamed with Cosworth to produce a high revving quick little 2.3L 4 cylinder engine. Later models had a 32v 2.3L engine (Not brought to the U.S. unfortunately) These cars are getting really hard to find in good, original shape. In fact I search for them from time to time on Ebay motors and nice examples go for a high premium. Here is a nice example in Champagne (seem to see a ton of them in that color here in the U.S.) If you have a cool iPhone road shot (or any other phone or camera for that matter) Please email pics to
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Maybach Exelero Video:
2007-11-02 19:21:00
A great video of the Maybach Exelero.. Wow! If you ever dreamed of patrolling the streets of Gotham City this is the car for you! This one off car really takes design to a new level with retro style reminiscent of streamline cars of the 20's and 30's. Built in 2005, the Maybach Exelero has a Mercedes built 700HP Bi-Turbo V12 engine.
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