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Council accused of a 'staggering invasion of privacy' as it plans to record
2011-11-16 12:46:00
?All cabs in Oxford will have at least one CCTV camera ?Taxpayer will be lumbered with Ł260,000 bill ?Civil liberties groups brand move a 'staggering invasion of privacy' ?Council says it is acting after increased complaints including sexual assaults and attacks on drivers. (...)
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Taxi drivers face English tests
2011-11-16 12:41:00
Taxi drivers could be forced to take English tests to prove they can communicate with their passengers. (...)
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2008-11-04 17:46:00
The History The Black Cabs' history goes back to the time of horse-drawn cabs which were called Hackney Cabs. The term comes from the French word haquenee referring to the ambling horses used to pull the original Hackney Carriages. The Hackney Carriage originated in London , England in 1625. The cabs still come under some of the old rules from the horse-drawn days. The Black Cabs are the only taxis that are allowed to pick people up from the street. There are also mini cabs in London, however they can only collect someone if they have made a prior arrangement by phone. Before a taxi driver gets his Hackney Cab Licence he or she must pass a test called 'The Knowledge'. This is a difficult test and requires the cabbie to know the streets of central London like the palm of their hand. Mini cab drivers do not need to pass this test. The Knowledge Taxi drivers in London undergo a demanding and arduous testing of their knowledge of the city, its daily traffic patterns and th...
Geely aims to electrify black cabs
2008-10-21 15:40:00
Geely, the Chinese automaker that co-owns the company that produces black London taxis, has met UK government officials about bringing electric-powered cabs to the UK capital. "One of our ideas is to convert London taxis into electric," Li Shufu, the company's chairman, told the Financial Times. "We are doing research on this project." Geely owns about 23 per cent of Manganese Bronze, the Coventry-based producer of black London cabs, and 51 per cent of a Shanghai-based joint venture with the UK company that will produce the cars in China starting this December. Mr Li said that he had discussed the idea of electric taxis in London with Boris Johnson, the city's mayor, at the Beijing Olympic games in August. Mr Johnson supports the idea. Manganese Bronze this year signed a research and development agreement with Tanfield Electric Vehicles to develop all-electric plug-in taxis. Manganese Bronze's share price has slumped in recent weeks after hundreds ...
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Teenager locked up for attack on cabbie
2008-10-21 15:39:00
A teenager who punched and robbed a private hire driver during an early-hours confrontation has been sent to a young offender institution for 20 months. Judge James Spencer QC told 18-year-old Kevin Haley that the attack on Asif Javed in Brocklesby Drive, Allerton, was a wicked offence. Bradford Crown Court heard yesterday how Mr Javed had been returning home four months ago when he saw Haley knocking on a neighbour’s door. After Haley asked the cabbie what he was looking at he punched Mr Javed in the face. Haley, of Allerton Grange Drive, Allerton, then demanded money from Mr Javed, who handed over £60. Mr Javed was punched again before Haley fled the scene, but he was recognised by a local resident and the complainant picked him out during identification procedures following his arrest. Judge Spencer said Haley had told “a pack of lies” when he was interviewed by the police and he noted that the teenager had a very bad record. Haley, who pleaded guilty to robbery, was alrea...
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London Taxi Knowledge
2008-10-20 20:52:00
As a licensed taxi driver in the Capital you must have a detailed knowledge of roads and places of interest in London - known as the Knowledge . How long it takes to become a licensed taxi driver depends on whether you want to be an All London driver or a Suburban driver. London or the suburbs? All London drivers, also known as Green Badge drivers, need a detailed knowledge of London within a six mile radius of Charing Cross. Initially there are 320 routes or runs to learn, along with all the places of interest and important landmarks on and around these runs. It takes between two to four years to learn and pass the All London Knowledge. Once you are licensed you can work anywhere in the Greater London area. Suburban Suburban drivers, or Yellow Badge drivers, need to choose from one of the nine suburban sectors and know between 30 and 51 runs in detail, depending on their chosen sector, and all places of interest and important landmarks on those runs. It takes around two years...
Information & Advice on Taxis & Private Hire
2008-10-19 14:36:00
Getting from one place to another in the UK is becoming increasingly difficult. The rail network is not always reliable, the tube is crowded and bus lanes are mired in traffic. Using the taxi and private car hire industry can be a solution to these difficulties. Using a taxi can be easier whether hailing one in the street or pre-booking for a specific journey. If booking early then book a car or taxi well in advance and call to re-confirm a day or two prior to the journey. Why Use a Taxi Firm? Taxis and private hire vehicles now offer an invaluable service to those people who need to get to work on time, who prefer not to drive at times or who don?t have a car or can?t drive. Using a taxi or hired car helps avoid using trains, tubes and buses, all of which may come with congestion, difficulties and delays. Many taxi firms allow the setting up of accounts or ongoing arrangements for regular journeys. There are hundreds of taxi firms that provide transportation services to major airpo...
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Far East Taxi News
2008-10-12 10:20:00
Check out this site I just found! Far East Taxi News . News from taxi drivers & companies around the Far East!! Far East Taxi News
About the London Taxi Directory
2008-10-07 20:00:00
LOOKING FOR A NEW CAB… Click on Taxi Sales LOOKING TO CHANGE ACCOUNTANTS… Click on Taxi Accountants NEED A LOAN OR MORTGAGE… Click on Financial Services The London Taxi Directory has been developed by the same team that are behind the very popular Taxi-Mart website. We have extensive experience in the London taxi trade. Our expertise runs from driving taxis and running a fleet of black cabs right the way through to taxi sales and of course the Taxi-Mart website. The main aim of the London Taxi Directory is to provide a complete all round service for licensed London cab drivers. We have information on all companies providing all services to the London taxi trade from companies who sell taxi insurance to companies that provide medical care and taxi repairs. What ever your Taxi Trade needs, our aim is to provide for it. No matter what information you need to find that relates to the London Taxi Trade, this is the site for you. The idea for this site is not new bu...
Visit the UK Taxi Directory
2008-10-07 19:58:00
Why not visit the UK Taxi Directory . The main aim of the site is to provide an all round directory service for all UK Taxi, Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Drivers. If you are looking for a taxi related service in your area or any other area it will be listed here. We make no distinction between Hackney Carriage, Licensed Taxi or Private Hire. There is information on the site which is applicable to everyone in the UK Taxi and Private Hire Trade. We have information on all companies providing all services to the UK Taxi Trade, all the way from companies that sell taxi insurance to companies that provide medical care or taxi repairs. Using the site is very easy. If you want to look at Taxi Service Providers from all Regions, leave "All Regions" in the drop down box on the left side above the category listings. Then click on the category header that you are interested in. If you want to narrow the search to a particular area, choose it from the drop down box and then choos...
Run crusade for the family of a dead ‘outsider’ cabbie
2008-07-23 16:38:00
It was the North Indian taxi drivers who bore the brunt of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena’s tirade against ‘outsiders’ in February. Now, in a sudden volte-face, that very party is fighting for the family of a cab driver from Uttar Pradesh. Kishanpal Singh, 24, a driver with Meru cab services, died in an accident on Saturday. Following his death, MNS stalled the operation of the cab service and forced it off roads demanding that Singh’s family be compensated. They also claimed that the company should ensure the safety of the 700-odd Meru drivers. Interestingly, most of the cab drivers employed by Meru are North Indians. However, when contacted MNS vice president Arafat Sheikh claimed that they were fighting for Singh and his family on “humanitarian grounds.” Three days post the incident, the party has alleged that the company is not willing to support the driver’s family. Sheikh said, “Officials from Meru cab are not willing to speed up the...
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City staff propose jump in cab fares
2008-07-23 16:30:00
Taxi riders are facing a fare increase of nearly 23 per cent on an average five-kilometre trip. City staff are recommending that base rates, per kilometre rates and waiting rates for city cabs be raised to offset higher operating costs. They're calling for a 20 cent jump in the base rate, which covers the first 71.4 metres, bringing the fee to $3.20. The per kilometre rate would increase 42 cents to $1.82. The proposal goes to a city committee Monday. The changes, which would still have to be approved by city council, mean an average five-kilometre ride would cost $12.17, up from $9.90. The last time the base rate increased was 2006, when council approved a 50-cent hike. The per-kilometre rate stayed $1.40. Waiting time goes to 13 cents per 14 seconds, up from 10. Ron VanKleef, president of Hamilton Cab, said the increases are needed to deal with skyrocketing fuel costs and insurance costs. "Between insurance and fuel, the drivers are getting hit and that's why we...
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Going up: Prime taxi fares
2008-06-08 17:44:00
It’s been confirmed. With effect from 1 March 2008, taxi fares for Prime taxis will follow the big boys. (...)
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What?s next for drivers?
2008-06-08 17:41:00
VANCOUVER — Barbara Turpin loves driving. Expensive gasoline is changing everything about Ms. Turpin’s driving. She drives more slowly. She drives less. (...)
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Burnie cab driver attacked
2008-06-08 17:40:00
A 61-YEAR-OLD taxi driver was kicked in the head and upper arm in Burnie on Friday night. The incident happened about 11.20pm when the driver took some passengers to an address in Bryan St. (...)
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Labuan cabbies to hike fares as ?survival move?
2008-06-08 17:38:00
LABUAN: The cabbies of Labuan are going ahead to increase fares by between RM1 and RM3 as a “survival move” for the 122-odd operators. (...)
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Friends of Seattle cabdriver ?satisfied? with killer?s life sentence
2008-06-07 21:05:00
A 19-year-old man who shot a Seattle taxicab driver in the head and then set the cab on fire last summer was sentenced to life in prison by a King County Superior Court judge. (...)
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Port Orange man charged in cab ride rape case
2008-06-07 21:02:00
He had sex with a passenger while she was unable to resist, sheriff’s investigators say, and now a cabby who goes by "Wild Bill" faces rape charges. (...)
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Taxi ranks to be set up on trial basis, minister says
2008-06-07 21:01:00
TAIPEI, Taiwan — Minister of Transportation and Communications Mao Chi-kuo said Monday that taxi ranks will be set up on a trial basis in an effort to cut the ratio of non-occupancy taxis in urban areas. (...)
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Taxi-cab confession
2008-06-07 20:59:00
So I just got to the airport here in Baltimore and I’ve already received a few emails about the Red Sox calling up Chris Carter. (...)
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Time for an earnings update.
2008-06-07 20:57:00
My earnings floor — the lowest take-home pay I can expect — is increasing from the record lows of the winter. (...)
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Women cabbies: Only a few, but fearless
2008-06-07 20:55:00
WOMEN have made their presence felt in practically every profession, but in the world of taxi-driving, they remain relatively rare. (...)
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Cabby found lying at carpark - it?s open verdict
2008-06-07 20:53:00
AN OPEN verdict was returned on Thursday on the death of a cabby two days after he was found lying unconscious on a grass patch at a public carpark. (...)
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Pakistani taxi driver awarded in United Arab Emirates
2008-06-07 20:51:00
A Pakistani taxi driver Rameen Khan has become a celebrity and role model for others in the United Arab Emirates for his honesty. (...)
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Teen girl sentenced in death of cab driver?Laughing girl? showed lack of re
2008-06-07 20:50:00
A 16-year-old girl who was a passenger in the stolen car that killed a city cabbie two months ago has become the first female in the province to be equipped with an electronic ankle monitor. (...)
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Teen to face court over cabbie attack
2008-06-07 20:48:00
A teenager is expected to appear in court later on Saturday charged over an attack on a taxi driver at Burnie, in Tasmania’s north-west. (...)
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City mulling $3 taxi premium for night rides
2008-06-06 18:37:00
A late-night cab ride in Edmonton could soon cost another $3. City councillors are being asked to consider approving the new premium, which would apply to taxi rides taken between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. (...)
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Transport minister says bus fare hike possible, not taxi
2008-06-06 18:35:00
KOLKATA, June 5: The state transport minister today ruled out the possibility of increase in taxi fare. There would, however, be a hike in bus fare following the stiff increase in oil prices. (...)
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US Marines imprisoned for beating taxi driver in Okinawa
2008-06-06 18:34:00
Two US Marines were each sentenced to several years in prison Thursday for beating up a taxi driver and fleeing without paying him the fare on the southern Japanese island of Okinawa . (...)
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Nothing fare about this taxi ride from hell
2008-06-06 18:32:00
THE problem with being a journalist is when you’re caught up in your own dramas it’s hard not to see life in headlines. (...)
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