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Farmers Weekly gets on its bike
2008-06-13 21:00:00
Early on Sunday morning ? a little too early for some ? eight members of the Farmers Weekly editorial team will be setting off from Clapham Common in London, to cycle the 54 miles to Brighton.
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Schools battle it out at East of England Show
2008-06-10 18:19:00
School children in the East of England are being encouraged to go back to basics and cook from scratch using locally sourced food.
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Cereal straw value to soil structure and as a nutrient might be too valuabl
2008-06-10 18:00:00
Straw's value in improving soil structure, and helping reduce soil erosion, means it is a valuable resource, Sarah Olney of ECSFDI says.
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DEFRA told to implement 'flawed' nitrates legislation
2008-06-10 17:00:00
DEFRA secretary Hilary Benn has been advised by a cross-party committee of MPs to implement a new Nitrates Action Programme, even though the EU Directive on which it is based is flawed.
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Hollyoaks star Leah Hackett promotes farming
2008-06-10 17:00:00
Hollyoaks star Leah Hackett, who plays Tina McQueen in the Channel 4 soap, is the latest celeb to back the Year of Food and Farming .
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Sugar beet crops are being over-fertilised, grower told
2008-06-10 16:00:00
Much of the sugar beet crop was being over-fertilised and there were opportunities to make savings on fertiliser use, Andy Wing of British...
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Brisk business as 2008/09 fertiliser season begins
2008-06-10 15:01:00
With the new fertiliser season underway, manufacturers have managed to avoid some of the panic buying that has characterised previous years, as Roger Chesher reports
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Cattle breeder Harry Emslie killed in tractor accident
2008-06-10 14:15:00
Aberdeenshire farmer, cattle breeder and show judge Harry Emslie has been killed in a tractor accident.
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Higher N prices shouldn't decrease potato fertiliser rates
2008-06-10 14:00:00
Regardless of soil type N rates shouldn't change too much with the increased prices, says Brian Chambers of ADAS.
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Property Editor's Notebook
2008-06-10 13:44:00
Read Land & Farms Editor Ian Ashbridge's weekly jottings...
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Merits of XBeet seed primer debated at BBRO open day
2008-06-10 13:30:00
XBeet, the new sugar beet seed priming treatment, will be available on 11 sugar beet varieties for next season, British Sugar said at a BBRO open day in...
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Ring-fenced farm in north Bucks to test market
2008-06-10 13:10:00
A 475-acre farm in north Buckinghamshire is to come to the market for the first time in 50 years.
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Higher farmgate prices help farmers to replace old tractors
2008-06-10 13:00:00
UK tractor registrations for the first five months of 2008 totalled 7471, 14% higher than for the same period in 2007, suggesting farmers across the UK are continuing to replace ageing tractors as farm incomes rise off the back of higher farmgate prices.
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DEFRA launches 'health check' consultation
2008-06-10 13:00:00
DEFRA has launched a 12 week consultation into the CAP "health check", seeking the views of industry bodies on the EU Commission's plans to update farm support.
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Positive promotion of processing potatoes paying dividends
2008-06-10 12:30:00
A positive advertising campaign has helped turn around the fortunes of the processing potato sector, Nick Vermont of McCain told growers at the Potato Council's West Midlands Potato day.
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Poultry producers expect to pay extra for scarcer feed
2008-06-10 12:00:00
More than 90% of UK pig and poultry producers expect to pay more for their feed in future years, and over three-quarters foresee...
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Green compost benefits to be investigated by Cambridge Arable Technologies
2008-06-10 12:00:00
Funding for trials to assess the nutrient and soil structure benefits of composts on different soil types has been awarded to Cambridge Arable Technologies by WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme).
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Spraying nearly done for Philip Reck
2008-06-10 10:00:00
Philip Reck manages 900ha (2224 acres) of light to medium loams within 20 miles of Enniscorthy, Co Wexford, Ireland. Cropping is cereals and oilseed rape, all min-till established.
Calf stocking rates at Lackham College results in fewer health problems
2008-06-10 09:00:00
Decreasing calf stocking rates at Lackham College has resulted in fewer health problems, less competition for food and a reduction in feed costs.
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Boost for biomass as DEFRA unveils grant scheme
2008-06-09 18:00:00
Grants of up to 200,000 each are being offered by DEFRA for farmers and foresters to invest in biomass production.
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Business challenges ahead for 2008/09
2008-06-09 17:32:00
Securing global food supplies at the same time as improving environmental stewardship standards are the twin challenges facing farmers and land managers, writes Derrick Wilkinson, chief economist and head of land-use at the Country Land and Business Association.
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Tackling the challenges that lay ahead
2008-06-09 17:14:00
There is little doubt that Velcourt is a successful farm management company. It now farms about 52,000ha in the UK, plus more than that in Russia and the Ukraine.
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Cereals forums look at the big issues
2008-06-09 17:07:00
NFU president Peter Kendall and HSBC's Martin Coward will launch the forums with a detailed look at agricultural inflation in the highly volatile global markets and give a prognosis for the coming seasons.
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Crop Watch East : Beet herbicides angst for Brian Ross
2008-06-09 16:39:00
Brian Ross looks at the progress of his crops.
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New sprayer developments from Cereals 2008
2008-06-09 16:38:00
Look around the arena at Sprays & Sprayers and you'll see upwards of 30 major sprayer manufacturers and probably as many again selling things like nozzles, hoses and pumps.
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Machinery put through its paces at Cereals demos
2008-06-09 16:22:00
9.30am + 1.30pm John Deere Quivogne Lynx Aerway Sumo Cousins Willow Farm Machinery Hemisphere GPS...
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Agronomy messages come through
2008-06-09 16:11:00
Look around the arena at Sprays & Sprayers and you'll see upwards of 30 major sprayer manufacturers and probably as many again selling things like nozzles, hoses and pumps.
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Quality British Turkey promotes turkey on the back of the five a day messag
2008-06-09 16:00:00
Turkey meatballs with red pepper pasta is Gary Lineker's favourite way to eat turkey Olympic champion Kriss Akabusi goes for Mediterranean turkey kebabs, and a 10-minute turkey with peas and leeks is the preferred choice of the household of TV chef Phil Vickery.
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Our pick of the best at Cereals
2008-06-09 15:45:00
This year's Cereals event will be the biggest ever, with over 380 exhibitors and 22,500 visitors expected to pass through the gates at Andrew Ward's Heath Farm, near Leadenham in Lincolnshire.
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Global price outlook positive for UK beef farmers
2008-06-09 14:00:00
The outlook for beef is strong and British beef farmers are well placed to meet growing demand, despite the pain of higher feed costs. Olivia Cooper reports
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