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Zenwalk Linux 5.2 now ready for download
2008-06-07 16:47:00
After more than four months of hard work the team Zenwalk is proud to announce the availability of the final version of its power Slackware distributions, Zenwalk Linux 5,2: "The long expected Zenwalk 5,2 is now available. In the 4 months since the last release of a number of improvements have been made. Zenwalk of GNU / Linux OS, to its users both the latest software stable, well-polished Desktop and increasing software store. "inclusion of over 500 changes (bug fixes, software updates and many other improvements), Zenwalk 5,2 carry your revamped and revamped package manager, Netpkg of the (new generation) version 4, which has been completely rewritten in Perl-GTK; reasonable media player for Linux, MPlayer, which has improved maintenance for DVD menus; Brasero, as the default, CD / DVD burning utility and the latest version of GIMP editor of images, 2.4.6!Moreover, Zenwalk 5,2 comes packaged with some new works of art, is now powered by Linux kernel and Xfce 4.4.2 and res...
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Apple's iPhone to Take a Big Bite of Nintendo's Marketshare
2008-06-06 05:07:00
Predecessor started this interesting debate about whether the Apple iPhone will kick-off of Nintendo DS outside the market before its time. The official website notes that with the impending App Store and the new software for downloading in touch of a button, Nintendo of mobile phone does not have much of chance to improve their winning streak.Not that Nintendo is not the time to arrive at destinations self imposed by DS, as far as sales go, but it certainly would not like to see it all disappear immediately in the hearts of fans of portable, simply because Steve Jobs had vision.The Forbes piece of Apple AppStore known as one of the main threats to the Nintendo DS. Apple upcoming service, if not read the news in recent months, says, to allow developers to throw in the free games (yeah, free) that the iPhone / iPod touch user will be able to download and wirelessly enjoy playing instantly. Currently, there nothing that can beat. Not a Sony PSP, Nintendo and certainly not at lower spe...
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Cheap Travel Insurance in Australia
2008-06-06 05:05:00
Do traveling, is most people always do when they success in their business. I always ask to my friends, which place that you always wanted to go? Most of them are answer Bali is the most favorite places to go. Well, wherever you want to go for travel, the important thing that you cannot avoid is protection, or usually people call it Travel Insurance . Travel Insurance is a must have before we decide to go traveling. And simply go to 1cover that has official url at, is a NSW based Insurance intermediary offering top quality insurance policies at some of the lowest rates in Australia . So if you live or plan to be there or in looking for Travel Insurance Australia is good choice. The web site is good, 1cover go online so that they able to minimise unnecessary overheads, but they take your privacy extremely seriously. 1cover is do a business and retaining the security and dependability of an international blue chip company by underwriting with companies includi...
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VIA Rolls out Mini-ITX 2.0 Platform, Can Handle Crysis
2008-06-05 20:11:00
After having recently announced the introduction of its Nano processor, Via has once again taken center stage in today Computex, with the launch of its new standard for mini-ITX boards. This design from a leading producer of x86 processor power efficient platforms, is intended to ensure optimized and multimedia computer experience in small form factor desktop PC.In the company recently announced an effective power Nano x86 processor is at the heart of the new mini-ITX platform. The small processor, running at one of these mini-ITX boards, says, to be able to supply all the necessary horsepower to run the latest applications and operating systems, in a small desktop computer. In the mini-ITX 2,0 is a set of specifications for the next generation VIA mini-ITX boards, which should allow system integrators and end users, so to freely choose their own pattern of mini-PC or home media centers."With the Mini -ITX, Via determine the de facto standard for small form factor x86 platform for in...
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Via mini ITX 2.0 demontration video
2008-06-05 20:03:00
Via is about to roll out mini ITX 2.0, Below you can see a YouTube video of the demonstration.Technical specifications of mini-ITX 2,0 Standard includes support for high-performance, efficient power x86 processor, as VIA Nano processor; least 2GB of DDR2; integrated graphics that is DirectX 9,0 support and comes with a VGA port. By adding more card, mini-ITX 2,0 The system can also provide support for DirectX 10 applications and possibly an HDMI port. The platform is at least 4 USB 2,0 ports, two serial ATA II slots, but also one IDE slot. It also features support for HD audio and one Gigabit LAN port.
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Geneva Roth Ventures
2008-06-05 20:02:00
You probably ever hear about Geneva Roth , this company provides wide range services for corporation and individual. Old rumors said that Geneva Roth Ventures is a bad lending payday loans or collections. That definitely wrong, GRV is working together with CFEF (Financial Education Foundation) design to help and to educate their consumers about to manage their finances. GRV is a great Finance Education company and having relationship business with OLA (Online Lenders Alliance), OLA is a professional trade organization representing the growing industry of U.S. companies offering online consumer-based loans to micro, also known as payday loans. Geneva Roth can help meet these requirements through perceptive and intuitive design consulting business. Also, people often need services are expected to meet the seasonal requirements and personal growth needs. Geneva Roth Companies help in combating a variety of personal and corporate services.
Intel’s smallest flash drives
2008-06-05 19:24:00
Data on your fingertipDisk will offer the best $ / GB system for years to come. Flash drives have to offer something else. A case in point: Intel's new flash drives. Tinier than disksHow tiny are they? The Z-P140 measures 12 x 18 x 1.8 mm and weighs 0.6 grams - 400 times smaller and 75 times lighter than a 1.8″ hard disk drive. 12 mm is about half an inch. The Z-P140’s big brother, the Z-P230 PATA SSD, is only 1/4 the size and weight of a 1.8″ drive. Much of that is due to the size of the PATA connector. How small are they? Z-P140 measures 12 x 18 x 1.8 mm and weighs 0.6 grams - 400 times smaller and 75 times more light than 1.8 "hard disk. 12 mm is about half inches. Z-P140 of Big Brother, the Z-P230 PATA SSD, is only 1 / 4 of the size and weight of 1.8 "disk. Much of that is due to the size of PATA connector. Intel provided pictures: This is the PATA drive - taken at a different scale. Tiny capacity tooIn the devices are available in 2, 4, 8 and 16 GB capacity...
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Should we wait for Windows 7?
2008-06-05 19:02:00
With Windows 7 poised to begin testing private any time now and the end of the ship by 2009, many business users are wondering whether they should simply skip Windows Vista and all together, instead of waiting windows 7. Microsoft, not surprisingly, is advising clients against taking on the map of Vista. As part of a new white paper aimed at influencing business users who are evaluating when and whether to move to Windows Vista, Microsoft is undertaking advocating users must migrate to Vista-sooner than later. White Paper - "Business Value of Windows Vista: five reasons to deploy now" - does not include many new data, instead, it again business functions built into Microsoft Vista and highlights some of the new tools for deployment and the case - study examples of companies which are transferred to Vista. But it does not offer Microsoft's official guidelines for Windows 7 deployment. Paper: “There is no need to wait for Windows 7. It is a goal of the Windows 7 release to ...
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Qore Debuts on the PlayStation Network
2008-06-05 02:42:00
Sony Computer Entertainment America is the announcement of the launch of interactive, monthly "Journal" for PlayStation fans. The product will be presented by PlayStation Network and will include Previews, interviews, video content, the game Additional services, demonstrations and much more. The first issue of "Qore, since the new concept is called, will be launched on 5 June.Sony Computer Entertainment America has entered an exclusive deal with the future development of the United States, the boys behind the PlayStation: The Official Magazine to create Qore. Download multimedia magazine will feature a host of information relating to PlayStation games. The line-up for the first problem in itself is quite impressive, with similar SOCOM: US Navy seals confrontation, Star Wars: virtue Unleashed, Secret Agent Clank and soul Calibur 4 features. In the happiness people get their hands on this version also get SOCOM confrontation beta invitation and SOCOM topic.The price of the first edi...
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Online poker for mac user
2008-06-05 02:17:00
Have you ever play poker? This game is now grow increasingly on the internet, poker is a popular kind a card games, that usually player bet on the value of the card combination in possession. And the winner in player that holds the hand with the highest value according to hierarchy. Sound simple isn’t it? If you ever play black jack I believe you will love this kind of games. And for the best place to play online poker is at specially for mac user, macpoker has a lot of ranked poker game and all are listed well on the web site. Playing online poker for money or playing online casino is involve high risk, those you should know which company that honestly provide the games, didn’t cheat and scam. Searching poker game by search engine is too dangers, because the result from search engine is thousand or more that offering that games. At Mac Poker Online ’s web site you simply choose which poker game you would like to play, all are safe, secure and that poker ...
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NVIDIA announces GeForce 9M series of laptop GPUs
2008-06-05 02:16:00
NVIDIA wants summer your notebook to look at Adobe CS4, yawn, and asked, "please sir, can I have another?" The company reportedly announced its GeForce series of 9 meters laptop GPUs along with new graphics innovation called "hybrid SLI" Today at Computex. Set to begin this summer in Intel-and AMD-based platforms, the chips are several commendations basic architecture, PureVideo HD, full support for Blu-ray Profile 2,0 / BD-Live and graphics engine that provides "up to 40% faster implementation of the previous generation of portable computers GeForce GPUs. " Hybrid SLI technology, on the other hand, allows one pair of NVIDIA GPUs - a turtle, a hare, so to speak - to work together, with the exception of power and give maximum performance when needed. Here is the official company’s own words: NVIDIA Optimizes Notebook PCs With New Lineup Of GPUs NVIDIA Addresses Global Demand for Better Visual Experiences on the Notebook PC COMPUTEX 2008, TAIPEI-JUNE 3, 2008-As the glob...
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Acrobat offering Free Online Service Suite
2008-06-03 02:22:00
Acrobat free online service offers its own web-based applications and tools to manage and share documents and files. There are web conferences (communication in real time) and storage solutions available, and the word processor and online PDF converter.In the applications and tools contained in the apartment are: Parts, creating a PDF, Adobe Buzzword, Adobe ConnectNow and my files. They make Online collaboration with his team very easily, while providing flexible access from any Internet connection.Adobe Buzzword is a browser-based word processor capable of editing and exporting many kinds of documents like. List (plain text). Pdf (Adobe PDF),. Docx i. Doc (Microsoft Word), HTML and others. Photos (JPEG, GIF or PNG) can be easily inserted and positioned in the document. Co-author rights can be assigned to users for a certain document. The free online word processor also has many options other than those mentioned in this article, so much so that because of its overall capabilities, ...
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The best offer for Prada handbags
2008-06-03 02:07:00
Bags are the second important things for women after cosmetic. It’s more than just accessories, and more close to fashion and style. At eDesignerShop you will great deal especially for women bags including handbags, wallets, messenger bags and many more. eDesignerShop already in the industry since 2000, owned by small group of people that has a passion in designer products especially for low price one. And they able to generate a good relationship with top brand manufacturers close out channels and wholesalers and they get substantial discounts. And now eDesignerShop has grow and expanding their product, but they still focused to give the best offer for their customer especially for the price. The main aspect that eDesignerShop still committed is customer satisfaction, that was the company top priority, one day if you feel unhappy with a specific purchase made with eDesignerShop, all of the product are backed up with authenticity guarantee. So, now you know the company of ...
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Online dating is More fantasy than reality
2008-06-02 19:17:00
Online dating industry is increasingly grow on the Internet, I do personally believe that many people put too many "fantasy" in their online connections, and fail to use good common sense because of it.The biggest danger people face meeting in person someone they met online is unfulfilled, unrealistic expectations. We all burp, fart and sweat. While not see how someone chews their food and pronounces their words that can not be JST, that this is love, not fantasy.That meet your intentions do not always work, since select partners that are not compatible and they develop emotional connections, before meeting in person, one Australian university researcher has found.Women are more inclined to choose the wrong partner because they are attracted to humorous and witty comments, emails, according to psychologist Matthew Bambling from Queensland University of Technology."Just because they can write smart and witty comments, e-mail, does not mean they will be Mr. Right, that's for sure," s...
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The best online hotels reservations
2008-06-02 19:16:00
The holiday is just in front, have you make a plan where is the next destination for your holyday? Wherever you want to go for travel, the good idea is if you plan well including the hotel accommodation, it’s not funny if you go somewhere and then the hotel is full book. The easy way to book a hotel and accommodation is by using a service of At you will find a lot of hotels that located in UK and United states, including the famous city such as Amsterdam, and the most popular London hotels are Sydney House Chelsea hotel, The Syndney House Chealsea hotel is situated only a short distance away from the popular shopping paradise, that would be great to stay with your family. Many other hotels are continually signing up to so in the near future most hotels for popular city including Newyork hotels, Dublin hotels, Rome hotels and many other hotels would be listed at Booking an hotel is never been easier, unless you...
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Firefox 3 should ready in June
2008-06-02 18:33:00
A friend of mind said that IE are no longer the favorite browser in the world, Firefox it does.The browser manufacturer wants to set a Guinness World Record in the next version of Firefox become available to consumers. It does not look like Firefox 2 arrived from Mozilla all that long ago.Now, we must realize that the least, the time for change will be here soon. This may include determining the level of data download business tool. Mozilla certainly hopes it does. To promote Firefox 3 , and maybe win a spot along with some high achievers, they try participants in their Firefox 3 Download day.On a date to be determined, Mozilla will try to show the world record number of downloaders for the latest browser, in a period of 24 hours. Download Day of the site shows how many people have promised to make a download per country.Quick, safer performance, together with the new features will be part of the Firefox browser 3. Prevent any late changes Download a day have taken place in June , a r...
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Dell Sees Global Growth
2008-06-02 18:23:00
Dell, the number two PC manufacturer in the world, says that within five years two-thirds of sales will come from abroad.Increasing demand from Asia and other emerging markets, along with the growth in the UK and Europe expands Dell sales outside the U.S., the company said. Executive in the company said that international sales are growing faster than its domestic market.Steve Felice, president of Dell Asia-Pacific and Japan, said revenue from international regions surpass U.S. revenues for the first time, with sales in Brazil, Russia, India and China creates 73% growth in the first quarter.In the current pace, "two-thirds may come in five years," said Felice speaking for sale outside the United States his remarks came after Dell is higher than expected quarterly profits, due to cost cuts and strong demand from consumers and foreign markets.Dell said the quarter was solid evidence that an annus-long turnaround, led by founder Michael Del, who returned as CEO in January 2007, was net...
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The right place to buy used cars
2008-06-02 18:09:00
When people don’t have enough budgets to buy a new car then used cars is a best solution as alternative to own a vehicle in the sort term. Selecting used cars is some how need special talent and knowledge to get to know which car is in good condition and still working properly. Usually people consult to mechanic to check whether those cars are worth enough to buy.Before you decide to buy any used car the thing that you should remember is from which sources do you want to buy that car, that is really important, and remember buying a car is a hug investment, there is nothing different whether buying a new or used cars, you must do a lot of research.The guidance are simple, decide how many miles you are willing to have on it, and decide also what type of vehicle you would like to buy and what features is important for you for the used car. After you finish determine what kind of car to buy, and then decide from which source you want to buy that car. My suggestion is before you furthe...
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How Flash Memory Works?
2008-06-01 16:02:00
Flash memory are solid state electronic devices with random access memory capabilities, used for fast digital information on storage. They are used in a wide range of applications such as storage of BIOS living in a typical digital computers, as the winner of the capacity of hard drives for digital cameras and memory cards for laptop computers and video consoles.The technology used to produce flash service is based on EEPROM (electrically programmable with erasable read-only memory) chips, which comprise the memory banks set up in storage boxes made in the network of columns and rows. A basic cell has two baggage MOS-transistors to each intersection, and are separated by one layer of oxide. The two transistors are known as floating gate and control gate.When the floating gate is tied to the line of cellular stores edin'1 "bit logic. The value promeni'0" logic through a process known as the Fowler-Nordheim tunneling, which changes the distribution of electrons inside the floating g...
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How is the Smart Cards Work?
2008-05-31 18:36:00
Smart cards are electronic devices with a striking similarity with credit cards, albeit with a wider range of applications and higher levels of security. Typical credit cards the basis of all plastics. Credit card information is stored on magnetic tape similar to that of magnetic tape that use in audio cassettes, which makes it a read / write relatively simple operations.Shortcoming of the typical credit card is that most of the information must be stored in mainframe computer, Internet networks, where it is verified and processed.Smart cards, however, be replaced by magnetic storage unit for the credit card with embedded microprocessor for storing information. Since credit cards are shown first in the United States and became popular in Europe lately, rich-based networks should be built to create a secure environment for the use of credit cards. Although, as the never-developed infrastructure in Europe.So, to compensate for this, smart cards are intended. A smart card does not ask ...
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First Look Inside ASUS Eee Desktop Unit
2008-05-31 09:27:00
Any information about high-low price is expected desktop EEE from ASUS have already appeared online. As anyone can take hardly wait at least one glimpse soon come EEE desktop managed AnandTech to invite you some pictures of it.The new EEO unit of ASUS must represent the same market for desktop that EEE PC not for laptops on the market in his time. It proves that not only need a low cost and low power machines that can keep up with trends, and are able to meet a large part of consumer needs.The unit sample dissected by AnandTech has some pretty amazing performance when compared with EEE PC notebooks currently on the market. The unit is powered by a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor that fits in Intel 945G chipset. The sample features 1GB of DDR2 memory and 160GB Seagate 2,5 "SATA hard disk. ASUS preferred to leave the unit without optical drive, but a thin one will not be such a large additional costs after all. For connectivity, the unit equipped with built - in Gigabit Ethernet, and 802....
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Lifelock promotion code RD2
2008-05-31 09:26:00
For you that always do transaction with credit card, whether online or offline these may caused your personal data being thief. In order to protect your data again thief, I remain you to use lifelock to secure your identity. Lifelock is leading company that offering identity protection. Many people already get the benefit from lifelock, there is a lot of lifelock review write by lifelock consumer that already get the benefit since become the member. So that you will able to learn directly from people opinion after they subscribe with lifelock. Beside that if you do a search at google with entered keywords lifelock or identity protection, you will be amize with result that provide to you. It’s a lot, means that many people or web site talk about it, means that the product is good. If you want to use lifelock, there is away to get discount offer, buy lifelock with lifelock promo codes RD2 and you will receive great discount from lifelock. This exclusive discount is only avai...
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Adjust windows vista power setting
2008-05-31 09:12:00
It’s still about to optimize efficiency in windows Vista . Windows Vista is automatically set to power setting called "balanced" power plan. This power plan appears to be fine for desktop computers and laptops, which are included. But laptops run on battery may require adjustment of this setting. Here's how: Go to Start menu point to Control Panel and point to Power Option icon.From here, you can select a different "Power Plan" or you can change the settings of the selected power plan manually. To adjust the selected setting, click the "Change Plan Settings" link under the "Balanced" entry.Adjust the settings to fit your systems needs or you can dive a little deeper by clicking the "Change advanced power settings" link.When you are finished, click the "Save changes" button at the bottom of the window. Note: This tips was intended for Windows Vista only, please let me know if this did not work properly in yours, then I will try t...
Increase disk space with disk cleanup
2008-05-31 09:02:00
One of the improvements that Microsoft has improved after more than other versions of Windows Vista have backup features that are included in the system of System Restore. The reserve functions are included by default, so with all the automatic support of Vista came, he would not take long to lose very little disk space. It can not be a bad idea to go and delete the older backup of files and recovery items to increase the free space. Vista makes that task, one very simple. Here is how: Go to Start menuIn the Instant Search text box, type: disk cleanupOpen the disk cleanup tool and select the option titled: Files from all users on this computerSelect the drive that you would like to cleanup.Select the "More Options" tab.Click the option titled: Clean Up under System Restore and Shadow CopiesIn the confirmation screen, click "Delete". This tips was intended for Windows Vista only, please let me know if this did not work properly in yours, then I will try to fi...
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Compatibility tab in Windows Vista
2008-05-31 08:09:00
Do you have old programs that do not work now that you have upgraded to Windows Vista ? If so, do not fret, you can take advantage of system compatibility. With the selection of a contractor at the request or question, you can right-click and select properties. Then select the tab for compatibility (Fig. A) and decide to start the program in Windows XP. If you need to go to an earlier Microsoft OS, you have this opportunity, and as shown in Figure B. Figure A. Compatibility tabFigure B. Compatibility mode By experimenting with the regime of compatibility, you can get all their older legacy applications to work in Windows Vista .
Yahoo BrowserPlus Sneak Peek
2008-05-31 07:36:00
The bridge between the computer and browser can be filled with available technologies of rich Internet applications development. In practice, the user is able to interact with both the elements and desktop Web browser-based ones, through the functions of RIA (Rich Internet application). In "Chwiwgi Peek " release of Yahoo ! BrowserPlus allows users to live differently seen as trying to expand the desktop browser borders. Internet browser capabilities will be enhanced by Yahoo! BrowserPlus to give consumers the opportunity to conduct more joint actions in the desktop browser window.For example, a demonstration application Photo Uploader (edit images and photos Flickr upload rich Internet application) allows users to perform within a Web browser drag and drop images and growing up, apply different filters to images and other actions. Code samples for developers are available for simple and complex applications.In BrowserPlus software is available for installation of Windows XP and Vista...
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Restore a file removed by error
2008-05-31 06:09:00
it's all about us arrived one day or the other to remove an important file from inadvertency, happiness cart often draws us in the business, but enough to be emptied by him or to have made "Maj Suppr" during the suppression to realize It is too late!Indeed, when a file is removed, the operating system does nothing but this file marks as a discrete and allocate this space as available. What wants to say that as long as you are not moved or create new files on the partition where they removed they were found files that can be recovered?There are free and payment services, allowing its data recovery, I propose to you to use the "restoration", a small software in English, the benefits: no installation required, free and light (single record of 200KB That can be saved on a disk) Here an example of restoration of removed file: Download the utility,Unpack rar file,Now you are in the presence of 4 files: Restoration.exe (program in itself) README.txt (associat...
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G4 Moves to Xbox Live
2008-05-31 06:02:00
If you're interested in the media, games and Web-based culture, then you should look at the shows put on G4. Now Microsoft is entering the deal with the G4 to show the network for greater audience, making them available to the Xbox Live service for gamers."Code Monkeys" is a comedy show is animated in 1980 and tracks the adventures of GameAvision, a company that is struggling to produce videogames in an age that do not understand them. On Xbox Live offering of the show will include free Chwiwgi peek of the first episode of the second season."Blokovoto" is an interesting reality series, which follows the lives of snowboarders who go around the world are living large, as well as the implementation of some of the best there is blowing tricks of slopes.Last but not least, each measure "Attack of the show" comes to Xbox Live video memory. This is perhaps the most popular show G4 because it directly targets gamers with their in-depth coverage of events, features and numerous guests relat...
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Cost effective Toner and Ink cartridge
2008-05-31 06:01:00
Do you spend a lot of money for cartridge and toner every month? Most of installed printer both in our work place and home are using inkjet cartridge and toner cartridge including laser printer, DeskJet printer, inkjet printer, fax machine and also copy machine. If you interested to lower your cost especially for those inkjet and toner cartridge, using generic ink that would be the great idea. And my recommendation for best place is simply go to Inkers; they have a lot of ink product that suit to all printers. Inkers offer wide range of inkjet cartridge and toner cartridge, the product are generic but compatible to all printer devices. Even though that generic cartridge was cost effective to cut your monthly budget but the quality in nothing different with the original one. In order to give the best service to the ink consumer, Inkers is offering delivery service to your door, they already supplied their product to all of the USA and Puerto Rico area, and they commit to deliver ...
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Double D Dodgeball Comes to XBLA
2008-05-31 05:57:00
In 360 Xbox Live Arcade will soon give you the chance to play Origin Futuristic kind of dodgeball game, thanks to YUKE OF Company Limited. The game has already received certification to be released for the Xbox Live service, and it will be available for download this summer for regular MS 800 points.Double D dodgeball will offer multiplayer mode for up to eight persons (4 - and from the match) and four game modes (exhibition, the meeting Player, Ranked the meeting and the tournament). Also, another "must-have", leader boards, has been implemented, plus two types of rules, dodgeball - in Eastern and Western ones."People's Ball with a double D, we are able to capture the spirit of classic dodgeball ground that we have all grown up integration with a specific set of rules known in the East and West, and it Xbox LIVE", said Ken Koyama, manager of development of the product in YUKE of the Society of America. "Rather than meeting hot on the ground, you can go for Xbox LIVE Arcade and bla...
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