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Style Owner: Create Your Own Online Clothing Boutique
2012-02-10 11:25:00
StyleOwner bills itself as a collection of virtual boutiques owned only by women. Like Google?s, StyleOwner gives bloggers, fashionistas and Rachel Zoe-wannabes the ability to create their own virtual storefront (for free) and stock it with items from over 2,000 brands carried by retail partners such as Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue. StyleOwner uses ...
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Vidcaster lets you create video on your own domain
2012-02-09 09:45:00
YouTube is one of the most popular sites in the whole world. While YouTue is a great place to store one?s cache of video, maybe you want to create your own independent video site to host your own videos ? to take advantage of all those video optimization assets you can?t get from YouTube. VidCaster ...
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Convert Webpages into Ebook (EPub) with Dotepub
2012-02-06 11:48:00
DotEPUB is free software that allows any webpage to be converted into an e-book. The application creates the e-books in EPUB format and comes in 3 flavors: bookmarklet to be installed on browsers, a chrome plugin, widget for integration into websites. The software which allows this conversion is based directly on the cloud, and requires ...
More About: Internet , Ebook , Convert ? Helping Friends Travel Better
2012-02-04 08:30:00
Tapping into the travel experiences of your friends is a whole lot more valuable than getting questionable info from random strangers. Trippy does offers an internet platform to rely on friends’ recommendations for the place or places you want to visit. Trippy ties into social sites like Facebook to find your friends who know about ...
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Tinkercad. Web-based 3D Modeling for Makers
2012-02-03 11:08:00
Tinkercad allows you design 3D objects on your computer and then materialize them using 3D printers. The service is strongly focused on teaching people about design and CAD software using engaging and fun quests. Tinkercad is free, and encourages sharing designs under a creative commons license. It is built on the WebGL platform so requires ...
More About: Internet , Modeling , Makers
Create Navigable Site Mockups With ClickDummy
2012-02-02 12:35:00
Are you looking for the any way to share linked mockups on the web in a clickable format so my viewers can click through them like on a normal webpage?. You should check out Clickdummy. It turns your website, mobile and software mockups into clickable prototypes with room for annotation and feedback from your clients, ...
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Rawporter: Makes Some Cash for News
2012-02-01 09:03:00
Rawporter is a service that helps the news media instantly source raw news content. Instead of sending out an expensive news crew or waiting on their loyal audience to submit ?breaking news,? Rawporter enables news outlets to request specific content from everyday people who are near newsworthy events. Rawporter, a free iPhone App will also ...
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When I Work: Employee Scheduling Software
2012-01-31 08:48:00
Owners or managers of small or mid-sized organizations spend a lot of time to prepare shifts and schedules for their workers. It is a quite complex as well as tiresome task. When I Work is a web service that helps employers manage the shifts of their employees. If your employer uses the ‘When I’ ...
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Tibbr: Social Computing For The Enterprise
2012-01-30 11:27:00
Tibbr is a social computing tool for enterprises which will let employees, customers and partners to interact with each other and, also, with information and events generated by their enterprise IT systems. The link between critical line of business data and the average knowledge worker in an enterprise has long been more tenuous and less ...
More About: Social , Internet , Computing
Blether Offers Private Twitter Chats
2012-01-28 11:37:00
!blether is a private group chat application from Blether Labs, a spin off of Zendit, that offers Twitter users the ability to create group chats with both followers and non-followers. The interface itself is clean and simple, and it works without the need for a special app, so smartphone users can hop right into a ...
More About: Internet , Offers , Private
Unitedstyles ? Design, share and buy your own fashion
2012-01-27 11:20:00
UnitedStyles is a free online app that lets you design your own fashion, customize your own prints, and preview your design in 3D. This self-designed fashion can be bought and Unitedstyles will produce it using environmentally friendly digital printing technologies. The UnitedStyles team has created themes which are inspired by children’s style and popular clothing ...
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MailQuatro Professional Business Email Solution
2012-01-26 08:23:00
MailQuatro offers the best way to manage your business email, calendar and contacts from one account and the easiest way to create email accounts at your domain and archive your data, safe and secure. MailQuatro offers an alternative to Gmail and Microsoft Outlook for businesses. Users can use tab browsing to load two or more ...
More About: Business , Internet , Email Real-Time Dining Search Engine
2012-01-25 11:41:00 is a real-time search engine for dining happenings and activities. This real-time search engine scours the Web, newspapers, Twitter, magazines and social media outlets for great meal deals, events and activities.  The company is searching hundreds of restaurant  currently in the US and then all over the world to provide the most comprehensive real ...
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Fluidinfo: solution on sharing, tagging and adding context to data collecti
2012-01-24 13:02:00
Fluidinfo is a universal metadata engine with an object for everything. The goal is to revolutionize how information is used, crossed and mashed, making it easy to share and integrate data built on FluidDB. That includes dynamically organizing, sharing, combining and augmenting information, and searching in ways that have previously not been possible. It also ...
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Drawpr Review ? Convenient File Sharing Tool
2012-01-23 10:27:00
Drawpr is a free drop-box like service in which you can share files with your friends no matter where they are around the world. Unlike other websites, such as File serve and Megaupload, Drawpr is pretty fast and does not cap your total uploading limit. Users are free to upload as much as they like. On ...
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474747 for Quick Search and Access The Best Sites
2012-01-21 10:51:00 is a start page and web directory of the best websites. This site helps you start your web browsing experience more easily and help you find useful websites, by featuring the top web sites in one home page. So that you don?t need to type their URLs in the address bar each time. It ...
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GrubWithUs Lets You Make New Friends Over Dinner
2012-01-20 09:49:00
Grubwithus social meals allow you to meet new people, while dining at some of your city?s best restaurants. The site works by having people choose a restaurant based on cuisine type, meal price, neighborhood, or networking opportunity. Each restaurant offers a prix-fix menu, which you pay for when you reserve your seat. You then print ...
More About: Internet , Friends , Dinner , Make ? Free Phone And SMS Reminders
2012-01-19 11:13:00
Does it happen on you? Do you have a hard time remembering things or miss appointments on occasion simply because you forgot all about it? offers a simple and easy to use online service that lets you schedule and send reminders to yourself and others. You’ll get to do it all for free. Birthdays, ...
More About: Internet , Phone , Free
Project Slice Organizes Your Online Shopping
2012-01-18 12:42:00
Project Slice provides the simplest way to organize purchases. The service manages all of the emails you receive regarding e-commerce purchases, including shipping notifications, tracking numbers and return policies to make them easily accessible. California-based Slice was inspired by the difficulty of finding all the e-commerce receipts and other emails that inevitably get lost in ...
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Bonfire Offers Real-time Chat on Twitter
2012-01-17 10:41:00 creates a Facebook style, instant messaging interface for Twitter. You can see a Buddylist and see when your Twitter friends are online and not quickly and easily chat with them. Since it is an extension of Google Chrome, it comes free of cost and can easily be applied in Twitter. As a matter of ...
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Penny Auctions Site ?
2012-01-07 10:59:00
Free Online Auction is a large location in the online world, where persons can try their luck in auction and get contain of their very popular items in a competitive cost tag. This site will let you turn that spare time into a chance to get all these products you’re after. PennyGrab lets you bid ...
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YouTube By Click: Save Youtube Video Clips by one click
2012-01-06 11:35:00
How do you download audio and videos from youtube?  Youtube By Click gives very simple way.  Youtube downloder toolbar allow you to download your favorite music and videos from youtube by one click! Downloading youtube video as mp3 and mp4. The download speed is very fast and the use is very easy and fun. You ...
More About: Video , Internet , Video Clips
Drungli Intelligent Flight Search Engine
2012-01-05 10:26:00
Drungli is the intelligent search engine for the cheapest tickets of low-cost airlines. It is an adventure generator for spontaneous fellows. The application will simply begin a search, enter your travel departure location and date for when you want your adventure to begin. That?s all you have to do. Then Drungli scours for the cheapest ...
More About: Internet , Search , Intelligent , Search Engine , Engine ? Make Your Site Go Mobile
2012-01-04 10:48:00
DudaMobile is a self-serve platform that lets existing website owners create a mobile version of their site. Once you are done playing around and customizing your mobile site, DudaMobile will publish it on a unique URL. You can then simply redirect all your mobile users to this URL. Moreover, you can share it across the ...
More About: Internet , Site , Make ? Get Fit And Be Rewarded
2012-01-03 10:47:00
Getting in shape is the classic new year’s resolution. If that becomes your resolution, here is new app that can help you out. GymPact is based on a novel idea: paying you for going to the gym. The way this web service (and iPhone app) works is really clever, as you make a “pact” to ...
More About: Internet Acts Like a Local Citizen
2012-01-02 12:01:00
HowNotToBeATourist is a great guide that shows you how to look, act, live like a local citizen of the city you are visiting and mingle in just perfectly. gives advice and insider point of view on how to look, act and reside like a neighborhood in cities like New York, London and Singapore to ...
More About: Internet , Local
AnyMeeting Offers An Easy Way To Connect With Video Conferencing
2011-12-31 12:05:00
AnyMeeting is a free web conferencing service which allows users to schedule and organize online meetings and conferences with their colleagues and group members. AnyMeeting (formerly Freebinar) has email invites, video broadcasting, and can display your presentations to others via screen sharing. The audio portion can go VoIP over the Web or via a conference ...
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The 10 Best Android Apps for Boosting Battery Life
2011-12-31 11:48:00
Smartphone battery is the most essential part of a device in order for it to function. With numerous of applications running, data processing and web browsing, battery maintenance is commonly overlooked, therefore damaging it and causing device hardware malfunctions as well. 1. Darshan Computing’s Battery Indicator is a good first app for those curious about ...
More About: Internet , Life
ShowMeNonStop: Continuously Play YouTube Videos
2011-12-30 14:03:00 is a special online service that allows viewing of videos from YouTube without interruption. In practice, the search form you enter the word or the query, it will automatically cycles through all the site features videos related to the researched, endlessly and without interrupting the flow between a movie and another. Because it trades ...
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Top 10 Free Screencasting Tools
2011-12-30 13:51:00
Screencasts have a wide variety of uses. This type of software is also often deployed to describe software projects, report bugs, and for evaluating technical skills.  As broadband has become mainstream and video-sharing websites are ten a penny, this has encouraged the development of a wide selection of free and open source screencasting tools. 1. ...
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