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Wiretapping: Feds Above The Law?
2012-05-31 21:20:00
The warantless wiretapping saga is back in the media again. This time the Feds are playing the part of troll and are thumbing their noses at laws designed to keep nonsense in check. It appears that they think they are above the law. Did it just get cold in here? From Wired: The Obama administration ...
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Blackhat And Defcon Parties 2012
2012-05-30 17:13:00
Back for another year! Here is the Blackhat and Defcon party list for 2012. This is the list that we have so far. There are numerous other parties that we are awaiting confirmation on the final details before we post them. If you have any tips please let us know at Also, feel free ...
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Facebook In Motion?
2012-05-30 15:29:00
This morning while sipping coffee and waiting for the cerebral fog to lift something occurred to me. Facebook wants a phone. RIM wants to live.Hmm. — Dave Lewis (@gattaca) May 30, 2012 Apparently, Facebook wants a phone. And Research in Motion…well, let’s be honest, wants to live. Could this be a possible outcome? Well, let’s ...
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Liquidmatrix Security Digest Podcast ? Episode 0
2012-05-29 19:46:00
You knew it was going to happen sooner or later… Welcome to the first Liquidmatrix Security Digest Podcast . In this series, we will attempt to do what has never been done before… bring you a high quality information security related podcast that is not just a long series of injokes, ranting, personality disorders and hard ...
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Stiltwalker Tool Released
2012-05-29 19:43:00
The folks at dc949 have released an interesting tool called Stiltwalker this week. From dc949: Stiltwalker is a proof of concept tool that defeats Google’s reCAPTCHA with an insanely high accuracy (99%). We have released all of our research, code, tools and examples used in the reCAPTCHA domination. You can get the slides here and ...
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Flame Virus Reviewed By Our Specialist
2012-05-29 16:31:00
Seriously, chill.
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Avoid ?Team Mexico Pork Cloud? Or DHS Will Track You
2012-05-29 16:22:00
Here is a big bag of absurd to start off your week. From Mail Online: The Department of Homeland Security has been forced to release a list of keywords and phrases it uses to monitor social networking sites and online media for signs of terrorist or other threats against the U.S. The intriguing the list ...
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Chinese Backdoor In Military Chips?
2012-05-29 15:00:00
So, what was all the hub bub about a Chinese backdoor in chips in US military hardware? Stop…breathe into the paper bag. READ THIS. From Errata Security: Today’s big news is that researchers have found proof of Chinese manufacturers putting backdoors in American chips that the military uses. This is false. While they did find ...
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Reputation Risk and Brand Damage Control ? UR DOIN IT RONG!!11!!!!
2012-05-24 20:27:00
As sometimes happens, I was yammering with some compatriots about how no one ever posts a story around these here dusty corners of the interwebs and then BLAMMO, I listened to a podcast and actually learned something. (foreshadowing) One of the (actually very large number of great) podcasts that are put out by the Canadian ...
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#FreeByron is no more, long live #ByronIsFree (UPDATED) (UPDATED AGAIN)
2012-05-15 18:12:00
In a decision which will be scrutinized and used as case law for years, Byron Sonne was found not guilty on all charges today. There’s a long story to be told I’m sure, but the key point is that after TWO YEARS, the government has nothing but theatre to stand behind. I’ll follow this up ...
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VMWare Vulnerability Security Advisory
2012-05-03 22:58:00
Heads up. A new VMWare vulnerability security advisory has been released. Problem Description a. VMware host memory overwrite vulnerability (data pointers) Due to a flaw in the handler function for RPC commands, it is possible to manipulate data pointers within the VMX process. This vulnerability may allow a guest user to crash the VMX process ...
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Stupid Human Tricks: Security Job Interviews
2012-04-30 21:42:00
One of my frustrations over the years has been around interviewing candidates for security jobs. I recently had a doozy when a candidate asked “what do you guys do?” Starring blankly at the phone I had to fight to maintain my composure. I then started mentally thumbing through years of absurd responses from candidates. I ...
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You Lose America. CISPA Passes 248-168
2012-04-27 03:15:00
In a rather bizarre twist today the vote on the CIPSA bill was moved forward and hurriedly pushed through. First off, what is the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act or CISPA? From Wikipedia (yes, I quoted Wikipedia, get over it): The bill would allow the voluntary sharing of attack and threat information between the ...
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Onion Browser For iOS Private Browsing
2012-04-26 16:37:00
OK, this is rather interesting. An app that provides private browsing on your iOS device. The Onion Browser for iOS private browsing provides, potentially, for a safe browsing experience in the event that your phone gets pinched by border agents. From Lifehacker: We’ve talked about ways to Tor in Chrome and Firefox before, and Onion ...
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EU Parliament To Turn Over Passenger Data To US
2012-04-23 21:31:00
So, it appears that the EU Parliament is going to turn over traveler data to the US. Not sure if they really gave this a lot of thought before pulling out the rubber stamp. One question I have is, will the US reciprocate? From BBC: The European Parliament has adopted a controversial bill clarifying US ...
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Iran Says It?s Building A Drone Aircraft Copy
2012-04-23 20:49:00
The saga of the downed US drone aircraft in Iran ian hands has found its way back into the head lines again. Now, the Iranians claim to have puzzled out the “many codes and characters”. From Nextgov: The chief of the aerospace division of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh, told state television that ...
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Aviva Fires 1,300 Via Email?By Accident
2012-04-23 19:57:00
There are times when an unbelievable oops hits the headlines. This is one of those times. Apparently the insurance provider Aviva managed to fire 1,300 staffers via email From ZDNet: In an age of lacking inter-personal relations and working from home, it should come as no surprise to learn that many employees do still get ...
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Mercedes Adds Remote Updates
2012-04-09 13:52:00
Mercedes has been rolling out updates to it’s vehicles onboard systems at a rate that has proven unmanageable with USB drives. So, they have switched it out in favour of remote updates that are seamless to the vehicle owner. From Txchnologist: This new system upgrades on the fly, he said, the first such in-car application ...
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Link: Apple holds the master decryption key when it comes to iCloud securit
2012-04-05 07:34:00
From Ars Technica: Ars recently attempted to delve into the inner workings of the security built into Apple ’s iCloud service. Though we came away reasonably certain that iCloud uses industry best practices that Apple claims it uses to protect data and privacy, we warned that your information isn’t entirely protected from prying eyes. At the ...
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Link: iCloud: Who holds the key?
2012-04-05 07:26:00
From Cryptography Engineering: Ars Technica brings us today’s shocking privacy news: ‘Apple holds the master decryption key when it comes to iCloud security, privacy‘. Oh, my. The story is definitely worth a read, though it may leave you shaking your head a bit. Ars’s quoted security experts make some good points, but they do it ...
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Flashback Trojan Compromises Macs
2012-04-05 07:00:00
You know, that’s gotta suck. From ZDNet: Two months ago, a new variant of the Flashback Trojan started exploiting a security hole in Java to silently infect Mac OS X machines. Apple has since patched Java, but this was only yesterday. As of today, more than 600,000 Macs are currently infected with the Flashback Trojan, ...
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Is TSA Attempting to Silence Critics?
2012-03-09 17:54:00
I’m a little surprised to be reading that there are allegations that the TSA may be attempting to get journalists to not write about the apparent security failings of their full body scanners. So, is TSA attempting to silence critics of their body scanners? It does appear that way. From TSA Out Of Our Pants: ...
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Anonymous Latest Victims Include The Vatican and Panda Labs
2012-03-08 05:21:00
Looks like Sabu’s arrest, along with those that he brought down with him, has not slowed down Anonymous any. In fact it appears to just have stirred the proverbial beehive. Since the news on Sabu, Anonymous has attacked Panda Labs’ websites due to the roll they played in outing a number of its members. #ANTISEC ...
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iPad3 Details Leaked Ahead Of Announcement
2012-03-07 18:37:00
Sometimes, I just have to satisfy my evil side. Although it would have been fun to get the scoop on the iPad3.
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Sabu Rats Out Lulzsec
2012-03-06 15:53:00
In a rare moment, I find myslef reading an article from FOX News. I know, I know. But, damn if this one isn’t huge. If this article is accurate, Sabu is a rat. From FOX: After the FBI unmasked Monsegur last June, he became a cooperating witness, sources told ?They caught him and he ...
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Netflix To Customers, Screw Your Privacy
2012-03-05 14:04:00
I have Netflix . I know a lot of people who use it. But, I know I’d rather not have people knowing what my family is watching per se. None of their damn business. Netflix has a differing opinion. So much so that they’re attempting to get an amendment to US law to get their hands ...
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Stratfor Emails Posted On Wikileaks
2012-02-27 15:49:00
On December 24th, 2011 the global intelligence firm Stratfor was hacked by the group, Anonymous. At the time it was said that credit card data of their online sign ups and emails were putloined. I did give them credit for stepping in front of this mess when it occurred. Here is the video response from ...
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FUD It?s What?s For Breakfast
2012-02-25 16:46:00
I have screamed at vendors in the past for resorting to using fear uncertainty and doubt (FUD) to promote their wares. This does little more than a blistering disservice to the industry as a whole. Terrorizing potential customers into buying your product is a one way ticket on the shame train. This morning Nick Selby ...
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Symantec News Brings The Ambulance Chasers Out
2012-01-06 20:28:00
This kind of crap annoys me to no end. Less than 24 hours after Symantec acknowledged that their code had been purloined, the ambulance chasers hit the streets. This is an email that was forwarded to us by two of our readers. From: PJ Bihuniak Sent: Friday, January 06, 2012 8:40 AM Subject: Symantec confirms ...
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Blackberry Messages Intercepted, Alleged Mobster Pinched
2012-01-06 16:49:00
This is an interesing piece that showed up on Global today. A serious hard case was captured by the police in Quebec but, there is a twist. He was apparently caught via the use of tap on his Blackberry . While I cannot argue with the results I’m fairly certain a lot of people just had ...
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