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The Computing Expert has moved
2007-06-23 12:21:00
Hi there, I have moved The Computing Expert to my own domain and you can now find it at, as of now there wont be any more posts on, so go on over to the new site and enjoy!
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A new milestone, this time with my spam count
2007-06-21 18:07:00
My first milestone I reached was getting my first visitor to my website, that was a great feeling, the next was getting my site on Google , the third was reaching 10,000 visits to one of my sites, then it was getting one of my blogs to the top of Digg, and now the famous spam ...
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Safari for Windows
2007-06-11 23:34:00
What about Linux? is my first question. What a great idea, iTunes to get rid of Window s Media Player, Safari instead of Internet Explorer, Mac are taking over Windows. Safari 3 beta is now available for Mac and Windows and is saying that it is the fastest browser available for Windows, well we’ll see about that. ...
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Apple website gets a facelift
2007-06-11 23:26:00
I’ll tell you what, something that Apple has is a good eye for design and their new look website is no different. I am not an Apple person although sometimes I wish I was because they are the company that everyone seems to like and there seems to be good reason for this. Anyway, onto the ...
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Dell is to lay off 10% of their workforce
2007-06-01 13:35:00
Dell have announced that over the next year nearly 9000 people will lose their jobs in order to cut costs in their company as the last quarter’s was 3 million dollars less that the same quarter a year ago. You can view the full story here: 7.html
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Dell now shipping with Ubuntu
2007-05-29 22:20:00
The time has arrived, Dell are now shipping selected computers with Ubuntu Feisty Fawn 7.04, oh what a happy day it is for Linux users like me, although I think that in reality very few people will actually opt for the option, but still it is nice that big companies like Dell do actually listen ...
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40 million Vista sales so far according to Bill
2007-05-15 21:27:00
WOW 40 million sales for a piece of software that has been a total disaster, I must write a piece of software which consists of a button which does nothing and see if I get 40 million people buying it, it would be better than Vista . OK, people who have followed me will know that I’m ...
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Apple created the mouse, now they have create the iHump
2007-05-14 23:34:00
The iHump allows you to root your computer by inputting the device into the firewire port of your computer and then inserting your “winky” in the holder. The video below shows the iHump in all its glory with Bill Gates and Steve Jobs starring. It is the next generation interaction with your computer: Simon North
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I got to the top of Digg
2007-05-07 21:49:00
Yep, me Simon North, got to the top of Digg , at the time of writing this I had 4715 diggs, not bad for a blog that I started less than one day previously. The blog is a blog all about Firefox (, and I have had about 21,500 unique visitors since it began, and it ...
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A list of all file formats
2007-05-06 23:15:00
As a programmer myself, I understand that when I produce file formats, I have to ensure that I don’t overwrite somebody else’s format, this website will ensure that I don’t ever do this, this may help you out as well: Form at .html Simon North
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I?ve started a couple more blogs, why not check ?em out!
2007-05-06 22:39:00
OK, I’ve started two more blogs, but I will give you a list of all of the latest blogs I have produced: Firefox in the Wood - Using Ubuntu - The Linux Convert - Guide to Making Money Online - http://guideto-makingmoneyonline.blogspot .com/ Here’s just a few and I will make more, more and more. I do way too ...
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Should Digg allow for multi category listings
2007-05-05 23:31:00
I just posted a blog post onto Digg about a Mac vs PC advertisement which featured Linux, so which category do I post into. I thought about it and then went with the Linux category because I normally get quite a few readers from that category but wouldn’t it have been better if I could ...
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Who said Mac vs PC couldn?t compromise
2007-05-05 23:24:00
I was looking around YouTube today for a video spoof based on the Mac vs PC advertisements I see a lot now, and I have found one of many. It is a great thing that the compromise comes with Linux , because that good old penguin can run on both PC and Mac: Simon North
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Get paid to blog with Smorty
2007-05-05 09:44:00
I have signed up to a lot of these paid for blogging services like PayperPost, and have been time and time again rejected for The Computing Expert. Now suddenly I am starting to be accepted, this time by Smorty, which is a similar service which pays you for your opinions. First your blog has to be ...
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The strangest ideas get the most money
2007-05-04 09:09:00
I am waiting for that idea to pop into my head that will make me millions, it hasn’t really come yet, but it has for many other people, just look at, and you’ll see, this guy started a webpage which had 1 million pixels of advertising space available, advertisers could then buy 1 pixel ...
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Ok, a bit late but my opinion into the community on Digg
2007-05-04 09:00:00
I have posted a lot on Digg and have always got a nice response in vistor numbers, diggs and comments. Comments on my blog tend to be nice, friendly and helpful, comments on Digg are a mix, most of the time people agree with me or give some advice, but then there are people who ...
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Should Wordpress give support for adsense
2007-05-04 08:51:00
Now I have quite a few blogs, a lot of them on Wordpress and I get a quite nice visitor rate, not gonna make me a millionaire or nothing but a bit of pocket money for the time I spend updating my blog wouldn’t go a miss. But Wordpress (hosted wordpress anyway, where you sign ...
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Toshiba following Dell with Linux decision
2007-05-02 23:46:00
I am sure you’ve heard that Dell are going to be installing Ubuntu on their laptops and desktops very soon instead of Windows, this is a big move in the right direction in my opinion. But now Toshiba are following in their footsteps and are now in talks about whether it would be a good ...
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I?m now on Linux
2007-05-02 21:46:00
I have successfully completed the conversion from Windows Vista to Linux . I previously installed Mandriva 2007 but then decided that Ubuntu was the better option so I installed this and got rid of Mandriva. I have dual booted it with Windows XP 2005 MCE, you can see full details of my conversion at my linux ...
Is the end nigh for Microsoft Windows
2007-05-02 21:28:00
MS Windows has been around for about 17 years now and it is clear that they have dominated the market as their operating system come pre-installed on the majority of computers out there. But I think it has been for a while that Microsoft is losing its foot in the operating system world, more and ...
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Bill Gates and Steve Jobs having cybersex
2007-04-29 18:22:00
This is from a great comedy show here in England, called Ruddy Hell! It’s Harry and Paul, there is a great sketch about Steve Jobs of Apple and Bill Gates of Microsoft having a bit of fun with computers, not suitable for younger visitors: You can see more videos here: ry=ruddy+hell+bill+gates&search=Searc h Simon North
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Contact Form for your wordpress blog
2007-04-24 23:40:00
Wordpress have added the option to insert a contact form onto your wordpress blog, and all you have to do is add the following code to a post or page: When someone sends a comment it goes through the highly secure Akismet filter so that you don’t get spam, it has gone down really well in ...
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Interactive Presentation from Microsoft
2007-04-20 00:21:00
I logged onto today, and was amazed by the ad that MS have added to their MSN page, it is an effort to try and get more people to use Office 2007, as the product along with Windows Vista, hasn’t really got too many sales. The advert allows you to interactively choose a font format, ...
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Firefox now has 24% browser share in Europe
2007-04-20 00:05:00
I am glad to see that Firefox has made significant ground on Internet Explorer and now own 24.1% of the browser market. XiTi have released a report on the percentage of users who use the best browser in the world, Firefox. It shows that Slovenia and Finland exceed 40% and Croatia, Germany and Slovakia exceed 35%. ...
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Froogle, now called Google Product Search
2007-04-19 23:48:00
Google have renamed their Froogle service to Google Product Search , I don’t know about you, but I preferred Froogle, the new name is just too boring and straight forward. The whole service has had a redesign making it look more like Google search pages, and it seems that they are trying to get as many ...
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Join me on my journey to becoming a Linux user
2007-04-17 19:58:00
I am going to be converting to Linux in a few weeks and have launched a blog to both, help people who may be doing this in the future and to have people’s help if anything goes wrong during the conversion. I will be converting from Windows Vista to Mandriva Linux 2007. The conversion will start ...
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Microsoft?s next attack, this time Flash
2007-04-16 22:04:00
Microsoft have released their version of Flash , called “Microsoft Silverlight”. To a lot of people in the computing world, this is just seen as Microsoft wanting to take over more and more companies and services. Flash, I think is going a bit too far. What next, PDF reading, it is ridiculous that Microsoft are getting ...
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New Theme for Wordpress, New Theme for TCE
2007-04-16 21:39:00
Wordpress have added a new theme to their theme list available to blogs hosted on the Wordpress server. Called Neo-Sapien, it looks great. I have never been drawn to themes that have had more than one sidebar, but this one is great. If your wondering what it looks like, well look at this blog ...
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Funny computer photos of strange setups
2007-04-16 21:04:00
This came up on Digg today, and I thought I have to share it with my visitors, so here it is: If you want to know what they are, they are images of strange setups of computers and monitors that made me laugh and laugh. Ingenious. I especially love the Apple one, I shall have ...
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Blogger Wave
2007-04-16 18:16:00
I came across a great service yesterday, called Blog ger Wave, this is similar to PayPerPost. You will have to have your blog accepted, The Computing Expert got accepted the next day, so it seems that they have a good response time. Opportunities are available in your user area, with details of what links there should be, the ...
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