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Cater Your Mobile connection management needs with Smith Micro
2009-12-09 07:34:00
Smith Micro is a unique company  that develops and designs products and services for mobile phones and also PC for home and businesses. It has varied range of products that cater specifically to the needs of small, large and medium businesses to even home depending upon the need of the users.Quicklink mobile is mobile connection manager. ...
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Search Engine Optimization at
2008-04-15 19:37:00
Just Came across Pepperjam is  internet marketing agency providing various internet marketing techniques to companies.  First of all was amazed by the efficient video on the homepage, really nice way to introduce yourself to potential customers. They expertise in Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click Management, affiliate marketing and online media planning and mangement. Pepperjam has ...
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EA releases 5 new mobile games
2008-04-15 19:24:00
EA Mobile has announced availability of five new titles for Mobile devices. They are: The Sims 2 Castaway The Sims Pool Monopoly Here & Now Yahtzee Adventures Merv Griffin’s Crosswords “EA Mobile continues to create and distribute games that compel potential customers to download and play games on mobile devices,” said Travis Boatman, Vice President of Worldwide Studios, EA Mobile. “The ...
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Microsoft, HCL to Launch World?s Cheapest Laptop
2008-04-15 19:21:00
Microsoft Corp India and HCL Infosystems Ltd have announced a set of joint initiatives, including the launch of world’s cheapest Windows enabled laptop computer and the setting up of a center of excellence (CoE) to create a customized solution framework for India. Making the announcement in Mumbai on Friday, Ajai Chowdhry, chairman and CEO of HCL, ...
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An SEO blog I came across
2008-04-15 04:31:00
Google Page Rank is the way google ranks different pages. I was searching some information about Google Page Rank and how it works and I landed on an SEO, Designing and Programming blog max web design.  As the About page says Robert the owner of the blog created it for sharing knowledge about SEO and ...
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Save Xp - Petition
2008-04-15 04:16:00
Microsoft has planned to end Xp Sales by June 30,2008. Users and still reluctant to switch to Vista because of huge size and memory requirements. Infoworld has launched Save xp and petition. Right now over 111.000 people have joined the petition. You can also join the peition to save XP and raise a voice to save ...
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Discount Inkjet & Laser Printer Cartridges
2008-04-14 20:45:00
So you bought a nice inkjet printer for your home, and it was cheap. You used it as much as you can and now the ink in it is finish (it has to finish it can go on for ever). You realize this and think or getting new cartridges for it but to your shock ...
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Google Digging Deep into the Internet with Form Crawling
2008-04-14 20:24:00
Google is digging deeper into internet search by crawling forms. Only a small number of usefull websites are being crawled and that to following the rules like robots.txt, nofollow etc. Here is an excerpt: In the past few months we have been exploring some HTML forms to try to discover new web pages and URLs that we ...
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Conductor - The best training tracking software available.
2008-04-12 13:57:00
Conductor is a training managment software .  It is a great asset for employers to keep a track of their employees. It helps and empowers them to keep a track of employees? statistics like training and education which is a prerequisite in this competitive era for success of your company. Reports can be quickly created to ...
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Icorps - IT Outsourcing
2008-04-12 12:28:00
Icorps is a Boston IT Outsourcing company. In today?s era you can?t escape the need of technology. Whether it?s a small or mid size business technology is the main need of the hour. They are a pioneer in this field since 1994. Whatever might be the need of the company they provide superior IT supports? Advanced Monitoring ...
Submit articles at
2008-04-11 20:09:00 is a tutorials directory. One can submit their own original tutorials on their website so they can be listed there. The tutorials can be in any niche from arts to technology to foods to finances to programming they have it all. All free articles waiting for you. Basically it?s an article submission which ...
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A chip that can detect diseases
2008-04-11 19:14:00
The future is here, you don’t need to imagine it. A chip to diagnose your diseases is here!!! Imagine being able to diagnose if a patient has a certain virus or disease while he’s sitting in the doctor’s waiting room? It could happen sooner than you might think as a result of one of our new ...
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Protect Your Indentity with Life Lock
2008-04-11 10:58:00
Can you reveal your Social Security Number on internet, on TV, in public?? I think no you won?t because anyone could misuse it. Identity Theft is a $50 Billion a year business and its growing. Thieves are at large and they are trying to use your identity to open bank accounts and credit cards. So how ...
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WaMu - The bank with a difference
2008-04-11 03:55:00
WaMu is an online bank. At first I was skeptical about the name but soon I got to know what it is and why this name. WaMu is an online bank providing online banking services and Savings Account . Then I read a bit about it and got to know the secret behind ...
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Drodio - Techie Real Estate Company
2008-04-10 14:10:00
Want to buy Real estate in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. then head to Drodio who provide real estate virginia. You can find out what your house is worth and also schedule a listing presentation as indicated on their homepage. And the most innovative idea about selling is they make a url of your home?s street address ...
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Want to buy a Dslr
2008-04-10 12:09:00
Hi Guys Yesterday i posted about new canon products in India. The one camera which has amused me is Canon EOS 450D. And am on my way to buy it. But I need some money to buy it as am short by few 100$s So in the coming weeks you might see some irrelevant posts. Please ...
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Get Discounts Shopping online with Best Online Coupons
2008-04-10 04:22:00
In the World Wide Web era we want to shop online. Who wants to go to that mall and do shopping when everything can be done with just a click of the mouse But online you can?t bargain because there are no real people. You can?t get discounts if there is no promotional offer ...
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Uplogix - Network Solutions
2008-04-09 04:18:00
Networking is the backbone of today?s business world. Big IT companies have networks which are used to exchange data seamlessly and their network is spread over various distributed locations. Its very much unfeasible to monitor all the networks, troubleshoot and fix it and provide onsite support by IT individuals. Also the cost o IT individuals ...
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Canon Rolls Out a Portfolio of Next Generation Products
2008-04-08 16:47:00
Canon India announced the launch of 23 next generation digital camera and camcorder products of its camera division. The launch also introduced technologies in sync with the youth trends and lifestyle of today. At the launch Canon unveiled products from Canon?s Imaging Communication Products division which included 8 Digital Compact Cameras, 12 Digital Video Camcorders, 1 ...
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Personalize Google with Groovle
2008-03-31 10:47:00
Do you use Google for search?? Do you have google set as your homepage?? Chances are yes. Google is the search king. Google has become a synonym for web search i feel. Just ask anyone to google it and they would understand what are you talking about. But don’t you think that Google page is ...
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kaushal sheth - web hosting - Review
2008-03-25 15:44:00
Kaushal Sheth is a web developer. He is an avid web developer an makes wordpress themes. He has made many awesome themes. Kaushal was recently plagued by an un foreseeable black out as most of his sites were down. This led him to putting up best web hosting The article is about his hunt ...
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Gmail Chat Introduces invisible Feature
2008-03-14 13:03:00
Just a few days ago i was wondering why isn’t there an invisible feature in Gmail chat. My Gmail window is always open but i want to avoid people seeing me online as the think am a useless and idle person always online Also some people bug me a lot at times ...
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Would you like to live indefinitely or die as all do?
2008-03-07 19:32:00
Emerging Technology Conference is going on in San Diego. The conference focuses on future technology, breakthroughs in it and has all the leading scientists, engineers to discuss technology. One of the main future technology research is going on is research on longevity of human life span. And Scott Wainner has written about it. Through his post ...
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Easyasmypc - Review
2008-03-07 12:55:00
Do you want to have a good PC? But can’t go for branded one because of the shear cost? Also assembling a PC is not your cup of tea? Easy As My PC is the solution to your problem. They provide DIY (Do It Your Self) PC KITS which anyone can assemble to make their ...
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Why Panasonic?s Divx Compatible Blu-Ray Player maybe the new key to PIRACY?
2008-03-06 18:54:00
Panasonic has Launched DMP-BD30EG/EE a DivX compatible Blu-Ray player. It is the first of its kind standalone Blu-Ray player which supports DivX. Playstation 3 users already had the option to play DivX on there Blu-Ray players. This is a very big step by Panasonic but is it a new door for Piracy ?? First some Jargon Buster ...
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Shure Headphones Review
2008-03-05 17:28:00
Shure Incorporated is a consumer and professional audio electronics corporation. Shure Incorporated mainly produces microphones and other audio electronics, but also produces in-ear monitors (earphones) for a variety of audio applications including MP3 players. It has an extensive range of earphones which can be easily used with any mp3 player. sells Shure Headphones and has ...
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Review ?
2008-02-10 13:16:00
Ever dread the times when your ink cartridge runs out and you need to buy an expensive, genuine cartridge to replace it? Well, throw away any such worries out of your mind, because you can get inexpensive, premium quality ink cartridges from at unbelievably low prices. In fact, high quality Carrot Inks sell for ...
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Tata Eka World?s Fourth Fastest Computer Puts India on Forefront
2007-11-15 02:45:00
EKA, The Supercomputer developed by Tata ’s Pune based Computational Research Laboratories, has been ranked the world’s fourth fastest and fastest in Asia. This information was disclosed in the 30th Top500 Supercomputer list. Its a proud moment for India and us Indians as its the first time such system from India has made it to the ...
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Firefox turns 3 : Happy Birthday
2007-11-09 12:10:00
The mozilla foundation released the first official version of firefox today on November 9, 2004. Firefox is one of the best things that could have ever happened to the opensource community. I suggest firefox to everyone in this world. “Its the best, most secure & most versatile browser.”  The Firefox Download Counter: You can download firefox from the ...
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Trend Micro Announces Web Security Service for PLAYSTATION 3
2007-11-08 19:40:00
After being a pioneer in Security for computers, Trend Micro has announced Web Security Service for PLAYSTATIONŽ3 thus becmoing the first to provide protection against malicious web sites using URL filtering combined with Web reputation. This security service for PS3 is expected to be available from November 8,2007 and will be free till April 2008. The service provision will begin ...
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