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Software developement and ERP Solution Software

Software developement and ERP Solution Software
Intellinet System specializes in software and ERP solutions across many verticals. Some of its solutions has gained wide reputation in the market for its simplicity and effectiveness. The resources at Intellinet are drawn from diverse pool of technol


Electronic Spare Parts Catalog Management Software
2008-04-01 09:23:00
Today’s dynamic business environment coupled with increased Salient Features competition has changed the equations that Companies have with their business partners spanning across distribution networks.It is particularly difficult for component intensive industries like Automobiles and Heavy Engineering Machine manufactures to manage their huge amount of spare parts and assembliesin the wake of fast changing and reduced life cycles of their products.Part Catalog ue Management , therefore entails significant efforts on the part of these Companies in terms of meticulous planning and manpower involvement, since it requires close co ordination amongst various departments like Engineering, Production,Distribution,and Spare parts Division.With leading Customers from the Automobile sector under it’s fold, Intellinet Systems has been on the forefront in providing the automobile industry with a cutting edge, intuitive EPC Solution.Intellinet systems provide electronic parts catalogs,spare ...
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Software developement and ERP Solution Software
2007-05-04 14:49:00
Located in Software Technology Park (STP) at Gurgaon – another hub of IT companies in India, IntelliNt System is a software development firm that provides cutting edge solutions to industries across many verticals. Having a skilled pool of developers and project managers, it also has a dedicated business development team that captures the client requirements and provides them the best-customized solution. The guiding philosophy of IntelliNt is to empower organizations through IT applications and streamline operations resulting in greater efficiency and productivity.IntelliNt System has developed varied software solutions that cater to common needs of organizations. IntelliPay, for example, is a highly customizable solution for payroll related requirement for any company. IntelliCosting has been developed to help electrical panel builders in doing costing at a greater speed and efficiency. Some important software solutions are Vikreyta – streamlines the core processes of retail b...
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