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Varanam Aayiram-Surya and Goutham strikes once again
2007-08-21 05:32:00
The next film of Surya with Gout ham is named as Varanam Aayiram,which means thousand elephants.Goutham said that this film is an action packed thriller and will give a different experience to the Viewers.Surya and Goutham's Kakha kakha was a big hit in which Jyothika was the heroine.Varanam aayiram will also be the next film of Surya after his marriage with Jyothika.Goutham follows the same crew of Kakha Kakha and Vettaiyadu Vilayaadu in Varanam aayiram.In vetaiyadu vilayadu,kamalhassan was the hero who is presently doing the mega movie Dasavatharam which is going to compete with Bheema of Vikram.As usual Goutham with his fabulous team that is,Music of Haris Jayaraj,Editing of Anthony,and stunts of Peter Hein who has done Sivaji
Namitha photos
2007-08-21 05:20:00
Namitha photos Namitha the hot glamour girl is not having the demand which she had earlier.Eventhough,she made her own position in Tamil movie field.It was a hot news that Jyothirmayi is also following Namithas formula.Namitha was a threat for the other tamil heroines namely,Trisha,Bhavana,Sneha etc Namitha latest photogallery.Namitha latest movie news.Namitha photogallery,Namitha images,Namitha photos,Namitha videos,Namitha pictures,Namitha Stills,Namitha wallpapers
More About: Photos , Namitha , Nami
Katrina Kaif some unseen photos
2007-08-21 05:02:00
Katrina kaif the Bollywood glamour girl has done Partner with Salman Khan.Katrina kaif sexy photos,Katrina Kaif photos. Katrina is now dating with Salman Khan.After Priyanka Chopra and Preity zinta and now Katrina kaif is also considered as hottest actress
More About: Katrina , Photos , Some
Shipa Shetty in Black
2007-08-21 04:52:00
It is a hot news that Shilpa Shetty will be the next James Bond girl.Shilpa Shetty ,now has a clean and fabulous image all around the world after the Big Brother reality show.So director of the next James Bond film plans to cast Shilpa Shetty as the heroine in it.There was a news before that Aishwarya Rai plays the role of heroine in a previous James Bond film. Shilpa shetty latest photogallery.Shilpa shetty latest movie news.Shilpa shetty photogallery,Shilpa shetty images,Shilpa shetty photos,Shilpa shetty videos,Shilpa shetty pictures,Shilpa shetty Stills,Shilpa shetty wallpapers.Shilpa shetty films
More About: Black , Lack
Saif Ali Khan,The Indian James Bond!
2007-08-21 04:31:00
The funny guy Saif ali khan will be an Indian James Bond .Director of Ek Haseena said that his next film will be like a James Bond film and the hero will be a secret agent like James Bond and Saif Ali Khan will do it.It is a fact that Saif Ali Khan,though talented,he only have a comic image.Saif Ali Khan in Omkara was simply superb.This James Bond will give him a different image.Saif Ali Khan-James Bond will start shooting soon.Saif Ali Khan's much expected Tara Rum Pum was a succes but never came upto the expectations while Chak De India of Yash Chopra is going to a Mega Hit.It is also a hot news that Saif Ali Khan will do the role of Abhishek Bacchan(As a cop) in Dhoom3,in which Sharukh Khan is in the lead role.Dhoom3 is expected to release next year or in 2009.In dhoom2 Aishwarya Rai was the heroineand Bipasha Basu also did a good role. Any way Saif Ali Khan has lots of films in hand.Kunal Kohli will also direct a film in which Saif Ali Khan is the hero
Azhagiya tamizh magan photos
2007-08-18 08:06:00
Vijay comes with a negative character in his new film Azhagiya tamizh magan .Azhagiya tamizh magan will definitely give a different image to Vijay.Azhagiya tamizh magan will be released soon.AR Rehman has done the songs of Azhagiya tamizh magan Songs Azhagiya tamizh magan is ready to rock the fans.Azhagiya tamizh magan photos,Azhagiya tamizh magan wallpapers
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Kannamoochi Yenada Photos
2007-08-18 08:03:00
Kannamoochi Yenada Photos ,Kannamoochi Yenada trailer,Kannamoochi Yenada wallpapers.The movie Kannamoochi Yenada is said to be released soon.Prithviraj is the Hero and Kadhal Sandhya is the Heroine
More About: Namo
Kavya Madhavan some Unusual Photos
2007-08-10 13:37:00
Kavya Madhavan is doing Nasraani with Mammotty.Kavya after Nadiya is also under a project with Siddque in Tamil.Kavya Madhavan photos,Kavya Madhavan images,Kavya Madhavan Pictures,Kavya Madhavan movies,Kavya Madhavan photogallery
More About: Photos , Kavya Madhavan , Some
Chak De India Exclusive Photos
2007-08-03 04:25:00
Chak De india exclusive photos,Chak de india wallpapers exclusive.the film is by Shimit Amin Chak De India says the story of a india lady hockey team for which Sharukh is the coach.Story develops through his effort to win the game.Chak De India under the banner of Yash raj films will hit on the theatres on August 10.Chake de photos,Chak de india news,Chak de india stills
More About: Exclusive , Photos
Priyanka Chopra hot photogallery
2007-08-03 04:23:00
Priyanka Chopra,the miss world of year 2000 is now the hottest actress in bollywood after her don with Sharukh khanPriyanka Chopra latest photogallery.Priyanka Chopra latest movie news.Priyanka Chopra photogallery,Priyanka Chopra images,Priyanka Chopra photos,Priyanka Chopra videos,Priyanka Chopra pictures,Priyanka Chopra Stills
More About: Priyanka Chopra , Riya
Kareena Kapoor photos
2007-08-03 04:18:00
Kareena kapoor after Don and Omkara is being selective and is doing only small amount of films.When Kareena kapoor and his boyfriend Shahid Kapoor came in koffee with karan her sister Karishma kapoor gave them the very best is heard in bollywood that marriage between Kareena and shahid is no longer far Kareena Kapoor latest photogallery.Kareena Kapoor latest movie news.Kareena Kapoor photogallery,Kareena Kapoor images,Kareena Kapoor photos,Kareena Kapoor videos,Kareena Kapoor pictures,Kareena Kapoor Stills
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Vidya Balan from Hey Baby sets an Hey Baby Music Launch
2007-08-03 04:01:00
Vidya Balan from Hey Baby sets.Vidya Balan exclusive photos from the sets of Hey Baby.Hey Baby is produced by Sajid Nadiadwala .The film Hey Baby illustrates the love of three guys to a lady.In order to Akshay kumar,fardeen Khan and Ritesh Desmukh also does major roles in the film.Hay baby is to be released on the theatres soon.hey baby stills,Hay Baby Stills ******* Vidya Balan photos from the Hey Baby music launch.Vidya balan was looking fabulous in the Hey Baby music launch..More Vidya Balans images coming soon.Vidya balan stills ......................................... ......................................... ............ Vidya Balan latest photogallery.Vidya Balan latest movie news.Vidya Balan photogallery,Vidya Balan images,Vidya Balan photos,Vidya Balan videos,Vidya Balan pictures,Vidya Balan Stills
More About: Music , Sets , Vidya Balan , Launch
Vidya Balan Photos
2007-08-03 03:55:00
Vidya Balan the amazing girl of Parineeta and lage Raho Munnabhai has finished Hay Baby Balan is often termed as the sexiest and Cutest actress in bollywood.She has lots of films in hand,Halla Bol with Ajay,Bhool Bhulaiya a priyadarsan movie which is the remake of malayalam manichitrathazhu.Vidya Balan latest photogallery.Vidya Balan latest movie news.Vidya Balan photogallery,Vidya Balan images,Vidya Balan photos,Vidya Balan videos,Vidya Balan pictures,Vidya Balan Stills.Lets hope the best of Vidya balan from Hey Baby
More About: Photos , Vidya Balan , Vidya
Amrita Arora a rare picture with Malaika Arora
2007-08-03 03:48:00
Hey guys we've got a picture of malaika arora with Amrita Arora .there is nothing special in it but still posting by the charm of this photo Mala ika Arora latest photogallery.Malaika Arora latest movie news.Malaika Arora photogallery,Malaika Arora images,Malaika Arora photos,Malaika Arora videos,Malaika Arora pictures,Malaika Arora Stills
More About: Picture , Rare
Amrita Arora Photogallery
2007-08-03 03:25:00
Presenting the amrita arora exclusive photos 1st at tamilqueens.Amrita Arora is the sister of famous bollywood actress Malaika Arora.Amrita Arora after RED with Aftaab and Celina Jaitely,.Eventhough Red was not so success Amrita Aroras role in Red got some attention Amrita Arora latest photogallery.Amrita Arora latest movie news.Amrita Arora photogallery,Amrita Arora images,Amrita Arora photos,Amrita Arora videos,Amrita Arora pictures,Amrita Arora Stills.
Isha Koppikar Photos
2007-08-03 03:25:00
Isha Koppikar the "Girlfriend" girl is doing here recent projecets.isha's role in Don was well appreciated.She has also done a guest role in Kunal Kohlis Hum Tum. Isha Koppikar latest photogallery.Isha Koppikar latest movie news.Isha Koppikar photogallery,Isha Koppikar images,Isha Koppikar photos,Isha Koppikar videos,Isha Koppikar pictures,Isha Koppikar Stills
More About: Photos , Isha Koppikar , Isha , Pika
Ayesha takia hot photos
2007-08-03 03:17:00
Here comes the bollywood Bomb Ayesha Takia photogallery exclusive at Tamilqueens.Ayesha Takia after Fool N Final with Shahid Kapoor and Vivek Oberoi, is doing her recent projects. Ayesha Takia latest photogallery.Ayesha Takia latest movie news.Ayesha Takia photogallery,Ayesha Takia images,Ayesha Takia photos,Ayesha Takia videos,Ayesha Takia pictures,Ayesha Takia Stills
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Dhamaal Photogallery
2007-08-02 20:06:00
Dhamaal is said to be the most hilarious movie of the year.Sanjay Dutt,Arshad warsi etc does the leading role in the film.It is 100% entertainer like a tom and jerry film.Dhamaal will be released soon in your near theatres.Dhamaal wallpapers,Dhamaal stills,Dhamaal Photogallery
More About: Dhamaal
Om Shanti Om Exclusive photos
2007-08-02 19:29:00
Om Shanti Om is the next fim under the banner of Sharukh Khans Company red Chillies,directed by Farah these photo stills of om shanti om there appears Saif Ali Khan,Sanjay Dutt,and salman khan.In the beginning it was said that the music is done by Ar Rehman later it was done by Vishal-Shekar
More About: Exclusive , Photos , Om Shanti Om
Ajay Devgans and Vidya balans Balla Bol Completed
2007-08-02 19:23:00
Halla Bol exclusive photos.It is a new combination in bollywood ,Ajay Devgan and Vidya Balan in Halla Bol.Halla Bol is directed by rajkumar Santhoshi.Halla Bol is said to be a clean entertainer.hall Bol is ready to hit the theater sonn,Halla Bol wallpapers,Halla Bol stills,Halla Bol photogallery
More About: Ball , Complete , Alla
Ram Gopal Verma ki Aag(Sholay)-Movie Preview and wallpapers
2007-08-02 19:13:00
Verma Ram Gopal Verma ki Aag(Sholay ) is the remake of the old Sholay.the new Sholay is directed by Ram Gopal The movie is said to be released soon.the trailer of the movie is out.In this movie there comes a great casting.Amitabh Bacchan acts as Gabbar Singh ,and The national award winning most talented actorMohanlal as Takur.Ajay devgan play the role of Veeru.Also to add some masala Nisha kotharai also do a major role in the film.the film Ram Gopal Verma ki Aag wallpapers,Ram Gopal Verma ki Aag stills,Sholay photos,Sholay wallpapers,Sholay stills
More About: Movie , Wallpapers , Preview
Urvashi Sharma photos from Naqaab
2007-08-02 19:01:00
Urvashi Sharma ,the model turned actress is a talk in bollywood now.urvashi sharma performed very hot in Naqaab .Naqaab was said to be the hottest crime thriller of the year.Eventhough the movie didnt came up to the expectations,Urvashi was more than what the audience expected.Urvashi Shramas hot scenes with Akshay khanna got attention by the viewers.urvashi Sharma photos ,Urvashi sharma sexy photos.Urvashi sharma is going to be the hottest star in bollywood
More About: Photos , Harm , Arma
Simran from Hearbeats-Heart Beats releasing tommorow
2007-08-02 16:43:00
Heartbeats is the Malayalam movie directed by Vinu Anand and script by Babu is done by a newbie from Ar Rehmans school.Heart beats is releasing tommorow. heartbeats tells the story of some campus students.Simran exclusive photogallery from Heartbeats.Simran images and simran hot pictures
More About: Heart , Beats , Leasing
Neha Dhupia latest photogallery
2007-08-02 15:23:00
Neha Dhupia latest photogallery.Neha dhupia is now giving importance to the character roles rather than glamorous roles.The model turned actress says that "Marriage will be a burden if she gets bored with the husband". Neha Dhupia latest photogallery.Neha Dhupia latest movie news.Neha Dhupia photogallery,Neha Dhupia images,Neha Dhupia photos,Neha Dhupia videos
More About: Neha Dhupia , Neha
Find the latest PC tricks
2007-08-02 15:15:00
A new blog is launched which gives you the latest PC tricks.It helps in using your computer safely and also gives many hidden tricks of softwares.Also latest buzz in software updates.check it out Great stuff.
More About: Tricks , Find
Kireedom video Song Akkam pakkam (High Quality)
2007-07-25 12:29:00
Kireedom Akkam Pakkam Video songs.Kireedom starring Ajith,Trisha
More About: Song , High , Kireedom , Quality
Kireedom Video Song-Vizhiyil
2007-07-25 12:25:00
Kireedom Video Song -Vizhiyil.Kireedom high quality video songs.Kireedom music is done by GV Prakash who has done Veyyil before.Kireedom video songs
More About: Kireedom
The Digital Page-our new Blog
2007-07-25 04:47:00
This blog Digital Page ) helps you in building up your websites with SEO and thus help in generating recenue from Google adsense with your website.And also contains latest technology news,Software reviews,Software downloads ,Adsense,Google Products,SEO,How to make money online,Blog ger Templates,Blogger Tips, Blogger tricks,Latest Mobile launches,Nokia,Sony Ericsson etc
More About: The D
Charmi Photogallery-laughing
2007-07-19 16:54:00
Charmi Kaur laughing photos exclusivr at Charmi latest hot photogallery.Charmi latest movie news. Charmi photogallery,Charmi images,Charmi photos,Charmi videos,Charmi wallpapers
More About: Harm , Charm , Charmi , Laugh , Char
Sneha,Trisha,Shriya and another beauty
2007-07-19 16:48:00
Sneha,Trisha ,Shriya and another beauty from a recent function.Sneha,Trisha and Shriya looks stunning beautiful
More About: Beauty , Sneha , Isha
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