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Underwear Boy
2009-04-08 14:26:00
Again a very beautiful model boy posing for Lisa Mandel Photography for What an expressive face! Does anyone know his name?
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Adam A.: Interview
2009-04-08 10:22:00
Adam A. introduced in the post below is now talking. In the video interview the new hunk from Allamericanguys tells about his hobbies, passions, preferences, and comments his big, well-trained thighs, especially his impressive quads. Have fun:You find a big number of high quality photos and videos with Adam A. on Allamericanguys.
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Adam A.: Music, Party & Workout
2009-04-06 17:13:00
Allamericanguys have a new hunk. Adam A. is 21 years old and describes himself as brains and brawn kinda guy. Afterall, he's on the dean's list and has a pretty high IQ. Don't let the jock image fool you. He's majoring in Exercise Science and hopes to graduate in a couple of semesters.While growing up in his early teens, Adam was very much into skate boarding and sported really long hair and a "skinny" physique. Hard to believe he's grown into the body he now sports. Standing 5'11 and weighing almost 200 lbs, Adam loves to work out in the gym and stay in top form year round.When not applying himself at school or at the gym, he admits that he loves to party. Other hobbies include traveling and playing the electric guitar, which he's quite good at.You find a big number of high quality photos and videos with Adam A. on Allamericanguys.
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Webstar RJ
2009-04-04 10:21:00
He is extremely popular on many boards and sites at the moment: RJ is only 18 years old but already pretty well-trained. Enjoy him and the results of his intense workout:
Anthony C.: New Outstanding Shots
2009-04-04 09:25:00
Allamericanguys have published a series of new, wonderful photos of Anthony C. The young hunk has the magic mixture of "cute and masculine", as his muscles become thicker and thicker. He obviously works out hard.You find a big number of high-quality photos and videos with Anthony C. on Allamericanguys.
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Jakub Stefano Is Jumping High
2009-04-01 10:21:00
Jakub Stefano, the popular Czech fitness hunk, who has been hired by so many model agencies in the past months, was now photographed by Bradford Rogne For LASC Summer 2009. Enjoy well-trained Jakub Stefano showing off, posing and jumping in this wonderful shooting video:
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Well-Trained Anton Antipov Poses Again
2009-03-30 16:04:00
Fitness model Anton Antipov runs his own, very interesting blog where he shares some of his work, including writing, modelling and fitness. Now he has published some outstanding shots from Jon Malinowski for Anton writes: "Jon is one of the easiest photographers to work with and results come out better than expected. (...) Do check out Jon's site (, he works with a lot of fitness models including a few of my friends."On his blog Anton also posted good pictures from his visit to Dominican Republic in 2008:...and his very impressive shots for the workout magazine "Exercise for Men only" (issue September 2008):
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Cheeky Anthony C.: Posing & Smiling
2009-03-27 08:45:00
Fans of Anthony C. get so see new photos and videos of the young muscle model on Allamericanguys. The promo video (below the pics) shows cheeky and hot Anthony, and introduces the latest model on AAG, Adam.The promo video featuring Anthony C. and Adam: You find a big number of high-quality photos and videos with Anthony C. and Adam on Allamericanguys.
Philip & Marcel Compare Muscles
2009-03-26 20:52:00
The photo above is my favorite image of the two VistaVideo hunks Philip and Marcel . More beauty is not possible. Meanwhile Philip is a star on many model sites and blogs. In the VistaVideo Member Zone six new clips with Philip and Marcel have been posted. It's great fun to watch the two young heroes measuring each other's muscles, kidding a lot and finally armwrestling. Who wins? Well, Philip's biceps measures 15 inches. Marcel's biceps measures 17 inches, and he is in fact a bit stronger than his buddy. But Philip looks so incredibly cute and hot - a magic mixture. Who cares about two inches and some more strength?You find the new clips with Marcel and Philip in the VistaVideo Member Zone.
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Benjamin Loehrer: The Bodybuilding Sensation
2009-03-26 10:24:00
All images copyright (c) PumpingMuscle.comBenjamin Loehrer has the physique every workout enthusiast is dreaming of: very big, perfect proportions, wonderful esthetics. It's the entire package: Every single muscle flows in the next muscle. On two comprehensive articles about the 19-year-old bodybuilder are posted. There Benjamin Loehrer is talking about his workout, his approach to bodybuilding, and the life of a bodybuilder. You see that Benjamin is not only big, but also clever and smart, and above all laid-back. Benjamin is currently building up his own personal training business which can be contacted on the website Three great DVDs with him (Gym 1, Gym 2, Photo shoot) are available on the best images from the two articles on great shots of Benjamin Loehrer soon here on 101 BOYS.
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New AAG Model: Kent
2009-03-25 10:07:00
Kent is the outstanding new muscle model on Allamericanguys. His stats: 25 years, height 5'9, weight 185. Kent is the first AAG model from the state of Kentucky. He is a champion bodybuilder and fitness model who isn't shy about showing off his physique. He's appeared in FLEX magazine and various bodybuilding publications that highlight NPC bodybuilder models.When not on stage or in front of photographers' cameras Kent spends his free time with his children and wife. He enjoys traveling, cooking and staying in shape year round.You find a big number of high quality photos and videos with Kent on Allamericanguys.
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Fitness Model James Ellis: New Underwear Shooting
2009-03-20 17:50:00
International Jock recently spent an afternoon photographing James Ellis, the popular fitness model and aspiring actor based in Hollywood, California. James has an impeccably honed physique and is a wonderful model for International Jock?s selection of mens underwear. All of the styles are by Diesel, both underwear and swimwear. Here are the samples of the great work James performs, and below even more!Here?s what James has to say about himself and his modeling career:?Well I graduated from Fairfield High School (Falcons) in 1999. I then went on to graduate from Indiana State University in the spring of 2005 with a 3.5 G.P.A and degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in Physical Education. However, I have also done some work to get my NASM certification to be a personal trainer. I am Alpha Tau Omega Alum. I was a member of Campus Crusade for Christ for about three years, and was also a member ISU Cheer Team for two years. After graduating I moved to San Diego in the sum...
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The Best Shots of Zac Efron in HSM 3 - Part 2
2009-03-19 15:07:00
I could not stop capturing beautiful Zac Efron in many stills of the DVD High School Musical 3 which I had bought. So here is part two of Zac Efron's best moments in High School Musical 3 - Senior Year:
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The Best Shots of Zac Efron in HSM 3 - Part 1
2009-03-19 10:35:00
This week I bought the DVD High School Musical 3 starring magnificent Zac Efron . I love the movie, especially its songs and its brilliant dancing acts. And I love the DVD because it contains a great deal: several deleted scenes, and a look behind the scenes with nice interviews of all main actors. I visited all big Zac Efron fansites on the web, but I was not satisfied with the stills from HSM3 there. Therefore I decided to make my own stills from the DVD I had bought. Making stills is a passion of me anyway. I'm very happy to present you part one my work now. Please enjoy gorgeous Zac Efron in his best moments of the DVD High School Musical 3 - Senior Year:
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Stephen: The Young Bodybuilder
2009-03-17 09:25:00
Thank you very much for your enthusiasic reaction as to "The Big Collection" of Stephen in the post below. Here are some more pictures of Stephen, showing him this time as a bodybuilder:
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Philip: I Love My Muscles!
2009-03-15 10:57:00
Vistavideo's new attraction Philip is the limit: so handsome, so cool, so sexy! In the comic video below a customer of Vistavideo is calling him, and Philip is fulwilling his wishes. Special service and highlight: He kisses his biceps.As posted below Vistavideo has another new hot model boy: Alan. Here are a few brief seconds from just one of many new clips of Alan being added to the Vistavideo Member Zone: Alan's flexing routine done against the Miami Skyline.You find a big number of high quality photos and videos with Alan and Philip in the VistaVideo Member Zone.
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Stephen: The Big Collection
2009-03-15 10:56:00
This handsome muscleboy is very popular on many photo boards: Stephen , or Steve as he is also called. He is an aspiring bodybuilder and is already competing. Well Steve, please show us your well-trained body and your beautiful smile!
Anthony, Shane, Ray: New Shots
2009-03-14 15:35:00
Allamericanguys have posted new outstanding shootings with some of their hottest attractions: very cute Anthony C., very muscular Shane Giese, and very cheeky Ray. Enjoy these examples:Anthony C.Shane GieseRayYou find much more of these high quality photos plus new videos on Allamericanguys.
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Ray's Strong Shoulders
2009-03-13 19:19:00
Allamericanguys' new model attraction Ray has achieved an impressive physique with wonderful proportions: nice biceps, perfect abs and strong shoulders. In this video the young bodybuilder is working his shoulders and gives useful tips:You find a big number of high quality photos and videos with Ray on Allamericanguys.
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Alan: New Vistavideo Model
2009-03-11 20:37:00
Here is a VistaVideo promo shot of Alan . His videos and photos started being published on Wednesday March 11 in the VistaVideo Member Zone.Alan has a great look and body and he loves showing it off. And there will be much more: videos of Alan and Marcel together! Not to mention that new clips of Marcel and Philip have just been published as well. Enjoy two high quality shots of the young muscle heroes Philip and Marcel:More of Alan, Philip and Marcel in the VistaVideo Member Zone
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AAG Top Model of 2008: Final Results
2009-03-10 12:40:00
It's official. Gary Taylor wins All American Guy of the Year 2008 . Allamericanguys have figured out the winner of the AAG Model of the Year 2008. They divided the voting into two categories, a Members Only poll which accounted for 60 points or 60% of the total, and a General Public poll which accounted for 40 points or 40% of the total. When you tally the points from both the general public voting and the AAG members voting, we have the following results:1st Place = Gary with 30 points2nd place = Steve S. and Matthew tied with 20 points each3rd place = Jon Sotirios and John M. tied with 15 points eachGary stands tall as the official winner. Congratulations, Gary Taylor, All American Guy of the Year 2008!You find a big number of high quality photos and videos of all these hunks on Allamericanguys.
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Gary: Clown, Athlete, Muscle Man
2009-03-10 12:29:00
Gary comes to Allamericanguys from the state of Mississippi, although he was born in Alabama. He also comes from a large family; he has four sisters and one brother. Ever since he was young, he's always wanted to be an actor. Why? Well, Gary admits to always being the center of attention from early on in life, and was always the class clown. He says he likes to make people laugh. He didn't think he had the look for modeling, but enough people told him he should try it and so he's giving it a shot.Some of Gary's hobbies include fishing, riding dirt bikes and weight lifting. He's quite athletic and received a full scholarship to play baseball at the collegiate level, however, was seriously hurt playing baseball (torn cartilage in his shoulders). So Gary's looking to see where modeling and possibly acting will take him.Hobbies: FishingFavorite movies: Dumb and DumberFavorite food: Sloppy Joe'sFavorite sport: FootballFavorite singer: Chris CagleFavorite color: BlueMost admired bo...
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Luke Guldan, Please Turn Around
2009-03-08 11:39:00
What a beautiful back! And fitness model Luke Guldan is even hotter when he turns around and shows us every inch of his well-trained body. Fortunately new, fantastic shots of Lisa Mandel Photography for have been published. Enjoy Luke Guldan in all his glory:
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Young Luke Guldan
2009-03-08 09:49:00
Luke Guldan was an adorable teenage bodybuilder, and was photographed by the photos:Enjoy the video:
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New CYM Model: Milan Hodek
2009-03-07 18:17:00
A strong man in any respect: Milan Hodek's regular occupation is fireman. But his big passion is bodybuilding. The amateur bodybuilder has already competed. Result: silver medal! On CzechYoungMuscle the first photos and training videos with Milan Hodek have been posted. More galleries and clips will follow during March.You find many high quality photos and videos with Milan Hodek on CzechYoungMuscle.
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Eric: The Big Collection
2009-03-07 12:12:00
Eric is a star on many photo boards. On his shots the 18-year-old bodybuilder is working out, posing, flexing - and smiling. Enjoy this big collection of young and big Eric:
Daniel Radcliffe: New Harry Potter 6 Trailer
2009-03-07 12:05:00
Warner Bros. has just released a new trailer for the upcoming blockbuster, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which is set for release on July 17. Click below for your latest look at Daniel Radcliffe's latest big-screen adventure.
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Chris Pine: New Star Trek Trailer
2009-03-07 12:02:00
Go deep inside J.J. Abrams upcoming take on the sci-fi franchise with beautiful Chris Pine as the legendary Captain James T. Kirk:
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More Chris Cuba
2009-03-04 13:18:00
Fortunately Chris Cuba , the adorable model boy introduced in several posts below, is regularly updating his profile on the great site Here are the new photos he has posted lately:
Mike: Do You Like My Muscles?
2009-03-03 13:40:00
Members of the board Teen Muscle Guys Photos are enthusiastic about Mike who enjoys showing off his well-trained body at the beach, in a cafe, and in nature when hanging out with friends. Mike, please keep at it!
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