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Do You Remember AAG's Ty?
2008-08-23 13:35:00
Whenever one of his photos is posted on the net, people get enthusiastic. Therefore I've decided to publish some of Ty's best shots for Allamericanguys where all his pics and videos for AAG are still posted. Meanwhile Ty is modeling for other agencies, such as, where we are told that "Tyler is an avid hockey fan currently residing in New York City, pursuing his dream of becoming a well known male model".You find a big number of high quality photos and videos with Ty on Allamericanguys.
Edilson: Brazilian Supermodel
2008-08-19 16:54:00
Edilson Nascimento, Brazil's newest male supermodel, recently returned to web retailer International Jock's Hollywood, CA studios for a third photo session. Edilson was shot wearing erotic swimwear and underwear from the new collections of California Muscle and Nasty Pig of New York. The complete results from this photo shoot can be seen at
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Nate's Tape
2008-08-19 16:39:00
The video below is Nate's tape. I don't know what he's applying for. But this doesn't matter. The guy is so gorgeous: cute, cheeky and pretty handsome:
Hunter: The Wrestling Beach Boy
2008-08-18 18:08:00
New on Allamericanguys: beautiful model boy Hunter . He is a college student and amateur wrestler from the state of Florida. Although he appears shy on the outside, he's actually quite outgoing and personable. He is Mr. popular in his circles and was named Homecoming King just a year ago out of high school.Although wrestling is his main sport (he is team captain of his club), Hunter also enjoys other sports and activities including football and mixed martial arts. His hobbies include going to the beach, hanging out with friends and meeting girls.Hunter was approached by an AAG scout a few months ago, but only decided recently that he wanted to give modeling a try. He's looking to take his new interest as far as it can take him.You find many high quality photos and videos with Hunter on Allamericanguys.
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Leonardo DiCaprio: First Trailer from Bodies of Lies
2008-08-15 20:06:00
Yahoo Movies has just posted the brand new trailer for Body of Lies starring Leonardo DiCaprio and set to open nationwide on October 10.In the movie Russel Crowe will play Ed Hoffman, the manipulative CIA boss who teams with operative Roger Ferris (Leonardo DiCaprio) to trap a dangerous Al Qaeda leader by planting a false rumor that the bomber is in cahoots with the Americans. Please enjoy the trailer:
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Tuan Tran Shows Off (2)
2008-08-15 19:57:00
More fantastic shots by photograher Richard Rossan:
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Tuan Tran Shows Off
2008-08-15 19:39:00
Richard Rossan is one of the leading bodybuilding photographers. You find his credits on hundreds of fantastic shots of the greatest young muscle men, just like Jeffrey Beck, Myles Hannaman, and Michael Ayres. This summer Richard exceeded all expectations. Here are some of the results of his outstanding shooting with Tuan Tran , the popular 27-year-old bodybuilder and power lifter, who was posing for him:
Muscles by Travis
2008-08-15 19:32:00
Travis is from South Carolina, 19 years old, and has already built up an impressive physique. On his website, which has just got a new look, you can watch him working out, posing and flexing. Its advantage is: You get a lot of pics and videos without a membership, and you get even more by joining. Travis' stats: weight: 210lbs, height: 6', arms: 16", calves: 16 3/4", waist: 31", chest: 46", quads: 25 1/2". Enjoy some of his pics and a promo video: See more on
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Tuan Tran Shows Off
2008-08-13 20:03:00
Richard Rossan is one of the leading bodybuilding photographers. You find his credits on hundreds of fantastic shots of the greatest young muscle men, just like Jeffrey Beck, Myles Hannaman, and Michael Ayres. This summer Richard exceeded all expectations. Here are some of the results of his outstanding shooting with Tuan Tran , the popular 27-year-old bodybuilder and power lifter, who was posing for him:
Ryan Phillippe Sighting
2008-08-13 19:55:00
A shirtless Ryan Phillippe seen poolside at the Venetian hotel, celebrating girlfriend Abbie Cornish?s 26th birthday in Vegas.Found on
Jessie Godderz and His Muscles
2008-08-12 20:28:00
For all those who miss the eye-candy on Big Brother here is a best-of-video of Jessie Godderz:
Brendon: Strong Mind & Body
2008-08-11 18:48:00
Allamericanguys has presented its latest model boy: Brendon is a 21 year old from Nova Scotia, Canada. He has 2 sisters, 2 brothers, and comes from a small town. He is trying out his new modeling hobby while attending college, where he studies psychology and hopes to achieve his masters within the next few years.Brendon is an athlete that enjoys many different sports and activities: hockey, baseball, football, snowboarding and anything else that pushes the mind and body.He first started to model as an amateur about a year ago when he discovered that modeling could encourage him to push his own boundaries physically. His first major modeling experice was with All American Guys. In the future, he plans to further his career in modeling, entertainment and to continue his studies in college.You find many high quality photos with Brendon on Allamericanguys.
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Cam with Tyler
2008-08-09 20:08:00
Enjoy the following video from CamWithHim with Tyler Southwick performing his personal and very successful pushup exercise:Found on www.mostbeautifulman.comYou can see Tyler posing and flexing on CamWithHim.
Jessie Godderz Evicted from Big Brother
2008-08-09 09:48:00
Our eye-candy Jessie Godderz got evicted and had to leave the building of Big Brother 10. In the following video the young bodybuilder finds out that viewers of the show voted and were the ones who cast the final deciding vote, and about Dan being "America's Player". See his reaction:Enjoy some of photographer Pat Lee's latest, fantastic shots of Jessie:On the board Teen Muscle Guys Photos photographer Pat Lee talked about his experience with the young bodybuilder:"Irrespective of how you may feel about Jessie since his appearance on Big Brother 10, I do hope you like some of the photos I shot of him a few weeks prior to the season premiere. These photos were shot for Strengthnet and you can view additional images on their website.I had seen Jessie's previous TV appearance on MTV's "Next" prior to meeting him, and was frankly a bit hesitant to shoot him because of his attitude on-screen. I consider myself a pretty laid back guy that's generally easy to work with, but I do have ...
Jakub's Summer
2008-08-07 21:11:00
I love this man. There is no bad photo of Jakub Stefano. The Czech fitness model is always in top shape. And I love his blog, especially the way he is talking to his visitors. Here is the blog, and here is the man: Enjoy a video from his trip to the USA:Meanwhile Jakub is even a model of Allamericanguys. You find several videos with him there.Jakub's blog:
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New Athletic Wallpapers
2008-08-07 20:36:00
The site Athletic -Men has published new, exciting wallpapers. One of them with its star model Jakub Stefano (yellow), another one with its new model boy Kamil (red). You find the new wallpapers on
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Scoreunderwear: Marcel At His Best
2008-08-05 21:07:00
I was thinking that the best shots of Marcel wearing Scoreunderwear were already published. Wrong. The photos here are even better, even hotter, aren't they? Scoreunderwear at its best, Marcel at his best:
John Falocco's Shooting for Vistavideo
2008-08-05 19:50:00
New Photos have been published from John Falocco's exciting shooting for Vistavideo. Enjoy Marcel and his buddies showing off in beautiful swimwear:Special offer for the visitors of 101 BOYS:Get a FREE Vistavideo Photobook (small version)plus FREE shipping to the USA and US territoriesplus a FLAT 10.00 for international orders of any sizeJust place "101 Boys" into the box "Order Instructions"on the Vistavideo order page,when you order a DVD multi-pack.
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Santiago: the Young, Big Bodybuilder
2008-08-03 15:46:00
Santiago Aragon (Santi) is a 19 year old bodybuilder who started competing in the fall of 2007. He recently competed in the NPC Southern States, where he won the middleweight Teen class, and NPC Collegiate and Teen Nationals, where he won the Teen and Collegiate lightweight classes, bodybuilding contests.Please enjoy the latest fantastic shots of photographer Richard Rossan:PumpingMuscle shot Santiago in the summer of 2008 in Florida when he was preparing for the NPC Southern States in Fort Lauderdale and the NPC Teen Nationals in Pittsburgh. He was fresh off winning the men's open middleweight title at a regional NPC show in Orlando when PumpingMuscle shot him outside. Here are the best photos:You also find many high quality photos and videos with Santiago on Allamericanguys:Santiago on Allamericanguys
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2 New AAG Models: Anthony & John K
2008-07-31 20:43:00
Allamericanguys has introduced 17 year old Anthony (pics above and below). The young muscle hunk is a brand new AAG discovery, and has been lifting since he was 14 years old. He plans to be a top fitness model and is giving 110% to reach his goals.John K. (pics below) is a country guy who applied to be a model at AAG. John says he is determined to get in tip top shape in the next weeks. You can follow John's weekly progress at Allamericanguys.You find high quality photos and videos with Anthony and John K on Allamericanguys.
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Daniel Radcliffe: First Trailer from Harry Potter 6
2008-07-30 10:13:00
Here's your first look at the sixth year of Hogwarts. MovieFone has just released the brand new trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which is set to hit theaters on November 21.In Harry Potter 6 Voldemort is tightening his grip on both the Muggle and wizarding worlds and Hogwarts is no longer the safe haven it once was. Harry suspects that dangers may even lie within the castle, but Dumbledore is more intent upon preparing him for the final battle that he knows is fast approaching. Together they work to find the key to unlock Voldemort's defenses and, to this end, Dumbledore recruits his old friend and colleague, the well-connected and unsuspecting bon vivant Professor Horace Slughorn, whom he believes holds crucial information. Meanwhile, the students are under attack from a very different adversary as teenage hormones rage across the ramparts. Harry finds himself more and more drawn to Ginny, but so is Dean Thomas. And Lavender Brown has decided that Ron is the on...
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Charmants: New High Quality Blog
2008-07-28 21:06:00
Charmants is a new blog in partnership with A Cause des Garçons and is basically its English edition. On you find high quality reports about male fashion models, actors, and athletes.One of the latest topics there is about Florian Bourdila. At only 17 he is the French rising star of high-profile fashion modeling. With over 50 pictures of Florian, the gallery on "Charmants" qualifies as massive. Read more about Florian Bourdila here.Another post features model Tyler Lough and his outstanding photo shooting with the Australian photographer James Houston. Read more about Tyler Lough's hot shooting here.
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Great Board: Looking for Muscles
2008-07-28 15:20:00
Taylor and Zach, many high quality photos and videos with them on AllamericanguysMy recommendation for all lovers of muscle hunks is the board Looking for Muscles. On http://www.lookingformuscles.freeforums.o rg/ you find a huge number of wonderful pics with young muscle men: famous fitness models as well as unknown but very handsome guys showing off their well-trained physiques. The administrator of Looking for Muscles, Artur, is extremely industrious posting a lot and keeping the board running. Enjoy some of my finds there:More of them on "Looking for Muscles": http://www.lookingformuscles.freeforums.o rg/
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Marcel's Problem
2008-07-28 10:20:00
Marcel has a big problem. His arms are so well-trained that his t-shirts are too tight for his huge biceps and triceps. Please enjoy this Vistavideo promo clip giving an impression of several new, exciting videos posted on the site: You find the new videos with Marcel on Vistavideo. You find Marcel's clothes and underwear on Scoreunderwear.
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New Vistavideo Model: Michael
2008-07-24 15:47:00
Vistavideo has a new hottie. Michael from England is blond, has a gorgeous smile, and a well-built body. The hunk is taking a shower, and thanks to Vistavideo we may watch him in a videoclip posted on the site:You find Michael on Vistavideo.Exclusive for the visitors of 101 BOYS:Get a FREE Vistavideo Photobook!Just place "101 Boys" into the box "Order Instructions"on the Vistavideo order page,when you order a DVD multi-pack.
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Jan Jankovic: Big for Summer
2008-07-24 14:27:00
This man is fitter and stronger than ever. CzechYoungMuscle has posted new fantastic photo shootings and videos which show Jan Jankovic's outdoor workout. Enjoy some of the best shots of the popular and successful bodybuilder:Jan's promo trailer:You find the new high quality photo shootings and videos with Jan on CzechYoungMuscle.
More About: Summer
Dominic Cooper's Sixpack: Mamma Mia!
2008-07-24 13:55:00
The movie is a mere pleasure and full of joy. In Mamma Mia ! Meryl Streep leads an all-star cast in the feature-film adaptation of the beloved musical that has been seen by more than 30 million people in 160 cities and 8 languages around the world. Bringing the timeless lyrics and melodies of iconic super group ABBA to movie audiences, Summer 2008 is the season for Mamma Mia! Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Stellan Skarsgård, Christine Baranski and Julie Walters join Streep in this celebration of a mother, a daughter and three possible dads. Dominic Cooper is the beautiful dream boy who shall marry Streep's daughter played by Amanda Seyfried. The British actor, born in 1978, was trained professionally at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Dominic was nominated for the Drama Desk Award for Best Featured Actor in a Play in 2006 for the role of Dakin in the Broadway production of Alan Bennett's "The History Boys."In the following clip Dominic is singing "Lay All Your Love on M...
Invasion of the Muscle Teens
2008-07-23 20:33:00
The Muscle -Teens have got big. Only some months after its launch the site has 89 models, each of them young and pretty muscular, over 340 photo shootings, each of them with about 40 shots, and many videos showing the model boys working out, posing, flexing and having fun. Enjoy some of the latest shootings of the most popular teen hunks there:ThomasDimaKamilPetrYou find many more of these high quality photos and big number of videos on
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Lukas F: Summer 2008
2008-07-23 14:14:00
CzechYoungMuscle presents new photo shootings and videos with one of its most pupular young muscle men: Lukas F.You find many high quality photos and videos with Lukas F on CzechYoungMuscle.
More About: Summer , 2008
Gregory Capra Back Online
2008-07-23 12:03:00
Gregory Capra, the French personal trainer and fitness model, is relieved. His internet site was down for six days, his mail box for even eleven days. But now everything is repaired, and the hunk is back with two new, fantastic shots for his fans.Gregory Capra's sites:http://www.gregory-capra.comhttp://
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