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101 Boys Has Moved to
2009-11-23 11:25:00
Thank you very much for your big interest in 101 BOYS. The blog 101 BOYS is continued on
Taylor Lautner in New Moon Trailer
2009-06-06 20:09:00
This hot, well-trained guy is Taylor Lautner in the latest trailer for "New Moon ". In the "Twilight" sequel Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) is devastated by the abrupt departure of her vampire love Edward (Robert Pattinson) but her spirit is rekindled by her growing friendship with the irresistible Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). Suddenly she finds herself drawn into the world of the werewolves, ancestral enemies of the vampires, and she finds her loyalties tested. Enjoy the full-length, high quality trailer: The film premieres in November 20th, 2009.
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The Gorgeous Surfing Boys from Newcastle
2009-06-04 10:38:00
Below the pics you find a great fan video of the surfing movie "Newcastle " (2008). "Newcastle" tells the story of Jesse (Lachlan Buchanan) who lives in the shadow of his older half brother Victor and his failure to become surfing's next big thing. The fan video combines the best clips from the movie with the song "Se a vida " (That's the way life is) by Pet Shop Boys . Now please enjoy the extremely cute and hot beach boys from "Newcastle":The video:
More About: Surfing , Gorgeous
Jiri Borkovec: Training for Musclemania
2009-06-03 13:12:00
Photo (c) CzechYoungMuscle.comThe video shows the Czech bodybuilder Jiri Borkovec training in the gym 7.5 weeks before Musclemania Universe 2009:
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Matthew: New Shooting
2009-05-30 00:28:00
On Allamericanguys new, outstanding shots with super hunk Matthew have been published. The photos show him in black-and-white and very, very cool.Matthew comes from Florida, via Georgia. He was born and raised in the latter and recently transplanted to Florida to start a new life and try out the modeling world. Matthew's hobbies includes motorbiking and staying fit. He's a perfectionist in every way and likes to keep things neat. He's one of those guys that women just can't keep their hands off, but he's pretty modest and down to earth in his demeanor. You find a big number of high quality photos and videos with Matthew on Allamericanguys.
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David Rich: Big Knowledge, Great Smile
2009-05-28 22:39:00
When David Rich is performing and explaining workout exercises, it's almost impossible not to get inspired. This man is so energetic, his enthusiasm is so catching, that you immediately want to join and hit the iron.David Rich is a certified personal trainer with eight years experience and a popular fitness model, and is full of beans. His sites and are extremely comprehensive. The blond hunk offers countless demonstration videos, DVDs, fitness consultation and much more. Watch his promo video: Meanwhile he's even selling his own dressy workout underwear: Rich Underwear, available on and Rich has the knowledge, the body, and the smile. But most convincing is his own way to fitness, his own story. David tells:"When I was a skinny 14 year old, I set out with the goal of developing a muscular body, like what I saw on TV and in magazines. Not knowing what to do and having not much in the way of gym eq...
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New AAG Model: David G.
2009-05-23 13:39:00
David G. is Allamericanguys' latest model. David is a happy go lucky, motivated and easy going guy. He's originally from Cleveland, Ohio but now makes him home in eastern Texas. On most days you can catch David pumping iron in the gym and dedicating his life to being healthy and fit. He's a "health buff" as he likes to call himself, preferring organic foods over non-organics. He enjoys modeling and traveling, and recently appeared in a low-budget movie about bodybuilders. He's also been an underwear cover model for CityBoyz.You find a big number of high quality photos and videos with David G. on Allamericanguys.
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David Pullman: Life of a Fitness Model
2009-05-22 19:58:00
Height 6' 1", weight 165 lbs: David Pullman is tall, beautiful, muscular, and can be contacted for modeling on his Model Mayhem profile where you find more of his professional shots.In the video below the pics he talks about his workout, diet, and life of a fitness model.Interview with David Pullman for "My Fitness Channel": Copyright "My Fitness Channel"
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David Rich: Underwear Event Party 2009
2009-05-18 16:23:00
In April Rich Underwear had their first promo event at White Party in Palm Springs. Here the 'Rich Boys' paradied around in their dressy Rich Underwear. Besides creating a lot of attention, and being some nice eye candy for all those attending, it was also a smart way to let the world know Rich Underwear is here: and Enjoy the best shots of gorgeous David Rich and his handsome buddies:Here is footage of the Rich Underwear White Party Promo event:To get your hands on a pair of Rich Underwear go to and to see his new Underwear Workout DVD go to
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Alexander Rybak's Winning Love Song
2009-05-18 16:19:00
Handsome 23-year-old Alexander Rybak and Frikar dance company win Eurovision 2009 Norway with "Fairytale" getting 75% of the votes. Enjoy the video with the cute music hero:
More About: Love , Song , Love Song , Winning
Exclusive: Marcel's New High Quality Shooting
2009-05-16 10:54:00
101 BOYS proudly presents: The first official photos of Marcel 's latest shooting with the great photographer Hans Fahrmeyer. These, and others, are published in the VistaVideo Member Zone Sunday Night in a new gallery. As you can see, on the shots Marcel is posing, boxing, flexing, and smiling at his best.You find Marcel's new high quality shooting in the VistaVideo Member Zone.
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David Rich: Working Out in New Underwear
2009-05-10 12:38:00
Playgirl and DNA cover model David Rich just started selling his new men's underwear this month and created two videos to get you excited and looking great in RICH Underwear : the Hot Mens Underwear Workout DVD, and the Sexy Shower Cool Down Shoot DVD. All this is available on his site the workout portion of the DVD David Rich will only be wearing RICH Underwear. His new line of men's underwear which looks hot on his tan firm ripped, lean and muscular body. Wearing only his tight underwear, David will teach you the best exercises you can do to get a great body in less than 30 minutes a day, a body that looks hot with or without clothes. Exercises like Cobra push-ups, Wide Squats, DB dead lifts to a curl press, Rotating push-ups, and many more.In the shower portion of the DVD David starts off all sweaty from his extreme intense underwear workout. He heads to the shower wearing only his RICH Underwear. Watch the water find its way, drop by drop, flowing down i...
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Only the Brave: What a Hunk!
2009-05-09 11:10:00
"Only the Brave: The new fragrance by Diesel" - The commercial spot for this perfume can presently be seen on German TV. Have a look at the cool, adorable model boy in this spot. Here are the best stills of the young hunk. You find the complete video of the commercial below the pics.The video of the commercial: Copyright
Chris Pine: The Most Beautiful Kirk Ever
2009-05-07 22:04:00
Now in theaters: Star Trek, the great story of a young crew's maiden voyage onboard the most advanced starship ever created: the U.S.S. Enterprise. On a journey filled with action, comedy and cosmic peril, the new recruits must find a way to stop an evil being whose mission of vengeance threatens all of mankind. The film is fantastic, and Chris Pine is brilliant in his part of Captain James T. Kirk . Again and again he reminds of the great William Shatner, especially in his moves and in the funny moments. And apart from that he looks so hot.Some of Chris Pine's best moments:Video: Chris Pine talks about his character
More About: Beautiful
Milan Hodek Trains Hard
2009-05-07 08:42:00
On CzechYoungMuscle new impressive training videos and photo galleries of young bodybuilder Milan Hodek have been posted. Watch the promo video:You find a big number of high quality photos and videos with Milan Hodek on CzechYoungMuscle.
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Exclusive: Marcel's Big Posing
2009-05-04 19:29:00
The first two official shots: Marcel obviously hit the iron before posing for the great photographer Hans Fahrmeyer. You find the complete set of his new, hot shooting in the Vistavideo member zone.On Score Underwear Marcel is currently offering 50% off the underwear prices. Instructions about how to get the discount are on the Score Underwear home page.
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Tribute to Taylor Kitsch
2009-05-03 13:18:00
The movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine starring beautiful Taylor Kitsch as Gambit, lead the way at the box office this weekened with a heroic estimated gross of $87 million. The film scored the highest opening weekend gross of the year. Enjoy the best moments of super movie hunk Taylor Kitsch:Interview: Taylor talks his part in X-Men Origins: WolverineThe trailer of X-Men Origins: Wolverine
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Jason T: Muscular Firefighter
2009-05-01 21:34:00
Allamericanguys' latest model: Jason T., 19 years old, height 5'10, weight: 170. Jason comes from the state of California, where he's a firefighter. He's one of those rare guys who enjoys life to its fullest and always wears a smile. When he's not fighting fires, he attends college and also models part time. His hobbies include martial arts, which he's really good at. He also loves to travel, play sports (an all-round jock), snowboard, and of course surf the Pacific ocean. Jason is pretty open minded and loves the attention he gets from being a model.You find a big number of high quality photos and videos with Jason on Allamericanguys.
More About: Muscular
The New Athletic Men
2009-05-01 13:35:00
The big male model site Athletic has been relaunched. New there: more updates, better navigation, more and well organized galleries and videos, special wallpapers, and a fresh, new look. And the pics above show that the top models Jakub Stefano, Jiri Borkovec, Alex, and Thomas have never been photographed better.The site:
Anthony's Studio Videoshoot
2009-04-30 08:52:00
Enjoy Allamericanguys' Anthony C. posing for a photo shoot. The young muscle man is incredibly cute, cheeky, and hot:You find a big number of high quality photos and videos with Anthony C. on Allamericanguys.
More About: Studio
Channing Tatum Fights Hard
2009-04-25 10:02:00
Channing Tatum 's new movie "Fighting" is now in theaters. In this exciting clip Channing as Shawn fights the Korean opponent:Please scroll down to the post below with many pics and information from "Fighting".
More About: Fights , Hard , Channing Tatum
Proud Fede
2009-04-23 22:21:00
18-year-old Argentinian bodybuilder Fede is proud. He has succeeded in adding pretty much muscle mass to his body. The result measured now in April: weight 200 lbs, bodyfat 8%. See his progress in the video below the pics.
More About: Proud
Channing Tatum Is Fighting
2009-04-21 10:16:00
In Channing Tatum 's new movie Fighting small-town boy Shawn MacArthur (Channing Tatum ) has come to New York City with nothing. Barely earning a living selling counterfeit goods on the streets, his luck changes when scam artist Harvey Boarden (Terrence Howard) sees that he has a natural talent for streetfighting. When Harvey offers Shawn help at making the real cash, the two form an uneasy partnership.The stills:The trailer:Interview: Channing Tatum talks about Dito's directing style and the real fighters in the filmRelease date: April 24th, 2009
Marcel, Philip & Alan Show Off
2009-04-19 16:36:00
Big update in the Vistavideo Member Zone: There are 11 new clips with the popular young muscle heroes Marcel , Philip and Alan . The three buddies are a perfect match. Philip pumps up his muscles, Marcel and Philip take a lunch break, Philip relaxes in the whirlpool, Marcel and Alan do dips in the park, Alan does some informal posing, and finally takes a sensual evening shower.You find the 11 new clips with Marcel, Philip and Alan in the Vistavideo Member Zone.
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Daniel Radcliffe: New Harry Potter 6 Trailer Brings the Magic
2009-04-18 14:13:00
Warner Bros. has just released the brand new trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which is set for nationwide release on July 15. Hold on tight - it's pretty exciting:
More About: Magic , Trailer , Daniel , Daniel Radcliffe
Shane Giese, Jesse, Ray: New Shootings
2009-04-18 14:11:00
Allamericanguys have posted new outstanding shootings with some of their hottest attractions: very muscular Shane Giese, bulked up Jesse , and cheeky Ray. Enjoy these examples:JesseRayYou find much more of these high quality photos plus new videos on Allamericanguys.
Mike: You Like My Muscles?
2009-04-18 14:10:00
Members of the board Teen Muscle Guys Photos are enthusiastic about Mike who enjoys showing off his well-trained body at the beach, in a cafe, and in nature when hanging out with friends. Mike, please keep at it!
Only the Brave: What a Hunk!
2009-04-10 21:42:00
"Only the Brave: The new fragrance by Diesel" - The commercial spot for this perfume can presently be seen on German TV. Have a look at the cool, adorable model boy in this spot. Here are the best stills of the young hunk. You find the complete video of the commercial below the pics.The video of the commercial: Copyright
This Is Sam Coy!
2009-04-10 19:10:00
In a post below I published several shots with a very beautiful underwear boy. Thanks to a clever and helpful visitor, who entered the model's name into "comments", I now know who this hunk is: Sam Coy, 25 years old, from Portland, Oregon, height 5' 10", weight 168 lbs. He has done photo shootings for Saturn Style Studios and for (Lisa Mandel Photography). In his Modelmayhem profile Sam Coy writes: "An Adidas campaign is my ultimate goal for modeling! It is the largest brand name for the sport of soccer which I love and I would love to represent that! I am interested in working with anyone who can get me closer to that goal." And he adds: "I would be interested in acting depending on what it is for, but I don't have much experience in that area. I can learn fast though." Sam, please do shootings, acting, or whatever you want, as long as we get to see more of your great look!Enjoy some of Sam's best shots published on find Sam Coy's gre...
Philip Fusco Gets Sensual
2009-04-10 18:46:00
On Vistavideo six new wonderful clips have been published in the Member Zone. Alan checks out his own muscles in the park, and Marcel and Philip are perfect jocks playing football, fortunately shirtless. Finally there is a long and very hot clip of Philip being very sensual in bed.You find the new clips with Marcel, Philip and Alan in the Vistavideo Member Zone.
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