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mallika sherawat burning hot
2009-02-10 19:00:00
when word mallika is said then the adjective hot and sexy comes along. Ti me and again she has proved it with smooches controversies and also masala
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Leah Dizon Very Hot Pose
2009-02-08 21:03:00
leah dizon high show babe in cool mood show
More About: Leah Dizon , Pose , Leah
Amitabh Bacchan Priyadarshan slams Slumdog Millionaire
2009-02-03 18:47:00
The film slumdog millionaire might be top favourite with viewers across globe. The film has'nt entertained celebrities like Amitabh and Priyadarshan . They have pointed out about the poor depiction about India and particularly Mumbai.The film shot in slums of mumbai has won oscar nominations and golden globe award.The question Amitabh is asking is simple-1) if the directors name was santhosh sivan or mani ratnam will it have won the same acclaim. 2) The city of mumbai has so many beauty in it why did the film team fail in depicting it too.
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spicy rani mukherjee
2009-01-25 18:51:00
rani mukherjee looking chilling in that purple dress.We have been seen in rani mukherjee for a couple of years but that hasnt dampened the joy of seeing her in yet another dress. Kajol and juhi seems to have lowered gears in acting but rani is still going strong in 6th gear.
More About: Rani Mukherjee , Spicy , Rani
cute indonesian actress photos
2009-01-24 23:04:00
i have brought almost all indian actress pics from monica in tamil to assamese actresses to tabu to shakeela and to bipasha to asin.So let me blog something on international actress photos. see this cute girl she is from indonesia even though she has a indian actress look.
More About: Cute , Photos , Indonesian , Actress
Malaysian Actress Zarina Ann Julie Exposing Photo leaked
2009-01-20 21:29:00
srilankan actress models photos videos trailors and also malaysian actress scandals. the scandal that has been raging for some time now has been the photos and video of zara julie malaysian actress with her boyfriend. Even though malaysian actress Zara denied it was her late she admitted it was she who posed very revealing and gave a sorry to her fans.
More About: Photo , Malaysian , Actress , Leaked , Julie
Shamindri Horadagoda Image Section
2009-01-18 22:31:00
Shamindri Horadagoda cute star from srilanka
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malaika arora
2009-01-18 21:55:00
Am drained for words for her.i have written and posted her may be half a dozen times and again i say i still remember her doing MTV show years back. At that time she was hot favourite among my school classmates(me included)!.Then i think shennaz came to small screen and made her niche.Malaika is hot and hotter.
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hands up
2009-01-17 22:24:00
More About: Hands
Official Website of Gul Panag Actress
2009-01-17 20:42:00
Read The Cool blog of actress Gulpanag a well designed website with hundreds of followers, the design is looking nice like her . enter gulpanag blog now
More About: Website , Actress , Gul Panag , Official
riya sen damn hot pics
2009-01-15 18:47:00
riya sen is cute and popular on par with deepika or we lovingly call tanushree dutta.She has been in and out from most of the indian film languages. In that glittering bra she looks more cute right! i had a real life chance to see this beauty.She looks damn hot guys................yup real gorgeous damn hot. Ooh am i sweating :)
More About: Riya Sen , Damn , Riya
cute indonesian model pictorial
2009-01-12 20:13:00
indonesian models are one of the most revered in the world, tanned skin and hot looks make them so popular especially when indian counterparts were too shy to expose in international scenarios and fashion contests
More About: Cute , Indonesian , Pictorial , Model
Edison Chen, Bobo Chan, Gillian Chung and Cecilia Cheung embroiled in Hong
2009-01-09 22:19:00
gillian chung replying to press gillian chung bobo chan edison cecillia controversial scandal Netizens say the bathroom the Cecilia Cheung lookalike was photographed in looks like that of Edison Chen 's as seen in his blog. She also sports the same belly ring, earring and tattoos as the real Cecilia Cheung. Various photography experts have also told the media that the pictures do not seem modified. Even the Hong Kong cops soon conceded that the pictures appear realthere is no way we're telling you how to get a hold of those pics. Let's just say that after getting hold of the whole set of pics (including some high resolution ones), we found it hard to believe that the pics were doctored.2008 news from shanghaiblog Hong Kong's leading Chinese newspapers, including Oriental Daily, The Sun, Apple Daily, AM 730, Headline Daily, Ming Pao and Sing Pao, were quick to capture the story and printed cropped versions of the pictures, descriptions, in-depth compa...
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Greatest International national Sex Scandals 2008 2009
2009-01-08 22:13:00
zara ann julie malaysian actress bobo chan with edison passsionate moments china hong kong saw some of the greatest scandals where pics of actor chen along with singer bobo chan, the controversy was one of the greatest scandals with police arresting computer repair personnals who are said to have leaked the pics. The image of chen was hit hard and his career had setbacks. As ESWn pointed out, the pictures were released in a phased rollout, leaving eager netizens "waiting all night and all day at the various bulletin board systems in Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China". Chung's company, Emperor Entertainment, soon declared the pictures to be photoshopped fakes and Ming Pao Daily News, Apple Daily, Oriental Daily News and The Sun took that position in their front page stories subsequently. But as more and more photos were released into public domain, the newspapers soon changed their tune Actors in the hong kong chinese scandals are edison chen ,bobo chan, cecilla, gillian chung ...
More About: International , National , Scandals , Greatest , 2008
sizzlers bhuvaneshawari keerthy avantika
2009-01-08 22:11:00
slim and big, hot and cold, sexy and romatic....bollywood babes brings you all photos in indian actress world.So keep glued, be back soon to watch more exciting photos
genelia figure revealing photos
2009-01-08 00:41:00
A perfect figure babe , the jaane tu fame genelia in a romantic shot
More About: Photos , Genelia , Figure
Greatest sex Scandals 2008 2009 national and international
2009-01-07 21:45:00
pooja umashankar tamil srilankan bollywood malayalam actress Bollywood didnt see many scandal videos except the whole fake ayesha takia or deepika padukone video, the hype made just to download some useless videos into your PC The south saw much famed mms releases nude nayantara was the most popular in internet downloads where she was seen sucking "that" of some one, but nayantara denied it as art work of some people who wanted destroy her career. nayantara mms were viewed online more than any other video trailors , then came bollywood actress who have done roles in tamil and srilankan films Pooja Umashanker she too was seen fully nude. This video too was said to be fake by pooja who was sad at being tortured with such films with look alikes of her.Roma asrani a southie actress felt the punch with a perfect look alike allowing some vision into her cleavages in a car.
More About: International , National , Scandals , Greatest , 2008
Zarina Julie Anns New Latest Images
2009-01-05 21:35:00
There were pictures of zarina julie appearing topless and posing intimately with a man.Others depict her sticking her tongue out saucily at the camera, or dressing sexily.While the photographs might not have been as revealing as the Hong Kong scandal, the incident has drawn fierce criticism in a largely conservative film industry. Guang Ming Daily reported that the actress, who's in her early 20s, had initially denied she and her boyfriend were the ones in the photographs .Then, she insisted that the photographs had been doctored.But as more photos made their way online, some of which showed the birthmark near her right shoulder, she finally admitted that the photos are real.Zarina said that the photographs were taken when she was 18 years old, before she became famous. Zarina Maintained that: 'I know who is responsible for leaking these photographs but I don't know what their motivations are.' However, Zarina did not reveal who this person was.
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malaysian model
2009-01-03 20:03:00
cute malaysian model
More About: Malaysian , Model
padmaleksmi salman rushdie
2008-10-22 19:17:00
partner of salman rushdie the twice booker winner padmalekshmi. famous for her wardrobe failure. has a cute stylish looks and her dresses are always so well selected with maximum style
More About: Salman , Salman Rushdie
dimple girl preity
2008-10-18 19:24:00
The most loved dimples must be that of preity she was quite a star in IPL even though sharukh with his enormous gal fans could take the show himself. But preity too did her very best with her small jumps tensed looks and all .Months have passed since IPL so lets look forward for her new ventures. Look if some hockey or kabbadi is going on around!
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neha dhupia swim suit photos
2008-10-16 19:42:00
In sheesha neha dhupia is simply best with fashionable outfits and cool expressions.She is surely going to stay long in minds of film lovers.After watching the movie you will surely say .Oh what a babe?
More About: Photos , Neha Dhupia , Swim , Neha , Suit
bipasha basu bengali actress red hot
2008-10-16 19:32:00
bipasha in rocky show. tags music pictures photos videos television celebrity humor funny tv hot actress movie beach california tollywood namitha indian actress trisha asin mallu shriya nayantara ileana roma bhavana meena meera mamta gopika parvathi
More About: Bipasha Basu , Bengali , Actress , Bipasha
asin bollywood actress image gallery biography
2008-10-15 00:55:00
Gajni film actress asin , this actress features in yet to be released film in hindi and also she is planning to sign up with priyadarshan for a film.
More About: Bollywood , Biography , Gallery , Asin , Actress
sneha sexy photos hugging kissing
2008-10-12 23:50:00
lawrence is surprised so are the fans by the Uturn of sneha from her village gal image to real hot masala style.Sneha rocks on
More About: Photos , Kissing , Sexy , Hugging
asin updates continues
2008-10-07 00:43:00
asin who will feature in some of the new upcoming hindi movies.She has signed up with aamir khan for a movie remake of ghajini
More About: Updates , Asin
aamir khan film actress asin
2008-10-07 00:36:00
Asin thottumukal a leading actress who has been instrumental in making many films hit in the south is all set to flash the screen with remake of film gajani with aamir khan. Story line: A rich business man(aamir) falling in love with a good gal who helps him thinking that he is another ordinary man trying hard to meet ends of life like her(asin).The film is a mix of both a hollywood prototype of vengeance and also some real cool indian masala.Asin featuring in a sand blown field with wind elagantly lifting the skirt. More asin photos and high masala photos coming soon stay glued. After genelia its asin who after asin will it be illeana?
More About: Film , Aamir Khan , Asin , Khan , Actress
Meera's Scandal Video 2
2008-10-06 03:06:00
actress scandal videos its meera now
More About: Video , Scandal
2008-09-27 21:53:00
When i started blogging a couple of years ago there where very few blogs based on india or bollywood celebrities.When i looked around in search engines the only blog i could find was by "aspencerinside" no idea what happened to him or his blogs. I saw that now that id in blogspot was used by some other person from indonesia. New bloggers are coming and blogging in celebrities is in full fledge. Success I was a passionate about blogging and also tried bring in innovative posts that saw google bot frown at me.But i had come in top of google and yahoo search engine couple of times. Failure With new tools for blog promotion and more blog listing sites coming i had fallen out for some time.Then i tried innovation by bringing in very rare photos and covering whole of india. i think people tend to love a peculiar set of actresses like priyanka or aishwarya or katrina or amisha or illeana or asin and so my hunt for rare actress unseen yummy pics collapsed! Thanks for reading my blog. I am...
More About: Bollywood , History , Babes , Blogspot
bikini thong deepika padukone joshna chinnapa anjali bhagawat
2008-09-14 23:56:00
Perfect babe Perfect Style - style icon brand ambassador levi sania aparna poppat indian olympic gold winner ishant sharma ads gold spot adlabs studio video leaks
More About: Bikini , Deepika Padukone , Thong
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