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New York subway romance
2008-07-29 16:18:00
internet advertisingCANBERRA (Reuters) - A modern-day love story of a man spotting the girl of his dreams across a New York subway train and tracking her down over the Internet has failed to have a fairytale ending with the relationship over.For Web designer Patrick Moberg, then 21, from Brooklyn, it was love at first sight when he spotted a woman on a Manhattan train last November. But he lost her in the crowd so he set up a website with a sketch to find her ? in a city of 8 million people, it only took Moberg 48 hours to track down the woman, with his phone ringing non-stop and email box overflowing as usually cynical New Yorkers took sympathy on the subway Romeo and joined his hunt.The mysterious brunette was named as Camille Hayton, from Melbourne, Australia, who was working as an intern at the magazine BlackBook and also lived in Brooklyn. One of her friends spotted the sketched picture on the Web site and recognized her.But after finding e...
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Joker arrested in Michigan
2008-07-29 16:13:00
internet advertisingTHREE RIVERS, Mich. - Police in Michigan have arrested a man who they say tried to steal posters and other items related to the new Batman movie from a cinema lobby while dressed up as the Joker .Detective Mike Mohney said Monday 20-year-old Spencer Taylor of Three Rivers has been booked for investigation of larceny and malicious destruction of property.Taylor is scheduled to be arraigned Aug. 5 in St. Joseph County District Court.There is no telephone listing under his name in the Three Rivers area.Mohney says officers who were dispatched early Sunday to the theater arrived to find employees restraining a man wearing a purple suit, a green wig and face paint in the style of Batman?s nemesis in ?The Dark Knight.?Thanks to: crossunder
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Suicide instructions on Wikipedia
2008-07-29 16:05:00
internet advertisingWikipedia , the online ?free encyclopedia? written and edited by its users, now includes dozens of detailed suicide methods with descriptions of ways in which people can mutilate or kill themselves. The following are among such techniques described in vivid detail: beheading, cutting oneself, drowning, suffocation, electrocution, use of explosives, hanging, vehicular impact, jumping from bridges and towers, drug abuse, inhaling and ingesting poisons, suicide by fire, stabbing, shooting, starvation and suicide attack. When WND contacted a representative of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, she said, ?A site detailing the different methods someone could use to kill themselves could definitely be harmful to the public.? However, Jay Walsh, head of communications for the Wikimedia Foundation, said the organization does not take responsibility for editing the content of its pages. ?The Wikimedia Foundation operates the software and maintains the servers that p...
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We are scientists on tour
2008-07-29 15:55:00
internet advertisingWe Are Scientists ? new video for third single ?Impatience? is now up.If you are familiar with We Are Scientists? excellent news archives, Keith?s first glance at Chris?s ear should be sufficient foreshadowing for what is about to occur in the video. Although that kills the ?big surprise?, I was undaunted by being given what I expected and watched more until I found myself chuckling at Keith pulling out his shoe to beat the shit out of Chris; then of course, Chris?s antics properly pulled me to feelings of endearment when his charade-winning gestures cried:?yo d00d I?m not gonna shred ur hair apart lez take pixx cause liek, this only happens once a month?Adam and Max busting in as police officers (Keith merely had to send a telekinetic message fraught with emotional strife for them to take action) put the cheese on the cornball. It?s not my favorite video (still a big fan of Inaction), but I am glad to know that Keith and Chris are making their dreams come true wi...
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Suburban Legends - 2008 - Let?s Be Friends
2008-07-29 15:48:00
internet advertisingSuburban Legends - Let?s Be Friends ? And Slay The Dragon Together!Artist?????: Suburban LegendsAlbum?????.: Let?s Be Friends? And Slay The Dragon Together!Genre?????.: Ska PunkSource?????: CDYear?????..: 2008 Ripper?????: Easy CD-DA Extractor 11 & NEC ND-2510ACodec?????.: LAME 3.97Version????..: MPEG 1 Layer IIIQuality????..: VBR, (avg. bitrate: 268kbps)Channels????.: Joint Stereo / 44100 hzTags?????..: ID3 v1.1, ID3 v2.3Information???.: by????: BangDon on 29/7/2008Posted by????: BangDon on 29/7/2008News Server???.: -News Group(s)??..: -Included????.: NFO, SFV, M3UCovers?????: Front???????????????????????Tracklisting? ??????????????????????1. (00:03:26) - (VBR 283 kbit/s) Suburban Legends - Let?s Be Friends2. (00:03:23) - (VBR 274 kbit/s) Suburban Legends - Girls Got What I Want3. (00:03:08) - (VBR 263 kbit/s) Suburban Legends - Together4. (00:03:52) - (VBR 275 kbit/s) Suburban Legends - Polyester5. (00:03:41) - (VBR 285 kbit/s...
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Brad Pitt - Biography
2008-07-24 23:28:00
Brad Pitt Brad Pitt (born William Bradley Pitt on December 18, 1963), is an American film actor, and one of the most widely recognized people in the world. He was born in Shawnee, Oklahoma to strictly Southern Baptist parents of mainly British and Irish descent and was raised in Springfield, Missouri. In high school, Pitt was involved in sports, debating, student government, and school musicals. He attended the University of Missouri School of Journalism where he was a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. He was two credits shy of graduating with a journalism degree, before trying his luck in Hollywood. Before he became successful at acting, Pitt supported himself as a chauffer, by working as a furniture mover, and as a costumed mascot for the restaurant chain El Pollo Loco. In the late 1980s, Pitt started landing acting gigs on prime-time series such as Dallas, thirtysomething, 21 Jump Street, Another World, Growing Pains, and Head of the Class. In 1988, he finally landed his first...
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Rough Vacation
2008-07-24 23:27:00
How often do you read about a stabbing at a gay resort, but that's what happened last night at Orlando's Parliament House. Talk about a ruined vacation."It happened around 1 a.m. Wednesday at the Parliament House on Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando. According to police, four people got into a fight in the bathroom. Police said two men were stabbed by one woman and one man. A third man was trampled during the incident, but he was not seriously hurt. The two stabbing victims were taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center. One man is in critical condition and the other in serious condition. Two men were arrested at the scene. No names have been released."Read more about it on: Towleroad.comRipped from crossunder
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Patrick Dempsey Jude Law and Gareth Moody
2008-07-24 23:27:00
With the wonderful and ever thankful help of Photoshop, Jude Law is looking luscious again in the new ad for the Dior Homme Sport fragrance. The shot reminds us of why we fell in love with him in the first place. [Towleroad] Gareth Moody , one of the original founders of Ksubi and also founder of his own unisex line Chronicles of Never, talks about his clothes, his style and the girl he says he'd move to New York for. In case he has trouble finding her, there's a few boys who would gladly step up. [The Cut] Patrick Dempsey is getting his own fragrance with Avon called Unscripted, which is just so surprising given he's married to the global creative director. It will have notes of cinnamon, citrus and nepotism. [WWD] The new line of ACNE underwear is super cute, but their better-than-you descriptions are not. The "underwear collection is reminiscent of those languid men of the 1930s and '40s who spent their time leisurely reading leather-bound first editions, with a cigar...
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BenQ E55 released
2008-07-24 23:26:00
BenQ has recently released one if its new 3G mobile phones, the BenQ E55 clamshell. The phone sports some pretty basic features.The E55 clamshell weighs 95 grams and, tri-band connectivity (GSM 900/1800/ 1900), a 2 inch TFT internal display with 262K colours, a 96 x 64 pixel external display, a dedicated media player (with support for MP3, AAC, MP4 and 3GP), Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP, FM radio, a 2.0 megapixel camera, secondary video-call camera, SMS and MMS capabilities, WAP 2.0 browser, 45MB of internal memory and microSD card support (up to 2GB). The retail price of BenQ E55 is 6,990 Taiwanese dollars (around RM 746), for the moment, the E55 is available only across Taiwan.Ripped from crossunder
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Ship as shopping mall in Hong Kong
2008-07-24 23:26:00
Below are the pictures of a full-size ship converted to the shopping mall in Wampoa district, Hong Kong . This huge ship is smack in the middle of a new housing, business and hotel precinct that replaced a major slum area of old Hong Kong. Inside are restaurants, shops, and a cinema complex.Ripped from crossunder
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Dog whisperer's nightmare
2008-07-24 23:25:00
This videoclip from Youtube is awsome. This guy is singing his puppies to sleepRipped from crossunder
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Mud Day
2008-07-24 23:25:00
Playing in the mud, every child’s dream and every mother’s nightmare came true this year in Westland, Michigan during the Mud Day celebrations.200 tons of topsoil, 20,000 gallons of water and over 1000 children under 12 years old, now this is what I call chaos. Mud Day is the only day of the year when playing in mud is not only allowed but encouraged. Sponsored by Westland Country Parks and Recreation, Mud Day 2008 had several events like a wheelbarrow race through the mud or the crowning of Mister Mud 2008 as well as free activities like kids covering each-other in mud and just wearing mud on their heads.Ripped from crossunder
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Glued to Gordon Brown
2008-07-24 23:24:00
Dan Glass, a member of Plane Stupid, was about to receive an award from the prime minister when he stuck out his superglued hand and touched his sleeve.Plane Stupid says Mr Glass, from north London, then "glued his hand" to Mr Brown 's jacket as he shook his hand.But Downing Street said there had been "no stickiness of any significance". Read more at: BBC.UKRipped from crossunder
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Productivity Studies
2008-07-24 23:23:00
Every time a new research study around personal productivity and office culture appears, we dutifully post the ?proof? that information overload, email distractions, and multitasking are keeping you from getting work done?but are they? Sure, many of these findings seem very feasible, but it?s hard not to think they?re published only as a crutch for a larger commercial or media message?either ?the internet is destroying your life!? or ?you need to buy this product.? Over the few years this site?s been in existence, studies have shown that email kills concentration more than smoking pot does, that you?ve got 11 minutes before the next interruption, that dual monitors increase productivity, that no one understands the intended tone of your email, that email overload costs the American economy more than $700 billion a year, and that multitasking kills your ability to focus and get things done. Ok, fine. Most of these findings seem to be sensible (except for the pot versus email one, ...
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Opus and Bill
2008-07-24 23:22:00
There are few comic strips that make me laugh like Bill and Opus. Thankfully, this morning I found a website with LOADS of their comics. Thank god, for I really needed a good solid giggle this morning. I think I shall have to start sharing one a week. Enjoy! (Can?t find your spectacles this morning? Click on the comic and it?ll enlarge itself.)Ripped from crossunder
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Gay boy scouts into straight porn
2008-07-24 23:22:00
HOPKINTON, R.I. A parent has been arrested for allegedly showing teenagers pornography, then offering one of them alcohol and cigarettes at a Boy Scout camp in Hopkinton.Police arrested Randolph Johnson on Tuesday for a July 14 incident at the Yawgoog Boy Scout Reservation. A spokesman for the Narragansett Council of the Boy Scouts said Johnson was camping with his son?s troop. He allegedly showed two teenage staffers pornographic films on a laptop computer. The teens reported that Johnson offered one of them alcohol and cigarettes.Johnson was ordered to leave the camp. He was charged this month with misdemeanor counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and procuring alcohol and providing cigarettes to a minor. Court records do not list an attorney for Johnson. He could not be reached for comment.[Source]Ripped from crossunder
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True Friends
2008-07-24 23:21:00
I read this in a blog and felt very touchy. A girl asked a guy if he thought she was pretty, He said?no.She asked him if he would want to be with her forever?and he said no.She then asked him if she were to leave would he cry, and once againhe replied with a no.She had heard enough. As she walked away, tears streaming down her face the boy grabbed her arm and said?.You?re not pretty you?re beautiful. I don?t want to be with you forever. I NEED to be with you forever. And I wouldn?t cry if you walked away?indeed I?d die?SO NOW I WILL SAY:I like you because of who you are to me?.A true friend and if I don?t get this back I?ll take the hint.Ripped from crossunder
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Abbey Dawn By Avril Lavigne
2008-07-24 23:20:00
Another Celebrity Clothing Line: Abbey Dawn By Avril Lavigne Ripped from crossunder
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No Jorge no!
2008-07-24 23:19:00
poor Jorge ...Ripped from crossunder
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Anne Hathaway?s diaries confiscated
2008-07-24 23:19:00
Anne Hathaway is having a bittersweet year. Her latest movie, Get Smart has done quite well bringing in almost $177 million worldwide. But she also experienced a big break-up with her longtime boyfriend Raffaello Follieri who is currently in jail for suspicion of fraud and money laundering.The FBI raided Follieri?s $37,500-a-month Trump Tower apartment and seized anything they though would help them in their prosecution. They took personal photographs of the couple, pictures of Raffaello posing with the Pope, The Clintons, and John and Cindy McCain and Anne?s personal journals.There has been a lot of gossip saying that maybe Anne was the one who turned him in. If I was turning in a loser boyfriend I would make sure to take away anything that belonged to me first! Especially anything that was of any kind of value to me. I think she is getting heat for something she didn?t do.Stay strong girl and I hope you didn?t have anything too naughty in there![Source]Ripped from crossunder
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2008-07-24 23:18:00
Nothing gets on God?s nerves like hypocrites, falsifiers, syndicators and and slanderers. And he gets really mad when you tell his worshipers their pious moralizing is in bad taste. Back in the 60s Malcolm X said we had to call Negroes ?African-Americans?. In the 70s we had to learn what ?environmentalism? meant. In the 80s ? the greatest decade in the history of the United States ? Liberal wingnuts told us it wasn?t ?politically correct? to call Barnard College a girls? school, throw our styrofoam Big Mac cartons out the window of our cars, or create a shadow government. In the 90s we made a comeback thanks to our d-bag heroes in the House and on the radio, giants of d-baggery like Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh. By the time our dark lord of d-baggery was elected to the highest office in the land it had become PC to be anti-PC! The physics of it are as simple as the plot of a Tom Clancy novel or an episode of 24. If someone thinks you are an ass for being an ass, they are an ass; ...
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Obama in Berlin
2008-07-24 23:17:00
Seems fitting to use another Alphaville song title since Obama just made his speech there to over 200,000 Germans.?This is the moment when we must come together to save this planet. Let us resolve that we will not leave our children a world where the oceans rise and famine spreads and terrible storms devastate our lands. Let us resolve that all nations - including my own - will act with the same seriousness of purpose as has your nation, and reduce the carbon we send into our atmosphere. This is the moment to give our children back their future. This is the moment to stand as one.?Okay.Ripped from crossunder
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Senior Hottie ?
2008-07-24 23:16:00
In a society where models are starting their careers as early as age 12 and youth is more highly coveted than ever before, the ?hot? older women of the popular show Desperate Housewives help create a new standard of beauty for aging women everywhere proving that you can never be too rich, too thin or too young. I once overheard a conversation a man was having about his wife who he described as a ?senior hottie?. His wife at the time was in her early 60?s (but you really couldn?t tell with all the plastic surgery, she looked like she was in her 40?s) and weighed 98lbs (I know because I also overheard him mention his wife?s weight). Every time she came into the office her hair was done, her nails were perfect, her makeup was flawless and her jeans were falling off of her. This woman to me is the epitome of the desperate housewives phenomena, a senior hottie through and through. Let me just make clear that the cheeseburger definition of a senior hottie doesn?t necessarily have to be a ...
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Tom Cruise - Negative
2008-07-24 23:15:00
First, they told Tom Cruise he couldn?t be in the next Mission Impossible. Now they?ve entered a highway to the danger zone. Rumors have been circulating that Top Gun will soon have a sequel made, however, Tom Cruise will NOT be reprising his role as Maverick.A spokesperson for Paramount says there is ?no way? Cruise would be getting the lead role again.[Source]Ripped from crossunder
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2008-07-24 23:14:00
1. Batman?s marriage is not in trouble2. Hannah Montana says NO to nudity3.?Search for Tomorrow? star larry haines dies4.Brad Pitt delivers toys to Angelina in hospital5. Brad Pitt is threatening legal action against any publication which prints photos of his family6.There will be no third season of ?The Two Coreys? on A@E thanks to Corey Haim?s substance abuse problems7.Ashley Harkleroad is a 23 year old top tennis player poses nude for Playboy8.Rumor has it that Hulk Hogan?s little girl, reality TV diva Brooke Hogan, could be revealing even more very soon with her own spread?9.The inhabitants of the French village that Brad and Angelina and the fam are living in have been telling tales10.Heather Locklear has bolted from rehab after completing only half of the recommended 30 - day stay11.Britney Spears recently started penning lyrics for an upcoming album, and some of the versus are a bit bitter12. Star Magazine alleges Mathew Broderick had SATC with a girl half his age. Jessica i...
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Cyclone strucks Burma
2008-05-04 20:11:00
internet advertisingA cyclone in Burma killed at least 350 people and caused huge destructionThe tropical cyclone Nargis with winds of up to 190km per hour hit Rangoon, Burma?s largest city with devastating force.Heavy winds and heavy flooding knocked out power and telecommunications lines, lifted the roofs from buildings and destroyed homes. Myaddy Television reported that 351 people, including 109 on a small island off the country?s south-west coast, had been killed. The government say that five regions has been declared disaster zones. The storm struck as Burma?s military rulers were gearing up for the May 10 referendum on the constitution.[Source]
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Make Money Using
2008-05-02 18:45:00
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The Gossip Girls Do Nylon Magazine
2008-04-19 16:25:00
Blake Lively and Leighton Meester both grace the cover of Nylon Magazine , May 2008 issue.internet advertisingHere are some of the highlights from the interview:Leighton on playing her character on Gossip Girl: ?Maybe I?ve known [Blair] somehow or I know her in myself and she needs somebody to portray her in a way that isn?t completely harsh because she could be so hated.?Blake on how she almost turned down the show: ?[I thought] if there are pet monkeys wearing coordinating outfits, that?s not something I?m going to want to be a part of?. ?Leighton on Gossip Girl style: ?Serena is more thrown together and effortless and doesn?t really care, and is just like, has this sexiness to her without trying, and Blair is really uptight and conservative and put together and everything has to be perfect, you know Chuck is kind of cocky and he?s just like, I don?t know, a prick.?Blake on the weirdness of Internet Message boards: ?Yeah, it?s kind of crazy but after the first Sisterhood trailer ev...
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Ashlee Simpson wants $1 million
2008-04-19 16:19:00
Ashlee Simpson ?s dad and manager, Joe Simpson wants $1 million for her baby?s photos. So far there are no takers. ?Joe is contacting all the weeklies and asking them to pony up $1 million to put Ashlee on the cover,? a magazine source told One magazine editor feels the price is way too high - ?$60,000 maybe - but definitely not a million!?internet advertisingonsidering that People magazine recently paid $1 million for photos of Harlow, daughter of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, Joe is probably not being ambitious with his price. Besides he is making the package very attractive, or self serving if you may.?The deal would include photos of Ashlee - taken by Joe, of course, so he can make more money - an interview and photos of the baby when she has it,? the source says.Papa Joe may not be so keen on Peter Wentz but I think he?s happy that Ashlee is knocked up! Grandchild will surely bring in some money![Source]
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Cate Blanchett?s Baby Boy
2008-04-19 16:14:00
Just barely after a week of giving birth to her third son, Cate Blanchett was as scheduled in the Australia 2020 Summit and she brought her new bundle of joy, baby Ignatius Martin Upton.internet advertisingI?m surprised Cate would actually be up in business so soon but showing the world her newborn?! I guess not all celebrities are thinking on cashing some good amount for their baby?s photos.[Source and Photos]
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