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Adam Lambert's Boyfriend Drake LaBry
2009-08-23 05:03:00
Adam Lambert hit West Hollywood's Guys and Dolls nightclub with his boyfriend Drake LaBry and the paparazzi went crazy with the pictures. They held hands and they look happy.
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Kate Gosselin Bikini Photos
2009-08-23 05:00:00
Kate Gosselin's body is really good considering that she's the mother of eight kids. Kate Gosselin looks kind of buff though, don't you think?
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Lady Gaga Big Penis Video
2009-08-23 04:57:00
Lady Gaga is a nasty slut and she's proud of it. Check this out.
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Haylie Duff Nose Job Pics
2009-08-23 04:54:00
Haylie Duff looks less like a horse now that she's sawed off her nose. Haylie Duff's nose job cost an estimated $20K. Haylie?s nose has been shortened, angled upward and rounded off. ?I think they made her chin smaller by chipping away at the bone,? he adds.?This is a good job. I think Haylie?s features have better harmony.?
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New Moon Movie Pictures
2009-08-23 04:48:00
Robert Pattinson is shirtless and glistening on the New Moon movie set. Robert Pattinson is sexy and seductive. Aren't you jealous of Kristen Stewart?
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Lady Gaga Naked Pictures
2009-08-23 04:45:00
Lady Gaga has a big butt and a curvy hourglass figure. Do you think Lady Gaga naked pictures are hot? Or should she focus more on her face than her body?
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Avril Lavigne Bikini Pics
2009-08-23 04:38:00
Avril Lavigne is very curvy and sexy and her body is bangin. Avril Lavigne hit the beach with one of her girlfriends and it looks like they had a lot of fun in the Southern California sun.
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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: New Couple, Dating
2009-08-23 02:05:00
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart went to lunch in Italy and the single photo of them together is making everyone believe that the two are an item. What do you think? Is it true?
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Clay Aiken vs. Adam Lambert
2009-08-23 02:01:00
Clay Aiken blogged about why Adam Lambert sucks and American Idol judges need to stop being so biased and choosing a winner before viewers are able to.Clay didn't have to be so harsh. Here's a small excerpt cause Clay's rant is extremely long:I happened to turn it during the minute that Adam Lambert was singing "Ring of Fire" and, at that moment, thought my ears would bleed. Contrived, awful, and slightly frightening!Clay is totally the kind of dude who can't even kill an effing spider. If Adam's voice is so frightening, everything probably scares him. So not hot! Plus, considering that Clay was dropped from his label, the queen is probably a little bitter. Time to step away from the keyboard.
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Jon & Kate Plus 8 Video
2009-08-23 02:00:00
Here's the Jon & Kate Plus 8 video that got tongues wagging and all the tabloids talking. Jon Gosselin hints that there's trouble in paradise.
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Miley Cyrus Bikini Photos
2009-08-23 01:55:00
Miley Cyrus spent some time in the Bahamas where her bikini pictures were taken and posted online. Miley Cyrus then launched an attack on Twitter, posting the following tweets:talk all you want. i have my flaws. im a normal girl theres things about my body i would change but stop with calling me f*t in post. i dont even like the word. those remarks that you hateful people use are fighting words. the ones that scar people and cause them to do damage to themselves or others. people that are so okay with being so hateful diguist me and need to spend last time on a gossip website and more time a. reading your bible b. reading stories/articles about what happens when cyber abuse and name calling happens. kids hurt themselves. this is not something to be taken lightly. i know these 'message boards' are "no big deal" to YOU but is to the victim. this has got to stop!!! oh and ps if your thighs don't jiggle go see a doctor. thanks. :)"
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Oksana Grigorieva, Mel Gibson's Pregnant Girlfriend.
2009-08-23 01:51:00
Mel Gibson's an anti-semetic womanizer with a young girlfriend. Mel Gibson's homewrecker is named Oksana Grigorieva. She has lips like Angelina Jolie and she's already into her second trimester of pregnancy.Mel has allegedly been cheating on his wife Robyn for ages.Oksana resides in a house that Mel bought for her.
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Jillian Harris
2009-08-23 01:48:00
Jillian Harris is the oldest Bachelorette in the show's history. The 30 year-old Canadian with a huge nose lost a lot of weight from the time that she was competing on The Bachelor.Jillian is a fun-loving, very likeable young woman who all the men are going to be fighting over. I hope it works out. The show really needs to be canceled if these couples can't keep it together.
Kim Kardashian Cellulite Photoshop
2009-05-17 09:34:00
In Kim Kardashian 's Complex magazine photos Kim Kardashian's skin was bleached, her legs and waist went under the knife for some liposuction and her baby hairs were removed from her fo' head. The veins and light spots on her thighs have also magically disappeared.I don't mind Photoshop and airbrushing, although I'll never endorse bleaching one's skin, but if you're going to take off about 18 pounds from someone, their boobs should also be smaller. Nope! The breasts always remain the same size, if not enlarged, while the rest of the body is butchered.
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Tammy Bruce Michelle Obama
2009-05-17 09:31:00
Tammy Bruce is unqualified to say anything about Michelle Obama . What does Tammy Bruce know about being black?! Nothing. She knows as much about that as I know about a white person being called a wigger, redneck, white trash, cracker, dumb blonde or etc. I am unqualified to speak of a white person's struggle and she is unqualified to speak of a black person's struggle.Alright. I am done. Rant over. That was exhausting and I am glad that the "trash in the White House" is able to bring taboo topics to the forefront of discussion among the youth and adults alike.
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Audrina Patridge Cocaine, Drug Addict
2009-05-17 09:30:00
I took one look at Audrina and thought 'eating disorder!' Then I took one look at Justin Bobby and thought, 'they do drugs, before, after and during sex.'And to think, even while Ceiling Eyes is on drugs she's still way boring? As Lily Allen said, some people really are bad at taking drugs. Romi claimed she regularly supplied Audrina with cocaine, saying, "not only do I carry the drugs for Audrina but I also frequently sell it to her for free stash."Romi elaborated on the beach house and the 4th of July 2008 party being filmed for the The Hills and how she was forced to go back and forth between that house and the DKNY house to ferry drugs back and forth to the reality show star.As of December 2008, another source reports that according to Romi, she is now supplying Audrina with Hydrocodone and Oxycontin as well.
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Twitter: Demi Moore Ass
2009-05-17 09:27:00
Ashton Kutcher posted a link to a photo of Demi Moore 's butt. Demi is in shape and she is sexier than me even though she could be my grandmother.
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Dean Sheremet Gay
2009-05-17 09:25:00
LeAnn Rimes' husband, Dean "Rainbow" Sheremet, is a bonafide homosexual. As you would expect, LeAnn has been careful to cover up his homosexuality for years so it doesn't create some major public embarrassment for her. Confirmed sources say that on several occasions they have witnessed Dean (or Rainbow as we now call him) making out with and performing fellatio on make-up artist, Neil Robertson.Neil was a fresh make up artist out of the adult industry and was on tour and did appearances with LeAnn for almost 2 years. Go figure! Real job security!Come on, she has to get it somewhere!LeAnn should just hurry up with the divorce before she makes more money that she'll lose in the divorce proceedings and alimony payments. The sooner she cuts ties, the better. Lucky for her they don't have any kiddos.
Lindsay Lohan Fornarnia Video
2009-05-17 09:23:00
Lindsay Lohan is trying to avoid her destiny in the adult entertainment industry by lending her talents to fine works such as this Fornarnia ad.
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Alexis Grace
2009-05-17 09:21:00
Something about Alexis Grace 's bony ass bothers me, but she should not have been sent home last night. This leaves one open slot for the top 4 on American Idol following yesterday's story that the show is rigged. I'm hoping that Allison Iraheta, the Latina Kelly Clarkson, will make it all the way to the top 3!Danny Gokey is overrated. He's too much of a teddy bear and should be playing a heartthrob on some CW show instead. Allison, on the other hand, rocks my world as does gay Adam Lambert and sassy Lil Rounds.Grace, a 21-year-old single mother from Memphis, Tenn., also had the least number of viewer voters for her Tuesday performance of Dolly Parton's "Jolene."Replied Grace, "I wish I could've done better. But, you know, things happen for a reason."
Jon Gosselin and Deanna Hummel Together
2009-05-05 19:24:00
Deanna Hummel has been sleeping with Jon Gosselin for months now, but the truth has just come out. Deanna, who has a racy sex tape, says that she's innocent.Deanna said,"We're just friends.It's absurd that anyone would think otherwise." According to Hummel, she met Gosselin through a mutual pal a couple of months ago. Since then, the two have been hanging out. The social outings have included visits to each other's houses and nights out on the town, but always with others there, and it's always all innocent.Hummel admits that the two did show up at Legends Bar in Reading, Pa., recently, but says a published photo of her driving Gosselin's car has been misinterpreted."He just got this new car and I wanted to drive it. I'm into cars. Because of who he is, it gets portrayed the wrong way, and it's unfair to him and his family. He did not by any means call me 'babe,' " she says. "Nobody calls me babe. That made me laugh."
Carrie Prejean Nude
2009-05-05 19:21:00
Carrie Prejean is a beautiful girl with a lean, slender body. Carrie Prejean took naked pictures but she didn't tell the Miss USA Organization. Luckily she was able to keep her title.
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Heidi Montag Playboy Pictures
2009-05-05 19:04:00
Heidi Montag will be topless in the new issue of Playboy magazine, Hugh Hefner confirms. After months of speculation, we can all get some sleep knowing that Heidi Montag will be paid $500 to bare her titties.Is she worth it?
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Kim Kardashian Reggie Bush GQ Pics on the Beach
2009-03-18 05:18:00
Reggie Bush flaunts his eight pack abs and Kim Kardashian is all smiles as the happy couple pose together on the beach for GQ magazine. It's not gonna last.if (window.Atako)Atako.renderGadget();POTP!! Tina Turner photosSophia Loren photosBobby Jones photos
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Barack Obama Surfing
2008-12-24 02:49:00
More Barack Obama shirtless pictures have surfaced today and the President Elect can be seen happily body surfing in his black swim trunks. Is it just me or does Barck look calm and charismic even in the water?! Did he have preconceived conditions with the waves or sumthing? Heh.sourceFor more HOT new gossip visit!Tina Turner photosSophia Loren photosBobby Jones photos
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Lily Allen Topless Pics
2008-12-23 21:35:00
Lily Allen pulls an Amy Winehouse and runs around bare breasted on the beach while she knows the paparazzi are taking her picture. Flat chested slut!I wonder if I would walk around topless if I had AA cups like Lily. I guess I will never know, but somehow I will have to find the strength within to carry on. What is it about these small chested whores that makes them so proud of their knobs?Lily Allen's boobs, againFor more HOT new gossip visit!Tina Turner photosSophia Loren photosBobby Jones photos
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Beyonce Halo Full Video
2008-12-23 21:33:00
Without a doubt, Halo is one of Beyonce 's most beautiful songs and the video is also very touching. I had Halo on repeat the first time I heard it and the video is decent. I thought Beyonce was sticking with black and white videos? Anyway, here's a bootleg version cause the original has been already pulled from YouTube.Original Video - More videos at TinyPicFor more HOT new gossip visit!Tina Turner photosSophia Loren photosBobby Jones photos
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Beyonce Diva Video, Full Video
2008-12-23 21:30:00
I love Beyonce 's diva video! It's just as over the top as it should be. The set pics were over the top, too. The original Diva video has been pulled from YouTube, hopefully this one will stay up for a while.For more HOT new gossip visit!Tina Turner photosSophia Loren photosBobby Jones photos
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Jamie Spears Pay, Raise for Conservatorship
2008-12-23 21:28:00
Jamie Spears will be paid $50,ooo in back pay and he was also granted office space that Britney has to pay $1,200 a month for, but that's not all! Britney also has to pay her brother Bryan Spears $200K for services he rendered prior to the time the conservatorship was established. Also, lawyer bills are approaching $1 million.Papa Spears got a raise and he will now make $16,125 a month instead of $10,000 a month. Jamie Spears went back to court to milk his cash cow claiming that he has done additional work for Britney besides controlling her every move. His duties include planning her upcoming tour.Britney should just reconcile with Daddy Dude to save her wallet. I would want my father to ask me for money directly, not take it to court. You know Papa Spears went into court airing footage from the Britney Spears documentary claiming his her chef, too, cause he be makin' his baby cheese grits.sourceFor more HOT new gossip visit!Tina Turner photosSophia Loren phot...
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Duggards Today Show
2008-12-23 16:04:00
The Duggards should be arrested for overpopulating our earth and not having enough money to adequately raise their kids. Michelle Duggard is a concubine!For more HOT new gossip visit!Tina Turner photosSophia Loren photosBobby Jones photos
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