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We watch crap so you don't have to. Reliving the finest in horror, science fiction and the obscure.
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Friday Fondue: Long Time Gone Part 1- Unfamiliar Faces
2012-05-25 16:06:00
It’s story time boys and girls! Here’s a brand spanking new serial that *may* get woven in between the ongoing episodes of “Trouble Gum” here on CF. Give this a read, if you’ve been around here for awhile, these faces may not be all together unfamiliar . Long Time Gone Part 1: Unfamiliar Faces Clomp, ...
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Maybe Next Year? ? Run for Your Lives
2012-05-18 17:25:00
This looks pretty great! Up until now…there’s no way I’d be capable of doing something like this. Now? I may be able to pull it off for next year. Check out Seems like a good intro to something like Toughmudder.
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Who?s got 2 thumbs and wore his new 2XLT shirt to work today?
2012-05-18 02:11:00
This Guuuuuuuy….. Down 37lbs, Down a shirt size, down possibly two pant sizes! This week was a twisty one. Last week, I got stuck in to a cycle of over thinking everything on the weight loss and diet front and I was getting a little obsessed and stir crazy. Thankfully, my health coach was there ...
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Mileage and Stats for Motivation
2012-05-14 16:53:00
Motivation can be a bitch some times when it comes to the exercise and dieting stuff. I’m not miserable by any means and I kind of enjoy all the exercise in general. Sometimes? Sometimes you just have one of those mornings when you wake up and you just don’t want to do it that day. ...
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The battle of the bulge?.my weight loss day.
2012-05-11 16:10:00
As you can see, I’ve been slacking off here on ye olde blog yet again, but for good reason this time. I’ve been making some pretty major changes and embarking on a long ass haul to lose weight. Some years ago, I went through some therapy to deal with a newly diagnosed anxiety disorder and ...
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Friday Fondue ? ?Hooper Charles, Esq.?
2012-04-20 15:41:00
Real life reared its ugly head this week, preventing me once again from finishing up chapter two of the “Trouble Gum” story! I know, I know, excuses and all that. But…real life is like that some times! I’m knuckling down this weekend though, hoping to knock out two chapters so we’ll be set for a ...
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Friday Fondue: ?Crowded Houses?
2012-04-13 14:32:00
This week for the writing experiment, I give you a piece of a story that’s actually been sitting around for a bit. As a long time reader of fantasy fiction…I’ve not spent much time trying to write it. So this, the story of Dega the Black, is my first attempt. There’s actually quite a bit ...
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7 of My Own Dirty Little Reading Secrets
2012-04-10 21:45:00
Over at Book Riot today, blogger Rebecca Joines Schinsky wrote a post on her 7 Dirty Little Reading Secrets and it was pretty fun. More importantly…it sounded fun to do, too! Me being as reading obsessed as I have been as of late, it sounded like a perfect idea for a blog post. So, here ...
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1951 Down Place ? ?Paranoiac?
2012-04-03 15:31:00
I’m a long time fan of Hammer as we all know. My time spent with the studio has actually been tightly focused. I love the Peter Cushing “Frankenstein” flicks, I love the Christopher Lee “Dracula Flicks” and I love anything with Ingrid Pitt. The best part of doing the 1951 Down Place podcast for me ...
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Friday Fondue: ?Troublegum?
2012-03-30 15:10:00
This week, instead of a full story, I give you part 1 in what could possibly turn into a much longer story. I think I could whip this into a novella pretty easy. Maybe it’s best to call this a tease! At any rate, it’s an experiment in a new kind of character and some ...
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It?s not quite Zen yet, but it does feel good?
2012-03-26 22:01:00
So here we sit, on the precipice of me getting the writing jones again. Many things have lead up to this; taking better care of myself, getting my thoughts in order, a want to creat, all that fancy stuff. Starting Friday Fondue last week was the first step on this continuing journey and I’m glad ...
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Friday Fondue: ?Don?t Spit Into the Wind?
2012-03-23 18:33:00
It’s Friday afternoon, you don’t want to work any more and my writing has become lazy at best. I need to knock the rust off, you need something to help pass the rest of the afternoon. “We can help each other out” is where I’m going here! In an effort to spur things writing wise, ...
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A lunch well spent?
2012-03-22 18:42:00
Man, it’s beautiful in Central Indiana here lately. Summer like, as I’m sure you’ve all heard. With my new found changes in diet and such, I’ve been making an extra effort to get outside more here as of late. Yard work, eating lunch out side, all that good stuff works wonders on the dreary winter ...
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?The Killing? makes my morning misery a little less painful?
2012-03-20 19:05:00
In the wake of myself trying to make changes for the better, I?ve taken to waking up at obscene hours of the morning and riding the exercise bike. To help pass that time, I?ve been chewing through TV series on Netflix. So far, I?ve gone through the second season of ?Supernatural? which was quite a ...
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Bowie said it best?Ch-ch-ch-changes?.
2012-03-16 15:15:00
Spring is upon us! A time for lifting spirits, a time for new growth, a time for ch-ch-ch-changes. Which is something I myself have been trying to fully embrace, i.e. making changes. Almost a year and a half go (16 months ago to be precise) I gave up the wicked temptress known as smoking and ...
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March Madness! My 2012 NCAA Tournament Bracket?
2012-03-15 19:16:00
oh god I don’t know how to do this
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I love lists! The Top 10 of my To-Read?
2012-03-13 16:45:00
I just added this one to the list this morning after reading a review over at Bookgasm. With my recent obsession with “Justified” and hearing some of my favorite podcasts discussing sphagetti western’s here lately, the idea of reading some western’s has been piquing my curiosity. Seeing as I’ve not read many (any), I figure ...
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Marvel announces new ?Augmented Reality? comics
2012-03-13 15:49:00
Marvel has had some bad PR in the news here as of late, but they’re pressing on and still trying to sell comics all the same. Recently, they’ve announced a new interactive element to their upcoming books called “Augmented Reality ”. Essentially, as you flip through the pages of that comic you just picked up from ...
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Dad and His Weird Friends Episode 8 ? Interview with Jesse Petersen
2012-03-13 02:01:00
Real life has reared it’s ugly head once again, delaying me from posting here on ‘ye olde blog’, but here we are once again! Just over a week ago, I released Episode 8 of the Dad and his Weird Friends Book Podcast, and this episode was a special one. For myself at any rate. Never ...
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The Dad and his Weird Friends Book Club on Facebook
2012-02-21 19:15:00
With the popularity of the Dad and his Weird Freinds Book Podcast on the rise, I’ve had a few people mention to me that they wished we had a message board or some place like that so people could hang out and talk about books. I tried something like that on Goodreads back when the ...
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This Week at the Criswell Podcasting Compound?
2012-02-20 17:54:00
This coming weekend, Derek, Scott and myself will be sitting down to discuss the excellent (and Ingrid Pitt-Tastic) “Vampire Lovers” over at 1951 Down Place. This was one of my first and favorite Hammer flicks, so I’m pretty excited! P.S. I won’t lie…Ingrid Pitt and Madeline Smith play a significant part in why I love ...
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1951 Down Place Declared ?Required Listening for British Horror Fans?!
2012-02-15 21:21:00
Last week, word drifted through to us that one Mr. Nigel Burton had written an article on podcasts for The Northern Echo, a newspaper in England. In the article, he spoke of two podcasts that he enjoyed, the The B Movie Cast and our own 1951 Down Place ! The article was full of high praise ...
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Two Nominations for the 10th Annual Rondo Awards!
2012-02-14 16:45:00
Last year saw the first nomination for the Bloody Good Horror Podcast in the ‘Best Horror Multimedia (Audio or Podcast)’ category and it was a pretty great honor. We worked long and hard on the show, so it felt pretty great to be honest. This past Sunday, the nominees for the Rondo Hatton Awards were ...
I?ll Be on Livestream, Thursday Night 7:30PM
2012-02-01 13:55:00
Tomorrow night, I’ll be on the Bloody Good Horror Livestream taking questions, rambling listlessly and making a spectacle of myself in general! As we lead up to the 200th episode of the Bloody Good Horror Podcast, we’ve been making an effort to go each of us on Livestream so you can get to know all ...
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1951 Down Place goes vampire hunting with ?Captain Kronos?
2012-01-31 15:09:00
It’s been some time since I’ve mentioned it last, but you may remember that I have a third podcast with my friends Brother D and Need a Nickname Scott over at Mail Order Zombie. The show is called 1951 Down Place and it’s dedicated to Hammer Horror! With the release of The Woman in Black ...
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?Pronto? Makes a Good Filler for Those Weeks Without ?Justified?
2012-01-30 17:42:00
I came to the ?Justified? party a bit late, but it didn?t take long for me to get caught up in the cult of Raylan Givens. He?s a bad ass cowboy full of swagger, stuck in modern day Kentucky. Kicking ass, taking names and making the U.S. Marshall?s resemble what they used to be back ...
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Oh Man, I Hope I?m Not in Over My Head!
2012-01-25 21:13:00
That right there, is the 41 chapters I have mapped out for a writing project. I’ve got a pretty good feeling about this one and now that I have a road map, it’s not quite so scary. All the same, this will be my biggest writing endeavor yet! Wish me luck.
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There?s No Need to Smuggle the Fact You Enjoyed ?Contraband?
2012-01-19 17:55:00
As you can see by the debris around here, I?ve kind of made it a point to step away from straight up movie reviews around here. It?s just one of those things where eventually you reach a point that watching and writing about movies starts to feel like work. I may be a special case; ...
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?Seed? by Ania Ahlborn
2012-01-13 18:48:00
Every now and then, I stumble across a book in the most unlikely of ways. If you’re a listener of the Bloody Good Horror podcast, you’ve probably heard us mention that we mess about on TheChive while recording. It’s a photo blog if you’re not familiar, filled with everything from goofy pictures to cool HD ...
Things are Starting to Percolate
2012-01-10 16:29:00
Not to get over excited…but this is the most fiction I’ve churned out in ages. Feels good too.
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