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Robin Quivers at The Comedy Central Roast for Joan Rivers
2009-08-08 04:37:00
On Sunday we are going to find out why The Comedy Central Roast for Joan Rivers , should really be called the Comedy Central Roast for Robin Quivers. Before she went to roast her good friend Joan, Robin told me she was afraid she was going to be opened really wide and boy she was. But ...
Caption Snoop Dogg!
2009-08-08 04:37:00
Splash News Online This picture of Snoop Dogg under a umbrella has Caption Me written all over it, so go ahead and do it! Winner of the last Caption The Celeb: crankston wrote for Caption Ed Westwick?BWA-HAHAHA! Thwarted! Mr Dust-bunny won?t trick and kick me in the knee again! addthis_url = ' 1673'; addthis_title ...
We start saying goodbye to Monk tonight
2009-08-08 04:37:00
Tonight at 9p it is the season premiere of USA’s Monk and it is bittersweet. It’s bittersweet because this the last season for the Emmy winning show. And even though I teared up knowing it’s the last season premiere of the show, I quickly got over that because tonight’s show is one of the best ...
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Jimmy Kimmel gives Sienna Miller’s career a lift
2009-08-08 04:37:00
Last night Sienna Miller was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! seconds before she was set to walk the red carpet for the premiere of her new movie GI Joe that was across the street from the JKL studio. So Jimmy Kimmel ’s show spent $35,000 to rent a crane so that they can give her career a ...
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2009-08-08 04:37:00
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BTWF roles: Chi McBride on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
2009-08-08 04:37:00
(starts at 10:20 in) Before Chi McBride was a Human Target Pushing Daisies, he was a DJ Pushing to talk to his Human Targets on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. What is up with that patch of hair on the 30 year old’s head in that 1992 episode? addthis_url = ' 1669'; ...
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Sing-a-long with Glee this fall
2009-08-08 04:37:00
The most sung about show this upcoming fall season is easily Glee and today the popular and talented cast and producers were in Pasadena to talk about the show we will all be singing about on Fox starting on 9/9/9! Here is what the told the choir of TV Critics at the Fox TCA day. Directors ...
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Get ready to laugh your a$$ with Fox’s Brothers on September 25th!!!
2009-08-08 04:37:00
On September 25th Fox will debut the hysterical Brothers , a story about a former-Football player who moves back to the house he bought for his parents after his manager blows all his money and has to deal with his brother who hates him because he blames him for the car accident that left him paralyzed ...
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RIP John Hughes
2009-08-08 04:37:00
John Hughes whose movies have become a rite of passage for teens since the mid-’80s passed away today from a heart attack at the way too young age of 59 according to The Hollywood Reporter. He died today while talking a walk in Manhattan. Some of the movies he is most known for are 16 Candles, ...
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Steven Tyler Walks This Way off the stage.
2009-08-08 04:37:00
Last night while performing in South Dakota, Steven Tyler fell off the stage and sustained minor injuries according to TMZ. The 61 year old rocker was performing Love in an Elevator when they had some audio problems and the Aerosmith singer was dancing to entertain the crowd when he fell off the stage backwards. He ...
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Fox will replace most likely Paula Abdul’s American Idol’s shoe
2009-08-08 04:37:00
(photo © Fox) Thirty-six hours ago Paula Abdul Tweeted that she was leaving American Idol and today two Fox Executives (Peter Rice and Kevin Reilly) had to answer what will happen to her slot on the show and what we can expect from the upcoming season on Fox!!! Here is what they said: Paula's contract was the ...
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SYTYCD winner announced tonight and the Judges talked about the show!!!
2009-08-08 04:37:00
(photo © Fox) Today is Fox's TCA day and the first panel up is So You Think You Can Dance, and Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, Mia Michaels. Adam Shankman and Cat Deeley all came out hours before the winner of SYTYCD season 5 is announced tonight at 8p on Fox. Here is a live blog of ...
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Ed Westwick better with sleeves with or without?
2009-08-08 04:37:00
Pacific Coast News Online So do you think Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick look better casual or dressed up? Such a no brainer, he looks so much better suited up! What the heck is that shirtless shirt he is wearing in the first picture? All I have to say is thnakfully Chuck Bass likes to dress to ...
Has Rosie O’Donnell gotten even bigger?
2009-08-08 04:37:00
WireImage Is it just me or does it look like Rosie O 'Donnel is the biggest we have ever seen her? And I am not talking about her ego, I am talking about her waist. While I will admit I am not a huge fan of hers, even I think she really needs to go on diet ...
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2009-08-08 04:37:00
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Jay Leno is losing pounds but will he gain viewers at 10p
2009-08-08 04:37:00
Today in Pasadena Jay Leno came out to talk about his new show The Jay Leno Show that will be premiering on NBC at 10p on September 14th. I will admit I have never really watched his show when he had it on at late night, but he won me over today. Largely because you ...
BTWF roles: Sharon Gless on The Bob Newhart Show
2009-08-08 04:37:00
(starts at 15:48 in) Before Sharon Gless was the mother of Michaels on Queer As Folk and Burn Notice, she was just a woman going on a date on The Bob Newhart Show . Wow how amazing does the 30 year old actress look with long hair in that 1975 episode? addthis_url = ...
Oops Vanessa Hudgens did it again?
2009-08-08 04:37:00
via Dlisted Vanessa Hudgens has said that she wants to shed her High School Musical image and once again she is doing it by taking pictures of her shedding her clothes. Seriously you would think after the first time she would have learned her lesson, but I guess even though her character in the popular franchise ...
Claudia Jordan at The Comedy Central Roast for Joan Rivers
2009-08-08 04:37:00
Comedy Central is going to roast Joan Rivers on Sunday at 10p, but before she got ripped a new one, one of her former-Celebrity Apprentice teammates, Claudia Jordan told me why she came out for Joan’s special night. For those of you who watched the show, you know that Joan and her didn’t get along ...
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Nation’s Pride will be crowned in gloury on August 21st!
2009-08-08 04:37:00
On August 21st Nation ’s Pride , the biggest Nazi proupaganda film in ouver 65 years will premiere at the Le Gamarr Theatre. Stolz Der Nation stars the extremely gourgeous German actor Fredrick Zoller and it is directed by the glourious Alois von Eichberg. There is so much poustive buzz about this mouvie that I read somewhere ...
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Did Kate Gosselin call off the marriage in October?
2009-08-08 04:37:00
Jon Gosselin opened to In Touch Weekly and what he is saying sheds a whole new light on when and why his marriage to Kate ended. What is the biggest difference in your life now, compared to a year ago? What is the biggest difference in your life now, compared to a year ago? ...
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Did you have as much as the girls on America’s Got Talent?
2009-08-08 04:37:00
Last night we got to see the first round of live performance on America ’s Got Talent and there were some $1 million performances that are worthy of having their own show in Vegas. I had a lot of fun watching Lake Houston Dance and Grandma Lee, but did they do enough to move on to ...
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Betty is not as Ugly this season
2009-08-08 04:37:00
Pacific Coast News Online There were rumors that Ugly Betty was going to get a makeover this season and by the looks of these pictures of America Ferrera shooting some scenes yesterday we can see the rumors are true. Gone as we know are the braces (they came off last season) and also missing are those ...
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2009-08-08 04:37:00
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Kate Gosselin would rather kiss a fish than Jon?
2009-06-01 02:21:00
Splash News Online I wonder if Kate Gosselin makes that same face when she kisses Jon??? Lucky for Jon, Kate and their 8 kids are on vacation in NC without him. I guess Jon is really the one on vacation. BTW I just got into TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 and I have to admit I totally love the show and it has nothing to do with the recent stories about them. It really is a good show.
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Mel B’s body is scary
2009-06-01 01:56:00
WireImage While Mel B’s body is amazing, to me I think it looks more like a man’s than a woman’s and that is Scary to me. Do you guys like her 6 pack abs?
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A mini-Spin City reunion
2009-06-01 01:26:00
WireImage Alan Ruck and Heather Locklear came out to support their Spin City co-star Michael J Fox who held a Summer Lawn Party for his Foundation For Parkinson’s Research. It has been 8 years since he left the show, and all 3 of them look great! I will always think Alan Ruck is cute ever since I saw him in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off!
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Scott Baio talks about the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation
2009-05-31 11:04:00
Today in LA, Scott Baio and his wife Renee’ held a Celebrity Baby Yard Sale for the charity that they started in honor of their awwwwdorable daughter Bailey . Their first event was a huge success and Scott Baio took the time to tell me about the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation ! How amazing is it what ...
Behind-the-Scenes from the Heroes’s season finale
2009-05-31 05:03:00
Adrian Pasdar aka Buckshotwon has been posting behind-the-scenes video from the season finale and it is so cool what he is sharing! We all know that Zachary Quinto’s career is hot now, so it was nice to see him on fire…literally. I love how he kept opening eyes even though he was suppose to be ...
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Game Show Awards: Cloris Leachman
2009-05-31 05:03:00
On June 6th at the Game Show Awards on GSN Cloris Leachman will team up again with Corky Ballas to do a dance number for the show and before she went in to cut a rug she talked to me. Can I tell you I interviewed Cloris just before she did Dancing with the Stars ...
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