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Latina celebrities. Mexican idols and celebrities. Features only the sexiest and most pretty actresses ever made in their country. Discusses about their life before and after reaching the magnificent life in hollywood. Actresses, models, singers an


Lorena Ochoa
2008-01-22 02:25:00
Lorena Ochoa (born in Guadalajara, Jalisco on 15 November 1981) is a Mexican golfer who plays on the U.S.-based LPGA Tour and is currently the number one ranked woman golfer in the world. She was only the second Mexican to become a member of the world's leading women's golf tour, where she quickly became one of the tour's top players and the first Mexican golfer of either gender to be ranked number one in the world.Ochoa grew up next door to the Guadalajara Country Club and took up golf at the age of five. She won her first state event at the age of six and her first national event at seven. All told as a junior she captured 22 state events in Guadalajara and 44 national events in Mexico. She won five consecutive titles at the Junior World Golf Championships and in 2000 she enrolled at the University of Arizona in the United States.She was very successful in women's collegiate golf in the next two years, winning the NCAA Player of the Year Awards for 2001 and 2002, finishing run...
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2008-01-05 14:49:00
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Laura Harring
2007-12-16 06:40:00
With an impressive body of work that encompasses film, television and theater, Laura Elena Harring is quickly emerging as one of Hollywood's most versatile and sought after talents. Harring also has a role in the darkly poetic tale, Masked and Anonymous, for director Larry Charles. The film stars a plethora of actors and actresses, including Bob Dylan, Jessica Lange, Luke Wilson, Penelope Cruz, and Jeff Bridges. Harring will also be seen opposite Dougray Scott in the independent suspense thriller, The Poet, for director Paul Hills. Harring is widely recognized for her role in David Lynch's film Mulholland Drive portraying dual roles; as Rita, an amnesia victim searching for clues to her identity and Camilla Rhodes, the classical Hollywood femme fatale. Her performance garnered critical acclaim and comparisons to Hollywood legends such as Rita Hayworth and Ava Gardner. It was for this role that Harring recently received the ALMA Award for Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture. ...
My Apology
2007-12-16 06:19:00
Hi there everybody. It's been awhile. Sorry for not having able to update my blog because of my schedule at work. I've been hired as a Software Engineer not a Web Designer thats why I'm to busy making programs to be sent to Japan. By the way, I'll be updating this blog as soon as I'm not busy. Maybe I'll update it twice a week. Is it okay with you guys?Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. More power!
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Galilea Montijo
2007-10-20 15:01:00
born June 5, 1973 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, is a Mexican actress. Mont ijo started her career when she won the contest La Chica TV in 1993. After that, she starred in several telenovelas and shows. In 2004, she participated in the reality show Big Brother VIP and ended up winning. During this time she was the girlfriend of mexican football star Cuauhtemoc Blanco. She also participated in the second season of Bailando por un Sueño (Dancing for a Dream). In 2006, Montijo starred in the Mexican telenovela La Verdad Oculta, opposite Gabriel Soto. In 2007, a sex video surfaced that featured a woman purported to be Montijo. Montijo repeatedly denied that she was the actress in the movie, assertions that proved correct when the actress in question was revealed as Latin porn star Monique Fuentes.
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Elsa Benitez
2007-10-14 09:40:00
Elsa Benítez (born on December 8, 1977) is a Mexican supermodel. Benítez was born in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, and she got her modeling start after winning an international model search, held in Costa Rica in 1995. With Linda Evangelista as one of her childhood idols, Benítez decided to follow her dream of modeling. Modeling opportunities opened up for Benítez soon after, first in Mexico, where she started out her career, and then in the United States and Europe. She become a supermodel after being chosen by photographer Steven Meisel and being featured many times on the US and Italian Vogue for Meisel's layouts. In 1996, she appeared on the cover of Vogue Italy three times in April, August and September. After signing with Elite Model Management, she then appeared on the covers of many fashion magazines, including Vogue, ELLE, Glamour, Mademoiselle, Harper's Bazaar, and Marie Claire. Benítez has also done advertising campaign work for Dolce & Gabbana, Macy's, Episode, I-N-...
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Actress Constance Marie Launches New Clothing Line
2007-10-10 05:47:00
Growing up in an artistic household, actress Constance Marie (the George Lopez show) always had to enhance the little she had to create a fabulous look. "I didn't grow up with a lot of money," she says. "But as an adult, I have been fortunate to wear the very best in clothing and I wanted all women, Latin women in particular, to experience the same thing." Enter the Constance Marie Collection, which launched in 147 Mervyn's department stores throughout the West and Southwest on Friday. With a collection that offers chic on the cheap (think low-rise jeans that provide the perfect posterior cover-up and still make you look sexy; sweaters; skirts and flirty tops in rich jewel-shade tones), she's set to bring a little sabor to the ready-to-wear world. But more than another celebrity-turned-designer, this line has a purpose. Five percent of the proceeds go toward b.i.y.a.y.c.d.a., a local charity in California, which supports children's aspirations. Here, in our exclusive interview, ...
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Eva Longoria
2007-10-07 08:04:00
Golden Globe Award-nominated American film and television actress. She plays Gabrielle Solis in the ABC television series Desperate Housewives. She has also become an internationally recognized model after appearing in several high-profile advertising campaigns and numerous men's magazines. Longoria is also known for her high profile relationship with French NBA guard Tony Parker, whom she married in 2007.Longoria Parker was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, to Mexican-American Catholic parents, Enrique Longoria Jr. (born in Rachal, Brooks County, Texas) and Ella Eva Mireles (married in Falfurrias, Brooks County, Texas). She has three older sisters: Elizabeth Judina, Emily Jeannette, and Esmeralda Josephina. The family lived and worked on farmland that had been handed down to them from past generations, but they often had very little money; Enrique and Ella struggled for many years to give their children a decent upbringing. Eva showed viewers an introspect into the hardship she faced...
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Paulina Rubio: Bordering on Superstardom
2007-10-06 16:52:00
Born in Mexico City and raised in Mexico, Los Angeles, and Spain, Paulina Rubio was no stranger to showbiz, thanks to years of traveling around with her Mexican actress mother, Susana Dosamantes. But rather than follow in mom's footsteps, Rubio charted a course for singing stardom, starting with Timbiriche (which included fellow Latina Thal?a) before moving on to a solo career with her 1992 debut album "La Chica Dorada" ("The Golden Girl"). The 22-year-old singer also dabbled in acting along the way, but the success of her recent English-language debut, "Border Girl," has convinced her more than ever to focus on her music career. "Acting was like a hobby for me, but music is my priority," she told Orcasound magazine. "I like to be myself and improvise. In acting you have to be someone else and wait hours for your call. You also have to memorize dialogue. It's not for me anymore."Daughter of Mexican actress Susana Dosamantes, Rubio was born in Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico....
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Michelle Rodriguez: Copping an Attitude
2007-10-06 16:38:00
Sure, she's tough--she's proven it repeatedly in the last 4 years, starting with her breakthrough role in the 2000 indie gem "Girlfight," and continuing with the surprise 2001 blockbuster "The Fast and the Furious," last summer's "Blue Crush," and the new police flick "S.W.A.T." But despite her reputation as a strong-willed and tenacious Hispanic woman, Michelle Rodriguez hopes to transcend her cultural origins to present a bigger picture. "Spanish people need to start writing better roles for themselves, not just roles touching on racism," she once told Interview. "We've seen those films already. We have to get past that and write films about life." In the meantime, Rodriguez is proud of what she's accomplished on-screen as an independent-minded female. "If you don't feel like playing with Barbie dolls, then don't," she says. "If you like hanging out with guys more than you like hanging out with girls, then do."when she was 11, later settling in Rodríguez was born in San Ant...
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Salma Hayek
2007-10-06 16:24:00
She's the most successful Mexican actresses to grace the modern screen, with over two dozen film appearances since her 1995 breakthrough in Robert Rodriguez's "Desperado." And with her role as artist Frida Kahlo in last year's "Frida," Hayek brought the work of an important cultural figure to a whole new audience. Though the film took nearly a decade to come to fruition and marked an epochal moment for the actress, she doesn't worry about how she can top herself. "You have a dream and think about it, you involve other people in the dream so that it becomes better, and then when it's done you put it aside and have the courage to dream a new one," she told View London. "I am not going to compare anything else with this. I will just enjoy whatever it is. That is one lesson I learned from Se?ora Frida Kahlo."An Academy Award, Golden Globe and Emmy-nominated Mexican/American actress, Daytime Emmy-winning director, and an Emmy-nominated tv and film producer. Hayek has appeared in mor...
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Daisy Fuentes
2007-10-06 16:08:00
For over a decade now, Daisy Fuentes has shown aspiring Latina entertainers how a little determination and a lot of hard work can go a long way. Born in Cuba, Fuentes moved to New Jersey at the age of 7. Her career began when she was plucked from her communications studies at college to become a news anchor for one of New York's Spanish-speaking stations. The bilingual reporter later became the first VJ to appear on both MTV and MTV Latino, where she hosted a string of programs. She's since graced dozens of magazine covers as a model and dabbled in acting, both on television ("Loving," "Cybill") and in movies ("Curdled"), all the while embracing her roots. "I truly believe that if it weren't for my Spanish heritage, I might not be doing what I'm doing. Spanish TV gave me a chance before anyone else did."Daisy Fuentes was born in Cuba, but moved to Madrid, Spain when she was three years old. Four years later, she emigrated to Harrison, New Jersey. Fuentes studied communications a...
2007-10-06 15:12:00
She's already had a string of hit albums, appeared in numerous Mexican soap operas, and created a line of clothing for Kmart. Now, with her debut English-speaking album set to storm the charts, Thal?a is poised to become the latest one-name Hispanic artist to enjoy crossover success in the U.S. Born Ariadna Thal?a Sodi Miranda, the young star-to-be made her debut with the kid group Din Din, later graduating to Mexican teen pop with Timbiriche while appearing on two of Mexico's famous telenovelas. Her first self-titled solo album was released in 1990, and in the years since, Thal?a has looked forward to the day when she could conquer the language barrier to bring her music to a wider audience. "My new album is an opportunity to expand my music, my message, and my love for life in English," she told Hispanic Magazine in June. "I feel more comfortable now, talking in English and singing in it."
Eva Mendez: Stuck on Eva
2007-10-04 14:10:00
Eva Mendes didn't set out to be an actress. In fact, the Houston-born Cuban-American beauty reportedly took her first feature-film gig to make some extra cash between semesters as a marketing major at Cal State University, Northridge. But all that changed when an agent spotted her picture at a photographer friend's house. Over the last few years Mendes has become one of the hardest-working Latinas in show business, going from appearances in videos by Will Smith and Aerosmith to sizable roles in "Training Day," "2 Fast 2 Furious," and "Out of Time." "I don't see myself as a Latin or Hispanic actress," she once told the press. "I see myself as an actress, then I happen to be Latin, and I happen to be a woman. ... But I feel I'll take on the responsibility of showing the world a whole different kind of Latin woman."Mendes was born in Miami, Florida to "lower-middle-class" Cuban-American parents and was raised in Los Angeles by her mother after her parents' divorce; Mendes has said...
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Roselyn Sanchez: Beauty Queen on the Silver Screen
2007-10-04 14:01:00
What a decade it's been for Roselyn Sanchez . Though the former Ms. America Petite had already made a brief appearance in the 1992 comedy "Captain Ron" before she won her title, the Latin lovely had no idea at the time what Hollywood had in store for her. After appearing in ill-fated series like "Fame L.A." and "Holden Caulfield: Year One," the big screen beckoned once again and Sanchez made her unforgettable breakthrough as Isabella Molinia in 2001's "Rush Hour 2." Not bad for a girl from San Juan, Puerto Rico. "I trained for many years, singing, dancing, and acting, and then started doing TV, little things here and there," she recently told "Even though the stuff I'm doing right now is relatively easy, I think in the future I would love to play things that have nothing to do with me, and that's good."Roselyn is the youngest of four siblings, having three older brothers. She received her primary education in San Juan. At a young age, she showed an interest in both dan...
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Penelope Cruz: The Spanish Enchantress
2007-10-04 13:58:00
It's too bad that actress Penelope Cruz 's career has been overshadowed lately by her relationship with that other famous Cruise, actor-boyfriend Tom. The "Madonna of Madrid" was already well on her way to stardom before the well-covered liaison began, with a list of over two dozen movie roles spanning many countries and including everything from a 1999 Span ish version of "Don Juan" to her first domestic leading-lady turn in 2000's "Woman on Top." However, the sexy 29-year-old actress has not only quickly gotten used to the spotlight, but she also takes extra care to insure that the glitz doesn't interfere with her career. "The thing that really makes me happy is the real work and rehearsing and creating the character and the process of making the movie," she told the U.K.'s Tivoli entertainment recently. "Hollywood's not real. It's about what you have become, rather than who you really are."(source: Netscape)
Shakira: Sweet Success
2007-10-04 11:06:00
She was born Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, but pop-music fans around the world know her simply as Shakira, the fiery Latin superstar who's giving Jennifer Lopez a run for her money. Born to a poor family in Colombia, Shakira grew up surrounded by a melting pot of cultural influences, from English rock to local dance music. Her intentions to become a model were sidetracked when she landed a record deal that resulted in her 1991 debut "Magica" ("Magic") at the age of 14. Today she's riding high on the success of her 2001 English-speaking hit album, "Laundry Service," while contemplating her next step in conquering the world. "I want my music to transcend all the barriers," she told Latina magazine. "The spirit of conquest is a trait that has survived in human beings from the beginning. I want it for the same reason the Spaniards wanted to come to America. You have to cross the oceans!(source: Netscape)
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Jennifer Lopez: High Life for J. Lo
2007-10-04 10:47:00
If the ever-growing number of hot Latina singers and actresses coming along ever need a queen, Jennifer Lopez will win the honor by default. The Bronx-born beauty has risen from her humble borough beginnings to international superstardom in both music and film, with three hit albums behind her and no less than four new movies due out in 2004. She's scratched her way from a booty-shakin' gig as a Fly Girl on "In Living Color" to starring roles opposite such desirable leading men as George Clooney, Sean Penn, and Ben Affleck, whom she happens to be planning to marry. Nevertheless, Lopez insists that fame hasn't changed her. "I really am the same person," she told E! "I've had some success, and I'm getting to do what I love to do. All the hype and media attention happens to be a by-product of what I do, but it's not the main focus of my life.(source: Netscape)
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