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Bheema is Vikram's up coming movieBheema photos,Bheema videos,Bheema wallpapers.
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2008-03-20 17:11:00
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Enadhuyirae - Bheema Video Song
2008-01-23 16:47:00
Bheema Song - Enadhuyirae cast-vikram, trisha, prakashraj,lakshmi gopalaswamy ...
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Bheema Videos
2008-01-23 16:39:00
Trisha with vikram and vikram taking prakashraj to see his girlfriend padma.. Bheema -Trisha introduction, vikram and trisha first meeting.
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Bheema - fight shot
2008-01-23 16:37:00
Enjoy Bheema fight shot and leave your comments.
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Vikram: I did Bheemaa for its climax
2008-01-23 15:50:00
Vikram an immensely relieved man these days. It has been too long a wait for the actor, who had his first release after three years this Pongal. After an average Majaa, Vikram wanted Bheemaa, his next film, to be special and the effort shows in the film. Trade reports carry positive tidings for this film which has been long in the making. That should be sweet news for this versatile actor as he has refused many a prospective film to dedicate time for this project. He could have made a whopping 12 crores if he had taken time off this project, he adds. Now, that is what you call dedication! The actor says that he was spellbound after hearing the climax of the movie and decided to make it really special. Despite financial losses, Vikram says that he is happy now as his performance has come in for praise from a top actor. His wife too was ecstatic about the climax of the film. Bheemaa also sees Vikram do action in the Jackie Chan,Jean Claude Van Damme mode. The amazing stunt sequences ...
Bheema Video
2008-01-21 05:18:00
This Video contains all about the movie Bheema like trailers and video songs.Check out and enjoy.
Oru Mugamo - Bheema Video Song
2008-01-21 05:00:00
Enjoy the Bheema song with and leave your comments.Enjoy the style of vikram.
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300 prints for 'Bheema'
2008-01-20 18:32:00
'Bheema ', the most anticipated movie among the Pongal releases, will run in 10 theaters in Chennai (40 shows per day). The list of the theaters: Sathyam, Inox, Abhirami, Bala Abhirami, Devi, Mayajal, Melody, Udhayam, Bharath, and Rohini.300 prints will be screened all over Tamil Nadu and 10 prints will be screened in USA.
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Vikram loses 12 crores in Bheema
2008-01-20 18:30:00
Bheema , the Vikram starrer had finally made it to the screens after a struggle of three years. While talking to the media on Bheema Cheeyan says, “When the climax scene of Bheema was narrated to me, I was dumbstruck. I agreed to act in the film just for the climax sequence. The stunt in the movie had come out very well and I have been getting accolades for my work”. According to Vikram the film was sold for 23 crores and he expects that Tanjore area alone to fetch one crore profit. While discussing about the flipside of agreeing to act in Bheema , Cheeyan says, “As I had promised that I would complete the film, I had stuck on this project for three years. As a result I had given away my salary of 1.5 crore and by not accepting any other offer I have lost ten crores. I have lost a lot in these three years mainly my mental peace”. When questioned about his future projects, Cheeyan states that he is committed to Susi Ganesan’s Kanthaswamy now, after which wil...
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Bheema Review
2008-01-20 18:17:00
Director: LingusamyCast: Vikram, Prakashraj,Trisha, Thalaivasal Vijay,Raghuvaran, Ashish Vidyarthi, Kalatpadai Jai, Tanusha 'Those who live by the sword, die by the sword', goes the caption at the end of 'Bheema '. It is nothing new; for, we have seen both the caption, and the saga of the gangster and his favourite henchman, in innumerable films earlier. It's again a sense of déjà vu for a viewer here. Bheema does begin promisingly, and manages to keep viewer's attention engaged for the earlier part. However, as the narration proceeds, the scenes turn repetitive, and the script takes a downslide from which it never recovers. Chinna is a thug, whose men are on a killing spree. But who his victims are, and what really is their crime, is a confused scenario. With Chinna's rival being Periyavar (Raghuvaran), a wobbly aging gangster who could barely speak coherently, there is not much of an intimidating opposition for Chinna. It's a further lost caus...
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BHEEMA Movie Review
2008-01-19 12:04:00
A lot has been told about the delay over Bheema . Some doomsayers even predicted that the movie would not see the light at all. But the team of Bheema was unperturbed. Vikram once said, "Bheema is a sure winner irrespective of when it comes. It is worth waiting for such a film". Now the movie has seen the light and it has vindicated Vikram’s words. The whole team deserves applaud for providing us a neat entertainer. Lingusamy, Vikram, Prakash Raj, Ashish Vidyarthi, Raghuvaran, Kanal Kannan, Harris Jayaraj, R.D. Rajasekar and S. Ramakrishnan have done their best to make it a smart and stylish action film. And you have the charming Trisha as a gentle breeze amidst a powerful storm. The story is all about a tug of war between two underworld gangs trying to outsmart each other. Periyavar’s (Raghuvaran) group is bigger and more powerful, while Chinna’s (Prakash Raj) group is struggling to gain strength. Enters Shekar (Vikram). The powerful man adds new life to Chinna’s gang....
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Ragasiya Kanavugal - Bheema Video Song
2008-01-19 12:00:00
Enjoy Bheema High Quality Video Song and leave your comments.
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Bheema Ready to Release
2008-01-11 04:48:00
The countdown has started. Bheema a, Vikram - Trisha starrer, directed by Lingusamy is all set to be released on Pongal. The censorship is over and the film is cleared without any cuts.The action packed movie, with strong emotional quotient and physiological approach towards the subject, will enthrall the audiences during the festival time.Bheema is a major release for both Vikram and Trisha. While Vikram gets a release after two years, Trisha has a release after five months. Though she had a release in 2007, the movie (Kireedom) failed to make any good for her.The release would be an exciting experience for everyone involved including the director Lingusamy and the producer A.M. Rathnam, who have been struggling to finish the movie for too long a period because of many obstacles.Now that Bheema is ready for release, everyone in the unit feels relieved. All of them are now looking forward to see how the audiences receive the film. The audiences too are very much eager to see their be...
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Bheema High Quality Trailer
2007-12-14 15:19:00
Enjoy Bheema High Quality Movie Trailer .
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Bheema Movie Preview
2007-11-15 16:52:00
Bheema is Vikram,trisha forthcomming tamil film directed by Linguswamy .Bheema hase mafia as back drop with vikram in lead along with trisha.Vikram and trisha are paring again after there super hit saamy.Prakash Raj is also playing important role in this film.Bheema will be multilanguage film will be dubbed in other languages like telugu.Trisha Kirshnan is already top one actress in telugu and vikram had 2 hits Anniyan and Majaa.Music of Bheema is again by Anniyan music director Harris Jayaraj.Vikram was series of super hit films is again doing big role in Bheema was underworls as main concept.Trisha Kirshnan is again going to rock south india with her new and much sexy looks. Vikram and trisha are names as shekar and Shalini in Film.Sherin is playing in item song.Bollywood hot actress Katrina Kiaf,Nana Patekar where planned to act in film but was later replaced by trisha and Prakash Raj.Bheema producer is one of top south indian producers A. M. Ratnam.Ratnam who produced lot of sup...
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Bheema New Wallpapers
2007-11-15 16:46:00
Bheema is coming soon.Shootting and other work of Bheema is completed.Bheema will be release soon.
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2007-10-24 11:03:00
Bheema starring Vikram and Trisha in the lead roles is to be released soon. As the post-production work is almost over, Bheema is waiting for release now. Sources say that producer A M. Rathinam is to decide the release date. Bheema is to be noted that the Vikram-Trisha duo are pairing up after the super-hit movie Saamy.
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2007-10-24 10:57:00
Vikram is an intense actor, who always strives to experiment on screen.After a tepid outing in Majaa, Vikram is all keen to make his next Bheema count. Bheema directed by Lingusamy is reportedly an action-packed masala entertainer.Once he completes Bheema, it is expected that Vikram would act in a movie which would be directed by actress Rohini.
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2007-10-24 10:46:00
Vikram's fans await with anticipation his new film Bheema . It is the coming together of the successful pair of ‘Samy’ Vikram and Trisha. Dealing with the underworld, the script has plenty of action, romance and sentiment. Shot locations of Bheema in Switzerland, New Zealand, Chennai and Madurai among other places, Bheema produced by A M Ratnam, is directed by Lingusamy.
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2007-10-24 10:20:00
Enjoy BHEEMA wallpapers and post your valuable comments.BHEEMA is vikram's up coming tamil movie with Trisha.
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Bheema Movie Preview
2007-10-24 10:10:00
Vikram is thrilled with the completion of his much-awaited Bheema . It has been quite some time since his last film Maja was released. Undeterred by the yawning gap, Vikram, says, “Bheema will more than make it up. It would be a treat for my fans, an out and out action-packed entertainer. I would rate it as the best films that I have worked so far. The storyline of director Lingusamy is pulsating.” “It is an action film shot in a stylish manner. Underworld is just a part of the story. It is a mix of action, romance and sentiments. Lingusamy deserves unstinted praise for his hard work. It is a different film and I had to do rigorous workouts for over six hours everyday to do justice to the role”, he says. Lingusamy, whose last venture Sandai Kozhi is a big success is confident of repeating the show in Bheema. As the title suggests, the hero is brawny and brainy. He fights for a cause. “We have shot song sequences in Switzerland, New Zealand and the famous Thirumalai Naicke...
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Bheema - Vikram Trisha
2007-10-16 17:40:00
Enjoy Bheema hero and heroine Vikram and Trisha 's Photos.Bheema is an up coming Tamil film.Bheema is Vikram's hopful film.Linguswamy is the director of Bheema.
Bheema Images
2007-10-12 21:05:00
Bheema is Vikram's up coming movie. Bheema photos,Bheema videos,Bheema wallpapers,Bheema images,Bheema news,Bheema pictures,Bheema mp3,Bheema previews, latest photos etc here.
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Bheema Photo Gallery
2007-10-09 18:22:00
Vikram, Trisha starring Bheema is getting final touches in post-production and is gearing to release very shortly. AM Ratnam is the producer and Linguswamy is the director of Bheema. SP Creations' Nukarapu Suryaprakasa Rao bagged the Telugu release rights of Bheema. Bheema will release as bilingual in Telugu and Tamil languages.Bheema is Vikram's very hopful film.
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Bheema High Quality Wallpapers
2007-10-09 18:04:00
All eyes are now on Vikram's Bheema . The movie featuring Vikram and Trisha in lead roles is complete.Asked about the release of Bheema, Vikram, says, “Thanks to the co-operation from the whole unit, we have completed the shooting of Bheema. It is now for the producer (A M Rathinam) to decide the release”.A M Rathinam said that Bheema will release at Deepavali.
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Bheema Video (Interview)
2007-09-26 20:18:00
Bheema has setted its release on deepavali.This is a video of an interview between Vikram and Trisha about Bheema and also some Shooting Video s of song ragasiya kanavukal.Bheema more videos uploading soon.
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Bheema Wallpapers New
2007-09-06 09:10:00
According to latest News;Bheema - Music Director: Harris Jayaraj. With this album, Harris Jayaraj stages a comeback in the Tamil music market. Unfortunately, it is not as good as the composer's other recent hits. Bheema images,Bheema news,Bheema pictures,Bheema latest photos etc here.
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Bheema Wallpapers
2007-09-06 09:04:00
Bheema is Vikram's up coming movie Bheema photos,Bheema videos,Bheema wallpapers,Bheema images,Bheema news,Bheema pictures,Bheema previews,Bheema photos,Bheema videos,Bheema wallpapers,Bheema images,Bheema news,Bheema pictures,Bheema latest photos etc here.
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High Court stays Bheema ?
2007-09-06 08:58:00
The Madras High Court has put an interim stay on the release of Vikram starred mega budget film Bheema in a case sued by a private financier against the producer of the film.Right from its launch, the film has been mired in continuous problems. At one stage, the producer A.M.Rathnam washed his hands off the project, and handed over the production in-charge to the director of the movie, Linguswamy. Sources reveal that it was the director himself who arranged finances to complete the film at one stage. Recently, the audio of Bheema was launched in a grand manner, and the director assured everyone present there that the film will be released in September end.Soon after the announcement came, actor Vijaykanth complained to the Producer's Council to stop the screening of the film until the producer Rathnam cleared his payment dues amounting to Rs.80 lakhs pending with his earlier film Dharmapuri. The negotiations are still going on in front of the Council functionaries to solve the issu...
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