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Walk Taken! features witty remarks, anecdotes and catchphrases on a variety of topics such as celebrity scoop, the news, movie-cd reviews, etc. Something may be so ridiculous that you may have to literally walk out the building or yell out Walk Taken
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Under Construction
2007-10-02 22:44:00
Walk Taken! is currently undergoing a format change. Please check back with us in a few weeks. We appreciate your patience and apologize for the inconvenience. Walk on you soon!
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It?s A Boy for Usher and Tameka
2007-09-28 06:40:00
It’s a boy for Ush and Meke-Meke. Ush is ecstatic about his first son and wants him to be fully coherent and healthy. And Tameka is craving ice and is hoping to have a natural birth. She says, “I feel beautiful. I eat ice all day - it’s a weird thing, but ...
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Jena 6 Update: Mychal Bell Released on Bail
2007-09-28 06:04:00
Good news! Mychal Bell , the black teen accused of beating his white classmate was released from custody today after a juvenile court judge set his bail at $45,000. Supporters raised this money from the protests last week. He is the last of the Jena 6 in jail. His bail was previously set ...
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Is Hip Hop Really To Blame??
2007-09-28 00:18:00
BET aired a two part special this past week titled “Hip Hop vs. America”. The show was a two part special that featured panelists such as Melyssa Ford, T.I., Nelly, Al Sharpton, Benny Boom, MC Lyte, and Master P who weighed in on whether or not they felt hip hop lyrics really had an impact ...
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Justin Timberlake Remix feat. Beyonce
2007-09-27 23:54:00
Check out the official remix of Justin ’s song Until The End of Time featuring Beyonce . Let us know what you think.
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Flavor Flav and His 7th Child
2007-09-26 18:37:00
Here’s the documented evidence that this man has procreated once again! Take a look at Flavor Flav, his son and wife in these photos. What is it about Flav that allows him to get on top of so many women out here? I mean, the mother is no runway ...
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Beyonce?s New AMEX Commercial
2007-09-25 02:25:00
Check out Beyonce ’s new American Express commercial that we mentioned back in August. You know Mat ‘n Tina made appearances in it, as well as Solange, cousin Angie and a mention of Baby Daniel. The family that plays/prays/sleeps/eats/spends every waking moment together STAYS TOGETHER! The commercial is pretty cool and for once ...
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Missing Woman: Nailah Franklin
2007-09-25 00:29:00
I know that we do not normally post things of this nature, however it is extremely important to spread the word as much as we can in hopes that they will be able to find her alive and well. 28 year old Nail ah Franklin , an Eli Lilly pharmaceutical rep and Chicago resident, has been missing ...
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In Stores: Sept. 25th
2007-09-24 23:21:00
I know it’s been awhile since we posted new album releases but it’s been a minute since something good came out. Jill Scott-The Real Thing: Words & Sounds Vol. 3 Keyshia Cole-Just Like You Queen Latifah-Trav’lin Light Jagged Edge-Baby Making Project Check out a free sampler of Jill’s latest album. You can also check out the entire Jagged Edge ...
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Nicole Richie Preggy Photo
2007-09-24 03:41:00
Nicole Richie spotted vacationing in Hawaii Looks like lil’ Nicky may actually be feeding that baby. Her arms don’t look as skeletal as they usually do. Hope she stays this weight after the baby because that Kate Moss/Ashley Olsen size is not a good look.
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Mariah to Women: ?Embrace? Your Natural Physique
2007-09-24 03:18:00
The “Emancipated” Mimi vs. Mariah au naturel Calling all women! Mariah Carey, your idol and role model, is now encouraging you to “embrace” your natural physique. Mimi showed off a leaner look at a recent VH1 Save The Music function (left pic), which is all well and good, even though she ...
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2007-09-21 06:31:00
I just wanted to share a couple dumbass quotes that a black man actually spoke on regarding the events that led up to the Jena Six incident and the aftermath on a CNN program that covered the full story, who happens to be the U.S. attorney for the Western District of Louisiana, Donald Washington. ...
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Dan Rather Told the Truth About Bush and Got Himself Fired As Anchor
2007-09-21 05:11:00
As if I wasn’t already enraged about Jena Six, then I hear Dan Rather discussing his story on Larry King. Dan Rather is suing CBS, Viacom and three other former parent companies $70 million for making him step down as anchor from “CBS Evening News” after 24 years of service in 2005 for simply ...
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New Jigga Album: November 6th
2007-09-20 15:08:00
I guess the recent mega-success of Kanye’s album (957,000 copies sold in one week) has pumped Jay-Z to drop yet another album. The new album, American Gangster, drops Tuesday, November 6th. The first single, Blue Magic, is set to make its debut today on radio stations around the country. Now if anyone knows me, they ...
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Upcoming Female Battle: Mary Vs. Mariah
2007-09-19 06:12:00
In case you hadn’t had enough of the battles. The rumor mill is saying that there will be an upcoming female battle between R&B divas Mary J. Blige and Mariah Carey. This should be very interesting. A few years ago I would have put my money on Mariah because she seemed to ...
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?They? Throwin? The Book At O.J.
2007-09-19 05:41:00
It’s pay back time for alot of folks who are still pissed about O.J. Simpson getting off almost 15 years ago. The Las Vegas Prosecutors office has added kidnapping and conspiracy to commit kidnapping to the armed robbery charges which means that worst case scenario O.J. could be lookin’ at life in prison. Although O.J. ...
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I Want To Be Like Mommy ..
2007-09-18 22:36:00
HOLLA OUT LOUD WHILE I EXIT THE PREMISES!!! This is what our children, OUR FUTURE, are aspiring to be when they get older. Don’t get mad when your daughter comes home lookin’ like Diamond from The Player’s Club. You weren’t setting the example, checking her homework and catching this mess. I ...
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Heisman Dance
2007-09-18 16:46:00
“Do the Heisman on that ho”. Only one word can describe this: UGLY! I’m from Cleveland, where we share the title with Detroit for line dance capital of the world, but I can’t support this. Also, join me for a group walk on the three dudes on the clip.
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Guess OJ Won?t Get Off This Time
2007-09-18 14:41:00
Orenthal J Simpson was arrested over the weekend for armed robbery. Simpson has since been sitting in isolation in a Las Vegas jail. He has openly admitted that he went to get his memorabilia that was stolen from him. Well apparently someone who was at the scene of the robbery recorded a snippet of it ...
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Anti-War Protests in D.C. This Weekend
2007-09-17 00:46:00
HOLLA OUT LOUD at this demonstration sign somebody created! If you missed the news, there were a couple of Iraq war protests in Washington, D.C. this weekend. The ANSWER Coalition, which stands for Act Now to Stop War and End Racism, hosted an anti-war rally at Lafayette Square across the street from the White House. ...
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Britney Spears to Pay Alimony until Death or Remarried
2007-09-17 00:08:00
Britney Spears has agreed to pay K Fed $20,000 per month beginning November 1st in alimony until one of them dies or he gets remarried. It is reported that Britney earns an estimated $737,868 a month. Oh somebody is a real lie! I wouldn’t have agreed to that, because he did not ...
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Erykah Badu Is On Some Next Lifetime Ish?
2007-09-15 00:48:00
Why Erykah why?? I just don’t know who is worse these days, her or Lauryn. Ms. Badu, when exactly did this style come out?? She is looking like a complete fool. I don’t support this Laverne & Shirley/Happy Days wiggy that she rocking. Plus those glasses, she can’t be serious. I am outdone. But you ...
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Jena 6 Update!
2007-09-15 00:26:00
I am pleased to announce a little bit of good news. Mychal Bell’s aggravated second degree battery conviction was thrown out by a Louisiana court of appeals. As you all know Bell was 16 when the fight happened. He was then tried as an adult and convicted. Bell, who was in jail since the conviction, ...
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Verdict Is Nearing: Kanye VS. 50 Cent
2007-09-14 04:21:00
Kanye (l) and 50 Cent (r) on 106 N? Park on Tues. Guess who?s running around with the hurt face making excuses as to why he came in second? Noneother than 50 Cent . Kanye?s album is running circles around 50?s. To date Kanye?s album Graduation has sold about 200,000 more albums that 50?s album Curtis. 50?s ...
More About: Verdict , Verdi , Kanye
Kim Porter on Diddy and Admits He Has Love Child
2007-09-14 03:39:00
Kim Porter on Essence cover Kim Porter gives Essence magazine the low-down on her and Diddy in the upcoming October issue of Essence. Read a few excerpts below. ESSENCE: After our last article (?No Ordinary Love ”, Essence, December, 2006), some readers responded by saying Sean was disrespecting you by not getting married. They said you ...
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Verdict is in: Kanye VS. 50 Cent
2007-09-14 01:44:00
Kanye (l) and 50 Cent (r) on 106 N’ Park on Tues. Guess who’s running around with the hurt face making excuses as to why he came in second? Noneother than 50 Cent . Kanye’s album is running circles around 50’s. To date Kanye’s album Graduation has sold about 200,000 more albums that 50’s ...
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Toe-sucking Mugger?? WTF!
2007-09-13 04:42:00
Stoney Caldwell please get yo cousin because this fool is clearly out of line! Dear old Carlton Davis of Minnesota decided to mug a lady but add a little twist to it. After he took her cell phone and purse, he then demanded that she take off her shoes so that he could suck her ...
Support Jena 6: Wear Black on 9/20/07
2007-09-13 04:31:00
First off I want to apologize for just now posting this information. I am sure that you all are very aware of the foolishness going on down in Jena, LA. Well one of the young men, Mychal Bell, will receive his sentencing on 9/20/07. Syndicated radio host Michael Baisden has spearheaded a peaceful march and ...
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New Couple Alert: Gabrielle & Luda
2007-09-13 04:30:00
It’s been a minute since we put a new couple on blast. Anyway sources are saying that rapper/actor Luda cris and actress Gabriel le Union are booed up! Since Gabby has gotten that divorce ole girl has been kicking it, but hey I am not mad at her. Do your thing! Luda has definitely upgraded himself since ...
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Trick Daddy Got Buck In the Club
2007-09-12 18:17:00
Trina’s mentor (walk taken!), Trick Daddy , was arrested early Tuesday morning after a fight in a Miami strip club. Trick, (government name: Maurice Young), was charged with disorderly intoxication and resisting arrest. When the Po-Po got to the club, Trick was threatening the staff and clearly drunk. As you can see from ...
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