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Celebrity news and gossip written by famed celebrity photographer James Edstrom in Times Square New York City. All the up to the minute gossip on one page.
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2008-05-06 01:28:00
Hollywood star Denise Richards fired her nanny because she spoke very bad of her ex-husband in front of the couple?s young daughters.Despite the bitter divorce and custody battle with ex-husband Charlie Sheen, she insists no one in her employ speaks critically about her girls? father when they?re in earshot. Richards says, "I actually fired a nanny once, for bashing Charlie in front of the girls."Charlie is their dad, so if I insult their father it?s an insult to them. I don?t want them ever to feel torn between the two of us." Richards only regrets the former couple can no longer be friends.She tells Redbook magazine, "Charlie is truly a stranger to me, and that?s the really sad part."I know many people who have gotten divorced and remained good friends, and I envy that because it?s obviously much healthier for the kids than our situation."But I?ve always tried to handle this respectfully. If you go back and try to dig up quotes about what I?ve said, there?s not a lot out there."
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2008-05-06 01:10:00
Television star Sarah Jessica Parker is glad her Sex And The City co-star Kim Cattrall canned plans to make the movie when the show ended in 2004, because now they have a better film as a result. Cattrall reportedly demanded more money and creative control, forcing a stalemate with producers who were unwilling to consent to her demands. But four years on, the two parties have successfully negotiated terms and the Sex & The City Movie is now about to hit movie screens worldwide. Parker refused to speak out about the row at the time, but insists Cattrall had every right to ask for more cash and control. She says, "If I had thought it was any of my business at the time, what I would have said is, ?Isn?t it OK for Kim to think that the money wasn?t right??" And she insists the movie is better because of the four year time gap: "Perhaps she (Cattrall) was some kind of emotional psychic, because this way we made a better movie."
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2008-05-05 09:28:00
Miley Cyrus Teenage superstar Miley Cyrus used her guitar to get her through her the media backlash over a controversial photo shoot for Vanity Fair magazine.The 15-year-old Hannah Montana star hit the headlines when a provocative photo from photographer Annie Leibovitz appeared online. But the singer claims she got over the intense media hounding by seeing refuge in her favorite instrument and is hailing music as her "therapy". She says, "My guitar is like my best friend. My guitar can get me through anything. If I can sit down and write an amazing song with my guitar about what?s going on in my life, then that?s the greatest therapy for me."Photos By: InHousePhoto/Christopher Peterson/BuzzFoto
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2008-05-05 09:19:00
Simon CowellAmerican Idol and Britains Got Talent judge has been awarded a privilege usually awarded only to members of the British royal family and eminent politicians. Now he can now park his car wherever he likes. Cowell is reported to have insisted on having a parking space for his Rolls Royce outside every theatre holding auditions for the hit reality television show, as he doesn?t want to be mobbed by fans and the paparazzi. According to British newspaper The Sun, officials in Birmingham, England agreed to dig up concrete bollards to let him park on the pavement outside one theatre, and when the show went to the Hackney Empire, East London, Cowell was given special permission to use the Mayor?s spot. A source tells The Sun, "He hates walking anywhere and the idea of being mobbed fills him with fear. So we contacted all the relevant councils and asked them if they could make a special dispensation."It wasn?t always easy as only the (British royal) Queen (Elizabeth II) and senio...
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2008-05-05 08:19:00
Liv Tyler Liv Tyler arrives on set with her son Milo and her Cavalier King Spaniel named Neal for a Nintedo commercial shoot the other day in New York City's West Village . Liv looks like a little rock 'n' roller with a little grunge in her outfit and a green parker, navy turtle neck and black tights matched with Ray Ban style glasses. Little Milo looks alot like his grandfather Aerosmith star Steven Tyler. He has the same lips and looks like he's ready to sing. We think theres going to be another Rock And Roll star in this family. Like always, Liv smiled for our photographer and went on her way. We always love a great well behaved celebrity. Smile and pose and everyone is happy. And what a beautiful day in the city packed with stars and movie crews filming. New York City is the only place where every few blocks you can run into just about anyone.Photos By: Christopher Peterson/BuzzFoto
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2008-05-05 07:42:00
Jessica Simpson Jessica Simpson and her hairdresser Ken Paves had dinner at Mr. Chows last evening in Beverly Hills, California. The blonde signer was dressed to be noticed in a bold patterned dress with a bright yellow scarf and she looked fat. Jessica, what are you doing? You need a bigger limo to get you around. Our Buzz Foto co-owner Brad Elterman said these remind him of the famous shots that photographer Ron Galella took of Liz Taylor incredibly large at Studio 54 in New York City. We think that you should stop hanging out with your hairdresser all the time and start bringing a fitness guru to clubs. Maybe then you would be able to fit in your limo. If it makes you feel any better, we love your outfit. The bag is great for shop lifting. I'll tell Winona Ryder ! Jessica Simpson Is A fashion Winner ThoughPhotos By: COP/BuzzFoto
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2008-05-05 07:30:00
Singing star Ashanti is saving up her money so she can retire and play mom to 12 children. The hit singer who is dating rapper Nelly, admits to having motherhood on her mind, but she wants to amass a small fortune before she becomes a mom, so she can be comfortable financially.The talented star holds back on buying expensive treats and instead saves the millions she gets from her film and music careers for her dream. She says, "I need, like, 12 (kids)? I love kids. I definitely want to get married? I?m so family oriented. I want the big wedding, I want the long marriage, I want kids."(But) I?ve got to stack my cheese a little bit more? I want to be able to bring my kids into the world nice and comfortable." Ashanti tells Sister 2 Sister magazine she?s taking time to learn about how to become a successful businesswoman. She adds, "First of all, you have to read everything. If you can?t then you hire someone that you can trust that can help you read every single contract."It?s all abo...
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2008-05-05 07:24:00
Singing boxer star Oscar De La Hoya is back in contention for a major fight honor after defeating Stevie Forbes in an unanimous decision at the end of a 12-round contest in Carson, California on Saturday night. More than 27,000 boxing fans filled the Home Depot Center, where David Beckham plays his soccer for the L.A. Galaxy to watch Mexican De La Hoya box. Sylvester Stallone and Tobey Maguire were among the celebrity fans in the audience, while Pussycat Dolls star Nicole Scherzinger stunned with a spectacular version of the American National Anthem before the fight.De La Hoya now hopes for a rematch of the most lucrative fight in boxing history as he challenges Floyd Mayweather Jr. to join him in the ring next September.
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2008-05-05 06:10:00
An agressive celebrity photographer was escorted from Saturday?s Florida Marlins baseball game for getting too close to former star Jennifer Aniston . The unnamed snapper had to be warned by officials to keep his distance when the nervous ex. Friends star, who was shooting a scene for her new movie Marley & Me during the game, told police she was worried about him. And when he failed to take notice, cops physically removed him from the stadium, according to TMZ. No charges were filed.Editors Note: Amazing how everyone kisses up to celebrities. We wonder how many fans were treated this bad !
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2008-05-05 06:07:00
Heidi Montag And Spencer PrattReality television star Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag were among the celebrities left heartbroken and stunned at the end of the 134th running of the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, when a horse was euthanised in front of them.Filly Eight Belles had to be put down after she collapsed on the Churchill Downs track.The horse broke both her front ankles after coming in second to red-hot favorite Big Brown.
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2008-05-05 06:06:00
Elle MacPhersonModeling icon Elle MacPherson has put her London mansion on the market.The Aussie supermodel has been living in the seven-storey Notting Hill home since splitting from her partner Arpad Busson in 2006. MacPherson put the property, which features a pool and a ballroom, on the market last week and insiders claim she?s now planning to return home to Sydney.
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2008-05-05 06:05:00
Hollywood star Isabella Rossellini is celebrating after a Labrador she has nursed labor gave birth to nine puppies.The actress guide dog guest went into labor on Friday and the actress was left speechless when, one by one, the babies were born. She says, "She (mother) is yellow but all the puppies are black." The entire litter will be trained to become guide dogs.Rossellini volunteers for the Guide Dog Foundation, and helps to train dogs to become the eyes of blind people by taking them to restaurants and on the underground in New York City, where she lives. She says, "I also make my house available for mama dogs to have their puppies and be with me for two months." The actress admits she was a little nervous when the dog labor began because she was at home all alone, and had to call for delivery advice. She also adds, "The first one (puppy) I was there by myself? I called (the Guide Dog Foundation) and said, ?What do I do?? and they said, `You have to cut the umbilical cord.? "I cu...
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2008-05-05 06:03:00
Katie HolmesKatie Holmes is fueling reports that she?s heading to Broadway for a new stage role after she and hubby Tom Cruise were spotted at the theatre in New York City on Saturday night. The couple attended The Country Girl at the Bernard B Jacobs Theatre after dining with Jerry Seinfeld?s wife Jessica in the Big Apple. Holmes has been linked to a starring role in family drama All My Sons.
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2008-05-05 06:01:00
Avril Lavigne Pop singer Avril Lavigne is cancelling another six dates of her North American tour, because acute laryngitis has robbed her of her voice.Lavigne cancelled dates in Anaheim and San Diego, California and Phoenix, Arizona last week as she battle throat problems.While sound checking for the billed Anaheim show on Saturday night, Lavigne realized the show couldn?t go on.
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2008-05-05 06:00:00
Jennifer Lopez Wedding Hollywood director Robert Luketic was left red-faced after turning up to singer Jennifer Lopez's wedding in casual shorts and flip-flops.In an effort to keep the event unpublicized, Lopez told guests invited to her 2004 nuptials to singer Marc Anthony the event was just an "afternoon party". And the trick worked, as filmmaker Luketic, who directed Lopez in Monster-in-Law, was clueless as to the gathering?s real purpose.He recalls, "She told me it was a barbecue because she didn?t want anyone to know about it."Being the nice Aussie boy I am, I thought I?d bring a bit of BYO (bring your own alcohol) and wear my summer clothes. I turned up to this mansion on Mulholland, walked in the living room and all her family and everyone was there."I remember storming into the bedroom and saying, ?You told me it was a barbecue,? as J-Lo was slipping into her wedding dress."
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2008-05-05 03:55:00
The Beatles The world has the end of mandatory national service in Britain thanks to the Beatles, according to icon Ringo Starr.The drummer insists the U.K.?s pop and rock explosion in the 1960s all happened because teenagers no longer had to join the Army. Starr explains, "We were the first generation that didn?t go into the army. I missed the call up by, like, 10 months, and so we were allowed, as these teenagers, not to be regimented and turn into these musicians." And the rocker admits he was a hopeless drummer when he first started out.In an interview with fellow rocker Dave Stewart on television show On The Record, Starr recalled, "The first band I was in you were in if you had an instrument; it wasn?t a requirement to be able to play? and I couldn?t play."I?d got this kit of drums, I had no sense of time. I was just hitting these things and going faster and faster? That?s how I started."
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2008-05-05 03:29:00
Tom Hanks Hollywood star Tom Hanks is the next to offer his support to U.S. presidential hopeful Barack Obama in the form of an endorsement video on his page.The actor joins celebrities like Jessica Alba, Will Smith and Oprah Winfrey in going public with his hopes of getting Obama in the White House. In his homemade video, double Oscar winner Hanks says, "I?m Tom Hanks and I want Barack Obama to be the next President of our country." He then jokes, "As an official celebrity, I know my endorsement has just made your mind up for you."
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2008-05-04 22:51:00
Heidi KlumProject Runway and modeling star Heidi Klum served up a very sweet treat for pal Spice Girl Victoria Beckham's recent 34th birthday. She gave Victoria a year's supply of the former Spice Girls star's favorite cupcakes. A cupcake from Los Angeles California's famous Sprinkles store will be delivered to Beckham's Beverly Hills home every Friday for a year. A source tells In Touch magazine, "It will cost Heidi around $2,000."
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2008-05-04 22:48:00
Hollywood star Rob Lowe's wife Sheryl is blasting the family's former nanny who has charged her with sexual harassment, calling the action "deeply offensive." Laura Boyce, who worked for the Lowe family last year, has accused Lowe of creating an "extremely sexually offensive and hostile work environment," claiming her former boss quizzed her about the size of her African American boyfriend's penis and regularly paraded around the family home naked. She filed papers in Los Angeles California on Wednesday and staged an emotionally charged press conference with her lawyer Gloria Allred on Thursday to address her accusations. But Sheryl Lowe is fighting back. In a fiery statement, she says, "As a mother of two young boys, it is sickening and disgusting that Mrs. Allred and Ms. Boyce would stoop so low as to drag a child into this latest, baseless, predatory lawsuit. "The charges against me are lies meant to embarrass and humiliate. I find it deeply offensive the false allegation that...
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2008-05-04 22:42:00
Gender bender singer Marilyn Manson's brand of absinthe is so strong, that his own girlfriend avoids drinking it at all costs. Star Evan Rachel Wood celebrated her 20th birthday with the rock star by taking shots of Manson's personal brand called Mansinthe, his own version of the beverage that was banned in the United States until last year. She says, "For my birthday, I did one shot to try it, and that was it. I was drunk immediately. "Being who he is, Manson wanted to make it as strong as it could possibly be, so it's got the highest amount of wormwood that you can have legally. One shot of it, and you're out for the night. Three shots of it, and you're dead."I think he agrees with me; you can't drink Mansinthe every day."
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2008-05-04 22:14:00
Pete Doherty Drug addict Pete Doherty has been granted early release from jail, and he will walk free on this Tuesday. The Babyshambles singer and ex. boytoy of model Kate Moss, was jailed for 14 weeks last month for "breach of time-keeping, non-compliance of his order and using different drugs." But now the star is now set to be released after serving just 28 days of his sentence, which has been halved and a further 18 days deducted as part of a scheme introduced last summer to ease huge prison overcrowding. He also gets another two days taken off for time spent in police custody. Doherty was forced to postpone a solo show at London's Royal Albert Hall on April 26 and scrap his appearance at the Love Music Hate Racism benefit in the British capital on April 27. But his release means his planned performance at Britain's famous Glastonbury Festival in June should go ahead as planned.
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2008-05-04 22:07:00
Singing star Usher is blasting celebrities who strike million-dollar deals for exclusive baby pictures, insisting he would never use his child to make any money.Usher was rumored to have attempted to sell pictures of his five-month-old son, Usher Raymond V, with wife Tameka Foster. But Usher is adamant he would never follow in the footsteps of new parents Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Richie and Christina Aguilera, all of whom appeared on magazine front covers holding their offspring in return for a huge sums of money.Usher has instead decided to pose for free on the cover of a special Father's Day edition of Essence magazine. He tells the New York Post's Page Six, "In no way would I ever pimp out my child for money. I am livid that people talk about my child."What makes you a man more than being a father to your child? I recognize I gave anonymity away when I became an artist, but to have people try to paint a horrible picture of what's so beautiful -- it's obvious someone is trying t...
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2008-05-04 21:53:00
Hollywood star Katie Holmes hates the constant media attacks on her marriage to actor Tom Cruise, insisting it is not fake marriage at all.The actress has been the center of media attacks since she began dating Cruise in early 2005. But she has hit back at the gossip press for printing lies about her family, branding it a load of [bleep]. She tells Vanity Fair magazine, "I do know what is being said in the press. This is my family, and I do care about them. The stories are not okay. It eats away at me. "Some of the crap that's out there -- it's really frustrating the amount of [bleep] that's out there!'"
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2008-05-04 21:47:00
Tom Cruise Hollywood star Tom Cruise says his couch-jumping on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" seemed to set off a "confluence" of bad publicity for him, but he's not sure he would take it back if he could."That was a moment, and it was real, and I don't know if I would (do it differently). I really don't," Cruise said during an hour long interview with Winfrey taped at his Telluride, Colo. home. During the show broadcast Friday, Cruise said his antics on Winfrey's show three years ago were an authentic way of expressing his feelings for Katie Holmes. Holmes, now his wife, welcomed Winfrey to the couple's home at the beginning of the show. She then left Cruise to conduct a tour, which included a peek at daughter Suri's playrooms, the home's kitchen, Cruise's collection of bound film scripts, and stunning views of snow-topped mountains.Winfrey and a subdued, jeans-wearing Cruise conducted the interview on an overstuffed couch in the family's living room.About a month after his last ...
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2008-05-04 21:40:00
Amy WinehouseAmy Winehouse leaves her home the other day in London England. Is Amy back off to Rehab ? We keep hearing that she is, but she still is running around wild and the paparazzi are having a field day with her. Best thing Amy could do is to check herself into a place that will really help her for a few months. Could this talented singer be the next Janis Joplin?Photo By: PKP/43288/BuzzFoto
2008-04-16 01:25:00
Spiderman star Tobey Maguire's publicist is denying he is to become a dad again. In Touch magazine claimed the scoop as a "world exclusive" on Today, but Maguire’s people have been quick to rebuff rumors that his wife Jennifer Meyer are expecting the couple’s second child later this year. A representative states, "This is 100 per cent false." But an insider has told In Touch the McGuire's always planned to have another child within two years of the birth of their daughter, Ruby, who is now 17 months old, and the couple is "over-the-moon happy" with the baby news.The friend adds, "Jen’s doing great. She had an easy pregnancy last time around, so this time it should also be a breeze… They want at least three kids."
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2008-04-16 00:57:00
****TRAVEL****Opus Hotel 10 Sherbrooke OuestMontréal, Québec H2X*** * The Opus Hotel The highly anticipated restaurant and bar, Koko, in Montreal is set to open its doors on Friday, May 9, 2008 in Montreal’s newest boutique experience - the ever chic Opus Hotel. Situated at the corner of the fashionable Sherbrooke and St. Laurent intersection, Koko Restaurant & Bar blends urban glamour with modern Asian cuisine in a theatrical, 9,000 square feet setting that is destined to be the venue of choice for the stylish and sophisticated crowd.With a name that winks at European glamour [the divine Coco Chanel] and nods to its Eastern influence [Koko is Japanese for ‘here’], Robert Bailey, the designer behind Vancouver’s award-winning Opus Hotel, has procured iconic furnishings from local artisans and international designers to bring the building’s avant-garde setting to life. The main dining room, illuminated by massive glittering chandeli...
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2008-04-16 00:47:00
NY Giants Super Bowl XLII hero, wide receiver David Tyree is hosting this summer’s 4th Annual Hampton's Golf Classic to benefit the Make -A-Wish Foundation. The event takes place on June 23rd, 2008 at The Hampton's Hills Golf & Country Club and will honor both marketing strategist Neal Sroka of Douglas Elliman Worldwide LLC and Joe Farrell of Farrell Builders.Last year’s event was a star studded affair with Kelsey Grammer, Lorraine Bracco, Russell Simmons, Billy Crudup, Tommy Hilfiger and James Gandolfini in attendance. The event annually attracts Titans of Industry, entertainment moguls and the A-list of Hampton’s Socialites.Hampton's Golf Classicwww.hamptonsgolfclassic.comMake A Wish
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2008-04-15 23:40:00
****AROUND TOWN WITH MARCY MCDONALD****Photos By: Ann Watt**** Supermodel Christine Brinkley Lauren Bush And Sharon Bush**** A Gathering of Eagles comprised of a complete cross-section of social/economic New York met for the first annual luncheon (and don't forgot the 'educational panel' to benefit the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York (NOFA-NY). NOFA-NY a not-for-profit education and advocacy organization dedicated to establishing economically viable local organic agriculture. Which just goes to show what Christie Brinkley was doing, waxing lyrical with Poet/Farmer Scott Chasky of Quail Hill on Long Island. Lauren Bush and acolyte Lauren Remington Platt (yet another brain with great legs: a university grad now into modeling and philanthropy) came with their United Nations FEED bags, going global with their vow to end starvation while grazing among farmers, gardeners and consumers toasting one another with organic wine while working to create an accessible, region...
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2008-04-15 19:23:00
MadonnaSuperstar Madonna's hometown wants her back, so officials there can give her the key to the city.Charles Brunner, the Mayor of Bay City, Michigan, wants to honor the Material Girl in front of her family and hometown friends, and he has approached the pop star’s dad to help him in his quest. According to reports, Brunner wants Madonna’s homecoming to be a big celebration, featuring local bands and the unveiling of a statue in the singer’s likeness.
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