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Our Bollywood covers all the latest happenings in Bollywood and doesnot indulge in tabloid journalism. It has gained popularity because its tendency to put all the latest happenings in the business world first.
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Sridevi Says No to Boney Kapoor
2008-07-28 12:17:00
According to the grapevine, Yash Chopra’s dream to cast Amitabh Bachchan and Sridevi together remains a pipedream. The Bollywood diva has turned down Chopra (something unheard of) and even Amar Singh was roped into to convince the Kapoors. Apparently its hubby Boney Kapoor who doesn’t want wife Sridevi to act since he wants her comeback in one of his home productions.Says an industry insider:“After a few days, Yash and Sridevi's husband Boney Kapoor had a chat about this film. Boney told Yash that he too was keen to re-launch his wife Sridevi in his own production and it would be better if Yash cast some other actress instead.”
Video: Katrina Talks About Salman And Akshay
2008-07-24 12:06:00
Here is a short snippet of Katrina Kaif talking about Salman and Akshay Kumar.
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Imran Opposite SRK in My Name is Khan?
2008-07-24 12:04:00
Rumor has it that current heartthrob Imran Khan will star opposite Shahrukh Khan in Karan Johar’s MY NAME IS KHAN. Imran will be playing a pivotal part, which was initially going to be essayed by Ranbir Kapoor.
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Kismet Konnection Movie Review
2008-07-21 11:55:00
Film Critic Subhash K Jha lavishes praise on Aziz Mirza’s Kismet Konnection and here are some excerpts from  his review:In one of the gloriously gossamer moments in the film, the 'hero', a harassed working-class entity and the kind of bereft soul you would immediately recognize if you've grown up watching Aziz Mirza's working-class romances, with one of his shoes in hand looks up in the sky and says with a stifled sob, "I give up."Fortunately God isn't listening when Raj Malhotra wants out. Imagine what we would do if the working-class hero stumbled and fell. Kismat Konnection is one of the sweetest and most endearing romantic comedies in recent times.Its beauty and charm lie in its truthful and transparent depiction of life on the green but thirty side of the lawn. Mirza sprinkles the frames with soft satiny whispering waves of undulating emotions. There are many moments in this boy-meets-girl saga that spread a warm sunshine across your heart.
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Video: Teri Orr from Singh is Kinng
2008-07-21 11:24:00
Check out the video of Teri Orr, which is a romantic number from Singh , is Kinng.
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Video: Trailer of Chandni Chowk To China
2008-07-21 11:23:00
Chandni Chowk To China to looks like another rib-ticking movie from Akshay Kumar and here is an exclusive sneak peak.
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Salman and SRK Fight Over Aishwarya!
2008-07-21 11:22:00
The scene is out of a typical Bollywood flick and the protagonists are the 3 Khans. Rumor has it that SRK and Salman got into a war of worlds at Katrina’s birthday. Sources say that Shah Rukh made an off-colour joke about ex Aishwarya , which the gallant Salman didn’t enjoy. An ugly spat followed and SRK with wife Gauri in tow left the party.
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Images: Snoop Doggy Dog, Dons A Pagri, Dances With Akshay
2008-07-21 11:19:00
They make an unlikely pair however we bet that they will set the screen on fire together. We are talking about Snoop Doggy Dog and apna Akshay Kumar who will shaking a leg together for Singh is King.The pagdi duo looks quite cool.  
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Video: Trailer of God Tussi Great Ho
2008-07-17 14:03:00
Check out the video trailer of God Tussi Great Ho which stars Amitabh Bachchan along with Salman and Rani. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the movie has been inspired by Bruce Almighty.
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Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Abhishek Bachchan in the FORBES List
2008-07-17 14:00:00
NEW YORK: After the business titans like Ambanis and Mittals, it is the turn of the three young icons of Indian entertainment world - Shah Rukh Khan , Aamir Khan and Abhishek Bachchan — to make it to a Forbes list.The US publication, known for its rankings of wealthiest persons across the world, has named these Bollywood stars among ten celebrities adding star-power to mobile phones.The two Khans and the junior Bachchan have been joined by two international sport stars Maria Sharapova and David Beckham, four singers Usher, Fergie, Rain and Andy Lau and race car driver Danica Patrick in the ‘Ten Celebs and Their Cells’ list published on the Forbes website.
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Images From Kareena's Photo Shoot in Cheswick House
2008-07-16 12:41:00
Here are the images from Kareena Kapoor’s photo shoot at London’s Cheswick House .  Shooting for an International magazine, the actress showcased Louis Vuitton’s Spring and Fall 2008 collection.    
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Shahid Kapur Unplugged
2008-07-16 12:39:00
Shahid Kapur may be mum about his love life however the actor has no issues talking about his upcoming Kismet Konnection. Some excerpts from the TOI interview.The buzz is that Kismet Konnection is a remake of Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman.Untrue. Kismet Konnection is not Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman. But since all of Aziz Mirza’s films revolve around a real, believable common man’s struggle for success, there may be some parallels at a basic level.What’s with the Vidya Balan connection? You’ve been picking her up from the studios, taking her for long lunch dates.. you even came for the Kismat Konnection music launch together. I’ve never picked Vidya up. Yes, we have gone out for lunch a couple of times. But we came for the music launch separately. Since we were told to be there at a particular time, we arrived together.Two hours late.. and the press walked out.I was told to come at 10 pm. The traffic was bad, I was late by half an hour. When I arrived I was told t...
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When Vidya Balan Had To Listen to Amitabh Bachchan
2008-07-11 12:47:00
When Amitabh Bachchan s asks you to stay, you stay! Vidya Balan realized this after an encounter with Big B during the premiere of Jaane Tu..Jaane Na.  The story goes that Balan along with Amitabh Bachchan, Sonam Kapoor, Anil Kapoor and Juhi Chawla were watching the movie when Vidya said she had to go for a media interaction for Kismat Konnection.However Bachchan declared:You can’t go, Vidya. You have to see the film,” declared Bachchan.Then Mr. Bachchan called the publicist of Kismat Konnection saying:“Listen , this is Amitabh Bachchan here,”  and asked her to let Balan stay. Initially the publicist thought it was a prank but after a little bit of cajoling she realized that it was indeed Big B and complied!
First Look: Madhur Bhandarkar’s JAIL
2008-07-11 12:44:00
Here is an exclusive look at Madhur Bhandarkar’s JAIL which stars one of the most promising newcomers,  Neil Nitin Mukesh. Before Jail however, Bhandarkar will release Fashion.
Shilpa Shetty Turns Producer With 'Chor Machaye Shor'
2008-07-10 13:05:00
Shilpa Shetty’s Yoga video may have not taken off (no surprises there) but that hasn’t stopped the actress to try new things. Shilpa will now produce a film titled 'Chor Machaye Shor' which will also star Bipasha Basu.
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Jennifer Aniston in Remake of Asit Sen's Khamoshi?
2008-06-03 20:22:00
Fact or fiction you decide, but the rumor mill is abuzz that Jennifer Aniston will soon be acting in a remake of Asit Sen’s 1969 psychodrama Khamoshi. LA-based restaurateur Sanjay Patel will produce Silence. Says Patel excitedly, “Jennifer is a regular at my restaurant Bollywood Bites and I have spoken to her about doing Waheeda Rehman’s role in Khamoshi. Now she wants me to give her the full script which we’re working on. Jennifer was very moved."Khamoshi was about a nurse working in a mental asylum who fell in love with her patient. In the end she lost her mind, when her love wasn’t reciprocated.  
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Aamir Khan on ILP and Sachin
2008-06-03 20:18:00
Here is the latest blog post from Aamir Khan and this time he isn’t dissing anyone but actually praising his peers! Interesting read about IPL and Sachin .Last night I watched the IPL final and what an exciting match it was. I don’t think we could have asked for a better finale to a most entertaining tournament. Rajasthan after beginning as the least likely to win at the start of the tournament went on to win the cup. My congratulations to the Rajasthan team and supporters. Chennai, hard luck but very well fought. Mumbai Indians is the team I’m supporting for obvious reasons, and I was disappointed that we weren’t in the finals, but next time. In fact I think all teams gave it their best but there can only be one winner, and jo jeeta wohi sikander. My guess is that in a very short time we should have the best side on an international level, what with all the young talent being thrown up.The match last night was certainly exciting but what made it a unique expe...
Don 2 To Be Released in 2010
2008-06-01 10:44:00
Farhan Akhtar's Don 2 is not just a pipedream and the movie should see April 2010 release. A sequel is indeed surprising since Don failed to garner mass acclaim.  “Priyanka has been signed opposite Shah Rukh in Don 2. It is a sequel obviously and when we locked the story and the screenplay, we knew that we needed Priyanka for the film. Similarly, we have also signed on Boman Irani and Arjun Rampal.""The story is indeed ready and everyone is pretty excited about the film. We will start shooting mid next year and we are looking for April 2010 release, so what’s the point talking about the film right now? All I can say is that the film will take off from where Don ended.”
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Rani Mukherji on Her Marriage Rumors and Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic
2008-05-30 19:48:00
Rani Mukherji is keeping a low profile these days and seldom talks to the media. However with Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic round the corner, the actress spoke to IBN about her forthcoming film and her marriage rumors.Varsha Pillai: Do you believe in angels and magic?Rani Mukherji: "I believe in god, in angels, good souls, and I believe that everyone has a guardian angel."Varsha Pillai: Last year was not that great for you, so do you think this film will change the tide for you?Rani Mukherji: Well, last year according to you all it wasn't a good year for me but last year, but all I would like to say is that this is my first release this year and Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic is a nice film, it's a sweet film.Varsha Pillai: There have been many rumours since last year about your alleged marriage, do you think too much focus has been given to your private life than your professional life?Rani Mukherji: I'm only answering questions related to the film.One can only wait and wat...
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Harmaan Baweja Unplugged
2008-05-30 00:47:00
Harmaan Baweja till now is being known as Mr. Priyanka Chopra, hopefully all that would change once his debut film Love Story 2050 releases. India Fm caught up the promising newcomer and here are some excerpts from the interview.This is your first time that you will be facing the media. Are you nervous or excited?I am slightly nervous as this will be the first time that I will be coming in front of the media. I just hope that I can be myself and talk like myself!What's your take on the much-publicized Harman-Imraan clash?There is no take on it as I feel that there is nothing called as the Harman-Imraan clash as I feel it's all made up. For me, its just two films of two debutantes with two totally different themes that are releasing on the same day. I have worked hard on my film and frankly speaking, I just do not believe in the so-called 'clash'.One observes that the common factor that binds the then-debutante Hrithik's Kaho Naa Pyar Hai and the now-debuting Harm...
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Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic Movie Preview
2008-05-29 19:45:00
Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic , which is Kunal Kohli’s next directorial venture, repeats the Hum Tum jodi. Here is a brief synopsis of the movie and this one does indeed sound “magical”.  Character Sketch Ranbeer Talwar (Saif Ali Khan) From the time Ranbeer Talwar was a young boy he lost everyone close to him. He became a loner. He was an achiever from the time he was a boy, but no victory, no trophy meant anything to him, as he was alone. The one thing he always wanted in his life was love and that was the only thing he always lost. A winner in every deal, in every aspect of his life, Ranbeer immersed himself in his work and completely ignored every other aspect of his life, until he is face to face with four orphans who need love and an angel who could not love. Geeta (Rani Mukerji) Geeta is like a storm who barges into Ranbeer's life when he and the four orphans find it difficult to live with each other. Geeta comes with a mission from heaven to unite Ran...
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Video: Aamir Khan's 'I Love You' Monaco Ad
2008-05-28 01:02:00
The new 'I Love You' Monaco Ad is a must watch for all you Aamir Khan fans. Hopefully Parle has more AK ads up their sleeves.
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Preity Zinta on Vogue
2008-05-27 19:45:00
Bollywood is a hot favorite with Vogue India and this month its Preity Zinta who graces the cover of the magazine. Billed as the “most glamorous face of cricket”, Zinta is changing the face of cricket. 
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Kareena And Saif Splitting Up?
2008-05-27 01:04:00
The industry grapevine is abuzz that all is not hunky dory in the Saif-Kareena romance. Someone close to Kareena claims that the actress is fed up with Saif’s obsessive behavior and his need to keep tabs on Kareena. "His over attention has started suffocating her in the relationship," the source told HTC."Between Kareena and Shahid, Kareena was more active and insecure. Shahid was always chilled out. Initially, Kareena was enjoying all this attention [from Saif], but now it has started getting unnerving," the source added.
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Video: Trailer of Mission Istaanbul
2008-05-27 01:01:00
Here is an exclusive first look at Mission Istaanbul. The movie stars Zayed Khan, Vivek Oberoi, Shabbir Ahluwalia, Shreya Saran, Sunil Shetty, Nikitin Dheer and Abhishek Bachchan . This one looks like an all out thriller.
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Preity Zinta on IPL and SRK
2008-05-27 00:59:00
Preity Zinta is busy with IPL these days and looks like her acting career has taken a backseat. Here she speaks to Mumbai Mirror about IPL, SRK and life in general.• Your IPL team has made it to the semi-finals.Well, there were ups and downs when our team started out and I wasn’t sure where we were heading. I used to wonder what I was doing at the initial IPL meetings. So, I took the matter seriously and did my homework. I came out a winner finally. It feels good as I've worked very hard to get here.• You seemed to be cheering Sachin Tendulkar even though he was in the opposite team…Yes, I was. For me, it’s not about winning only. Both the teams played extremely well on Wednesday. I was so much on the edge of my seat that I nearly toppled over.• Did you brief Sreesanth about keeping his temper in control?No, I don't instruct anybody. It's not my job. We have a coach and a captain to do that. I don't think it is right for me to interv...
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Video:Milo Na Milo from Love Story 2050
2008-05-21 22:34:00
Is Harmaan Baweja the next Hrithik Roshan? It doesn’t require a genius to figure out that Baweja ‘s dancing moves are heavily inspired the Hrithik. Anyway check out the new Milo Na Milo from the movie, which also features a redhead Priyanka.
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I Am No Longer Single- Vidya Balan
2008-05-20 22:37:00
So is Vidya Balan finally decided to stop playing coy and admit she actually has a boyfriend? Well it certainly looks like this from her recent interview to Subhash K Jha. “The other evening I went to watch Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak perform Dear Liar at Prithvi theatre.” On being asked who accompanied her, she chuckles, “Ah, it was friend whose name begins with ‘S’. I’m not saying any more than that!” “I don’t deny that Shahid is a very close friend. For the first time, I’ve worked with a co-star who’s actually closer to me by way of age, experience and temperament. We were together for two months in Toronto shooting Aziz Mirza’s Kismat Connection and we really got along well. I found him very calm and intelligent. I think we’re alike in many ways. I really enjoyed working with him. And I would love to do more films with him.”
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Bollywood At Cannes
2008-05-20 22:28:00
Bollywood once again was making its presence feel at the Cannes and here are some snapshots of our Bollywood Beauties.  
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"I Don?t Have Time to Write Blogs" Says SRK
2008-05-18 20:12:00
Trust SRK to give always an interesting interview. Here SRK talks about IPL, PP and how he doesn’t have time to blog!Do you miss KBC?I don’t get emotionally attached to my work. I do it to the best of my capability and then, I move on. I am not into nostalgia. You seem to be enjoying Paanchvi Pass more...Yes, I am. I like this format. KBC was too restrictive. After a while, it was taxing to make it entertaining. Paanchvi Pass is fun but we don’t shoot more than two episodes a day because the kids get tired. Internationally, Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader was much bigger than Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. You already have your first millionaire on the show!Yes, a lady has won a crore on the show. Two other guys reached that amount but walked away with 50 lakh. The questions are hard, no?You and I may find it hard but the kids know the answers. I get about 60 per cent of the answers on the show right but when I go home and ask the questions to my...
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