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Barack Obama on Jay Leno
2007-11-12 21:32:00
Not to get all political on you, but I saw him on TV so I figured it was appropriate for this blog. I promise I'll get back to mindless television in a few days!I don't usually care for either the democratic or republican candidates as they all appear to me to be just sell outs and puppets for one big corporation or another. Because they've been bought by the rich who are happy with the way things are, they will be protecting their interests and thus change will never happen. It's amazing to me how little, if any, coverage the independent candidates get. The fact that the media acts as if they are not even options just proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the media is just as corrupt as everything else is getting in our country. We are actually brainwashed into thinking that if our votes are not for democrats or republicans then we are "wasting our votes." And we've become too complacent to even look for information so we just buy into whatever the media tells us to do. ...
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Getting My TV Back!
2007-11-06 21:08:00
The blogging will be starting back up. I took the summer off there for a bit as I was much too busy watching 4400 and the entire first season of Dexter of DVD. Not to mention Big Brother and the Live I loved Evil Dick....Then I figured I'd start back up with the Fall season but my service from the Dish Network has been a nightmare. I missed a lot of my favorite shows and the blog has suffered as a result. So, now I am a true TV whore. I've really been around the block having now been a customer of Comcast, the Dish, and finally Direct TV.I'd never go back to Comcast again because they simply charge way too much for less channels than you get with either satelight company. I was happy for a time with the Dish but we paid extra for HD and the only HD channels we had were virtually unwatchable like the Kung Fu channel, the monster channel, and the family channel that only showed bad claymation from the 70's. Then the DVR kept failing and I cannot live without my DVR!!!S...
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Bret Michaels is NO Flavor Flav
2007-06-14 06:58:00
Yes the rumors are true. Bret Michaels is set to be the new man on a Flavor of Love type show, Rock of Love, on VH1 starting on July 15. I, for one, am extremely disappointed.Don't get me wrong. I was a HUGE Poison fan and Bret took up a lot of my bedroom wall space in the 80's but that doesn't mean he'll make good TV. Why didn't they ask CC at least who we fell in love with on Surreal Life as he battled himself to stay sober? Hey, why not have Pete Steel do this one so you could have some whacked out chicks with snakes fetishes writing him bad poetry? Bret Michaels is going to equal ditsy ex groupies with no personalities.And Bret himself- how could he ever compare to Flav? He doesn't speak in rhyme. He never wears viking hats. He's never been to jail or rehab that I know of. And there are no sparkly gold teeth to shine when he gives us his pimp smile. To Bret Michaels I say NAY.There were so many other people to choose from, more colorful characters. Why oh why did they cho...
Gorilla Auditions for Last Comic Standing (and makes it)
2007-06-14 06:25:00
Last Comic Stand ing is back. Who knew? I didn't but my tivo remembered for me.They're going international this season trying to find the "best comics" from the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK. I put best comics in quotes because I heard a nasty rumor that the producers only let through people they themselves are representing and promoting. Who knows if that's true or not but it's just something I heard.One thing that does seem true is that the best people don't always get through. They let through too many women in my opinion. I have nothing against women comedians but one of this year's scouts Kathleen Madigan, seemed too gung ho on letting women through whether or not they were the funniest people. Meanwhile, some men who had me rolling were given the shaft.The other two scouts are Ant and Alonzo Bodden two former LCS contestants (and of course we know Ant from Fit Club). Bill Bellamy is the new host and he's already so much better than the guy they had last season.One co...
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Reality TV: A Quick SLUTTACIOUS Recap
2007-06-13 20:29:00
Charm School: Thank you Mo for introducing me to the word: sluttacious. Mo Nique told us that Brooke was a sluttacious whore and she expelled her. She was right. The girls had a challenge to try and find the right guy at the Charm School Prom. Brooke asked men to get naked with her, sucked on ice sculptures, and asked people to f***. She was a mess. Leilene did what she probably does in her real life. She fell for the professional type of guy and concentrated on this one guy for the entire night forgetting all about herself and what she needed to do. However, she showed progress after the challenge when Brooke tried to bully her into voting her way and Leilene, for the first time, showed a real backbone. When Brooke then insulted her throwing a lot of below the belt hits like, "You'll always be a stripper," Leilene didn't lose control or sob like a baby. She remained classy and strong. Kudos to you Smiley. Next week is the finale. I think I want Saphyrri to win. The girl just crac...
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Big Love - So Glad You're Back
2007-06-13 20:13:00
I waited for Big Love to come back with more anticipation than I had for the last three years for the Sopranos. I wasn't disappointed.Last season, I think I was actually starting to like Nicki. Well, maybe like is a strong word, but I was beginning to be happy that she was in the family. She's strong and decisive and tough when they need someone like that. However, I hated her again on the season premier. Barb was having a real hard time with the family being exposed and the whole family dynamic in general. Our suspicions were confirmed when she said Bill pushed her into plural marriage and she did it for him and him alone. She left to get some space for a few days and Nicki couldn't wait to try and dig her claws into the first wife position.Nicki also "put out a hit" on the woman in Bill's office who ratted the Henrickson's out to the governor's office. She did this completely on her own without speaking to Bill. Obeying the husband and all that jazz she preaches so m...
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John from Cincinnati
2007-06-13 19:33:00
This must be HBO's new baby. It premiered right after the series finale of the Sopranos and was shown again after the season premiere of Big Love. Here's a quick overview of the characters.John : Some guy that just shows up out of nowhere. He seems to have just three phrases he says on his own. 1) The end is near, 2) Mitch Yost should get back in the game, and 3) Some things I know and some things I don't. Everything else is just echoes of what others have said to him. He has magical pockets. Whatever someone asks him for seems to be in there. When a man asks him for $50 to give him a ride he turns his pockets inside out and there is exactly $50 in there. Later, when someone mistakes him for someone else and says, "You better have my $2300!" the formally empty pockets now hold $2300 in cash.Mitch Yost: Former surfer. No longer in the game due to knee injury. He is the father of Butchie Yost and grandfather of Sean, also both surfers. He does not want his 13 year old grandson to su...
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Sopranos Goes Out with a Bad Journey Song
2007-06-13 18:27:00
Instead of going out with a bang, Sopranos faded into obscurity with a bad 80's rock song. I'm not outraged as People Magazine claimed we all were. Cool indifference would be a better way to describe it.All in all, it was a great series and a great final season. What did we want anyway? If Tony would have met his demise, as he always said, in a body bag or in the can, we would have been left with a sour taste in our mouths. (Not to mention the movie would have been impossible for them to make). Instead, the writers tell us through song to, "Don't stop believing," and through AJ they tell us to focus on the good times. Yes Tony is going to be indicted. Yes there are some shady characters in the restaurant eyeballing him. Yes one of them just took a trip to the men's room reminiscent of the Godfather, but for god's sake Don't Stop Believing.I think they tried to make some bold statements about the war and American culture through the series but most especially in this season. On...
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By the way...
2007-06-06 07:20:00
I've been meaning to mention the fact that I Love New York will be having a Season 2. They even milked a special out of picking the men for it. Just remember I predicted that for you guys way back when in my I Love NY blogs. Yes I am very proud of how right I was in predicting the script and where the show would go. I'm not good at many things so let me revel in my rightness just a bit longer.So, after that, they can have the I Love NY Men go to bootcamp with Harvey from Fit Camp and he can "whip their cartoon asses into shape."I think they might give Chance and Real a show too, you think?
Hell's Kitchen is Baaaaaack
2007-06-06 06:53:00
Yes it's back in all its glory and Ramsey is as brutal as ever.Just a couple of highlights:The new chefs enter Hell's kitchen for the first time and immediately are told to prepare their signature dishes for Chef Ramsey. He hates almost all of them. When it is one contestant's turn (a girl named Jen) she almost passes out.There is a large Asian cowboy contestant who Ramsey made cry several times throughout the first episode. There's a man on there with kidney disease who Ramsey seemed determined to be just as mean to as anyone else.The girls are as catty as ever, the men as emasculated.One contestant will come back at Ramsey this season according to the preivews.Previews for the upcoming season also show several times medics having to come in and at one point we see:Announcer: One contestant can't take it.Ramsey: What are you doing with that knife?! Oh god. No no no no no. Get a medic!It's looking promising. I'm sure Ramsey doesn't push someone to suicide but I'll be watchi...
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Mo Boots Bootz Outta Charm School
2007-06-06 06:24:00
It's about damn time Boot z 's butt was expelled!Here's a quick recap:Last week, Bootz was afraid that she'd again be called to the carpet for failing yet another challenge or fighting or whatever she had done that week. She then devised a plan with her BFF Shay (AKA Buckeey) to steal Leilene's photograph of her deceased mother and hide it under Hottie's mattress. Shay went with it but kept telling Boots she was evil and should put the picture back (or as she pronounces it "pitcher" which got annoying after she said it fifteen thousand times).The plan worked and Hottie was expelled last week along with her partner Like Dat who was a personal favorite of mine.This week the girls had to learn how to "represent" when talking to the media. This included not taking an interviewer's bait and not losing their cool. To make this the most difficult challenge to date, the interviewer was none other than New York.Other than Pumkin and Buck Wild, they all did very well. The best by far was...
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Pirate Master
2007-06-06 05:59:00
I'm giving Pirate Mast er a shot. There's not much else to watch for now. It's on Thursdays on CBS in the Survivor spot.I found it a bit hard to follow and it's definitely not narrated as well as Amazing Race, Survivor, or Big Brother. In the beginning, I found myself longing for Julie Chen or Jeff Probst to explain things to me, but by the end I was into it.Basically, a bunch of wannabe pirates board a ship together and take on challenges that involve finding treasure. Week 1 they were split into two teams to find a treasure box. They were told they'd keep what they found. The black team takes an early lead and keeps it thanks to John, a pirate who the others find a bit odd, when he masterfully figures out the puzzle lock and finds where the chest is buried under the water.When the black team brings their loot back to the ship they are told to nominate a captain. Instead of John, the man who won it for them, they choose Joe Don, a former naval officer. They are then told that J...
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Celebrity Fit Club: It's All About Dustin
2007-06-01 06:23:00
So first off, I don't mean to be a bad person but every time they show the clip (and they show it a lot) of Kimberly Locke crying on the phone saying, "He said he was going to buy me a dildo and I DON'T LIKE IT!" I laugh. I'm sorry. It's just funny.Anyway, Dustin was good for a week there. All of his teammates and the panel said, "It's a new Dustin, the real Dustin," and they applauded him. One week later he was on a rampage again.It seemed to start when he stopped dancing during their dance off and got eliminated from the game. He thought it was unfair and challenged Ant to "physical combat." Later, he ate a donut and Maureen got pissed about it. When she walked away he said, "Marcia Marcia Marcia! I hate all these effin people." Stop right there Screech- why is it okay for you to call her Marcia whenyou have a hissy fitevery time someone calls you Screech?! That's all I'm saying.A clip was shown of him at a porn convention promoting his tape and eating fried foods and that ...
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Lost- Who Was in the Coffin?
2007-05-31 20:06:00
I plan to finally catch up with you all now that NOTHING is on TV. But first and foremost I want to share a theory with you that my husband came up with about who was in the coffin on the season finale of Lost . It seems to be catching on.Here is the original post on the Lost message boards by Ken Pyle, aka Vanillathunder126:Man in Coffin -- Jeremy Bentham -- Read!on: May 24 @07:39 AMWe all know the producers have a thing for philosophy andhistorical figures...Well, I saw the screenshot and from what people are saying,the name is J--- ----ntham.Well, being a philosophy buff, it took me a fewminutes to think about it and since Locke is named after John Locke, it wouldonly make sense that they'd name a yet-to-be-introduced character in there,named after a British Philosopher. Jeremy_BenthamI dunno, just a thought. c/thread?threadID=1697732Since he has posted this, it seems many have taken the idea and ran with it. Of course, ...
Superfast Recap for the Last Week
2007-05-08 17:59:00
I have some some family issues I must deal with right now so my posts are going to be short and sweet for another week or so.Let me just fast forward through the past week:Two people were voted off of American Idol. Check my American Idol Blog for details, but it was Chris and Phil.Jericho showed the best episode ever last week. Explosions, gun battles, combat, betrayal. Hawkins and his wife reunited. Emily and her dad reunited (sort of). The refuges and the town joined forces. This Wednesday should be the full fledged war between Jericho and New Burn.Lost was awesomeness. All signs are pointing to them being dead as the parachute chick told them flight 815 was found and there were no survivors. Locke's dad also said they were in hell. So, this must mean they are alive because the writer's wouldn't give that away so easily. It may turn out to be the ultimate con, convincing the world and even the survivor's themselves that they did not survive. The culprit being Ben,...
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VH1: Fit Club and Charm School
2007-05-02 08:18:00
The gals had a fashion show contest on Charm School to show off their sense of style. Goldie got to be a judge and was immune. The two teams consisted of Toastee, Serious, Like Dat, Pumkin, and Buckwild on one side and Boots, Buckeey, Smiley, Hottie, and Saaphyri on the other. Serious AKA I'm a model girl, refused to model in the fashion show fearing that Monique would be too hard on her because she always talks about being a model. Instead they thought Like Dat would be a good candidate because of her simialr physique to Monique. Serious designed a hideous outfit made out of drapes and adorned Like Dats's eye lashes and toes with feathers. The other side did much better with Smiley AKA Leilene as their model and an outfit inspired by the Japanese codfish. They won.The bottom three were Toastee for doing nothing while her team worked on the project, Buckwild for being one of the fashion designers, and Serious for chickening out on being the model. Toastee was eliminated.On Fit Clu...
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Sopranos: Chasing It
2007-05-02 07:52:00
Vito's son has become goth and a trouble maker. Marie goes to Tony for help asking for a hundred grand to relocate her family. Tony tried to get Phil to take care of this since it is his mess essentially and his family and Phil gives the boy a talking to that goes nowhere. Tony then tries to talk to the kid but a few days later the boy defecates in the shower at school after his classmates make 'gay' comments to him. Tony says he'll give Maire the hundred grand if he wins in a gamble he's made but he loses so he instead tells Marie he is going to pay for the boy to go to a special program out in Idaho for 18 grand. So, the child is woken up abruptly by counselors and taken out of his house in front of his crying mother and sister.Phil Leotardo, by the way, is now head of NY. They had a party for him. Tony left early.Meanwhile, Tony has major issues with gambling throughout the entire episode. He seems to be on a losing streak and resenting everyone who asks him for money, even ...
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Lost: DOC
2007-05-02 07:39:00
Sun finds out about Juliet's work with pregnant women from Kate and confronts her. Juliet tells Sun that if she got pregnant on the island she will die by the middle of her second trimester. If she was pregnant beforehand, she may live. She takes her to that medical hatch and gives her an ultrasound and it turns out she did get pregnant on the island and the baby is Jin's. Sun is happy the baby is Jin's and seems to accept her ill fate. Juliet leaves a tape recorded message to Ben stating that Sun is pregnant and the baby is Jin's. She says she is taking samples and should have a sample from Kate soon. She adds, "Ben I hate you." What the hell are they planning to do? Sample of what?Meanwhile, the woman who fell from the sky is still in the woods with Hurley, Desmond, Charlie, and Jin. Turns out she is wounded and tells them in several different languages that she is dying. Hurley accidentally sets off a flare gun and the man with the eye patch comes running through the brush. Y...
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Survivor Mookie Got the Axe
2007-05-02 07:30:00
Mookie and Alex knew their days were numbered. Alex won a reward challenge along with Earl, Stacy, and Dreams and Alex attempted to make his way into their alliance to no avail. Later, Mookie and Alex found Yau Man's Immunity Idol in his bag and attempted to blackmail him threatening to tell the others he had it. Yau Man then told hi tribe mates he had the idol. Instead of this making Yau Man a threat, it only infuriated the other survivors that Alex and Mookie went though Yau Man's personal belongings. The group decided to split their vote between Mookie and Alex in case one of them had the other immunity idol. Alex wisely voted for Mookie which was the deciding vote. Mookie blundered by throwing his vote away on Boo. Thus Mookie is history. He'll be an interesting jurer since he harbors so much resentment towards the others.
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Last Week's Jericho
2007-05-02 07:26:00
Why did CBS decide to air the best all time, action packed episode of Jericho against the star studded American Idol Gives Back Show? Do they just want to kill the show? It was awesome. Jericho and New Burn (as opposed to New Burgh who they were fighting in my last blog, big oops on my part there) are about to be in an all out war. And Heather might not even be dead. I can't wait until tomorrow!
Charm School Hottie is Crazy Krazy is Expelled
2007-04-24 05:39:00
Charm School was entertaining again and I'll be watching it until the end for sure.The girls had to go in pairs to talk to Mr. Firestone, AKA The Bachelor, and from each pair, one girl would be picked based on her etiquette to accompany him to dinner. Two girls would be picked from dinner to have dessert with him. One girl would be picked from there to help him present a new winery.As they got ready, each girl was to pick a partner, preferably someone they could beat. Krazy and Hottie were one such pair. There was a mad girlie scramble to get dolled up for the event. When Krazy and Pumkin went to put on their gowns, they found all their dresses missing.Two courses of actions were taken here. Krazy's course that involved crying about how she cannot afford to replace her clothing and Pumkin's course which involved finding the clothing. Pumkin found the dresses in the kitchen and the two were dressed and ready to go for the challenge.During Krazy's and Hottie's two on one time wit...
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Sopranos Remember When Recap and Commentary
2007-04-24 04:23:00
Last week, Tony swore that it was the last time he was going to retrieve the Star Ledger from his driveway. This week started with Paulie retrieving it for him and bringing it inside. Carmella offers Paulie some espresso but the machine is on the blink and he tells her not to bother herself with it. After she leaves, Paulie lets Tony know that a body is about to be discovered. It's the body of a bookie Tony and Paulie did in 25 years ago. The two decide to head south just in case.I never gave much thought to the age difference between Paulie and Tony before but it is apparent in this episode. There is a lot of emphasis on how Paulie used to work for Tony's father and how Tony, as a young man, idolized Paulie. He even goes so far as to day he used to wish Paulie was his father. Paulie tells T how much his father loved him and how the only time he ever saw his father cry was the day Tony was born. Tony says he felt his father never believed in him, but Paulie points out that his fat...
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Celebrity Fit Club First Impressions
2007-04-23 08:13:00
Celebrity Fit Club is back and, personally for me, it's just in time. Watching this show always helps to motivate me to lose weight and with the Easter candy still sitting in my stomach, it's much needed.This is the first season that they decided to have the men versus the women. I'm not sure how that will work out with the physical challenges, but since all that really matters is who loses the most weight overall I suppose it doesn't make much difference.Here are my first impressions of this year's fit clubbers and the hosts.Overall: None of these people look really FAT to me.The Women: Kimberly Locke: She was the third place winner of American Idol Season 2. So far, she seems sweet and willing to embrace the program. Maureen McCormick: She was Marsha Brady. She seems to be going through a lot. She has recently lost her mother and is the caretaker of her disabled brother who she has had to put into a home against her heart's wishes. I wish her all the best on the show.Tiffany...
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Survivor: Ep 10 It's a Turtle?! Recap and Commentary
2007-04-20 06:28:00
It is very rare for me to watch a show like Survivor and not find myself screaming at the television thinking the contestants are morons while cultivating my own, far superior, strategies.With the exception of Dreams, I cannot say that about this week's episode, It's a Turtle ?!. Everyone is really on top of their game covering all the bases, thinking ahead, and coming up with scenarios we have not seen before.For reward this week, the survivors had to play a game of answering questions about their fellow tribe mates. This was a perfect week to hold such a game as it let everyone know where they stood with the others. For example, Stacy found out that everyone hates her, Dreams' suspicions that he smelled the worst were confirmed (however Yau voted for Stacy for this which I found hilarious), and Alex saw that he is perceived as a know it all with a sense of entitlement.Cassandra won this game and was able to take three people with her on a luxurious yacht for good food and a warm...
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Wednesday Night Could Not Have Been Any Better
2007-04-19 09:47:00
First and foremost, the San-Man, Sanjaya Malakar, was eliminated from American Idol. Many of us waited a long time to see that! Sorry to his fans but it was his time to go.Secondly, on Jericho, Jake and Hawkins, a partnership many fans have waited to come to fruition for some time, joined forces to rescue Jake's brother Eric after he failed to return from Newburg. They arrive there only to uncover a mystery. Turns out Newburg is planning to invade Jericho and take their resources from them. (Good thing that have that Tank in Stanley's barn. Like Johnston said, "You never know when you might need a tank".)Our two heroes invade the factory where the Newburg residents are busy making ammunition. Jake is caught and brought to jail but Hawkins is still free and gets away unseen. In lock up, Jake sees Eric in the cell across from him. Eric says that when he and Heather saw what Newburg intended they tried to stop it. Eric was arrested. Heather is dead. (Freeing Jake up completely for th...
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Dancing With the Stars, Charm School, and More
2007-04-17 08:29:00
Dancing with the Stars - Tuned in just in time to see Heather Mills' big finish of falling on her butt. What luck! I rewound and watched again because I am a bad person. Billy Ray Cyrus sucked. Apolo scored perfect. Why were Carlton (Alfonzo Ribeiro) and Lance there helping to coach Joey? Are they a couple? The latter did not occur to me until my husband, whose mind is always in the gutter, asked it. But are they? I remember seeing Alfonzo dance the moonwalk on Silver Spoons when I was a kid, but this is my personal favorite from him:Entourage provided another killer episode. The line of the night occurred when Ari went to a gay club to retrieve Lloyd who was going to sleep with a potential client for the good of the agency. As he slithered his way between half naked men Ari called out, "Civilian here. No touching!"Charm School - I'll be damned if Vh1 hasn't hooked me again. I never much cared for Monique before but I love her on this show. She's the caring school mistress there t...
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Why Sacha Baron Cohen Deserved Best Actor
2007-03-27 05:40:00
We rented Borat the other night. First off, I have not laughed so hard in years. I don't mean a giggle or a forced chuckle. I mean side-splitting, uncontrolled howling. After the naked hotel scene my stomach muscles were actually sore. That's saying a lot.Afterwards, I couldn't help but think about what must have gone into making this movie. I wondered if there were times he was recognized and they had to re-do the scenes until nobody knew him, for example. But more than that, I realized that, although at first glance this might seem like gross out humor or something equivalent to Jackass, it's so much more than that. Sacha had to stay in character at all times with REAL people and he fooled these real people out there in society. If that is not the mark of a good actor, what is?Secondly, this movie whether intentional or not, has the potential to wake us up about our own culture even as we laugh at Borat's. As strange and perverse as he portrays Borat's lifestyle to be, our o...
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Upcoming Shows Spring/Summer 2007
2007-03-26 17:55:00
Here are just some quick thoughts I have on the upcoming shows this Spring /Summer .HBO: The Sopranos is mere weeks away. I should be more excited than I am. Although I will always find the dream sequences brilliant, I feel like the last season really lacked the gangster drama that originally drew me to the show. Now most of our mobsters are beginning to look like they belong in a geriatric center and are even whining about wanting grandchildren and their various physical ailments. It always seems like such a long wait for this show to return and, for the last two seasons, when it did return there were some episodes that left me feeling like nothing happened. All in all, this show is one of the best of all time, and there are many things about it that I love, but with the last 9 episodes ever looming, I really hope it does not disappoint and goes out with a bang.Entourage:New episodes of Entourage will follow the Sopranos. I've recently gotten addicted to this one and I cannot wait. ...
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HBO Masterpiece Rome Concludes
2007-03-26 09:36:00
I'm sad to see it go. There wasn't a boring episode for the entire series. The characters were phenomenal and I did not mind the rewriting of history at all. They seemed to keep things basically accurate, just added in some extras to build characters and a story. It prompted me to re-learn a lot of my history which was an extra bonus.Mark Anthony was extraordinary as were Pullo and Vorenus, the soldiers. The character development as a whole was remarkable for all of them. I haven't seen writing like that since Six Feet Under.This show definitely had something for everyone. Action, violence, sex, drugs, romance, drama, family. The sets were to die for. There's not a bad thing I can say about this series except that it had to end.
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Some Vintage TV Theme Songs
2007-03-26 09:03:00
There's never much on for me on Fridays or Saturdays so I spent a lot of time on Youtube. As I attempted to download anything with Kermit in it for my obsessed 3 year old daughter, I came across some other great shows from my childhood. Well, shows with awesomely catchy theme songs anyway. So, if you are anywhere near my age range, you may enjoy these as well. They really took me back. Click to watch them.Ducktales Woo-ooGummy Bears Bouncing Here and There and EverywhereMuppet BabiesJackson Five CartoonAlvin, Simon, TheordoreThe REAL Scooby DooFat AlbertWhat's Happening- Maybe the best opening theme EVERSmall Wonder- Did you ever think a Saturday afternoon would come and go without this show being on? Good ol' Vicky Lawrence and her human, very effeminate, brother Jaime, Harriet, the nosy neighbor, yes I remember it well....Degrassi JUNIOR High- Where Degrassi began. If you actually remember this, check out my audio clip on my profile. A hit by the Zit Remedy.SuperfriendsJem! (We...
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