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The idea of this blog is to study how the mainstream media writes its coverage of comic books, to see if there\\\'s any biases in it
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36th Angoulême Festival begins
2009-01-29 19:26:00
The Connexion writes about the Angoulême comic book and animation festival, now in its 36th year, that's beginning this week (via Robot 6).
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FOX misses the mark
2009-01-28 16:30:00
On the Dixonverse forum, they pointed to a report FOX News did on questions of if, with Obama's election, this could lead to a black superhero breaking through in the mainstream: Since their inception, there have been only a few black superheroes in comic books, and fewer still have achieved mainstream appeal. But Obama's rise to the presidency now has many people in the business of creating and
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Van Pelt Library Exhibit
2009-01-27 10:03:00
An article in the Daily Pennsylvanian about a comics collection being contributed to the Van Pelt Special Collections Library and their exhibition there.
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Company layoffs begin
2009-01-25 20:11:00
In another sign of how comics too are being affected by the economic recession, Diamond has begun to let some staff go. Even DC, as one of Time Warner's properties, has been affected: they're laying off a few workers there, including, interestingly enough, Bob Schreck. Even MAD magazine has been affected to the point that they're going quarterly. That's actually not too surprising to me, knowing
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Marvel's next target for death: Ms. Marvel
2009-01-23 11:15:00
Not content with replacing Capt. America, Black Panther and She-Hulk, Marvel 's editorial has now decided to make Carol Danvers their next target for death, and replacement by Moonstone, the onetime Thunderbolts member. The Examiner, which writes about this, is being pretty sugarcoated about it, and says: In these days of big, company-wide events like "Secret Invasion," "Dark Reign" and "Final
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LA Times on the decline of sales
2009-01-22 20:21:00
The Los Angeles Times talks about how sales are declining, and how there are even some layoffs at a few smaller companies (and even sugarcoatedly mentions that foolish Spidey/Obama stunt). Among the things they tell here are: ...even after a year stuffed with blockbuster films based on comic books, growth in all sectors is stalling. There are no statistics available for comic books sold to
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Diamond's new policies that could endanger smaller publishers
2009-01-21 09:49:00
Another sad sign of how comics are facing extinction if they don't adapt to better conditions, Diamond, which has been virtually the only distributor for comics for a decade and a half, has announced it'll be increasing its benchmark for what products it'll carry by a thousand dollars. This'll affect small independant publishers for starters, then major ones are likely to suffer next. What this
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John Romita Jr was behind the scene of Dr. Doom sobbing in ASM's 9-11 issue
2009-01-21 09:32:00
Comics Should Be Good tells that, while J. Michael Straczynski was the writer of Amazing Spider-Man's 9-11 "tribute", one of the most embarrassingly bad side-stories concocted by Marvel several years ago, John Romita Jr. was the one who thought up the scene of Dr. Doom crying over the disaster. I did hear several years ago that JRjr had claimed credit for that dreadful idea, but assumed at the
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Connecticut Post interviews Frank McLaughlin
2009-01-19 12:42:00
The Connecticut Post writes an interview with veteran artist and inker Frank McLaughlin, who's also worked on a lot of comic strip drawing, who's now 73 years old and lives in Stratford.
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Portage's convention
2009-01-18 20:03:00
The Northwest Indiana Times writes about the comic book convention taking place this week in Portage. And, someone even makes the following observation worth considering about the Spidey/Obama issue: He also said comics like the new Barack Obama/Spiderman may be worth a lot now, but could go down in value. "You shouldn't buy comic books just to invest in them," Morton said.Of course not. The
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Batman's "death" doesn't and won't have an impact
2009-01-17 21:23:00
The Penn. Express-Times fawns over Final Crisis, taking the usual this-is-oh-so-great approach: It took one of the greatest and most powerful of DC's villains to kill the dark knight. Darkseid.Come on, we all know DC can't and won't keep Bruce Wayne dead forever. Writer Grant Morrison's epic comic book event started slow, but in the last two issues it has really come together to be a worth the
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More ludicrous dialogue from Grant Morrison
2009-01-17 14:06:00
Grant Morrison resorts to shock tactic dialect in this recent interview with the terrible Wizard monthly: WIZARD: So, Grant. Bruce Wayne? What's up with that? MORRISON: Yeah. He looks pretty rough on the last page there. [Laughs] What's it like going down in history as the man who killed Batman? MORRISON: It's great! At last! I feel like John Wilkes Booth. It's fantastic.These British writers
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Exhibition at the Louvre
2009-01-16 13:55:00
There's going to be a comic strip exhibition at the Louvre in Paris (via Newsarama blog). It looks like this is the first time a museum as prominent as them is running a show like this.
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Stan Lee as businessman
2009-01-16 13:01:00
US News & World Report provides some info on Stan Lee 's extra career as a businessman and entrepreneur.
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Another note about the Spidey/Obama stunt
2009-01-15 15:04:00
760 WJR radio in Detroit, Michigan ran an interview with the proprietor of Green Brain Comics in Dearborn who told how Spider-Man went through editorial mandates a year ago that have wrecked sales of the book, and how the Obama short-story in the current issue seems to be an attempt to bolster sales of a crippled item nobody's interested in now (Hat tip: Colossus of Rhodey). And indeed, that's
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Ugh! Now Rob Liefeld pays tribute to Obama
2009-01-14 22:22:00
As if the the Spider-Man issue featuring the president-elect were not enough, as if even the Savage Dragon's inclusion weren't enough, now, it turns out that even Rob Liefeld, one of the most truly awful artists in the past 2 decades, has decided to feature Barack Obama in an issue of Youngblood's latest series. I wonder what'll be worse, the artwork, or the story, or both?
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The musical influences in Peanuts
2009-01-14 22:04:00
An article in the International Herald Tribune about a special exhibition on Schroeder's music at the Charles M. Schultz museum in Santa Rosa, and how scholars of the classic Peanuts strip are finding messages in the cartoon's scores, which were drawn from the work of Beethoven. (Via Hot Air Headlines)
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USA Today exaggerates pamphlet sales, but at least gets GN sales right
2009-01-13 10:28:00
In this article from USA Today , they say sales thrived last year: The comic-book industry, helped by the enormous success of films such as "The Dark Knight," showed continued growth in the burgeoning graphic novel category, according to an exclusive look at top sellers. Total sales remained "strong" and the graphic-novel category grew by 5 percent, says Steve Geppi, CEO of Diamond Comics
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A Dark Reign indeed: it's going nowhere
2009-01-11 11:32:00
The Penn. Express-Times fawns over Marvel's Dark Reign . It may have just begun, but really, it's been going on for more than a couple years now, with possibly no end in sight. Most terrible is seeing how Tony Stark has been humiliated and disgraced by Quesada and company. And one of the most ridiculous things going on now is Norman Osborn's decidedly implausible ascension to high-ranking status
Spider-Man forced to side with Obama
2009-01-09 10:30:00
I wasn't sure at first just what side Marvel's leftists would take, but now, it looks like any questions about their support for the president-elect have been answered: On Jan. 14, Marvel Comics is releasing a special issue of Amazing Spider -Man #583 with Obama depicted on the cover. Inside are five pages of the two teaming up and even a fist-bump between Spidey and the new president. "It was a
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Will DC kill Lois Lane?
2009-01-07 09:34:00
Linda Park West, wife of the Flash, may have been spared that fate a few weeks ago. Whether or not Lois will meet it, however, it's good to be on the alert. In this article published in the Nashua Telegraph that talks about the Man of Steel's history and upcoming storylines, they tell that: In the enormous summer crossover "Final Crisis," his wife, Lois Lane , lies at death's door, Pa Kent has
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Collecting is great, but it shouldn't be just for money
2009-01-05 20:16:00
The Anderson Independent-Mail of South Carolina writes about the recent Sports & Comic Book Show in the city, where they also trade items that can be worth hundreds of dollars. But whenever I hear what sounds like they're interested in the hobby for the dollar signs, that bothers me, since I've come to believe that entertainment value should be first and foremost. It was impressive though to
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Milestone not making much of an impression in the DCU
2009-01-04 19:37:00
If reviews such as this one and this one and this one and this one are any indication, the Milestone cast's entry into the DCU has not been winning the audience over, nor has it been very well written. I figured as much. It's funny how they put in titles like "Be Careful what you Wish for" for the story here. In their own line and world, the Milestone cast may have had significance, but in the
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Yup, even the Spidey newspaper strip's been affected by Brand New Day
2009-01-02 12:08:00
It looks like even King Features, which publishes and distributes the newspaper comic strip of Spider-Man, has been forced to delete the marriage. This shouldn't be too surprising. Marvel owns the copyright, so they can do this. I know that the strip's circulation has dropped considerably in the past decade, and while it's assumed that Stan Lee still writes it, my guess is that he may not
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Good that I didn't read DC's WW3
2008-02-03 09:52:00
This miniseries from at least a year ago just came out in trade paperback. I'm not sure if it was ever that big to begin with, however, and if Isis and Osiris, wife and son of Black Adam in that story, were killed for the sake of getting the onetime adversary of Captain Marvel to go on a rampage, then if it didn't make much buzz, I'd say that's fortunate. Death of comic characters is really not
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Then, here's the DC sales analysis...
2008-02-01 11:49:00
Now, here's The Beat blog's analysis of DC sales for the past month. As I thought, with Justice League falling below 100,000 copies, they now don't have anything left above that. Among the decliners, Batman seems to be failing due to the crossover of Ra's al Ghul's resurrection (as if he would remain dead for long). They say: This isn’t good. With the “Resurrection of Ra’s al Ghul” crossover out
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Let's see what we have here now in Marvel sales...
2008-02-01 11:35:00
The Beat blog published their sales analyses for Marvel again, and while Amazing Spider-Man #545 may have sold 124,000 copies, the writer admits that it's far from being a big sales boost: Obviously, 125K is a very good number by the standards of most titles. But after all the hype, and given the nature of the event, can you really judge this book by normal standards? Surely Marvel were expecting
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Too many X-books, again
2008-02-01 09:14:00
Reading this sugary Scripps-Howard article, it's apparent that there simply are too many X-Men titles. Which has been a problem for years now, and hasn't changed much. The writer says: If you read comics, you know how this works: One big event always leads to another (in this case, a story called "X-Men: Divided We Stand," beginning in February).And that's exactly the problem. Now, we once again
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AP's lip service to Quesada on Capt. America case
2008-02-01 08:43:00
Now that they put Bucky in the role of the Star-Spangled Avenger, the Associated Press has taken the time to pay lip service to Joe Quesada and Marvel in what they're doing. Predictably, they gloss over a lot of details, including that bionic arm Bucky got: Barnes never swallowed the "Super Soldier Serum" that transformed the wimpy Rogers into the super-strong Captain America in the months before
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Lack of serious supporting cast is what hurts the comic
2008-01-30 20:33:00
One of the best discussions of why One More Day is such a failure can be found at Spidey Kicks Butt, where JR Fettinger explains almost perfectly one of the problems with how the Parker marriage was depicted over the years, and why there wasn't any drama in it: The only reason there is no “drama” in Peter and Mary Jane’s marriage is because the writers never really bothered to look for any. The
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