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Hrithik unveils his wax statue
2011-01-20 20:29:00
Hrithik Roshan with his wife and kids unveiled his wax figure on 20th January 2011 at London?s Madame Tussauds. On meeting his double for the first time, Hrithik commented "I can’t believe I’m here in Madame Tussauds unveiling a wax figure of myself. It’s incredible just how detailed the figure is – they’ve really captured my ...
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Ekta havan for Ragini MMS
2011-01-13 23:20:00
It?s a well known fact that Ekta is a hard-core religiously inclined person. She believes in puja paath blindly. She wants her new project Ragini MMS to get complete smoothly and a very good BO response on March 11, when the film hits theatres. During the making of Ragini MMS, the crew and cast of film ...
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Shweta Tiwari winner of Bigg Boss 4
2011-01-08 16:53:00
SHWETA TIWARI !!! Winner of BIGG BOSS 4. First female winner of Bigg Boss till now. Bigg Boss 4 Grand Finale Night: Fight for the trophy and big money, one crore was between ?The great Khali? and Shweta Tiwari. First Dolly and then Ashmit was out of the house. Bigg Boss 4 will be only remembered for ...
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Dabboo Ratnani?s 2011 Calendar
2011-01-06 18:15:00
We all are waiting for Dabboo Ratnani’s annual ritual, the unveiling of his calendar which is finally going to happen tomorrow 7th January. This is the Bollywood photographer’s 12th year of capturing tinsel town for his trademark almanac. Dabboo is also awarded as the Most Influential photographer of the year 2010 by Asian Photography. Though Dabboo interacts ...
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Bipasha Basu bares all for Maixm
2011-01-06 13:12:00
After Mandira Bedi, now Bengali beauty Bipasha Basu has gone topless for the 5th anniversary issue of popular magazine Maxim. Bips celebrates her 32nd birthday today. She looks svelte and sexy in the January cover of the magazine. Infact I doubt if that?s her? Cover reads ?Bipasha Basu Super, Stunner, Hotter than ever.? The hottie had hit ...
More About: Video , Bollywood , Entertainment , Vivek Oberoi
Topless Mandira Bedi in Vogue magazine
2011-01-03 13:04:00
Instead of making babies at 38 look what Mandira Bedi is doing? She is posing topless for the latest issue of Vogue magazine. Mandira is dressed in a short skirt and is cupping her assets with her hands. Ironically, while talking about the clothes that don?t work for her, Mandira tells the magazine: ?Really short clothes, ...
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Sara ? Ali split
2010-12-23 13:03:00
I knew this will happen, but so soon! Sara Khan Merchant has removed Merchant from her house and life. She is back to her dumdaar Khan only! They are separated. Sara and Ali ?the? newlywed couple are not staying under one roof from some time. Sara has kicked Ali from her house for good. Sara was shocked ...
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Ashmit and Veena gang up against Dolly Bindra
2010-12-22 21:12:00
How dare they? Let?s first start with that ?always on sale? Veena, How dare that cheap pole dancer aka bar dancer calls Dolly ?gandi aurat and aurat ka cartoon?. Please someone show her the mirror, she herself looks ?char jawaan bacho ki maa?. Remember the dance she did on her entry day in the BB ...
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Moving cover of magazine Marie Claire
2010-12-18 00:09:00
Emma Watson from Harry Potter series is the first to star on the moving magazine cover. She?s on Marie Claire?s December 2010 issue. The magazine launched an iPad app which transformed her glamorous December cover shoot to a moving version. During the clip, Emma is seen posing with her hand on her shoulder in a floral ...
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Sonakshi in bikini on Men?s magazine
2010-12-17 00:10:00
Ooh la la…the latest it girl ?I?ll never expose? Sonakshi Sinha in bikini, that to on the cover of Men?s magazine – Maxim! Now before you all get excited and start questioning her credibility, here?s the explanation: Hua yu, morphed photographs of Sonakshi in a bikini have been floating on the internet, superimposed on the cover of ...
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Don?t insult our brave Soldiers!
2008-12-02 20:37:00
Mr Prakash Karat we don?t want apologies from you for the behaviour of that old stupid CM. We want his resignation! Kerala chief minister V S Achuthanandan should resign and he should be made to resign in a way the court-martial is done for a deshdrohi. He should be insulted from head to toe. How dare ...
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Mumbai under terrorist attack
2008-11-27 11:52:00
Heartfelt condolences and salute to our each and every extremely talented and braveheart men who have lost their lives to save ours and our Mumbai city! Three top most officials killed while fighting terrorists in Mumbai attacks on 26th November 2008. Anti-Terrorism Squad chief Hemant Karkare, who was probing the Malegaon blast case, and another senior IPS ...
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John Abraham and Priyanka Chopra?s swimwear for auction
2008-11-26 22:02:00
In a bid to do something different and to cash the popularity of the swimwears worn by John Abraham and Priyanka Chopra in film Dostana, the director and producers of film have decided to auction the swimwears for charity cause. Tarun Mansukhani the director confirmed the news and said, “It is true that the trunks ...
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Drunk Raja Chaudhary at Sanjay?s party
2008-11-24 11:20:00
Raja Chaudhary made a fool of himself ?again? in the party given by Sanjay Nirupam. Sanjay Nirupam held a party for all the housemates basically to have a get-together and chit-chat, but Raja after having drinks and getting completely out of control and totally drunk started showing off his stupid attitude to the reporters. Raja ...
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Bigg Boss 2 winner Ashutosh Kaushik
2008-11-23 21:51:00
The fight for winner of Bigg Boss 2 and prize money of 1crore was between Zulfi Syed, Raja Chaudhary and Ashutosh Kaushik after Rahul Mahajan opted for a voluntary exit from the Bigg Boss house 2 in final week. He refused to make an apology for an incident that occurred on Saturday when he broke ...
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Pehchan kaun?
2008-11-18 17:42:00
Its Michael Jackson?s look-alike, Rakhi Sawant! She explained her different look, as a ‘no-make-up’ look, which she learnt in London, I haven’t done any cosmetic surgery. It’s my new way of doing make-up. I attended a course in London which taught me how to do the right make-up. I have decided to go for the clean natural ...
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Monica "Bai" Ya Bedi
2008-11-11 18:54:00
For the sake of ?GOD? and for the sake of the ?HAAVEN? (raja style) please kick Monica ?bai? out this Friday. Please vote that unpaid, personal bai of Rahul Mahajan out of the house. She did a big mistake by entering the house second time, all her image of Abla Naari and bholi-bhali is ruin. ...
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Farah Khan enters the lingerie world
2008-11-10 12:21:00
Farah Khan directed a show for Triumph lingerie in mumbai. She was chose, so that she can give Indian touch to the show and she did it in a very classy way with all the well toned bodies walking the ramp on nice peppy Indian numbers. I only have one question ? what the hell was ...
More About: Bollywood , Entertainment , Fashion , World , Lingerie
Nach Baliye 4 - Mouli Ganguly and Mazhar best!
2008-11-09 17:27:00
As it is, it was so boring watching Nach Baliye and on top of that my best jodis are gone one is eliminated and other one left due to medical reasons, Jodi 1 - Vineet Raina and Tanushree Kaushal and Jodi 3 - Karnvir Bohra and Teejay Sidhu respectively. I am gutted; I was counting ...
More About: Entertainment , Ganguly
Diana Hayden evicted from Bigg Boss house
2008-11-07 16:40:00
I am very sad ?mein kya karu?, I am really very sad for Ashutosh. His only friend and support is gone leaving him with all the darindaas and mean people, but I know he will pass this test with flying colours. Will we see Ashutosh crying (not literally like Aryan Viad of last year?s Bigg ...
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Ashutosh dumped by his girlfriend Sonel Singh
2008-09-25 14:55:00
Poor thing! Ashutosh don?t even know that he is been dumped by his girlfriend Sonel Singh , who he is been talking about in the Big Boss house often. Infact Sonel Singh said that she has stopped seeing him long back and Ashutosh knows about this. Well Sonel should ease, now that he is in love ...
More About: Entertainment , Girlfriend
Diana Hayden in Bigg Boss house 2
2008-09-14 19:00:00
Like Rahul Mahajan, Diana Hayden is also denying the rumours that she?ll be joining the Bigg Boss house on Monday. Well, not a long wait just a night away and then we?ll know if she was telling the truth or not. Let?s see if she can spice up the house and takeover Payal, exactly the ...
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Nach baliye 4 coming soon!
2008-09-12 14:08:00
Nach baliye is back to entertain us with its fourth season. Of-course the entertainment depends all on the jodis we get to see. Starting on October 10 on star plus, final jodis and judges are not yet revealed but possibilities are Farah Khan can be one of the three judges. Let?s just wait for the announcement ...
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Mona Singh and Harbhajan Singh winner of ?Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena?
2008-09-12 13:18:00
The title of the post proves that ?Singh is king? infact ?Singhs are Kings? in true Punjabi ishtyle as my sardar uncle says it. Also the title of the post must have given you a shocka, you must be thinking you are still watching the promos of the show so how come the winner is ...
More About: Cricket , Sports , Entertainment , Winner
Wild card entries & New face in Bigg Boss house
2008-09-11 13:04:00
Monica bedi is trying very hard to get a wild card entry in the Bigg Boss house. Look at her online chat record at colors and you will see how she is begging for it. But I don?t think she deserves a second round, we don?t want people who want to change their so called ...
More About: House , Entertainment , Card , Wild
Week 4 and 4 housemates are up for eviction
2008-09-08 14:18:00
This week is fun! Four of the housemates are up for eviction, wonder who will face the audience this weekend? For a change Rahul Mahajan will not go through the trauma of eviction process. Alina Wadiwalla, Payal Rohatgi, Ketaki Dave and Zulfi Syed are nominated and will face the eviction this Friday. I reckon Alina should ...
More About: Entertainment , Week , Eviction
Bigg Boss 2 ? Week 3 Rahul or Monica?
2008-09-01 17:00:00
Rahul and Monica are nominated and are up for eviction this week. Alina and Sambhavna were not allowed to vote as they were speaking without their mics on after Rakhi’s eviction. ?Lathmaar? (Ashutosh) wasn’t allowed to vote either because he was sleeping even when the alarm rang. Not very surprisingly, Payal voted for Monica. I guess ...
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Bigg Boss 2 ? Week 2 Rahul or Rakhi?
2008-08-28 21:51:00
Till today I was very confused about who should be voted out of the house, but now after watching today?s episode I reckon the cunning Rakhi should go. The way she is influencing and pushing Monica into Rahul?s arms is disgusting. She pretends to be Monica?s friend and thinks she is the best matchmaker, whereas ...
More About: Entertainment , Boss , Week
Jade Goody in Bigg Boss 2 (Indian Big Brother)
2008-08-13 23:00:00
Now this is called pinching news, I literally have to pinch myself to believe this! Remember ?Jade Goody ? who was accused of bullying our Shilpa Shetty on Celebrity Big Brother in 2006, is to appear on the Indian version of the show. News is, she will enter the Bigg Boss house on Sunday and ...
More About: Entertainment
Playing time for George Bush!
2008-08-09 22:49:00
  Bush getting Cheeky in China! He?s there for the Olympic games and has been spending his time getting to know the American athletes a little better.
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