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Giving my opinions on urban female celebrities.
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Hot Brazilian actress Rosana Muniz
2008-01-14 18:22:00
Rosana Muniz is a Brazilian actress. She appeared in the television series "Marisol" and "Tiro & Queda". Rosana posed for the January,1992 issue of Brazilian Playboy. She showed it all in a hot pictorial.Check it out unedited here.Celebrity Sistas
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Mexican video model Necole Velasquez
2008-01-14 17:04:00
Necole Velasquez(also known as Nicole Velasquez) is a Mexican model. She appeared in the Playboy videos "Beautiful Latin Ladies", "Playboy's Wet and Wild: Bottoms Up" and "Playboy: Strip, Sexy Showgirls and Dirty Dancers". Very hot Latin lady.You can see the unedited images here.A nice Velasquez website here.Celebrity Sistas
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A welcome Guest
2008-01-12 22:28:00
Dawn Marie Guest is a very pretty actress from Chicago. She has been in movies like "Tears of a Clown" and "In His Kiss". Dawn was sexy on the cover of ESPN the magazine. She is in a hot bikini. Unfortunately the only pictures of her I could find were from her website. I would have have loved to find more sexy pictures of this lady.Celebrity Sistas
Monica Djalo's soapy shower scene
2008-01-12 21:31:00
Monica Pereira-Djalo is a French actress who was sexy in the movie "le zoo du boiteux". Monica shows her breasts in a shower scene. She was also in the movie "Hygiene de l'assassin". Nothing like a soapy shower scene to get the juices flowing.You can see the unedited images here.Celebrity Sistas
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Famous Greek model Tshiela Oksanen
2008-01-12 17:54:00
Tshiela Oksanen is a famous Greek model. She is of Finnish and Congolese descent. She has appeared in several Greek adult magazines like Penthouse and Playboy. She can also be seen on some Greek television shows. (Thanks to reader Sekou for telling me about Tshiela).You can see more naked pictures of her here.You can visit her website here.Celebrity Sistas
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New Christina Milian bikini pictures
2008-01-11 19:40:00
Here are some pictures of singer Christina Milian on the beach. Words can't described how utterly hot this sisa is. I could look at pictures of her all day.I borrowed these pictures from my man Jacob's new blog here.Celebrity Sistas
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More French sexiness with Mata Gabin
2008-01-11 19:01:00
Mata Gabin is another actress with African and French roots, her mother is half Guinean-half Liberian and her father is from Martinique. She has been living in France for over a decade where she is an actress in both theater and film. She has been in movies like "Dyschromie" and "Angelina". Mata has a nude scene in the movie "Lettres de la mer rouge". She only shows some boob but we see all of her nice ass.You can see a few more photos of her here.You can visit her website here.Celebrity Sistas
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Nice cans but what a stereotype
2008-01-11 18:46:00
M'Bembo is an African sista who is an actress in France. She has appeared in eleven movies during her career. She was in the French movies "Rever" and "Collegues, Les". M'Bembo has a topless scene in the movie "Marie-Line". She shows her nice cans while carrying a basket on her head(talk about a stereotype).You can see the unedited image here.Celebrity Sistas
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Cute English actress Carnen Ejogo
2008-01-10 21:44:00
Carmen Ejogo is an actress who was born in London, England. She is half Nigerian and half Scottish. Carmen was in the movies "Lackwanna Blues", "What's the Worst That Could Happen" and "Perfume". Carmen is a real cutie who took did a sexy photo shoot for Vibe magazine. I also found a topless picture of her but I could not find out what movie it's from.You can see more Ejogo photos here.Celebrity Sistas
More About: Cute , English , Actress
Hot exotic actress Tia Carrere
2008-01-10 17:31:00
Tia Carrere is a singer, model and actress. Tia is a very sexy blend of Hawaiian, Spanish, Asian and Filipino ancestry. She was in the movies "Wayne's World" and "Back in the Day". She was in the television series "Relic Hunter". As a singer, her first album, Dream, went platinum in the Philippines. Tia had never been nude anywhere until she showed her hot naked body in the January, 2003 issue of Playboy. She is one of the few stars who posed while her career was still flourishing.You can see all of her nude photos here.Celebrity Sistas
More About: Tia Carrere , Actress
New and improved Nia Long gallery
2008-01-10 01:36:00
Here are some sexy pictures of Nia Long which are part of my new gallery of Nia Long pictures at my adult site. I've always thought that she was fine ever since I first saw her on "The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire". My new gallery includes her brief boob flash in "Boyz in da Hood".Check out her sexy pictures here.Celebrity Sistas
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Playboy special issue model Angela Penttinen
2008-01-09 19:23:00
Angela Penttinen is a model who was in several special issues of Play during the 1990's. She was was in issues like "Playboy Nudes", "Playboy's Hardbodies", "Playboy's Book of Lingerie" and "Playboy's Blonds, Brunettes and Redheads". I remember this sista from back in the day.You can see more hot Pettinen photos here.Celebrity Sistas
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Sanjaya's fine sister Shyamali
2008-01-09 16:36:00
Shyamali Malatar is the sister of Sanjaya Malatar who was on the show "American Idol". She is said to be a former waitress for Hooters. I don't know what she is doing now but this lady is fine as hell. I read somewhere that she once posted nude photos of herself on a website but unfortunately I couldn't find any.The sexiest picture of this Indian beauty I could find is the one of her nude with a guitar. It's frustrating ti know that behind that guitar is a fine pair of melons that we probably will never get to see.You can see more Shyamali photos here.Celebrity Sistas
More About: Sister , Fine , Jaya
Hot French model Lydia Galin
2008-01-07 21:57:00
Lydia Galin is a French model and actress. This sista who origially hails from the Caribbeans made one movie appearance. It was in the 1988 movie "Perigord noir". Lydia is topless in this movie. Lydia is as fine as can be and I can see why they got her topless right off the bat.You can see the unedited photos here.You can vist her website here.Celebrity Sistas
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Spicy Latin actress Cindy Pena
2008-01-07 17:38:00
Cindy Pena is a Spanish actress who has been in nine movies or shows during her career. She was in the movies "Fright Club" and "Hunting Season". Pena is naked in both of theses movies. In "Hunting Season" she is involved in a rape scene but she shows more flesh(big ripe melons) in the first movieYou can see the unedited images here.Celebrity Sistas
More About: Latin , Actress , Spicy
Multi-racial beauty Nadia Dawn
2008-01-06 20:40:00
Nadia Dawn is a beautiful model, actress and She has also appeared in music videos. Nadia is a delightful mix of East Indian, White, and Black ancestry. You might have spotted this sexy sista in the music videos "Make Me Better' by Fabulous and Ne-yo and "That Girl" by Pharrell. Nadia is going to be in the new movie "Vengeance of a Scorned Wife". I don't think they are any nude photos available for this beauty yet but now that she is doing movies maybe one day she'll do nude a scene.You can visit her website here.You can see more sexy photos of her here.Celebrity Sistas
More About: Beauty , Multi , Racial
Vivica Foxx sex tape scandal
2008-01-06 16:56:00
No I don't have the Vivica Foxx sex tape. I searched for the tape which reportedly shows a drunken Vivica performing oral sex on a man but couldn't find it. What I did see was that some sites that had it were either suspended or had the content removed. So if I did find the unedited tape I probably wouldn't post it. I did find an unedited clip which was originally posted by which may be the tape. I will say that the girl on this tape does not look like Vivica to me. It looks more like a porn star named Adina Jewel(aka Pebbles).(last photo)You can watch the Mediatakeout edited clip here.Celebrity Sistas
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Sexy Spanish/French actress Ines Sastre
2008-01-06 03:55:00
Ines Sastre is a French model and actress. This beautiful lady is originally from Spain. She has appeared on the covers of such illustrious magazines like Elle, GQ and Marie Claire. She has appeared in movies like "The Lost City" and "Vidocq". Sastre has been photographed topless by paparazzi while on the beach. She has also done nude scenes in movies like "Vidocq". Very high class lady.You can see more nude scans of her here.You can visit a nice site for her here.Celebrity Sistas
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Playboy special edition model Camille Wright
2008-01-05 03:52:00
Camille Wright is a magazine model who has been in special editions of Playboy. She was in the magazines "Voluptuous Vixens 26" and "Voluptuous Vixens 27". She was also in an edition of "Erotic Beauties". Very sexy sista.You can see the unedited images here.Celebrity Sistas
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Hot French/African actress Rachida Brakni
2008-01-04 23:19:00
Rachida Brakni is a French actress of Algerian descent. This sexy light skin sista has been in movies like "Chaos" and "La Surprise". Rachida has a brief nude scene in "La Surprise". She is shown taking off her nightgown to get in bed. Though she is completely naked the camera is a bit too far to clearly make out what looks like a hot body.You can see more Rachida images here.Celebrity Sistas
More About: Actress , African
A sexy French sista will make you forget all of your problems
2008-01-04 04:17:00
Tania Da Costa is a a very pretty French actress. This sexy sista has been naked in at least two movies. She was nude in the movies "Cordier, juge et flic. Les" and " Monaibe: La madonne de Lisbonne". In the last movie we get a shot of her beautiful breasts while she is tied up in bed.You can see the unedited images here.(PS My adult site is not gone for good. I ran into problems again(this time it was my fault) but at least I was smart enough to have a backup plan and my site is going back up as I write this. Sorry for the down time.)Celebrity Sistas
More About: Sexy , Problems , Make
Dania Ramirez sexy pictures
2008-01-03 19:28:00
I found some very sexy photos of actress Dania Ramirez ("Fat Albert", "She Hate Me"). I believe that these photos are the closet thing to naked that you will find of her(she is naked in one photo but she is covered by a guitar). Dania is as pretty as Christina Milian.Check out my fine gallery of sexy pictures of her here.Celebrity Sistas
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What a pretty Kitty
2008-01-03 04:03:00
Kitty Keri is a pretty Latin actress. She was in the movies "Tactical Assault" and "The Phantom of the Opera'. In the latter movie, Kitty flashes a great pair of sexy Latina breasts. Kitty also happens to be pretty but those breasts are nearly perfect.Check 'em out unedited here.Celebrity Sistas
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French actress Dominique Figaro played a sexy stripper
2008-01-02 20:54:00
Dominique Figaro is a French actress who was in five movies or television series during the early 90's. She was in the movies "Notorious" and "Nuits fauves, Les". Figuro had a sexy role in an episode of the series "Navarro". She plays a stripper and we get to see her topless.You can see the unedited images here.Celebrity Sistas
More About: Sexy , Actress , Stripper
Nude bodybuilder Denise Masino
2008-01-02 18:21:00
Denise Masino is a professional female bodybuilder. This Latin lady is a real winner. She has won bodybuilding contests like the 1994 NPC Florida Championships and 2003 Night of Champions. Masino is also not afraid to pose naked for her adoring fans. Visitors to her website can view both nude pictures and videos of this very sexy lady. You can also find her naked in a magazine that her ex-husband publishes called Muscle Elegance.You can see more Masino photos here.Here is a video of this sexy lady in competition.Celebrity Sistas
More About: Bodybuilder , Denise
Philipina actress Tetcha Agbayani posed for Playboy
2007-11-30 18:01:00
Tetchie Agbayani is an actress of Philipina ancestry. She is a former beauty queen who won the Philippine crown Mulya Ng Pilipinas. She has acted in several shows and movies including "Illusyon" and "Deathfight". Tetchie was naked in a movie called "Rikky and Pete". She also caused controversy when she posed for German Playboy in 1982.You can see the photos unedited here.Celebrity Sistas
More About: Actress , Hili , Etch
Pat Edwards was no "Jive Turkey"
2007-11-30 16:10:00
Pat Edwards is an actress from the blaxplotation era. She got her first and only role in the 1974 movie "Jive Turk ey ". Pat shows her nice cans in two scenes.Check em out unedited here.Celebrity Sistas
Isela Vega is a naked starlet
2007-11-29 21:33:00
Isela Vega is a Mexican actress who has been in several Spanish shows dating back to 1960. Isela is like the Latin Pam Grier in that she is known for being naked in several movies. She was nude in "La Pulqueria" and "Navajeros" as well as several other films. To be honest, I think that she is only average looking at best. She definitely is not in Pam Grier's class.More Vega photos here.Celebrity Sistas
Old school sista Cherise Wilson
2007-11-29 21:21:00
Let's go back to some old school. Cherise Wilson is a very cute sista who was in the 1977 movie "The Van". Wilson takes off her shirt and flashes her pretty breasts at a guy. Cherise looks a lot like an actress who I've seen in a couple of sitcoms(I think "Girlfriends" was one) but apparently it's not the same girl. This actress just has one acting credit.Check her unedited here.Celebrity Sistas
More About: School , Old School
Patrice Ablack was sexy in "The Return of Superfly".
2007-11-29 17:56:00
Patrice Ablack is an actress who appeared in just one movie. This very pretty lady was in the 1990 urban movie "The Return of Superfly". Patrice emerges out of the shower topless. The room is steamy and the pictures I found are not that great but if you see the movie you' ll see that Patrice is sexy as hell.Check out the photos unedited here.Celebrity Sistas
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