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Adventures of a French pastry chef, expat in SC
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A Sweet Affair ...
2012-05-28 00:05:00
I don't do wedding photography. It's not that I can't. I just enjoy photographing food a lot more. Except when it comes to friends. My husband used to be a wedding photographer back in the 70s and...
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Shrimp, Butternut Squash & Coconut Soup & Pickled Shrimp With Cucumber Spea
2012-05-24 02:05:00
Since I have started keeping up a blog in late 2006, I have always heard my seniors say "never apologize for being busy, missing or not keeping up regular posting schedule". I get that. A blog is...
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Food Photography Workshop In Charleston - A Recap.
2012-05-16 18:41:00
Thank you all for your words of comfort and virtual hugs. I came to you from a very vulnerable place and your words held me strong throughout some pretty dark hours. Some comfort came from learning...
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2012-05-13 15:06:00
Today has all the promises of a good day. It is my birthday. It is Mother's Day here in the US. And yet, it is a difficult day for my family yet again. In the last 5 months we have had to say...
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Squash Blossom Quiche With Feta & Basil
2012-05-09 23:19:00
My voice is raspy. My eyelids are heavy. My clothes are still in a pile by my bed. And I still have to find my slippers. Yet, my heart is full, my memories wonderful and my mind is a big mumble...
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Creamy Polenta With Russian Kale & Shitake Mushrooms
2012-05-01 01:00:00
I just absolutely love this time of year. The temperatures may be higher than Spring feels like in other part of the world but we are still (and I insist on still) a few weeks away from scorching...
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Creamy Salmon Bisque & Rhubarb Tarte Tatin
2012-04-25 01:21:00
A little update before I talk Salmon Bisque and Rhubarb Tarte Tatin...The workshop in Ireland sold out so fast that we decided to exceptionally open up four more spots. There are three remaining. So,...
Fig, Gorgonzola & Honey Tartines
2012-04-19 02:55:00
I just sat down with a tartine and a glass of wine and thought out loud "I wish I could just take the weekend off and smell the roses". To which my husband sent me an inquisitive look similar to...
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Registration Now Open For My 3 Day Workshop In Northern Ireland!
2012-04-16 11:00:00
UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who registered for the workshop! It sold out in minutes! Can't wait to meet everyone! A very exciting moment.... the registration for my workshop in Northern Ireland is...
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Rhubarb & Strawberry Crisps - Spring In A Cup!
2012-04-12 15:59:00
We have been stocking on the bounty of Spring produce left and right lately. Strawberries, peas, rhubarb, ronde de Nice, baby Vidalias, etc... The farmers market is in full swing and my mind is...
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Save The Date: A Food Styling & Photography Workshop in Northern Ireland!!
2012-04-10 17:02:00
UPDATE: The registration page will go live Monday April 16th at 10am BST (British Summer Time). I will put a link here on this blog at 10am BST for everyone interested. Thank you! Hope to see you in...
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Vegetable Couscous For Food & Wine & Winner of "Where Women Cook: Celebrate
2012-04-07 00:28:00
Before I talk about this comforting and tasty Vegetable Couscous , I would like to announce the annouce the winner of the "Where Women Cook: Celebrate !" book giveaway. Folks! Congratulations to...
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Rhubarb & Strawberry Lemonade
2012-04-02 20:09:00
Hello Summer! Yep, our Spring is already over here in South Carolina. Was nice to have it for about three weeks. But we have already moved on to going for late afternoon jumps in the ocean to wind...
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Citrus Mint Salad & A Cookbook Giveaway!
2012-03-30 23:47:00
Thank you everyone for your get well wishes. It was a slow cooking/blogging week. Perfect opportunity to tell you about a project I was thrilled to be part of earlier last year. Along with some...
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Roasted Tomato Soup & Tomato Parmesan Croutons
2012-03-28 19:50:00
One of the things I always try to have on hand is a batch of soup. Does not matter the kind, but there is always one in the freezer, or one in the refrigerator or one simmering on the stove. This is...
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Registration Now Open For Our 3-Day Workshop in Seattle
2012-03-26 17:00:00
The workshop is officially sold out! Thank you to everyone who registered so fast (30 minutes - boom - y'all are amazing!). We are looking forward to meeting you all in...
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Save The Date: A Three Day Food Styling & Photography Workshop in Seattle,
2012-03-23 19:49:00
I am really excited to announce another multi-day workshop that I will teaching with two of my favorite people Save the date for an amazing three day workshop in Seattle , Washington! Here are the...
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Heirloom Tomato Galette & Feeling At Home
2012-03-20 23:27:00
I was going to start this by saying that I had not married into a typical Southern family but to tell you the truth, I can't think of one typical Southern home. Here in the South you can be from the...
More About: Home , Tomato
Lemon, Chicken and Orzo Soup
2012-03-16 19:30:00
It looks like the bout of bronchitis going around town has find a way to sneak into our house and beat me to pulp. Or at least it feels like it. I can't complain though. We each get sick about once a...
More About: Lemon , Soup , Chicken
Berries Sorbet & Lavender Shortbread Cookies Sorbet Sandwiches
2012-03-12 22:00:00
Since Winter never really got here, we are and have been in Spring like mode for quite a few weeks over here. Local seasonal produce has been changing rapidly. Peas are sprouting, winter squash are...
More About: Cookies , Berries , Sandwiches
Tomato Goodness & Giveaway Winners
2012-03-09 21:19:00
The skies above the creek are getting black and threatening. On a Friday. It's warm. It's just getting pitch black and on the eve of a busy weekend, I am hoping to counteract the atmosphere with some...
More About: Winners , Tomato
Chocolate Financiers, "La Tartine Gourmande, Recipes For An Inspired Life"
2012-03-06 01:00:00
It's always excited to see someone realize their dreams. Pick up their courage, their doubts, their talent and creativity and just go for it. I got excited when Beatrice announced she was writing a...
More About: Life , Recipes , Chocolate
An Impromptu Picnic: Salmon & Quinoa Salad and Meringues With Creme Fraiche
2012-02-28 15:24:00
It's been a game of hide and seek in our household for the past month or so. My better half has been playing music jobs left and right, on top of his day job. I, on the other hand, have been buried...
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MOO Cards Giveaway...!
2012-02-24 14:44:00
Imagine the scene last month: I am packing to go to Alabama where I am speaking at Food Blog South. I reach into the drawer for my business cards. Only this time, instead of finding my little black...
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Root Vegetable Soup & Herbed Goat Cheese Tartines
2012-02-20 17:06:00
To say that it has not really been good "soup weather" around here this winter would be an understatement. We have spent more days in short sleeves and sandals than in sweaters and boots. Granted...
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Membrillo & Mascarpone Macarons
2012-02-14 16:11:00
Husband (giddy): yay...macarons! What kind? Me (matter of fact): they are filled with mascarpone and a bit of membrillo left over from the shoot the other day. Husband (amused): did you make them...
Pan Seared Smelts & Gathering Around The Simple Things
2012-02-08 14:10:00
It's the little things that make me happy. Not just smiling. Truly happy. The little things that instantly make my eyes sparkle, my memories ramble and my step take a lighter beat. A wine my...
More About: Simple , Things
Scenes From A Cookbook Shoot
2012-02-03 06:16:00
Studio wall with quick prints of the shots so far. Friday already. We are on the last day of the shoot for "Marmalade" by Elizabeth Field for Running Press (Fall 2012) and as usual at the end of...
Apple Cinnamon Doughnuts
2012-01-27 07:39:00
Soft, fragrant, pillowy morsels of dough encasing a cinnamon scented ring of apple goodness. Apple Cinnamon Doughnuts. These will make you turn into the worst poet. Granted. But oh sweetness, they...
2012-01-24 23:52:00
Heirloom Book Company, downtown Charleston. If you are looking for me, I am currently going through 1009 shots taken this past weekend for One Kings Lane. The online site will have a Tag Sale for...
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