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I'm a Japanese food blogger based in Los Angeles. I also visit Las Vegas often. Mostly I blog about the food I eat in L.A. and Vegas.
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Tasty Garden - Monterey Park
2011-06-15 04:34:00
I love this place. This place is like Chinese version of Denny's. Nice decor, cozy booth, open late, good food, but the service was meh. I don't know if our order got lost or our waiter made mistake, but they apologize and gave us free waffle, plus they were nice so I'm not mad. HUGE menu. I couldn't post all the menu.Coffee and Iced tea. Yes, you can get refills, of course. Hong Kong style waffle $3.95There was some delay with our order, so our server gave us for free. Yum. can't stop eating. It's really light, I just keep wanting more and more..House special fried rice $8.95shrimp, eggs, fried garlic, green onion, and maybe asparagus. I really enjoyed fried rice. Recommended.Deep fried crab claw with shrimp paste (minimum 2) $3.75x2Sweet butter thick toast $5.95Singapore style fried vermicelli $7.50Rating (food): 4.2 / 5Rating (service): 3 / 5Repeat: Yes Tasty Garden 500 N Atlantic Blvd. Ste 100Monterey Park , CA 91754(626) 872-0900Mon-Sun 11 am - 4 am
$4 for $6 at Crunchy Sea Fish Tacos TODAY ONLY
2011-06-14 22:30:00
Crunchy Sea Fish Tacos groupon coupon, 5 hours left! CLICK HERE and HERE for pics. Coupon must present between 11am - 7pm PDT on 06/14/2011.Click the link below.$4 for $6 at Crunchy Sea Fish Tacos
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Chung Kiwa - Koreatown
2011-06-11 08:40:00
Came here during lunch time and the place was packed with Koreans. I guess we were lucky, we didn't have to wait for the table. Really good Korean food with friendly stuff. Everything was tasty. menuTasty beef soup/broth and banchan. potatoes, egg, kimchiGalbiNaengmyun (cold noodles)One of the tastiest Naengmyun I've had. Really, it was good.Rating (food): 4.6 / 5Rating (service): 4 / 5Repeat: Yes Chung Ki wa Korean BBQ restaurant3545 W Olympic BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019(323) 737-0809Mon-Sun: 11 am - 11 pm -angeles
Pao Jao dumpling house - Koreatown Plaza (2)
2011-06-11 01:11:00
Tasty dumpling place in Koreatown. This time, I tried Chlorella dumplings with vegetable. I liked it, of course. The bun was soft and the size is big.CLICK HERE for pics from 2010Chlorella dumplings $7.99served with radishRating (food): 4.2 / 5Rating (service): 3 / 5Repeat: Yes Pao Jao dumpling house (Koreatown Plaza food court)928 S Western Ave. Ste 137Los Angeles, CA 90006(213) 385-1881 umpling-house-los-angeles
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Cafe Dulce - Little Tokyo
2011-06-10 07:01:00
It's been a couple months since this place opened. Good pastries but little pricey. I've been here 3-4 times already, and I noticed that price has gone up. It was already overpriced, and now even more. menuSugar Brioche $3.75Dulce meringue (Rose) $0.50Green tea donuts with custard $1.75 ($2.50 now)Taro bun $2.50Rating (food): 4 / 5Rating (service): 3.8 / 5Repeat: YesCafe Dulce134 Japanese Village Plz. Bldg ELos Angeles, CA 90012(213) 346-9910Mon-Sun 9 am - 10 pm angeles
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The India Restaurant - Artesia
2011-06-03 06:54:00
Indian buffet in Little India. I got here little before 12pm and there were some tables open, but when I was leaving, this place was packed and people were waiting. You can order from regular menu items, but of course I got buffet. Food was fine, just average Indian buffet with good price.Salad, lamb shank,Tan, chicken, chicken makhani, daal makhani, palak, matar paneer, carrot peas potatoes, etcmenunaanMango Lassi $2.95Fruit creamCarrot puddingRating (food): 3.7 / 5Rating (service): 3.3 / 5Repeat: YesThe India Restaurant 17824 Pioneer BlvdArtesia, CA 90701(562) 860-5621Mon-Fri 11 am - 3 pmMon-Sun 5 pm - 10 pmSat-Sun 11 am - 3:30 pm // rtesia
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Great sandwiches at Larchmont village wine spirits & cheese
2011-05-31 05:26:00
One of the best place for sandwiches. I had no idea until somebody told me, this is the best place for sandwiches. Everybody comes here for the sandwiches. It's not cheap, but their sandwiches are really good. I love my sandwich with ciabatta bread. This place gets busy during lunch time, and I think they are open until 7pm . You can also buy yummy Twelve centimeter's macarons here.menuBlueberry pop#2 Imported black forest ham with Italian ciabatta bread $4.25 Imported black forest ham, mixed greens, black olive tapenade, extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar#5 Imported Italian prosciutto with Italian ciabatta bread $5Imported Italian prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, arugula, extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar#5 Imported Italian prosciutto with Italian ciabatta bread $9Imported Italian prosciutto, arugula, extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar#7 tuna salad sandwich with french baguette $8.50Fresh homemade tuna salad, mixed greens, tomato, extra virgin olive oil & b...
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Cafe Mak - Koreatown
2011-05-30 03:25:00
Little cute cafe, just around the corner from Wilshire/Vermont metro station. Open late and really nice ladies bathroom.Coffee drinks are $5-$6menuSweet potato cake $4.95It's good, but I don't think it's worth paying $5. If I wanna eat sweet potato cake, I just gonna go to New York Bakery.Flavored hazelnut Caf'e latte $5.50Mak Coffee $4.95Rating (food): 3.5 / 5Rating (service): 3.5 / 5Repeat: Yes Cafe Mak612 Shatto PlLos Angeles, CA 90005(213) 252-9898 los-angeles
Yu Chun Chic Naeng Myun - Koreatown
2011-05-25 11:03:00
I was looking for place to eat from my bookmark on Yelp, and we decided to try this place.I guess this place is popular for cold noodles and kimchi wang mandu? I personally recommend to order their stone bowl dishes, such as bibimbap and bulgogi.Jpop singer Ayumi Hamasaki was here too :) (left) and soup/beef broth (right)Beef broth was so tastyBanchanBoiled dumpling $7.50Unfortunately, we didn't like it. We didn't like the flavor of the filling.Dolpan mushroom & bulgogi $11.50Mushroom & bulgogi over rice in sizzling stone plate. I really loved it. Bulgogi was tasty and pretty big portion. I think everything cooked in stone bowl tastes good. You can't go wrong.Ra Bok Ki $9.50Spicy rice cake with vegetables, fish cake, ramen. This was good too. It's spicy (well, I guess you can figure out that from the color). Also I don't recommend take leftover rice cake to go, because they gets harder after it's cooked.Rating (food): 4 / 5Rating (service): 3....
All you can eat pasta at The Terrace in Koreatown
2011-05-19 08:59:00
Located on the 2nd level of The Wilshire hotel. This cafe has typical cafe menu, such as sandwiches and salads, but we were here for their all you can eat pasta. We choose pasta bar $12. They also have soup, salad, and pasta bar for only $15!What do you get for $12? Well, you can choose pasta from 5 different kinds, such as spaghetti, bow tie, penne, and fettuccine. You choose sauce, either marinara or pesto sauce. And choose your ingredients, they have about 20 different kinds of ingredients, such as bacon, chicken, green bell peppers,ham, tomato, etc .menupasta (top left) and salad bar. You pick ingredients from picture top left.Then choose your pasta (5 different kinds) and sauce (marinara or pesto). Made to order.bow tie pasta with pesto sauceSpaghetti with shrimp, ham, tomato, artichoke, red onion, and sun dried tomatoes with marinara sauceBow tie pasta with pesto sauce. green bell pepper, ham, spinach, mushroom, etcfettuccine with tomato, spinach, green bell pepper, mushroomRa...
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Kalbi burger - Koreatown (revisited)
2011-05-18 04:40:00
My favorite burger place in Koreatown. And I finally tried their new Jeju Do burger! It was delicious. You've gotta try that.CLICK HERE for pics from 2010menuJeju Do Burger with sea salt vinegar fries and drinkSpicy pork patty, sauteed kimchee, sliced jalapenos, red onions, romaine lettuce, Jeju Do sauce sea salt vinegar friesCoolhaus Ice cream sammies: ginger cookie + thai tea ice cream $4.56Rating (food): 4.8 / 5Rating (service): 4 / 5Repeat: Yes Kalbi burger4001 wilshire Blvd, Unit ELos Angeles, CA 90010(213) 738-7898Mon-Thu, Sun 11 am - 9 pmFri-Sat 11 am - 11 pm com/biz/kalbi-burger-los-angeles
Crunchy Sea - Koreatown (revisited)
2011-05-17 10:24:00
I was in the neighborhood, so I stopped by for their delicious fish taco. They do not have $1 Tuesday tacos anymore, but looks like they reduced the prices so fish taco is only $1.5 and beef taco is only $1.25. Probably the cheapest place to get the most delicious fish tacos in the area.CLICK HERE for pics of fish tacosFish taco $1.50Beef taco $1.25They use USDA choice meat for their $1.25 tacos! Because the meat was cut in cubes, it's a little difficult to eat. But it's got a good amount of beef.HorchataKorean style iced coffeeRating (food): 4.5 / 5Rating (service): 5 / 5Repeat: YesCrunchy Sea401 S Western Ave. Ste BLos Angeles,CA 90020(213) 388-4533Mon-Sat 11 am - 8 pmSun 11 am - 5 pm
Okane fusion sake bar - Koreatown
2011-05-12 08:21:00
Well, Gaam was packed (in Chapman plaza) so we ended up come here. Come here for the happy hour (4-9pm). Compared to the other Korean sake bar, I thought this place was average. Nothing outstanding, but good. Although I loved yogurt soju.menuskewers menusoup with bean sproutYogurt sojuYum! I'm addicted to yogurt soju now.Bacon wrapped rice cake $2.99, sausage $2.50These were good.Quail egg $2.99No flavor. Just grilled.Bacon wrapped asparagus $2.99Scallop $2.99Bacon tomato $2.99Chicken & pineapple $2.99Rating (food): 3.5 / 5Rating (service): 3 / 5Repeat: YesOkane fusion sake bar3465 W 6th St. Ste #20Los Angeles, CA 90010(213) 387-9060Mon-Sun 5 pm - 1 am ion-los-angeles
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Biergarten with new menu - Koreatown
2011-05-10 06:10:00
This is so excited. Biergarten launched the new menu with chef Eddie Hah.And now they are open for lunch! They don't have peanut butter sliders anymore, but they do have new burgers. Happy hour deals:Sun-Wed 5-8pm: All Pitchers, Wines, & Hot Sake 50% off.Thurs-Fri 5-8pm: $0.01 Pitchers of PBR, Hite, with any order of entree.CLICK HERE for pics from Biergarten in April, 2011Check my facebook page for more pics of Biergartennew menuGreen bean salad $9Tangerine, hazelnuts, frisee, truffled honey vinaigretteChosun one burger, served with potato salad $11Sauteed kimchi, gochujang aioli, pickled daikon, grilled spam, dijon mustard, served on King's Hawaiian sweet sandwich rolls. It looks spicy, but it wasn't, and it was tasty.Beer float (3 scoops of ice creams)Grilled shrimp lemoulade $9with fried green tomatoesSpicy sea snail salad $11somen noodles, green leaf lettuce, cucumber, gochujang dressing.I really enjoyed this salad.Americana burger with Angus beef $11Iceberg lettuce, red oni...
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New York Bakery - Koreatown
2011-05-09 08:31:00
I've been wanted to check this place out for so long, and finally I happened to be in the area. There are two or three tables outside and there were old man and woman chilling outside. While I was parking my bicycle, they were watching me the whole time, and that was really uncomfortable.This place sells breads, cakes, ice cream bars, and coffee drinks. Most of their breads are $1, whole bread is $3.5. I bought sweet potato cake and chestnut bread, and I liked both.Most of their breads are $1.sweet potato cake $2Very soft and you can really taste the sweet potato.chestnut bread $1It tasted like white bean paste with chestnut inside, and the top soboro part tasted peanut butter and it was very crumbly.Rating (food): 3.7 / 5Rating (service): 3.5 / 5Repeat: YesNew York Bakery 3120 W 8th StLos Angeles, CA 90005(213) 385-3125 bakery-los-angeles
Blazin J's Kettle Corn at Farmer's Market in Koreatown
2011-05-06 06:28:00
So I'm on twitter, I've noticed @koreatown tweeting about this Blazin J's kettle corn all the time, so I decided to stop by and check them out.I'm not a big popcorn fan, I almost never eat popcorns. I hate the popcorn smells at the movie theater, I don't like instant package you can buy at grocery stores. But when I saw them actually making kettle corn, and after I had some samples, I just had to get one. Blazin J's kettle corn were fresh and tasty. I loved it. When I went to, I think they had three flavors, regular, caramel, and cheese.Some people may know, A-Frame restaurant uses Blazin J's kettle corn for their Furikake Popcorn.Mention "twitter" at Wilshire/Vermont farmer's market in Koreatown (every Friday, 11am-3pm), and receive $1 off (so small bag will be $1, large bag will be $3. *all flavors add extra $1).regular kettle corn (small)caramel kettle corn (large)Rating (food): 4.5 / 5Rating (service): 4.5 / 5Repeat: YesBlazin J's Kettle Corn PO BOX 2484Santa Fe Springs,...
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Mottainai Ramen - Gardena
2011-05-05 04:07:00
Located in the same shopping mall with Vanille de Patisserie and Marukai market. I came here during the lunch time, and the menu was very simple, the price was right, and I liked the ramen.menuGyoza (5pc) $2.95 *limited 20 orders.Sapporo miso lover ramen $7.80I tasted it and I actually liked miso ramen better than shoyu ramen. It was more greasy, but also more tasty.This is my Tokyo Sho-yu Props ramen $6.95bamboo shoots, nori seaweed, green onions, cha-shuRating (food): 3.7 / 5Rating (service): 3.5 / 5Repeat: YesMottainai Ramen1630 W Redondo Beach Blvd. Ste 9Gardena, CA 90247(310) 538-3250Mon, Wed-Fri 11:30 am - 2:30 pmMon, Wed-Fri 6 pm - 11 pmSat-Sun 11:30 am - 11 pmCLOSED on Tuesdays
Vanille de Patisserie - Gardena
2011-05-03 11:20:00
Little tiny bakery in Gardena. When I saw their pastries, they looked very familiar and now I know why, because they have several different locations and I've been to other locations.I like this one in Gardena and the price is right.CLICK HERE for pics of Vanille de Patisserie in Rowland Heights, 2009Romance $2.95Lychee mousse, champagne mousse, vanilla cakeEarl $2.75Blacktea mousse, Calpis mousseRating (food): 3.8 / 5Rating (service): 3.5 / 5Repeat: YesVanille de Patisserie1610 W Redondo Beach Blvd. Ste 110Gardena, CA 90247(310) 323-1988 rdena
Bonjour French Pastry - Gardena
2011-04-29 05:29:00
This place is good, but I prefer Patisserie Chantilly better. There are only about 5 tables, very tiny Japanese pastry place. Also I believe cash only.CLICK HERE for pics of Apple Chiboust from 2009.caramel chouxIt's probably around $3. It was good, but it was hard to cut with fork.chestnut roll $4The chocolate was a bit too sweet.Rating (food): 3.5 / 5Rating (service): 3.5 / 5Repeat: YesBonJour French Pastry 18222 S Western AveGardena,CA 90248(310) 323-1468Tue-Fri 9:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.Sat 10 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.Sun 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.CLOSED on Mondays // gardena
PAPAYA KING goes mobile with Los Angeles area food truck
2011-04-28 21:42:00
Papaya King Food Truck will make appearances throughout Southern California and give away thousands of free hot dogs in April and May. Papaya King Truck stops will only be announced a few hours before each stop on Facebook and Twitter. To stay up to date on the Papaya King Truck?s schedule visit or King Hollywood is scheduled to open in mid 2011 to one of Hollywood?s world-famous intersections at Hollywood Blvd. and Wilcox Ave. To learn more about Papaya King visit Widely considered New York?s best hot dog for nearly 80 years, Papaya King is known for inventing the magical combination of tropical drinks and freshly grilled franks using only the highest quality natural ingredients. From ?the Original? combo of two franks and a papaya drink to specialty franks like the ?Side on Top,? Papaya King?s menu has developed a loyal following from food critics and celebrities to every day New Yorkers and visi...
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Bosco bakery cafe - Koreatown
2011-04-22 08:37:00
About a month ago, Bosco bakery opened inside Koreatown Plaza. Freshly baked pastries everyday with some free samples. They have good varieties of pastries, cakes, chocolate, sandwiches, ice pops, coffee drinks and shaved ice. Also there is a sitting area.I tried tiramisu cake at Kickboxing class (because I took a class on Randy Kim's birthday), and it was very good.chocolateSalad bread $2.50The bun was a little too greasy, because it's deep fried, but it tastes good.French Toast $1Yummy french toastChestnut tart $4I think this is croissant with sweet potato inside $2, flaky and delicious. One of my favorite.Melon spinach castella with butter cream $4drink menustrawberry lemonade $3.75, Iced green tea $3, vanilla and coffee ice popsIce pops are very good. You can see real vanilla beans in vanilla ice pop.One of the signature drink here. They use real strawberries. Yum.Rating (food): 4.2 / 5Rating (service): 4.3 / 5Repeat: YesBosco bakery cafe (koreatown plaza)928 S Western AveLos...
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Coffee Hyanggee - Koreatown
2011-04-21 08:30:00
After I had a dinner at Yuchun restaurant in the same mall, I saw this hidden coffee place. I never knew there is a coffee shop. This place is not on yelp or urbanspoon, and nobody mentioned before.Little sitting area, warm atmosphere, I like that. The workers were very nice. There were two young Korean guys were sitting on the sofa, but after I placed my latte, they encouraged me to sit down while I was waiting for my latte. That was sweet.The drinks menu are very common, but the prices are lower compared to other Koreatown cafes.Green tea latte $4.25Unfortunately, this green tea latte wasn't the best I've had, but still good.Rating (drink): 3.3 / 5Rating (service): 4.3 / 5Repeat: YesCoffee Hyanggee3195 W Olympic BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90006(213)427-9141
All you can eat Brazilian BBQ at M grill in Koreatown
2011-04-15 11:10:00
I've been to all you can eat Brazilian BBQ only once before, and I had such a bad experience. Since then, I avoided Brazilian buffet. Well, M Grill was my second time Brazilian BBQ and I am very happy that I was invited. The service was great, the workers and the owner were very nice and friendly, also the food was tasty. All their pineapple were juicy and sweet. I liked my cocktail, grilled pineapple, and pineapple from salad bar. I really enjoyed dining here. Don't think Koreatown is only for Korean food.LUNCH $19.99DINNER $39.99SPECIAL OFFEREarly Bird Special $31.99Mon-Thu from 5:30-6 and Sun from 5-6pmPrices include all the items from the grill, salad bar and hot buffet. Beverages, desserts, tax and gratuity are additional.*Reservations highly recommended.2nd floorAppetizers/cocktails menudrink menudessert menusalad barcheese bread ballsI don't like cheese, but somehow I couldn't stop eating these..From salad barEmpanadas (beef/cheese) $5 from Appetizer menuCaipirinha (pin...
Biergarten - Koreatown
2011-04-10 08:59:00
If you are a beer lover, and you haven't try this place, try this place out. Not only you'll enjoy your beer, but you'll also enjoy their food. The food is absolutely delicious. For the food, everybody seems to love their tacos. But watch out, their spicy tacos are really spicy. I personally recommend Wurstplatte, King's Hawaiian sliders, and chicken.Right now, they are having great happy hour deals:Sun-Wed 5-8pm: All Pitchers, Wines, & Hot Sake 50% off.Thurs-Fri 5-8pm: $0.01 Pitchers of PBR, Hite, with any order of entree.Check my facebook page for more pics of Biergartenmenubeer menuShredded cabbage, comes with Drunken ChickenDrunken Chicken (serves 2) $16Baked lemon pepper chicken steamed with lemon, honey, spices and beer.One of the most popular item on the menu. Order this. It's good.Brot Wurst (German hot dog)$7.5Pick between premium Bratwurst, Bockwurst, Kolbasa & Knackwurst. Served with toasted French Roll, onions, & jalapeno. You can also add bacon wrapped for extra $...
Brew You - Koreatown
2011-04-06 04:02:00
I didn't know about this cafe until I saw on IPOPDEAL. So I bought coupon on IPOPDEAL website, $5 for $10 worth of food and drinks. What a good deal! You can still purchase coupon online (expires 4/15/11).This cafe has cheap sushi, coffee drinks, smoothies and frozen yogurt. The cashier Korean lady was nice and friendly, we were chatting until my sushi was ready, then she started making my drink. My ice blended was good, and sushi is really cheap, but it's not bad at all. Iced blended vanilla latte $5Spicy tuna roll (8pcs) $3.99I was gonna order crunchy roll, but she said "no crunchy roll, I can get any other rolls, but not crunchy roll." Ok, so I got spicy tuna roll. It doesn't have much flavor without any sauce, but really fine if you eat them with soy sauce.Rating (food): 3.8 / 5Rating (service): 4.5 / 5Repeat: YesBrew You808 S Western AveLos Angeles, CA 90005(213) 382-0305Mon-Sat 10 am - 10 pmSun 11 am - 10 pm geles
Bellagio Slot Tournament, January 2009
2009-06-03 08:54:00
Here's the food pics from Bellagio's invitational slot tournament back in January , 2009. It was Super Bowl day, and there were big screen TVs so you could watch the Super Bowl, also there was a marching band, and food and drinks, of course. Bellagio tournaments always have pretty good food, although this tournament, the food wasn't that great. There was good stuff, but not everything was good. Like desserts. That was so disappointing. They used to serve higher quality desserts.CLICK HERE for pics from Bellagio slot tournament in 2008.CLICK HERE for pics from Bellagio slot tournament in 2007.CLICK HERE for pics from Bellagio slot tournament in 2006. All pics below are for two days. lobster corndog
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Mandarin Wong - Newhall, CA
2009-06-01 08:33:00
This place is called "Mandarin Wong ". But their takeout menu says "Chinese cuisine healthy style with a touch of Vietnamese, Thai, & Japanese". And Yelper's most recommended item is "Mongolian" beef. "Mandarin Wong" should be a Chinese restaurant, and a Chinese restaurant ONLY should serve Chinese food. What is a touch of Japanese or Thai or Mongolian or Vietnamese? Places like this restaurant always suck. You can tell by menu without eating.I'm very surprised that this place is rated so high. Because we didn't like it at all. It's not something you can't eat, but we just don't like this Americanized Chinese taste. Do people really like this taste?Every time my husband tries to get Chinese food in Santa Clarita, I say NO. And he still keep going to get Chinese food in SCV. I keep telling you, there are no good Chinese restaurants in SCV.Mongolian Beef $7.95Combination Pan Fried Noodles $8.95topping for noodlesThis is what their "pan fried" noodle looks like. SO WRONG. Th...
JJ Bakery - Torrance, CA
2009-05-29 08:57:00
JJ Bakery in Torrance . Overall, I love this place, but there were a few things I wasn't crazy about. It's just like I'm in Japan, I can get all these crazy breads that you're never gonna find at American bakery or supermarket. White bread was very good when I toasted, croissant was delicious. I love hotdog and green onion buns, and of course their cakes!All bread & cakes total was $27.55.sliced white bread - I think it was about $1.90mini croissanthot dog with green onion bun $1.25It was like a danish with sugar on rice and red bean bread $1.35This was OK.crispy green tea with red bean $1.50I'd buy this again. red bean bread with mochi $1.25I've had so many crazy breads before, but mochi slice in bread was my first time. I loved it.There is a thin-sliced mochi under red bean paste.dorayaki - I think it was $1It was different from Japanese dorayaki. This was like super-soft sponge cake with raisin and cream inside. I didn't like it.Quite currant &...
Vegas offers
2009-05-28 07:41:00
Here's the offers we recently received.Total Rewards: Macy's Gift Card Giveaway, July 31-August 2Includes 3 complimentary nights, $75 Macy's gift cardRio: Cruise Giveaway, July 17-19Inside stateroom on either a 3 or 4 day Bahamas cruise from Miami, 3 free nights at your choice of any one Total Rewards resortExcalibur:2 nights in a widescreen room, $20 free play, $10 off one-day cabana rental, 2 for 1 "Defending the Caveman" tickets.Green Valley Ranch: $15,000 slot tournament, July 16-19Includes 3 free nightsRed Rock: 4th of July2 complimentary nights, fireworks display in the exclusive VIP cabana areaSahara: The $10,000 Sizzling Slots of Summer slot tournament, July 23-25Includes 3 free nightsThe Orleans:2 complimentary nights, $50 slot playThe Orleans:3 complimentary nights, and invite to summer spectacular invitational tournament series
More About: Offers , Vegas
Panera Bread
2009-05-26 12:04:00
If you want delicious, freshly baked daily bread, then try here. Their bagels start at 99 cents, price is not so much different from grocery store ones, but this bagel tastes much better. So does French baguette. Baguette was delicious. I believe they open 6am, so go there at 6 am if you can, so you can have fresh ones.CLICK HERE for pics from 2007.bagel (everything) 99 centsTopped with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, garlic, toasted onion & kosher salt. 300 calories.bagel (French toast) $1.29Made with sweet maple-flavored & cinnamon chips. 350 caloriesFrench baguette $2.59Cobblestone $2.39Cinnamon raisin bread dough mixed with chunks of apples and spices, topped with streusel and white icing. 650 caloriesRating (food): 4.7 / 5Rating (service): 4.5 / 5Repeat: Yes
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