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Geriatric Initiatives
2008-06-08 06:00:00
Nurse practitioners do amazing things, and Scharmaine is no exception.  Geriatric Initiatives, Inc. is a non-profit agency formed by Scharmaine Lawson-Baker, a nurse practitioner living in New Orleans, Louisiana.  It was formed to raise awareness to the plight of the homebound elderly and disabled of New Orleans who are still struggling to recover from Hurricane KATRINA.  It’s ...
Private NP Practice - AANP Request
2008-06-04 23:05:00
If you are in a private NP practice and maintain 24/7 call with the ability to admit your own Medicare patients or have hospital admitting arrangements for your patients, please contact Jan Towers immediately at or call 202-966-6414.  AANP is trying to negotiate NP additions to pending Medicare legislation.  Immediate action is needed. NP Practice , NP ...
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NP Interview: Laura Hoeman, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
2008-05-29 15:00:00
Over the past year, I have received emails as well as questions posted to the NP Business Blog about Psychiatric NP private practice.  That is the issue we will address this week on NPInterview s . NPInterviewsShare This
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CPT codes for House Calls
2008-05-28 06:53:00
I’ve been getting lots of questions about coding for House Calls , and what codes to use.  Here are the current codes that are listed for house calls as well as codes used for assisted living.  Coding , house calls, NP PracticeShare This
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Questionable marketing
2008-05-19 03:51:00
You want to carefully look at your bills before paying them?they may not be what they seem to be.  What we thought was a bill, was really a marketing solicitation. Business Basics, Marketing Share This
NP Interview: Dorothy Malone-Rising, ANP, CDE
2008-05-14 07:37:00
I’m excited to talk with our next guest, Dorothy Malone-Rising. She is the owner of the Diabetes Center of Lamoille Valley in Johnson, VT. NPInterview s Share This
Merchant Account Problems
2008-05-12 21:52:00
One of our Nurse Practitioner readers shared with me her horror story in getting her merchant account set up. She wanted to pass this information along to other NPs. We are not publishing her real name at this point, as she is working with the District Attorney’s office in California.  The Better Business Bureau is ...
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Is life moving too fast?
2008-05-11 04:34:00
Thanks for hanging in there in the past few weeks since I’ve not updated here. Things have been busy in my practice, at home, and at NPBO.  I feel like the days are whizzing by. Can hardly believe it’s nearly mid May! That said, I’m currently writing up some information on the upcoming Medicare cuts as ...
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House Call Practice in NY
2008-04-30 05:58:00
Doing house calls seems to be a popular topic these days. Here is a question from an NP in NY… I  currently am being HEAVILY recruited to be the first NP in a practice of a well established MD doing home visits.  house calls, NP Practice Share This
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NP Interview: Glenda Clemens, ARNP
2008-04-28 20:39:00
Our next interview will be with Glenda Clemens , ARNP.  She is the owner of Affordable Quality Care in Norman Oklahoma. NPInterview s Share This
House Calls Question
2008-04-28 01:41:00
I’m sorry to blast this out on the blog, however, an NP wrote me with some great questions about a house call practice. However, her email did not come through on the contact form.  Please contact me again and include your email address. Thanks! NP PracticeShare This
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Happy Birthday to Nurse Practitioners in Business!
2008-04-19 22:44:00
I realized yesterday that it was the 1 year anniversary since starting this blog. I have to confess…this past year has flown by. When NP Business started, it was orginally to be a joint project with several NP who were in business. As it so happens, everyone is busy and it’s hard to commit to such ...
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ProgressNotes?from NPBO
2008-04-16 06:34:00
Just a heads up if you are interested. Nurse Practitioner Business Owner is getting ready to send out it’s first issue of ProgressNotes, a weekly newsletter with additional tips and information for the NP business owner. Signing up for ProgressNotes will get you a free copy of “Business Ideas for NP Entrepreneurs” as well as enroll ...
NPInterviews?Agnes Oblas, ANP-C
2008-04-15 01:52:00
We’ll be talking with Agnes Oblas, ANP-C this next Sunday, April 20, 2008. Ms. Oblas is a Nurse Practitioner and owner of New Paths to Healthcare. In addition to her own practice she NP PracticeShare This
Medicaid Prescription - more info
2008-04-06 22:00:00
This past week, I ran into various different issues with the new Medicaid prescription laws. The gist of it is, that those on Medicaid alone, will have to have their prescriptions faxed into the pharmacy or written on tamper proof paper.  Pharmacies were asking for us to do with this managed care as well ? which ...
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NPInterviews?Nanette Lavoie-Vaughan, NP
2008-04-03 06:02:00
Nanette was previously scheduled in February, but due to scheduling conflicts, could not be with us until now. Be sure to join us Sunday, April 6th for the next NP Interview when we talk with Nanette Lavoie-Vaughan , M.S.N., ARNP. Nanette currently owns Nurse Nan?s consulting Services specializing in geriatrics, house calls, long-term care and surveys. ...
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NP Interview Questions and Answers
2008-04-01 04:34:00
I received an email today from someone who said they were having a hard time getting their questions answered during the interviews. While on my end, I kept trying to see the questions, I wasn’t. I spent quite a bit of time today with the tech support folks, and found dozens of questions from the ...
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Nurse Practitioners are Blogging!
2008-03-29 15:27:00
When I first started blogging (almost 4 years ago) about Nurse Practitoiners being in business(just 1 year ago), I could only find one other NP blogging on a regular basis and that is np blogs, NP Practice, nurse practitioner blogsShare This
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NP Interviews?Lorraine W. Bock, NP
2008-03-24 02:44:00
Join us Sunday March 30th when we interview Lorraine W. Bock, M.S.N., C.R.N.P., C.E.N.  Ms. Bock is a Family Nurse Practitioner and co-owner of Nightingale Health & Wellness Services. Nightingale has 3 offices in South Central NP Practice, NPInterviews Share This
Medicaid Prescription - Tamper-Proof by April 1, 2008
2008-03-21 05:48:00
April 1st is around the corner, and for all prescribers, including NPs, that means new regulations will be in effect.  Any written prescription for clients with Medicaid have to be on prescriptions that prevent unauthorized copying, erasure or modification, or counterfeiting. I previously wrote about this, along with some resources on where to purchase these prescription ...
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QuickBooks - Free?
2008-03-17 05:02:00
During the interview with Nancy Dirubbo this evening, she mentioned Quick Books . She also made the recommendation that if you have not used Quicken at home, you may want to do that. The programs are both good. I’ve been a Quicken user for a long time. Practice Mgmt, QuickBooks, Simple Start 2008Share This
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Interactive Business Education
2008-03-15 06:19:00
SCORE is a wonderful website, and you can find all sorts of information to get you going in the right direction. Business Basics, SCORE, Startup Share This
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Nurse Practitioner Business Owner
2008-03-12 05:34:00
After 8 months, it’s live.  NPBO is open for business. I know in the past week several of you have attempted to sign up and could not…now you can. All the safeguards are in place. There is still much to add, but then that will be an ongoing process.  For more information about the site, please ...
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NPInterviews?Nancy Dirubbo, NP
2008-03-09 22:07:00
NPInterviews is talking with Nancy E. Dirubbo, BSN, FNP-C, WHNP-C, FAANP. Nancy currently owns Laconia Women’s Health Center, one of the oldest NP owned and operated primary care practices in the US.  Nancy Dirubbo, NP Practice, NPInterviewsShare This
Online Business Ed - from SCORE
2008-03-08 16:12:00
The conversation taking place around the a previous topic “Is it a service or a business” reminded me that we all have access to a free service from SCORE. Business Basics, business educationShare This
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NPInterviews?The Replays
2008-03-07 06:57:00
Finally…all the replays to date are up and available for your listening pleasure! NPInterviews Replays NPInterviewsShare This
NP Business Owners - A new resource
2008-03-03 00:58:00
It’s time to spill the beans. For the past few months we have been quietly working behind the scenes on a new site that will allow us several new features…features that you have been telling us you want. While NPBusiness  has provided many of you with the tools you have needed, there are just a few ...
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NPInterviews?Rebecca Hulem, NP
2008-02-27 04:03:00
Join us, Sunday March 2nd,  for the next NP Interview when we talk with Rebecca Hulem, RN, RNP, CNM. Rebecca is an expert in the field of menopause and women’s hormones. In addition to running workshops, CEU courses and menopause coaching; NPInterviews Share This
Is it a service or a business?
2008-02-26 06:07:00
There is an interesting conversation going on a popular NP list about health care. We all know providers that will not see patients with particular insurances, and those that will see everyone. business, NP practice issues, service businessShare This
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Schedule Change for NP Interviews
2008-02-23 04:55:00
Due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, the interview scheduled for Monday 2/25/08 at noon with Nanette Lavoie-Vaughan, NP has been rescheduled to Sunday April 6th. Watch for an announcment of our next interview as soon as it is confirmed. Thanks for your understanding. NPInterviews Share This
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