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A is for average-weight, F is for fat
2008-06-05 16:38:00
The practice of reporting students’ body mass scores to parents originated a few years ago as just one tactic in a war on obese children. Some school districts like Miami’s and New York City’s are even issuing personalized fitness reports for students that list their abdominal crunches and the pace of their one-mile runs ...
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Eating disorder by Nintendo?
2008-06-04 16:48:00
The new Wii Fit game has drawn heavy criticism (from obesity experts nonetheless!) for promoting negative body images and even eating disorders amongst its youngest vidiots. After its British debut in mid-May, a parent spoke out against the game after it labeled her healthy 4′ 9″ 10-year old athletic daughter as overweight. Devastated, ...
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Farewell classes, hello summer!
2008-06-03 20:34:00
I admit it: I?m a nerd. I like school. I like taking classes. Before I met my husband, I sat in on classes offered in the summer ?for fun.? On my degree audit for my undergraduate degree, I have nearly as many classes that don?t count for my degree as I ...
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Feminists, come hither
2008-06-02 08:07:00
Okay readers, I need your help here. I’m running late on the VERY LAST PAPER OF THE QUARTER, an annotated bibliography of 100 influential works in American women’s history (it can also be general journals like Signs or online archives devoted to the subject, but I’m looking more for historical works than for ...
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Even a thin person can get diabetes
2008-06-01 18:23:00
Jeff O’Connell writes for Men’s Health magazine and is the co-writer of at least four books on sports nutrition and fitness. A self described “thin” guy, O’Connell’s even been made the butt of skinny-guy wisecracks in school. All of which makes his diagnosis of type-2 diabetes all that more perplexing. After all, ...
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Putting heads back on the headless fatties
2008-05-30 21:19:00
Rachel Moss? decision to photograph fat people and others and post their photos online with scathing commentary on them and their bodies has rightfully angered a lot of people. There have even been reports of people unrightfully threatening Moss? academic standing, her job, and even her physical safety. What Moss did is wrong ...
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Rachel Moss and the WisCon drama
2008-05-29 14:59:00
There are two kinds of regret: regrets of omission (things not done) and regrets of commission (things done). I bet Rachel Moss is really kicking herself over the latter. Quick summary: Moss, a young college student, attended the feminist sci-fi convention WisCon, where she photographed fat, disabled and trans people (including children) without their permission ...
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Food Fantasies and Other Tales of Food and Love
2008-05-28 15:00:00
The stereotypical eating disorder sufferer is an adolescent, white female and comes from a middle- to upper-class family. Eating disorders know no gender, ethnic, age or class lines, but there is some truth to the stereotype: Eating disorders are most prevalent in communities where food is abundant. Russian writer Lara Vapnyar has a lovely story in ...
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Cellulite: The Great Female Equalizer
2008-05-27 14:00:00
The line at the grocery store is not the most body-affirming space. One is forced to stand between rows upon rows of delectable chocolate and racks upon racks of magazines sporting half-naked, unrealistically-thin women promoting every kind of weight-loss and diet imaginable on the same covers as recipes for gazillion-calorie desserts. And then there are ...
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Memorial Day: A Day of perspective
2008-05-26 17:34:00
“For it is the jubilee; it shall be holy unto you… in the year of this jubilee ye shall return every man unto his possession. ~ Leviticus Today is Memorial Day and as a historian, I thought it only fitting if we explore the relatively unknown but highly symbolic origins of the day. More ...
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May is National Osteoporosis Awareness Month
2008-05-24 19:35:00
May is National Osteoporosis Awareness Month . The National Osteoporosis Foundation estimates that 10 million Americans have the disease and that almost 34 million more are estimated to have low bone mass, placing them at increased risk for osteoporosis. In osteoporosis, the bones are weakened by loss of bone tissue (a condition called osteopenia), ...
Site downtime
2008-05-24 18:39:00
The site was down for much of yesterday due to city-wide power outages in the city in which my site is hosted. Apparently, the power outage knocked out a couple of their servers or so they say. The problem appears resolved now.
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Eyes wide shut on diabetes?
2008-05-23 15:00:00
I covered a story this week on a popular seniors gathering group and spoke with a man there I?ll call Bob. Bob is the door greeter for the bunch and wears a pin that says ?I give hugs,? which he gives freely and not just to pretty girls. He?s the kind of gregarious ...
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?Yogurt: What else could a woman possibly need??
2008-05-22 15:43:00
ThinkTank member Mychii shared this video on her Facebook profile. What is it about women and yogurt anyway? “Yogurt eaters come from every race, but just one socio-economic class. The class that wears grey hoodies. It’s that ‘I have a Master’s but then I got married’ look.” Discuss at will…
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You?re so vain
2008-05-20 17:26:00
Last week I suggested the reality show Top Chef ought to eat some humble pie. Humility is an admirable trait that would befit certain people (Ahem, yes, you, My Super Sweet 16 brats) but a little dose of narcissism isn?t all that bad, either? More than thirty years ago, Washington Post reporters Carl Bernstein and ...
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Sticking up for ourselves
2008-05-19 20:30:00
I?m a mobile journalist which means I rarely go into our paper?s downtown office. It?s probably a good thing I?m not office-bound because on those days I do go into the office, I usually spend half my day?s pay shopping at downtown stores. Last Friday I stopped into a boutique while on my lunch break. ...
Such a Pretty Weight-Loss Memoir
2008-05-16 19:55:00
I had never heard of author Jen Lancaster until I saw a note in my local paper today announcing a book signing with her at a local Borders store tonight. Lancaster is in town promoting her third memoir, Such a Pretty Fat. The title immediately bleeped on my fatdar, so I looked up the book ...
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Top Chef: Eat some humble pie
2008-05-15 17:35:00
I?m a culinary dullard. Seriously, I can?t even boil an egg properly. But my husband and I are total Top Chef addicts. Last night?s episode combined challenge with altruism: Serve up a healthy, gourmet boxed lunch to Chicago?s finest police recruits. I come from a family steeped in emergency services ...
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?Fitness freaks bad for your figure? - Low self-esteem bad for your mind
2008-05-14 16:42:00
I tore out this snippet I found in one of those “health” magazines at my doctor’s office. You know the kind… the ones that purport to be about health and yet the first half of the magazine is devoted to “losing weight” and “looking better.” Yeah, well, it was either that or read ...
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The role of religion/spirituality in healing
2008-05-13 04:32:00
The recent death of Polly Ann Williams struck a chord with a lot of people. Even now, months after her suicide, she remains among the top ten search words leading people here to this site and my eulogy to her remains one of the most visited entries since I began the site last January. ...
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The Digest: Harriet Brown kudos, new feed, super-skinny models, and why we
2008-05-12 17:19:00
I’ve got lots of school stuff to catch up on, so here’s a quick round-up of related topics in the blogosphere and news. Congratulations to Harriet Brown , who announced this week that HarperCollins has purchased the rights to her next book, Brave Girl Eating. The memoir follows the Brown family’s struggle to cope with daughter ...
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On turning 29?
2008-05-09 19:11:00
Setting: An introductory philosophy class I had to take last spring to fulfill a degree requirement. I am surprised to see a guy I knew from childhood take the seat next to me. We start talking about how being in our late 20s feels old on a college campus of coeds born in ...
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I love the smell of bacon in the morning*
2008-05-08 20:32:00
I rarely shopped at Wild Oats, but after Whole Foods bought the chain out, I’ve been finding new reasons to fall in love with the new store with each and every shopping trip. Lower prices tops the list, but it’s their hot and cold bars that make me swoon. My husband and I ...
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Walk for mental illness
2008-05-07 21:44:00
I’m participating in a walk this Saturday to benefit the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). The organization is holding more than 200 walks across 69 cities this year to help benefit people with mental illness.  To check for walks in your area, see here. I was diagnosed with both depression and an eating disorder ...
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This ain?t no bologna? or is it?
2008-05-06 17:12:00
Stand-up comedian, actor and writer Tom Naughton insists all we know about fat to be a load of bologna. In parody of and response to Morgan Spurlock’s mockumentary Supersize Me, Naughton’s Fat Head insists the so-called obesity epidemic has been wildly exaggerated by the CDC. How does he set to disprove obesity stereotypes? ...
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125 pounds is too fat for health insurance
2008-05-06 01:08:00
I ran into a fellow grad student after class, who has recently switched from the stodgy annuals of European history to gender studies. Amy and I are both presenting papers at an upcoming history conference and I let her know that I found her topic on the sexualization of the Spice Girls interesting. ...
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Notes on the fatosphere
2008-05-05 21:10:00
I do not often discuss my own personal dietary choices here, although I may discuss them on other sites in which I feel they are welcomed and appropriate. The reasons why are primarily twofold: Many readers here are actively battling with or recovering from dysfunctional relationships with food and I respect their struggles. ...
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Read an excerpt from Marya Hornbacher?s new memoir
2008-05-04 03:39:00
Remember Marya Hornbacher’s new memoir of her experiences with bipolar disorder? Now you can read a free excerpt from Madness: A Bipolar Life offered by the British Telegraph. This particular passage seems to pick up where Hornbacher’s eating disorder memoir Wasted leaves off, with Hornbacher in her early 20s and struggling to cope ...
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Happiness at the Home Depot
2008-05-02 16:07:00
Recent events have made me feel down, prompting even the husband to ask if I’ve been taking my “crazy pills.” It’s always difficult to find that which you’ve invested so much passion and dedication to has been all but an illusion and it’s also difficult to realize those who you called friends are anything ...
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The Pretty Girls Club
2008-05-01 17:20:00
Second-grade was my year. It was the year before I became fat, before I even developed a self-consciousness of fat. My mom was the cool room mother all the other kids wished they had. I had a crush on Robby Campbell with his flame-red hair, and I think he liked me, too. ...
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