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Lynda Lippin blogs about teaching Pilates & Reiki as an American Ex-pat in the Turks & Caicos Islands. Tales of life on Providenciales, expert Pilates & Reiki tips & advice, news, reviews, some ads, life lessons learned.
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Cyclist with Broken Hip Loves Pilates
2012-05-27 04:02:00
It’s all gain – without the pain Cyclist Jenny Kingsley always dismissed Pilates as a New Age gimmick. Then she broke her hip and was forced to reassess her prejudices A great article in the UK Telegraph! “Once your body is no longer scrunched up, your insides function more effectively. The breathing technique helps you...
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Why Pilates Videos Annoy Me
2012-05-19 08:04:00
I was reviewing some Winsor Pilates videos the other day and noticed that everyone’s feet were tightly pointed. That, combined with the meaning cues “tweeze your buttocks” (which just sounds wrong) and “use your powerhouse”, made me crazy. Then I received this question from someone who does Pilates videos at home, and realized that many...
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Pilates and Breast Cancer
2012-05-12 18:16:00
Here’s a question I recently answered on I share this with everyone because the information is important - Hi Lynda,I am an occupational therapist with mat based and reformer based Pilates training through Sara City Workouts (more of a general fitness genre) as well as attending classes and instruction through 2 “Romana” trained Pilates...
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The Beauty of Water?A Holiday Gift
2012-05-06 01:53:00
Look at my friend Jane’s beautiful photographs of water and nature (the spider web is phenomenal). Jane Young did my Reiki Master attunements and runs an inn in Spain Enjoy! Tags: Jane Young, finca-armonia, water, nature, photographs, spain, reiki, pilates, lynda, lippin, caribbean, turks, caicos, providenciales, energy, healing, fitness, exercise
It?s Been A While!
2012-04-29 18:14:00
I can’t believe it has been almost a full two months since I wrote in this space. It was longer on other sites, almost 9 weeks! So I decided to start back with a brief post on why it is OK that I took some time off. After all, you may have some self-imposed obligations...
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Announce Yourself
2012-03-01 20:47:00
Since I returned to the crowded pilates and fitness marketplace that is New York City I am in constant promotion mode. Really. I cannot stop selling or promoting myself and my teaching or risk being swallowed up. You can promote your business with items like custom lapel pins, pens, business cards, refrigerator magnets, and even...
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Make Joyful Noise
2012-02-26 00:05:00
On the whole we conservative Jews do not make tons of noise. Our services involve some singing, much of the main service is spent in silent reading and meditation, and even our singing is never too loud. In fact, one of the big problems many Jews had and have with Chasidic Jews is that they...
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Creative Gifts
2012-02-25 23:54:00
I am just not a great gift giver. Not that I don’t have my moments. My secret Santa gift this year was genius and the person who received it still talks to me about how wonderful the gift and the story behind it are. And one year I pegged all of my staff at balanCenter...
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For Those Who Like Rules To Follow
2012-02-25 22:38:00
This is absolutely awesome – a list of rules that actually make you laugh or do something inconsistent (which is the point). While we cherish consistency, inconsistency brings us thrills, chills, and excitement. So here they are… For Those Who Like Rules To Follow. 1.Never stop thinking. This is important. If someone ever says to...
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What?s In Your Skin Creams?
2012-02-18 18:25:00
Up until the past few years most women have simply used whatever skin care products made the best claims, without really worrying about what effects the chemicals that produce those results might have on their skin in the long term, and also on their total health. Now I tend to gravitate towards products that are...
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Cash or Swipe?
2012-02-06 12:46:00
I don’t feel that old at 46, but I can remember when POS systemsinvolved a simple cash register, calculator for sales tax, and and manual card imprinter with a phone for approvals. Now everyone has a swiping terminal, and most places have a PIN keypad as well. Basically, POS systems are now easier for the...
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Video Connections
2012-01-31 12:52:00
One thing that really kept me connected and going for my years at Parrot Cay was web video conferencing and video/VOIP services like Skype. But I am finding them handy even in Manhattan as I connect with friends and colleagues from all over the US. It’s very exciting! While building a solid web presence was...
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Helmet Laws
2012-01-18 00:15:00
For most of my motorcycle riding lifetime in the US, there have been mandatory helmet laws. And while I have been lucky enough to always be with a highly experienced driver, I have also been lucky enough never been in a biking accident. At least one good friend of mine was scathed for life after...
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New City, New Doctors
2012-01-18 00:02:00
One of the more stressful things about moving back to the US is the change in doctors and insurance. In Turks and Caicos everything was clear and ran smoothly like new casters over a hardwood floor. Seriously, for a place that I would never associate with efficiency, we had great National Insurance and private health...
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Cash or Card
2011-12-30 15:56:00
While we were in the Caribbean we became very used to paying everything in cash. Seriously, every bill could be paid in cash and everyone accepted cash. We routinely used $50 and $100 bills in the store and nobody batted an eye! So then we come back to the states and anytime I pull out...
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We Breathe In Pilates ? Just Sayin?
2011-12-14 21:10:00
When I read all the news articles about a woman whose breast implant was supposedly “swallowed” by her body during a Pilates exercise, I could not believe that the names “Pilates” and “Valsalva” were being used to describe the same exercise. As my friend Marguerite Ogle points out, the Breast Implant DID NOT Disappear Because...
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Weekend and Cyber Monday Pilates and TRX® Sale
2011-11-26 17:55:00
Half-Price Pilates Audio Classes – Less than $4 each Many of you have taken my Pilates mat classes at Parrot Cay, and wish you could have more. Well, you can! Between now and 11:59pm Monday 11/28/2011 you can buy any or all of my Pilates Class Audios at half-price (less than $4 each). Just use...
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Book Review - Immortal
2008-06-01 14:32:00
It's a been quite a while since I read a novel that I absolutely adored. Immortal sucked me in at page one and even after over 500 pages of reading I could have read more. In Immortal, Traci L. Slatton follows the 180 year life story of Luca Bastardi, a Florentian citizen and son of Seth who writes his autobiography from his Inquisition cell as he awaits public burning at the stake.This is not an easy read, beginning in a cell as Luca awaits execution. "But now the burns and broken bones, the gangrene putrefying my leg and nauseating me with its odor, curtail my time." Luca's tale begins as he is stolen from his parents and abandoned on the streets of Florence to make his way, and continues as he is enslaved for many years in the homosexual brothel of Giordano Silvano where he learns survival at all costs, becomes muse to Giotto, survives the Black Plague, and learns the arts of medicine, alchemy, and negotiation. He becomes a tutor to Leonardo da Vinci, meets the love of his l...
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Laptop Memory
2008-06-01 14:27:00
Do you need more laptop memory? With all the memory intensive programs out there even a small boost will improve your computer experience. offers 100% compatible memory (guaranteed!) with a lifetime warranty, free shipping, award winning customer service, easy to follow installation instructions, and they are a US owned and operated company. What more could you ask for? Tags: laptop memory, lynda lippin
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Book Review - A Woman's Guide to Saving Her Own Life
2008-06-01 14:21:00
For 20 years now, heart disease has killed more women each year than men. Statistically, 40 percent of women will have a cardiovascular problem in her lifetime, and heart disease kills more women than every type of cancer combined. Women have different heart symptoms than men, and yet most of us, including physicians, do not know this."It's shocking!" is the first sentence of Mellanie True Hills' A Woman's Guide to Saving Her Own Life . Hills learned the hard way, undergoing a heart attack and a stroke very close together. As she had none of the obvious risk factors (she was young, didn't smoke, had low cholesterol and blood pressure, and was not diabetic), she thought she was safe. What she was, however, was overweight and overstressed, and that in itself is enough.It also didn't help that it was hard to recognize her heart attack symptoms - shortness of breath, fatigue, mild nausea and heartburn, and a bit of left shoulder and jaw pain. The acronym to remember here is LIFE: Le...
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Great Flight Deals
2008-06-01 14:18:00
Every once in a while I come across something on the web that is useful at that moment and that stays useful. Shermans Travel sight is one of those extremely useful and always great websites. I never travel without checking their flight deals page, and if you travel a lot it is worth subscribing to their Top 25 deal newsletter.Tags: shermans travel, flight deals, lynda lippin
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Book Review - A Life In Secrets
2008-05-31 17:48:00
I loved every second of A Life In Secrets . It was like reading the best mystery, spy novel, espionage thriller, personal history, and WWII fact-finding book all in one volume. In it Sarah Helm tells several stories and unravels many mysteries. The obvious story is that of Vera Atkins and her "missing agents", the women (mostly) and men who were dropped into France and other countries by Britain's Special Operations Executive, formed to help assist underground resistance movements in Nazi occupied countries. These agents were civilians who were hand picked and trained to blend in and do their job, and it was Atkins' job to communicate with their families and make sure they were okay.The obvious aim of Secrets is Helm's biographical telling of the life and career of Vera Atkins, which partially involves interviews with Atkins herself as well as surviving relatives, co-workers, and friends. Just the recounting is fascinating, as Helms travels all over East and West Germany, Romania...
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Payday Loan Advice
2008-05-30 17:43:00
There has been a lot of negative press lately directed at the so-called payday loan industry. Payday loans are small short term loans that are essentially advances on a person’s next paycheck and are expected to be paid off with that next check.Obviously these loans can have great uses. You could pay a credit card, utility bill, or make a loan payment before it accrues late fees or causes the company to raise your interest rates. You can make a rent or mortgage payment and avoid losing your place of residence. And you could use it simply as emergency cash to get you through an unexpected expense until your next paycheck comes through.Because these loans are short term, small, and don’t require a credit check other than verification of employment and pay, the fees on them when left unpaid can be quite high. Again, these really are loans made to be taken and paid back within 1-4 weeks and are not meant to be long term lines of credit.It is easy to abuse such loans and really ...
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Book Review - Bad Faith
2008-05-29 17:40:00
Bad Faith chronicles the life and times of Louis Darquier de Pellepoix, one of the most vile, base, and idiotic Nazi collaborators in Vichy, France. While Carmen Callil's connection to Darquier (who added "de Pellepoix" himself to make his name sound more regal) via his daughter should make the book more interesting, it instead smacks of a very long personal quest with little outside interest.Callil, the Australian author and founder of Virago Press, began to see a psychiatrist in 1960 after a failed suicide attempt. She was referred to Dr. Anne Darquier in part because Dr. Darquier was part Australian, although born and raised in London. After a decade of three times a week sessions, Callil went to her appointment one day and the doctor was not in. Anne Darquier de Pellepoix (Calill saw her full name on her funeral program) had indeed committed suicide herself.Needless to say, when Callil saw this name while watching a television documentary about Vichy, France (Marcel Ophuls...
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Best Running Headphones
2008-05-28 17:20:00
If you enjoy listening to music while you run, yu know the importance of owning a great pair of running headphones. You need headphones that will stay in place, offer good quality sound, and are light & well padded. has a great page that pulls together the best running headphonesfrom across the web based on hundreds of user reviews. Sennheiser and V-Moda brands top the list of running headphones. also offers you the option of adding your own product reviews and voting on already ranked products. A great resource!Tags: running headphones,, lynda lippin
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Reiki for A Good Night's Sleep
2008-05-28 17:09:00
I was drawn to an article entitled A Rested Development that showed up in my Reiki Google Alert today. In the midst of a good general article about getting better sleep, including the usual hints to relax before going to bed, only using the bedroom for sleep and relaxation (not work), and avoiding caffeine close to bedtime, is a section devoted to Reiki!In an interview with Reiki Master Sherry Miller, she discusses how she was drawn to study Reiki due to her own insomnia. "'I was led down this path because I couldn't sleep,' she says. 'There were nights when I'd sleep only two hours.'Through the practice of Reiki, which uses relaxation methods to calm the body and ease it more into a sleep phase, she was able to get the sleep she needed."While I didn't start practicing reiki for insomnia (in fact most nights I fall asleep easily and sleep well for at least 7-8 hours) I find that on those occasions when I do have a problem falling asleep doing reiki on myself is one of the o...
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Rehab at Cliffside Malibu
2008-05-27 13:02:00
Entering into any kind of addiction rehabilitation program, especially a residential program, is not an easy decision for anyone. However, it is best to be in an environment where you can focus solely on getting clean and learn the life skills you need to stay that way when back at home.Cliffside Malibu is a residential addiction treatment center for adults located in a beautiful center north of Zuma Beach overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Comfort is paramount here, with a great gym, swimming pool, spa treatments, good linens, restaurant quality food, and a staff dedicated to helping residents overcome addiction, including helping them through the nightmare of detox and wthdrawal.At Cliffside they also understand that Alcohol Rehab and Drug Rehabilitation need not necessarily be treated the same. they offer individualized programs to help clients overcome their specific addictions.Drug Treatment is a big step to take, and a place like Cliffside Malibu can make that step a productive...
BlogHer Barack Obama Interview
2008-05-26 18:43:00
As a contributer to BlogHer, with a combined audience of nine million women each month via and a publishing syndicate of 1,800 blogs (including this very one) I was interested to see which of the big 3 US Presidential candidates would accept our interview invitation. I thought for sure we'd hear from Hilary Clinton!But Barack Obama is so far the only candidate to accept! "By answering these questions, I think Sen. Obama makes an important statement about the value he personally -- and his campaign -- places on voters, our questions and opinions, the communities we reach on our blogs and, ultimately, our votes. That's a powerful message. Especially since BlogHer is a non-partisan organization and the women in our network span the political spectrum. This isn't a presidential candidate preaching to the converted -- it's a presidential candidate reaching out to an important cross-section of American influencers, given the audiences these women reach on their blogs."It...
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Music Review: Skinny Songs
2008-05-25 18:19:00
Several weeks ago I was directly contacted by the producers of Skinny Songs , the first CD of motivational music for weight loss. I agreed to listen, they actually sent the CD to Parrot Cay, and I listened.Skinny Songs was created by Heidi Roizen at 190 pounds and on the cusp of her 50th birthday. "Seems like there is always a great song to empower me or get me through any situation. But where were the songs to help me get through what is probably the most daunting, long-term, personal challenge that I face? Where is the song that helps me get back into my skinny jeans? Where is the song to remind me how great it is going to feel when I reach my goal?I figured, there are great songs for pretty much everything else, so there must be some for this. But after a long search didn’t turn anything up, I decided it needed to be done. I started penning lyrics that would inspire me to stick to my plan -- songs about my relationship with food and my need to become 'the boss' of that relati...
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Pilates Session Etiquette
2008-05-24 20:56:00
As a studio owner in the busy wealthy suburbs of Philadelphia, I learned quickly that people have no limitations in terms of cell phone usage. People would be on the phone in the hall, on the reformer, in class. They needed it in case of emergency nanny, school, or office calls (but seemed to answer the phones at all times anyway). Now Stephanie Pierson and Barbara Harrison of The Huffingtom Post have assured me that some etiquette rules must apply in the Pilates studio."Consider your priorities. 'Definitely not during Pilates class. If it's your own private training session, it's your dollar and your time. But it sends a strong message to your trainer as to your priorities,' says Melanie Melillo, Fitness Director at Women For Fitness."Don't be rude to your Pilates teacher. Put the digital device down for an hour!Tags: Pilates, blackberry, etiquette, lynda lippin
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