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Humor by and for the comedically impaired. A site that focuses on pop culture, personal finance, sports and life - with a dose of dry humor.
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Whatever happened to Special Kind of Stupid and its handsome owner?
2012-01-24 21:22:00
Where has Kevin and Special Kind of Stupid been the last few months? Excellent question! You's like this...
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Halloween Skankitis
2011-10-31 06:00:00
Every Halloween, normal women all over the country dress like nurses, French maids and pirate wenches. The SKOS Institute investigates the phenomenon.
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Gwyneth Paltrow?s death scene propels ?Contagion? to box office gold
2011-09-12 19:51:00
In what critics have proclaimed to be "the feel good movie of the year," Contagion, a movie featuring the death of actress Gwyneth Paltrow , debuted #1 at this week's box office.
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Closing a chapter
2011-08-26 22:23:00
I have had one relationship of significance in my lifetime. That young lady is getting married tomorrow.
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Explaining why my Twitter messages are funny and/or insightful: Part 3
2011-07-07 21:16:00
As a public service, I am once again going to highlight some of my Twitter messages and explain why they are funny and/or insightful.
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News Flash Friday: June 10, 2011
2011-06-10 18:21:00
A possibly not so brief (and possibly not so factually accurate*) look at news headlines for the week of Friday , June 10, 2011.
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It?s not the heat, it?s the fact we live on the surface of the sun
2011-06-03 22:35:00
To combat the intense Summer heat, I have decided to take some extreme, some would say controversial, measures.
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For love or garden hoses
2011-05-16 21:09:00
It has occurred to me that it?s likely a good thing I don?t have a special someone in my life at the moment. Because, if I did, this whole "renovating my house situation" would surely scare her away. Case in point: The garden hose situation.
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Fictitious Conver- sations That Adequately Summarize A Few Of My Failed Rel
2011-05-11 20:47:00
When you?re single, your mind occasionally wanders back to your past relationships. Maybe this is true for everyone, but in my case it seems most relationships I?ve had inexplicably went from normal to ?what the heck just happened? in a matter of minutes.
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Protected: Militant Muslims have a problem with how we buried Osama bin Lad
2011-05-03 19:17:00
There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
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Paris Hilton?s vanity is only matched by society?s insanity
2011-04-22 20:20:00
Paris Hilton has boasted that she is "the original." Even sadder than the fact she believes her life is worth emulating is the fact people are actually trying to emulate it.
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HGTV + Frugal Guy + Housing Crisis + Lazy And/Or Greedy Roofers = I hope I
2011-04-12 20:49:00
A long time ago (November 2010), Kevin bought his first home. It needed a new roof. For four plus months, he has been trying to find a fair, honest roofer willing to take his money and install said roof. With his frustration at an all-time high, he's decided to take matters into his own hands.
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World mourns as ?Proclaimers? admit they would not walk anywhere near 500 m
2011-04-01 20:42:00
Fans of music and walking alike were devastated today after Charlie and Craig Reid, the identical Scottish twins known around the world as The Proclaimers, announced that the lyrics to "I?m Gonna Be (500 Miles)", their 1993 hit song featured on the "Benny & Joon" movie soundtrack, weren?t actually true.
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Look Who?s Talking? The baby who stole my sock!
2011-03-31 23:02:00
The web is all abuzz over a video of twin baby boys having an animated conversation with one another. Naturally, I have decided to translate what they were saying. You're welcome, people.
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Obama on Libya: ?Don?t Worry, America. I?m still Liberal and Black.?
2011-03-29 21:23:00
In an effort to calm citizens who have noticed similarities between the country's recent military assault on Libya and Bush's assault on Iraq, President Obama assures America ns that he is still liberal and still black.
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Kevin Costner + Amy Adams + Superman = Euphoria
2011-03-28 18:48:00
Amy Adams and Kevin Costner are going to be in the same movie. These facts alone will make this movie the greatest movie in the history of movies.
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Why yes, that IS your biological clock ticking on account of me smelling li
2011-03-15 19:01:00
I have come up with a fool-proof plan for ending this whole "being single thing" I've got going on.
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Hey everybody! Let?s tell everyone we know about SKOS and its handsome owne
2011-03-08 18:02:00
Keith Dugan, who is most definitely not Kev (aka the owner of SKOS) with a fake mustache to disguise his true identity, thinks we should sing the praises of the hilarious Special Kind of Stupid.
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Yes, please put your nose all up in my stuff
2011-03-07 20:30:00
Just because I'm paying for this stuff doesn't mean it's inappropriate for you to open and smell them. Be my guest!
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Reviewing M. Night Shyamalan?s ?Devil?
2011-03-07 18:16:00
My new addiction to orange juice led me to watching a new movie "from the mind of M. Night Shamalan" last night. Confused? So am I. Read on for details.
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Catching up on 3 Months worth of SKOS-ness in 4,276 Words
2011-03-03 23:02:00
To make up for being MIA lately, here are 4,276 words that catch you up on what I've been up to the past three months.
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Man discovers he is last single person on planet
2011-02-14 14:00:00
In a story that almost slipped through the cracks due to the fact everyone in the media was blissfully distracted, a Georgia man has made a remarkable discovery: He is the last remaining "single" person on the planet.
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Chicago: Turning Kevins into Walking Murphy?s Laws since 2010 (Part 2)
2011-01-28 20:13:00
In part two of his series of posts dedicated to his weekend in Chicago , Kevin shares his difficulties in getting out of Atlanta's airport and adjusting to the strange world known as The Windy City.
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Chicago: Turning Kevins into Walking Murphy?s Laws since 2010 (Part 1)
2011-01-05 22:26:00
In the first of several blog posts dedicated to his weekend in Chicago , Kevin shares his difficulties in even getting out of Atlanta's airport.
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2010-12-20 20:23:00
Dear Special Kind of Stupid fanatics: Your favorite blog has been a HACKER! Please don't injure yourselves. I will fix it. Soon.
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You can be vegan and still eat a Nicolas Cage sandwich
2010-11-24 04:45:00
This blog is exactly what its title indicates it is about. Don't believe me? Read on. If you're not...chicken.
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The biggest tombstone in history
2010-11-18 15:35:00
“Here lies the body of Kevin. He drove himself insane checking mortgage rates every 10 seconds. He had until November 24 to lock in his rate, so he waited – waited for the 3.5% he had been quoted during the pre-approval process to return. He passed on 3.625%. He passed on 3.875%. He passed on ...
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Potluck Roulette
2010-11-17 04:32:00
Even though it was the Tuesday BEFORE the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, my work had our annual Thanksgiving Potluck Party today. I love potlucks. Where else can a regular guy get to experience what it’s like to play a game of Russian Roulette? “One of these dishes will have me praying for the sweet release of ...
Adventures in House Hunting (Alternate Title: Is That Man Wearing a Cape?)
2010-10-28 21:44:00
While looking at a potential home to buy, I saw something I have never before seen. No, it wasn't a black person who didn't vote for Obama. But it was something almost as uncommon.
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House Hunting: Take Three (Alternate Title: A Veritable Smorgas- bord)
2010-10-15 21:19:00
The "House Hunting" blog series that began way back in January 2007 continues.
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