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Funny Clean Videos !
Welcome to a site where everything evolves around showing you innocent, warm, cute or other types of funny clean videos. A humor site where laughter and entertaining videos is the key ingredient. At Funny Clean Videos, you are going to have a blast w
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Funny Mythbusters Blooper Video
2008-09-27 01:58:00 w I dont know if you watch a lot of mythbusters on discovery channel like I do. But if you do I know you will like to watch this blooper video. Clean innocent fun =) Adam is a cool guy, if he wasnt on the show, it would have been bad, but with him its a ...
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Funny Banana Dance on Trampoline Hehe
2008-08-21 19:50:00 o Haha, what could be better than a giant banana jumping on a trampoline? hehe, I must say I enjoyed this stupid video… Some nice jumps and stuff, but I really laughed when the dog started to chase this banana guy, thats just incredible cool to catch on film. It would probably win a dumb home ...
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Hilarious Tom Cruise Parody From Super Hero Movie !
2008-07-31 00:49:00 w Haha, I just love videos making fun of Tom Cruise , and here is a clip about the very funny movie “Super Hero Movie ”, which I just saw the other day. It really is so incredible funny, that you MUST see it, if you havent already I laughed so much thru the entire movie. One of the funniest comdies ever, after “Happy Gilmoure”, “Anger Managment”, and others. When ...
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Just found out how to download videos from youtube
2008-07-18 16:06:00
I didnt know how to get the videos from youtube down to my computer before. But now after I ready this guide on how to download and convert youtube videos ,  Im finally downloading videos like crazy =) Imagine how many videos that are on youtube now, and all of them can be downloaded to ...
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The Ultimate Funny Music Video ?
2008-06-22 14:32:00 I Now here is a music video that has been seen over 7,904,376 times! Wow that freakin incredible isnt it!? Anyway its ofcourse the weezer video called Pork and Beans, a great song from this amazing band! Keep it up Weezer, and lets help them out with some more views on this sweet video digital product reviews
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Sparta Song =)
2008-06-16 13:54:00 Y Hehe, never get tired of 300 parodies… what a fun movie that was. – acne solution
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You Suck At Photoshop Hilarious Video :D
2008-05-28 00:42:00 c I was surfing the web today, when I stumbled across great funny site called “C3 Fun”, and I saw this video posted there. Since Im very much a Photoshop guy myself, I find these video pretty darn hilarious, and I hope you do too. I acutally learned some things from this cool video, so Im glad I ...
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Haha Uwe Boll is a funny Guy
2008-04-28 18:23:00 8 Here we have Uwe Boll, the film maker, maker of not exactly great movies. This time Uwe Boll Challenges Michael Bat to a Boxing match. hehe. Lets see whats goding to happen with that. Really entertaining. Thats just how I would describe he`s movies, I think them are entertaining, but not great movies. What do you think of Uwe Boll ? Vintage Star Wars 
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Best Funny Donkey Video - Donkey Humor
2008-04-26 13:40:00 4 Here we have a donkey that just dont want  to leave this poor man alone! Hehe, this is a extremely old video, so I  think most of you savvy youtube users out there have probably seen this.  If you havent seen it, nows your chance. Animal humor at its best. Conclusion: Don keys will never become mans best friend. Vintage Star Wars Massage Equipment 
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Hilarious Car Crashes - Cars Gone Wild ;)
2008-04-14 20:02:00
If you but a dent in your car today on your way to work, you should watch this video, to realize thats nothing compared to the car crashes here! Hoho, crashing a car is never any fun, so darn expensive to fix : 0 Cheap Fishing Gear, Bowling Balls 
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Crazy Muppet Show
2008-04-07 21:42:00 U Dont you just really enjoy watching muppe ts now and then. Those fuzzy stuffed animals are entertaining to watch , and this song is pretty clean fun too. Song is called: ”Mahnahmahnah& #8221;  what ever that means.. Bowling Shoes , Cheap Prom Dresses
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Funny Easter Pics Video
2008-03-28 20:28:00 8 I hope you had a great Easter ? I sure did . I went skiing, played tennis, went snowboarding, watched movies, and ot her training activities. Lots of fun, and here is a funny Easter v ideo I thought you might like. enjoy ;)
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Dane Cook Kool-Aid Humor Video
2008-03-24 18:29:00
A funny video with stand up comedian dane cook, who talks about the old Kool -Aid commercials. Funny stuff that I think you will enjoy I
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Hilarious Dane Cook Parody Mad TV Video
2008-03-18 19:37:00 o Just the other day I saw this movie ̶ 1;Employee of the month” with Dane  Cook , and some other peoples. It was my movie I  have seen with Dane Cook, actually and it was great! High Quality comedy all  the way, so that is a movie you MUST see if you like comedy. Above is a parody  of Dane Cook, and his stand up act. A cl assic MAD TV video :D If you haven’t watched a stand up s how with Dane Cook, and you want to know  why this parody is done in this way, you shou ld check out Dane Cook in the video below , here is the original Dane Cook: U
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Hehe, Jim Carrey.. the funny man #1 Classic movie
2008-03-12 14:15:00 c I wonder how many times I have watched th is movie and just laughed and laughed. Hilarious stuff really. Jim is a  comedy genius and I hope he knows it. Hehe.
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Cartoon Madness 30 minutes of 90?s cartoon Openings
2008-03-07 23:15:00 M This post really takes me back. So many good shows I watched as a kid, and would still watch today if I had the time The creators of these shows are genius and cool people, I just now it. What is your favorite cartoon by the way?
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Funny Chicken Man Commercial
2008-02-29 19:53:00 E Hehe, that’s a real funny costume. Maybe I should get one of those, and run up and down the street saying *cl uck* *cluck, would the neighbours think I have finally completely lost it?
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And NOW for some music, a music video :D
2008-02-26 15:34:00 c This guy can really play! hehe, thats jus t my kind of music btw. Very cool stuff I say.
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Hilarious stupid sport moments
2008-02-23 19:23:00
That first clip was lame, but after that this video really takes off, and made me laugh several times. Really entertaining overall, with some of the best moments in history, when it comes to sports. I really hope you watch this one! I
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Can you laugh without smiling?
2008-02-22 00:33:00
Hehe, what a laugh he`s got going there,  very hilarious video I think. Great clean fun, although it`s not advanc ed humor, its still entertaining. o
More About: Laugh
funny cartoon characters video
2008-02-17 20:18:00
If cars could talk to each other, what would they be talking about, this is what this cartoon video is all about. Very funny, watch this. I
More About: Video , Cartoon , Funny , Characters , Animations
Funny Fish Humor Video
2008-02-15 21:48:00
Hehe, I love hidden camera shows. They just always make me laugh. There are many creative minds behind such shows, that come up with hilarious situations like this one : k
More About: Video , Funny , Humor , Fish
funny video of people falling
2008-02-11 16:25:00
People falling has always been funny. I d on’t know why but it just something about seeing someones legs up in the air  that’s just hilarious to us humans. Please don’t laugh when I tell you  I fell on my butt on the slippery ice outside my house. hehe g
More About: Video , Funny , People , Funny Video
clean funny news - Commerical parody
2008-02-09 21:09:00
Haha this one really made me laugh. I bet  you will like it too. Here are som guys doing a parody of those cleaning commercials, that are simply stupid I think. Have fun watching this, and please leave a comment if you feel like it today I
More About: News , Funny , Parody , Clean
School prank with a huge water balloon
2008-02-08 15:10:00
Throwing water balloons have always been  classic humor, in this video there will only be one balloon, but its f reaking big! Although some school pranks can be a bit.. well cruel, here no  one gets hurt, so dont worry. Q
More About: Prank , School , Balloon , Water , Huge
funny car video
2008-02-06 16:30:00
Here is a really funny car video for you  all. I remember seen this one for the first time a very long time ago.  It instantly made me smile, and it sure still do that to me. Its just so  fun to watch that crazy yellow muppet. k
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Cat Vs Dog Video
2008-02-04 21:11:00
Hoho, that is some fight they got going there. I really think cats and dog dont like each other.. what could it be.. Luckily no one gets hurt here. Cant tell who one the battle, so I guess its a draw. M
More About: Video , Dogs , Cats
stupid video clips
2008-01-31 19:58:00
Hehe.  heres a funny stop motion video of  a guy making pancakes. Really not something special you might sa y, but its fun to watch. You have to trust me on this one ;) Hehe  really enjoyed it, and also made me hungry. Q
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Funny dumb cheerleaders !
2008-01-29 22:59:00
Hehe cheerleaders… I must say that  this video really got me laughing. Althou gh some of these events had to hurt. Its goo d clean fun though, dont you worry. Have fun watching this, and tell me if it  made you laugh too ;) 4
More About: Funny , Dumb , Cheerleaders
clean funny jokes !
2008-01-27 20:38:00
Hehe, my first impression when I saw this  guy was that I certainly thought that I wont like his jokes. After hearing them .. I must say I actually thought they wer e funny! Clean  funny jokes, can be entertai ning sometimes, when you hear a lot of the opposite kind everyday. This was refr eshing ;) U
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