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It's Just the Coffee Talking
Behind every successful woman... is a substantial amount of coffee. It's me, chatting over morning coffee with my readers about any topic from apologetics to zero gravity.
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Coffee and Tasers
2012-05-11 17:31:00
By 10:00 am I had already put away the coffee and it's now Diet Coke time!Thrilled that is Friday - payday - and this morning first thing I got busy paying all the due (and overdue) bills!  The last three paychecks have had 'unexpected' things coming out of them so I've been waiting oh-so-not-patiently for payday so I could get caught up.  (Even if you don't get it... just be happy for me - things like bills keep me from sleeping at night.  LOL).Talked to the Boy Child at college yesterday.  Remember a couple weeks ago he was maced?  Well, yesterday as Taser Day.  Ouch!  He said it was horrible.  (For NEW VISITORS TO THIS BLOG:  My son is in college taking Police Science - this is part of the Tactical Defense required course.). They only use the taser for 2 1/2 seconds but he said it feels like 2 1/2 hours.  He said his legs shot out straight, his head flew back and hit the floor (protected by a mat) and his throat instantly clo...
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The Appeal Form is Sent.... we couldn't put it off any longer
2012-05-10 16:56:00
Coffee is ready... but I've already had three cups so you better hurry or it might be gone. Something that I know at least 2 of my 'quiet' readers (that never comment, LOL) might be interested in is that yesterday I took a deep breath, swallowed hard, sealed my best wishes in with the letter and sent off the official request to the school district board of supervisors to pretty pretty please with sugar on top, allow my high school daughter to remain in the school she's attended for the past few months since living here, and not have to switch to the high school our address is slated to attend. I didn't say anything once we moved in, hoping to 'slide' by this year... (as all my regular readers already know and told me I should do as well....)  but now it's coming to the end of the school year and we'll have to register for Fall classes soon.  The paperwork should be arriving on the Superintendents desk today so....  now we wait to see if they will le...
Coffee's Ready! Babies and Beads
2012-05-09 15:32:00
Was THRILLED to hear a reader (and friend) is a young, hip, awesome... gulp.... GRANDMA! Saw the photo this morning and would like to take a moment to offer up my coffee in a toast to new life.  And last night my daughter's friend had her baby as well (this would be a friend my older daughter works with at the bank - not the high schooler!) - a little girl named Aspen.So to Baby Chubby Cheeks and Aspen - Welcome to the world, little ones!~ ~ ~ ~Last night I got a package delivery.  It was the small solar generator I ordered this week.  It's a Goal Zero Escape 150 and can be charged by solar, car adapter or wall plug.  With the power going out so often with all the severe storms, I'm thrilled to have a way to keep my laptop, cell phones, lamps, etc. running until it comes back on.  It can't run something huge like a fridge (I have a different generator in mind for that but don't have the funds) but I could even run our small space heater on this a...
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Coffee with Iaoue... or Yahweh
2012-05-08 15:20:00
Grabbed some coffee, sat down at the desk with the laptop and checked my morning email.  Each day I get the daily bible verse emailed me to me.  This morning was".... Elisha got up, walked back and forth across the room once, and then stretched himself out again on the child. This time the boy sneezed seven times and opened his eyes!  – 2 Kings 4:35 I also like to read the same Bible verse from 2 or 3 different version of the Bible to see the small differences in the translations through the years and before I knew it, I was reading an argument on a discussion board between posters regarding the name Yahweh and how the vowels 'a' and 'e' don't actually appear in the Hebrew text and who and when added the letters to make the translation of YHWH more pronounceable and whether or not the name YAHWEH should be used at all, instead of Clement of Alexandria's 190 A.D. Greek transcription "Iaoue", which easily translates to YAHWEH.Oh my.Interesting, yes, but I...
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Coffee and Critters
2012-05-07 14:41:00
BOLD little squirrel eating his lunch with me just a few feet away.  And that little CHIPMUNK thought he would move into my garden!  He was evicted that very day.Joe's been busy working in his garden... I've been pretty much ignoring mine.  But, that's how I garden.  I'll prepare it and plant it and weed it once in a while, and give it a bit of 'food' every now and then but I don't grow things that are persnickity or high maintenance.  For about 16 years now I've been putting in raised gardens and I have a deal with myself;  plant it and it will grow...  and if it doesn't, well, that's ok too.There are more important things in life to stress over than a garden.  Still... I don't like it when critters ruin it.   Critters that eat my freshly planted garlic bulbs.  Critters that ate every single cucumber seed and new baby cucumber sprouts.  Critters that......  dig holes in  my garden!  Little ch...
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Coffee in the Rain
2012-05-06 15:13:00
Good Morning!This morning my cellphone rang thru with a text that said our county was under a severe thunderstorm warning. Although the curtains were closed, I could see the sun was coming up behind them so I got out of bed, opened them about a foot and crawled back under the covers. As I laid there, I saw a bright sky peeking through the leaves the of the woods beyond the window and thought to myself; "The storm must be on the other side of the mountain..." That's the weird thing about living where we do. Severe storms do come up in a heartbeat, without warning because of the layout of the land. This is what makes tornadoes so worrisome here. You can't see them coming and they hop the mountains and hills.Being wakened by the text and not able to go back to sleep, I got up and made coffee. I drank the first cup at the front door. Door open wide to the beautiful, sunny and perfect morning beyond the stairs.I stood there with one of my cats, looking at the tree's, the blue...
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Stick a fork in me... I'm done.
2012-05-05 21:58:00
WHAT A DAY!   After I dropped a coffee maker on the floor and then cleaned up broken plastic and a gallon of water I announced that was it, I was done.  It's margarita time.  And it has nothing to do with Cinco De Mayo. 
Afternoon Coffee: Trying to get my kiddos down here but they will not ever
2012-05-05 20:27:00
This morning you got a comic instead of a post as I was dealing with waaaaay too many things to take time to type out a coffee talking post.Right now my head is still spinning but I need a break so I brewed some fresh Starbucks French Roast and decided to come back to the computer and continue trying to work out a way to get my college kids plus 1 extra from the upper Midwest to the South.  Our original plans fell through and as of this morning we are now looking at plan E.  (Yes, A, B, C and D didn't work out so we are on E.)E was a suddenly brain storm that there is a such thing as bus lines!  I've never in my life ridden a bus before, but I decided to look up if there was a route nearby and how much.  Well, let me first say that it didn't work out because although they could get down here... they couldn't get back home.  There is a 2 day window between us arriving home from family vacation and my daughter having to be back at work and for some reason ...
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One of those good old rambling posts like days gone by (Edited after 24 hou
2012-05-04 15:50:00
Life around the coffee isn't really what I would call exciting this week, but we are busy.  As usual.  A photo from last years all day concert - where she will be tomorrowThe Girl Child is heading out to an all day (and most of the night) concert tomorrow with friends.  I have to go into town today to buy the ticket.  I'm not crazy about the band line up nor the venue  (the band she is dying to see comes on at midnight and although he was apparently just arrested for marijuana this week she tells me he is 'out' and is going to be able to perform at the concert).  Well, that's a relief.  *insert eye rolling*   But another girls Mom (who is way more protective than I am) is going to be there.  She's big enough and bold enough to hold her own if anyone gives the girls a hard time.  :)Other stuff... well, the refrigerator repair was supposed to call this week to schedule an appointment to replace the entire water and ice dispenser ...
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Never would have made the news if.......
2012-05-03 05:22:00
I get it.  I know the story is supposedly about a school nurse that turned in a Mom to the police over a little girl with a tiny sunburn and the little girl said she went tanning with her Mommy but.....  The little girl is pasty white with red hair, obviously will burn easily and quickly and I believe the parents when they say she got a little sunburn while in the garden that afternoon.  For pete's sake it's already faded and the little girl is fine and no color to her snow white skin any more... BUT we all seem to know WHY this story won't leave the headlines.We just can't get past this Mom's face!  OMG.  A comment on Yahoo nailed it.  Said it looked like she was wearing a catcher's mitt on her face. You know darn well this story would have been a non-story and never made heavy duty media had it not been for this freaky looking Mom....  it's drawing attention to her and NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT THE LITTLE GIRL.  It's all about her...
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Diet Coke for Everyone! (9:15 pm) The table just arrived.
2012-05-02 04:34:00
Earlier tonight my brain was fried. By about 5:pm I had had enough of humanity and was ready to block out the world. All I wanted was my pajamas, a Diet Coke and my KOBO reader. However! After I grabbed the Diet Coke , the internet sucked me in!I was researching a side of my family tree that I haven't delved too far back in yet.  Time FLEW by and before I knew it, the phone was ringing and it was 8:10 pm and the delivery driver was apologizing for not being here during the scheduled time slot of 1:00 - 3:00 pm. Told me he was going to be within 2 miles and did I want the table tonight or would I like to wait until tomorrow?He got here just before 9:pm.  :) SO YES there is a table in the garage but the husband is working til about 10:30 or 11:00 tonight so I'll wait for him to help carry it as it's 150 pounds. The box is sooooo damaged! The driver even told me to write down it was 'ravaged' it was so bad! LOL. He said he wanted to be sure I was covered if it wa...
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Busy Morning - Just here now but I do have fresh coffee! (A boring peek int
2012-05-01 16:57:00
Cup number three. This morning started out as usual getting the Girl Child off to school with signed papers, breakfast and reminder that we have a dentist appointment this afternoon at 3:30.  I brewed the first up of coffee, sat down at the computer with no plans in mind, only to get a long email from the Boy Child at college that needed some positive words of wisdom and reassurance. This took a lot of thought to respond to.  Looks like we'll be having a heart to heart talk about his future and where he sees himself.  He's struggling and wants to give up his courses for an easier path.After updating two websites, the phone rang.  So early in the morning?  Who could that be?  Well, it was an automated call from a pharmacy the previous people with our phone number use.  We keep getting their 'courtesy calls' letting us know their family prescription's are ready.   Enough already!  The automated system doesn't have an op...
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Destruction (Updated... with coffee in hand of course!)
2012-04-30 14:54:00
This morning I'm sipping my coffee and glancing out the back window to the woods beyond... not sure I want to walk back there, but knowing I need to.Yesterday I took the Girl Child with me and we were running errands all afternoon.  My husband mentioned he was going to cut down a couple small trees to allow some sunlight to try to filter in to our deck and the back side of our house.  Later, as I was putting away groceries,  he told me he was trying to take down some of the bigger tree's farther back that looked like they were blocking the sun.  He also said he met our neighbor behind our home who started the conversation with, "So, you don't like trees?"  Hmmmm. I don't like the sound of that, but I didn't say so.Last night I woke around 2:am with light glaring in my eyes from outside.It was the back neighbors deck light.  A light that I haven't had shining into our room since March when the trees and bushes started to fill in.   Oh no....
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The smell of apples.... nope, not those.... this
2012-04-29 16:21:00
This morning while sipping my coffee and reading the news, I came across a story about a new scent being unveiled this week. It's not a new flowery perfume or a crisp cologne, but I bet there are more than a few Geeks out there who would swoon at the scent... "..... Scheduled to be unveiled at the De Facto Standard art exhibit in Melbourne, Australia, the latest cologne from the aptly-named Air Aroma is modeled after the smell that comes wafting out of the box once you've popped open a brand new Apple MacBook Pro." Is this not brilliant?!  I love it.  Well, the idea anyway.  I'm not a fan of Apple products but.....  A group of three Aussie artists teamed with Air Aroma to "scientifically recreate the smell of an Apple unboxing," using sophisticated technology and their own inherent sniffing skills to duplicate "the smell of the plastic wrap covering the box, printed ink on the cardboard, the smell of paper and plastic components within the box and of c...
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Sunday Morning Coffee! Darn NoSeeUms!
2012-04-29 16:08:00
This morning I was actually going to post a photo of my poor insect devoured leg...  but then realized my ugly legs are not going to be featured anywhere.  You don't wanna see that.    But google had a photo that is similar...Not Me...  but very similarMine are a little larger though - about the size of nickles.  And because I was wearing short shorts, the welts are up higher on my thighs all the way down to my ankles and also on my wrists and hands.I never saw a thing.  I finally saw and slap-killed one on my arm and that is when I told my husband I was going in the house.  I had no idea I had been eaten alive.  They are Noseeums or No See Um bites.  (Also known as Midges or a fancy latin name that no one can pronounce anyway).  These are the tiny little 1 mm sized black flies that have a bite worse than a mosquito and longer lasting.  Alas... when they bite me, my body's reaction is that I itch so badly I bleed and...
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Yes... I could get used to this
2012-04-28 18:22:00
It's a quiet Saturday morning.  So very different than the loud, crazy, toy-strewn mornings of three tiny children.Quieter than the boisterous, busy mornings of practices, games, lessons and sleepovers of the younger child days.Quieter than the slumber party and early morning track meets and sporting game days of three teenagers.Every chapter of parenting  passes by so quickly.  I have to admit... I've come to love the lifestyle of having 'older' independent kids.  I've discovered the joy of relaxation, the meaning of 'silence is golden' and have grown rather attached to the 'me' time I get now that my children aren't in constant need of me and my time and energy.To go to the bathroom alone.  To not have to rush off to 7:30 am football practices, soccer games or lessons on Saturday mornings.  To enjoy a shower long enough to actually shave my legs and condition my hair without the kids knocking on the door needing something.  I don't hav...
Rebecca Black has pretty much ruined Fridays from now on .... and Dead Liz
2012-04-27 14:08:00
Darn that girl and her awful, nasally nosed whine!  "It's Friday... .Friday... gotta get down on Friday" indeed!I am afraid I have nothing earth shattering to bring to the kitchen table for coffee this morning.  If you read yesterdays post, reader Joe is struggling to let go of his puppy Bear, who is not doing well.My daughter has also been going through the same thing with her little kitten, but last night he ate a little and was moving more so we think he is out of the woods.  I'll find out more today about both.Photo from Google Yesterday the Girl Child came home from school and came into the house distressed.  It seems she has taken to checking our 'glue traps' set in the garage by the pest control people.  They are to catch large spiders, scorpions, mice, etc.  Apparently yesterday when she opened the garage and went in, a little blue lizard snuck in and got stuck on the glue.  She wanted me to try to save him.I warned her those traps were...
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I keep mine hanging in the closet mostly (edited to add my husbands comment
2012-04-26 01:25:00
Do you have your Superhero cape on today?Tonight I was joking around with my husband and told him how awesome it was that all women's restrooms recognize the fact that we are all Super Hero's and feature us with our capes on.  His tongue-in-cheek response;  "Na, those are witches capes."
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I have to have Christmas Coffee this morning! (Positive Thoughts for Joe an
2012-04-25 16:06:00
Down to just 1 k-cup of Keurig left and my husband needed to fill his travel mug to go to work so I dug out the regular coffee maker (actually I used my daughter's smaller 6 cup Hamilton Beach that we bought her for college but she is in a rental house right now and doesn't need it). And when I opened the cupboard was sad to see we had no coffee beans left.  The only coffee was left over Merry Mocha Mint from winter.  Ok when it's cold and grey and dreary but on a sunny spring day?  Gah.  But... no other coffee.  So it's mocha mint for you all this morning!One of our long time coffee talking friends is going through a tough time with his favorite little puppy right now.  Regular readers know Cowboy Joe who has been a friend of Coffee Talking for years.  His puppy Bear is struggling through some major liver problems and might not make it.  If you have some positive thoughts and vibes to send Joe's way.... do so.  He could probably us...
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Proud Mom and..... (edited to remove photo as standard procedure on Coffee
2012-04-24 00:55:00
Edited:  (Personal photo removed the 2nd day as usual)  Makes this post rather redundant now.  LOL.We picked the Girl Child up at the airport this afternoon. She had such a great time seeing all her friends from our old hometown and attending prom with The Boy. Gorgeous. The dresses, the tuxes, the hair... everything. Simply beautiful!HOW can my BABY - the youngest child be old enough to go to a high school prom!? She should be 9 months old and in my arms yet! LOL.
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The Tree Wins. Sort Of.
2012-04-23 12:24:00
Yesterday we were going to cut down some of the tree's surrounding the house.  They are so huge and overgrown that there is almost no sunlight getting to the house.  Even taking out a few smaller tree's would help. We don't have a rope so I suggested we use an old extension cord.He couldn't get it high enough up the tree so I suggested I 'lift' it into place with a long cut branch.With it in place, as I pulled on it I say;  "This tree is on a hill.  Don't rely on my muscles to hold it up if it starts to go over the wrong way."and he says; "I won't." But he did.And apparently my muscles can't hold up a tree that is falling down the wrong side of the hill.He came as physically close to landing on the deck as he possibly could, without causing damage.  Well, he took out 3 pepper plants and some basil and squash... but not the deck or the grill.  It takes TALENT to come this close
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Sunday Morning Coffee (I'm back)
2012-04-22 15:39:00
~ ~ ~ ~ The Girl Child should be sleeping right about now.  Prom is always followed by After Prom in which the kids are locked in and all doors guarded by parents.  The kids can leave at 5:am but if they leave earlier a phone call to both the boy and girls parents is made just to let them know they are leaving the school and not at the after prom party anymore.  So, the kids left at 5:am to go 'crash' and sleep.  Typically they sleep until at least 2:00 or 3:00 pm at the earliest.  I'm assuming she had fun - my last text was as she was going to the After Prom party last night.~ ~ ~ ~photo from internet - not my catMy naughty cat that loves chocolate managed to climb up into a bookcase, into a small 5 inch opening, push a wicker storage basket out so it would fall on the floor, spilling the contents.  Then he went through the contents, pushing some of it out of the way, pawing through papers, tape, an address book.  Pushed aside a bag of cou...
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Enjoying Cinderella From Afar... through texts, phone calls and photos
2012-04-21 18:21:00
Actually, comparing my youngest daughter to Cinderella is a bit of a stretch.  If I remember my fairy tales correctly, Cinderella actually had chores.  And worked around the house.I have to admit that by the time the third child comes, you are a bit more lenient.  I'm more inclined to say we were just more exhausted.  Being tired makes you look at a situation and think;  "OMG I am so tired.  Do I really care that she just went upstairs without doing the dishes?"   LOL.Cinderella?  I think not.  But tonight she'll look like a Cinderella.  And I will not be there to see it.My baby's first prom but she is 1000 miles away.As a senior 'gift' to their son, they offered to fly our daughter back to our old hometown so their sons senior prom would be special and memorable for him.  He and my daughter are best friends, and at one time dated, but even after breaking up, are closer than ever.  Their family loves her and she l...
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Mace in the Face
2012-04-20 04:44:00
A photo of the mace police use - heavy duty stuff!The Boy Child called me from college today.He was maced in the face.It's alright though.  Remember, he is going to school for Police Science and the macing is a requirement in the Defensive Tactics course.Ouch.He said he expected it to be terrible...  and it was much, much worse than he expected.
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All the cool kids want one.....
2012-04-03 21:25:00
The latest and greatest in AFFORDABLE mp3 gadget wear!All you need is... a rubber band!This was me yesterday.I wanted to bake and be busy in the kitchen and I wanted to listento my mp3 player but the shorts I had on had no pockets.Previously I actually duct taped the mp3 player to my chest(true story)but it gives me a duct tape hickey.Now I'm off to bake again... and yep, I've got my mp3 playerand my rubber band.Carry on. 
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Spin & Marty? Annette? I Know Them and Love Them.
2012-04-03 17:09:00
"Today is Tuesday, you know what that means.We're gonna have a special guestSo get out the broom and sweep the place clean.And dust off the mat so the welcome can be seen.Roll out the carpet, strike up the band,And give out with a Hip, Hooray! Wiggle your ears like good Mouseketeers.We're gonna present a guest today'Cause Tuesday is Guest Star Day!"Yeah.  Um, I don't actually have a Guest Star here on the blog today, but as I was sitting here sipping coffee and deciding what todays topic should be about, I said "Today is Tuesday...."  in my head and before I knew it the old Mickey Mouse Club song came into my brain.   Remember this from the 60's and 70's versions?  I won't speak to the ill-fated and horrible 80's version... but the classic 60's and 70's were awesome. Sadly, I wanted to be on the show soooo badly but couldn't think of a talent I excelled at. I remember jumping on my bed and trying to do flips and things so I could call it my ...
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Hot Raspberry Tea.... still talking though!
2012-04-02 19:17:00
It's not officially 'coffee talking' but hot raspberry tea.  (It's actually Lipton Diet Raspberry Iced Tea, but I make it HOT and it is sooo good.)I was very productive this morning!  Of course I had to halt paying bills when the funds ran out, but I got some bills paid, made phone calls, cleared up some things, ordered copies of sales contracts on other things and made appointments.  I also managed to spin out a couple freelancing gigs... all while sneezing, coughing and blowing my nose.  TMI I know.Read our local news and just shook my head.  Today the county dipped into bond reserves to pay a lease warranty that was due.  Get this;  Borrowed $86.7 million in 2006 to pay for a courthouse and jail.  However, because of the county's bankruptcy, the jail's opening was err, ummm.... delayed.So here we are in 2012 and we are paying for a 'new' jail we borrowed money to build back in 2006 and it doesn't exist.  And we are dipping i...
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I think I'll just use a piece of paper....
2012-04-02 15:05:00
Everyday life is back on track.The Girl Child is home from Spring Break as of last night and back to school this morning.I've got my second cup of coffee now and having read news stories covering everything from the CMA (awards) to a 10 story treehouse to a beautiful little girl born with a blood hemoglobin count of only 3 (whereas most babies are born with counts around 18); I am ready to now start with balancing checkbooks, paying bills (ugh), and of course checking on the screw up at the courthouse over who owns our house!In between those things, the other 12 things on the to-do list.   The photo with this post was on an ugly tattoo site, but I rather think it brilliant.  A permanent "TO DO" list tattoo'd on your arm where you can use a washable marker to write each days task list.  LOL.  I'm still going to stick to my paper list though!
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Back on Coffee... But Barely
2012-04-01 15:38:00
I hate to complain, but wow, this cold is really kicking my butt!  I knew it would be a doozie though since my husband 'gave' it to me so I have him to watch on what to expect.  He's still getting over it and it's been about a 9 day transformation.  Today my nose is a faucet - which I will be drying up with cold meds before I run errands or pick up the Girl Child when she arrives back from Spring Break.Last night I was dinking around online and went to our county website to look up our house information.  Interestingly enough, the county has our home entered with our sale date and amount, but under someone elses name.  It's still under the previous owners name.  Which shouldn't surprise me because of all the mistakes made during closing on this property - but also - this state is so far behind in data entry that when we bought the house it wasn't in the owners name either.  It was still in the previous owners names before them.  There w...
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Continued..... read part 1 first
2012-03-31 22:30:00
PART ONE IS HERE Ok.So I call back and explain the issue to a different person because I'm not going to involve the police and notarizing forms just because Charter f'ed up their installation form.I told her who I was.  Explained.She didn't get it.She asked how I had someone elses' bill in front of me, and did I open it?Uh yeah.  It came to OUR NAME at OUR HOUSE.Someone just forgot to remove my husbands name from the account on your computer screen.  The post office forwarded the bill to us at our new house.I asked her "Ok. What name do you see on the account in front of you when you bring it up?""I can't tell you that.""Ok.  Let me ask you this then.  Does it say John?""Why would you ask that?""Because that is my husbands name and it is NOT our account.""But... John is not your husband.  You said your name was Mrs. Perez.""No I didn't.""Yes you did.""No. I didn't.  But that must be the name on the account that you weren't supposed to tell ...
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