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Redneck Ambulance Crews
2007-12-21 07:37:00
This first video should never happen, but it did. The incident took place in Ankara, Turkey, and the ambulance crew blamed the ambulance doors for not operating properly. The second video is absolutely shocking. How could anyone perform that way on a job where someone’s life is at risk? It is truly unbelievable. I believe that the language being spoken is Russian. The first two videos are
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Redneck Window Washers
2007-12-19 08:01:00
Our first image portrays true dedication to keeping a neat and clean house, however, I would be scared to death if that were my mum out there on that ledge. How should one react to discovering that his mum exhibits behavior as redneck as venturing out onto narrow ledges above the hustle, bustle and din of the city anyway? Hey Seamus, I saw your mom out on the window ledge the other day. Is she
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A Plethora of Irish Drinking Stories, Irish Blessings and Irish Proverbs
2007-12-15 20:50:00
Once again we have the pleasure of posting some funny Irish drinking stories, some heart warming Irish blessings and insightful Irish proverbs: Poor Mrs. Molly McGuire entered the local newspaper establishment to pay for the obituary for her dear departed husband, Peter. Said the kindly newspaperman the charge was a dollar a word and he remembered Peter and wasn't it too bad about him passing
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Redneck Sets Himself on Fire
2007-12-13 00:33:00
The following video is of a redneck who actually sets himself on fire with the help of his so called “friends,” a word used loosely in this context. When you are still at that immature age where you continue to make questionable decisions, it is probably a wise idea not to listen to your friends who are trying to convince you to set yourself on fire so they can video tape it. If you get a phone
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Funny Photos - Wrong Place and Time Bloopers
2007-12-11 00:34:00
The theme today is being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and the above feline has most definitely hit both wrongs directly on the nose. This is either one remarkably brave cat, one very stupid one, or one very unlucky one. Our location is probably an obedience school where these pups’ ability to obey their masters’ commands regardless of the temptation to do otherwise is being tested. If
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Funny Dumb Blonde
2007-12-09 01:13:00
Today we have more dumb blonde jokes: War Strategy President George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice are sitting in a bar. A customer enters the bar and asks the bartender, "Isn't that George Bush and Condi Rice sitting over there?" The bartender replies, "Yes, sir, it sure is." So the newcomer walks over to the pair, saying, "Wow, this is a real honor. What are you two doing in here?" Bush
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Alcoholic Elephants on the Rampage
2007-12-07 01:46:00
This Sri Lankan elephant definitely appears to be ticked, as you can plainly see as he takes out his anger on this mini-bus. Sadly, elephants on the rampage like this are becoming a rather common phenomenon in Asia. The situation plays something like this: Man encroaches on traditional pachyderm territory, so the elephants move further into the jungle to avoid contact with man. Well, you can
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Another Gaggle of Irish Drinking Stories, Blessings and Proverbs
2007-12-01 22:49:00
It is time again for another gaggle of Irish drinking stories, proverbs and blessings: Even a tin knocker will shine on a dirty door. ***** Poor Paddy was found dead, lying prostrate in his own back yard. Since the weather was a bit on the warm side, the wake was held down to just two days, to insure that his mortal remains would not take a bad turn. Finally his friends laid him in his coffin,
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Redneck Mercedes
2007-11-29 10:36:00
Leave it to a redneck to degrade a classic vehicle like a Mercedes simply to enable viewing the world sideways. The driver of this sedan gets to see what might have been if he had a yen to lean towards the southpaw in him. One usually tries not to look back where he has been simply to avoid second guessing himself. However, prudence demands that you do spend some time looking where you are going
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Redneck Rest Room
2007-11-27 07:56:00
It is the redneck influence again. This is obviously not your ordinary restroom. It may be too clever to be labeled redneck, but it is definitely out of the ordinary. It is a very clever and totally original idea for a video, although it must have cost a few dollars to set it up. To have back to back rest rooms with glass in place of the mirror alone must have cost a bit. You could only do this
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Another Group of Irish Drinking Stories, Proverbs and Blessings
2007-11-25 20:05:00
Here are another group of Irish drinking stories, proverbs and blessings: A grumpy old curmudgeon of a man enters the parish office of the Holy Rosary Catholic Church, immediately spots the office secretary and says to her, "I want to join this damn church." “I beg your pardon, sir,” the astonished secretary replies. “I must have misunderstood you. What did you say?” “Listen up, damn it. I
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Redneck Dance King
2007-11-23 19:15:00
Imagine, if you will, a sense of freedom that permits you to shed your inhibitions and bare your inner soul letting the rest of society experience your emotions of the moment first hand. Not many of us have such freedom at any given moment. Many of us never allow that inner self to express itself…ever. We bundle up and shelter our real thoughts and emotions from everyone else much the same as we
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Kids in Funny Photos
2007-11-18 07:01:00
Now this is one talented lad. Young man, ten years from now, the ladies will not be able to keep their hands off of you. Actually, make that six years. Kids start younger these days. Actually, this young boy is sitting on a fountain and diverting its flow. Did the photo fool you? ***** Man overboa…wait. It’s kitty overboard! I am guessing that none of the occupants of this raft bargained
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Remarkable Dancing Parrot
2007-11-17 02:19:00
This dancing parrot is remarkably entertaining and actually has a very good sense of rhythm. ***** The patrons at McCafferty’s Pub want to huff and puff a bit about their remarkable wit and broadcast to the world that we won the In Your Face award, which was presented to us by none other than the Mattress Police over at The cops over at the precinct house have a
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A Few Blonde Jokes and a Blonde Video
2007-11-14 12:26:00
Here are a few blonde jokes to brighten your day and a blonde video too. A dumb blonde was really tired of being made fun of, so she decided to change her hair color to brunette. Once she had brown hair, she decided to take a relaxing drive in the country. After driving through a rural area for a while, she saw a farmer with a flock of sheep and thought, "Oh! Those sheep are just adorable!"
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Vanessa Hudgens Wins Poll, Keeps Her Job
2007-11-11 21:21:00
As promised we are posting the results of our poll about that oh so naughty Vanessa Hudgens . You will recall that we asked if should she be dismissed by the Disney Channel because she carelessly allowed nude photos of herself to be leaked onto the Internet. Poor Vanessa has been the subject of intense scrutiny for two months now since the offending photographs seemed to spontaneously appear in
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The Greatest Breasts in the World
2007-11-11 04:42:00
We hate to admit it but we are stooping on this one. This is rather base humor and will be appreciated by the guys more than the women. However, it is definitely unique and very entertaining. There is no nudity, but the title speaks for itself. More video humor
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Another Batch of Irish Drinking Stories and Irish Blessings
2007-11-08 11:04:00
Yet again we are providing a few more Irish drinking stories and blessings. As an elderly couple were driving through County Kerry, Ireland, they were pulled over by the police. Eileen, who was driving, rolled down her window as the police officer approached and asked, “Ma'am, did you know that you were speeding?” Eileen turned to her husband, Paddy, and asked, “What did he say?” Knowing his
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Redneck Treehugger
2007-11-06 02:51:00
The owner of this property must be one heavy duty redneck for carrying tree hugging a notch too far. Some folks get so wrapped up in a cause that they eventually end up wearing blinders, and that could be the situation here. The owner cannot see the forest for his trees, since at least two of them are growing right through his building. I like shade as much as the next guy, but imagine the
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Redneck Car Surfing Videos
2007-11-03 20:25:00
It is car surfing and it is huge on Of course, it is not the brightest young men who are doing it. You might say kids with the classic redneck mentality are the ones who embrace it. Yes sir! I am going to get myself a $35,000 vehicle, saddle myself with $600 monthly payments, and then I am going to foolishly crash that truck into a phone pole. This is so much fun! Why didn’t I
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Redneck Motor Heads
2007-11-02 00:24:00
Our first redneck’s name is Joe Bob, and Joe Bob did not know that his car’s transmission should be left in park when he parks the car. Life can be so complicated sometimes. There are so many things you have to remember just to get by these days…Like does the ‘D’ on the gear shift lever stand for done? I’m done driving so I should put the lever on ‘D’ because I’m done. That makes sense. If
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Register Your Vote to Fire or Not Fire Vanessa Hudgens
2007-10-29 15:53:00
Should Disney fire Vanessa Hudgens and hire someone new for the filming of High School Musical 3? Register your vote in our totally unscientific poll. To refresh your memory, Vanessa is that remarkably cute 19-year-old actor that starred along side Zac Efron in High School Musical 2, which is a huge hit on the Disney Channel. The tweens all seem to love it and anything else about HSM2. Someone
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Three of My Favorite Jokes
2007-10-27 21:05:00
The Internet is full of jokes, but, unfortunately, many of them are not very funny. At McCafferty's, we try to publish only jokes and stories that we truly find funny. Here are three of my favorite jokes. I laughed out loud when I first heard them, so the chances are very good that you will like them too. A pedestrian is walking past an insane asylum, and in the distance hears a bunch of the
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These Redneck Dogs Ain't Man's Best Friend
2007-10-27 01:02:00
Aah! Redneck puppy dogs can be very unpredictable, which can make for a great video. In this clip you will find man’s best friend is up to no good on many an occasion. This one is rather short, sweet and worthwhile. More animal video humor... More animal humor... More redneck videos... More redneck humor... Try redneck graffiti... Redneck Photos...
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Yet a Few More Irish Drinking Stories
2007-10-25 00:05:00
There is nothing that will make you so popular as re-telling some of our Irish drinking stories: Father O’Malley, an Irish priest, and Rabbi Levine are involved in a car accident. As they both exit their cars and wobble toward the side of the road. Rabbi Levine says, “Oy vey! What a wreck!” Father O’Malley asks him, “Are you all right, Rabbi?” Rabbi Levine replies, “Yes. I am just shaken a
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Redneck Pistol Duel
2007-05-14 08:15:00
Oh yesss! This is the ultimate in Redneck thinking. Just 4 inches away from the rest of your life in jail or 4 inches away from the end of your life. It is probably a hoax. Right after the gunshot and the man who is the target falls down and forward, look at the tree and you will see what appears to be a pole tacked onto the tree. My guess is they had some type of device send a charge through
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Dumb Blonde at a Gas Station Joke
2007-05-13 17:19:00
A blonde drives into a gas station and asks for a "710." All the male employees exchange puzzling looks at each other. Finally, one of them can not stand the embarrassment of not knowing what she is talking about and asks, "Lady, what's a 710?" The woman answers "Come on, you know...It’s that thingy that’s located around the middle of the engine. I must have lost mine and now I need a new one
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Is Paris Hilton Tough Enough for Jail?
2007-05-12 09:27:00
<!-- Begin BidVertiser code -->Well, it is time we dumped a little more on poor Paris Hilton , the billionaire heiress who is scheduled to enter jail on June 5th to serve a 45 day sentence for driving her Bentley with a suspended license. Of course, any young woman who is as pretty as Paris is had better be prepared for the rigors of the big house. She certainly wants to avoid a situation where
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Redneck and Australian Aborigine Love
2007-05-11 10:01:00
<!-- Begin BidVertiser code -->Two Australian Aborigine guides were walking in the outback with a vacationing American redneck, when, suddenly, one of the Aborigines ran up a hill toward the mouth of a small cave. "Wooooo! Wooooo! Wooooo!" the Aborigine yelled into the cave. Then he carefully listened, hoping for a special answer. "Wooooo! Wooooo! Wooooo!" he heard from the cave. Tearing off
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Driving Humor
2007-05-10 09:50:00
<!-- Begin BidVertiser code -->Here are some pointers about driving from George Carlin’s “Napalm and Silly Putty:” Have you ever noticed, when you're driving, that anyone driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone driving faster than you is a maniac? Here are a few basic points about driving. One of the first things they teach you in Driver's Ed is where to put your hands on the steering
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