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Celtics vs Lakers Version 11
2008-06-11 01:30:00
One of the greatest rivalries in basketball history is back again. Celtics vs Lakers . Bill Russel vs Wilt Chamberlin. Bob Cousy vs Jerry West. Sam Jones vs Elgin Baylor. Larry Bird vs Magic Johnson. Kevin McHale vs Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Paul Pierce vs Kobe Bryant. Kevin Garnett ...
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Lil Wayne Finally Drops ?Tha Carter III? Today
2008-06-11 00:30:00
After multiple delays and leaks, Lil Wayne ’s most anticipated album of 2007, and now 2008, “Tha Carter III” drops today in record stores and Wal-Mart major retailers. If you’re a real hip-hop fan, you’ve probably followed the album’s progress over the past year, checking out the leaked songs, downloading the mix-tapes and hearing Lil Wayne ...
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iPhone 3G Announced. How?s Your iBoner?
2008-06-10 23:30:00
I know that we are a day late and that every site on the web has done some kind of post about the 3G iPhone but I think we would be remiss if we didn’t post something about it. I am not going to burn through a bunch or words describing the features. We all ...
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Huge Gap Jump
2008-06-10 22:49:00
I usually don’t post videos where things go right, but this a pretty amazing skateboarding trick! I’ve seen a few like it, but none of them stuck the landing like this guy. Calling the Darwin Awards….
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Afternoon Links
2008-06-10 22:00:00
Today in the links we have another cute college girl, being the guy that spray tans a naked Denise Richards would not be a bad gig, Emmanuelle Chriqui throws out a first pitch and how to build a Mentos and Diet Coke booby trap. Cute College Girl: Jaclyn (Pics) The Amy Winehouse Racist Tapes (Video) Denise Richards gets ...
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Quote Of The Day
2008-06-10 21:15:00
“Does anybody have a hammer, a claw hammer. I thought he was teasing at first, but then he says, ‘No. It went in like that. We can pull it out like that,’” Chandler said. Hey, you can’t fault the doctor’s logic. George Chandler and his buddy were putting up some lattice in the backyard when the air ...
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New Book Highlights Bad Tattoos
2008-06-10 20:15:00
The thought process for getting a tattoo is probably drastically different from one person to another. I know I’ve been thinking about what to get and where to put a tattoo for the past three years, and who knows if I’ll ever make a decision. Whereas some people don’t even remember their thought process since ...
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Beer For Dogs? What?s Next Wine For Cats?
2008-06-10 19:00:00
At least two different companies here in the U.S. have begun brewing beer specially designed for dogs. 3 Busy Dogs in Arizona and the Dog Star Brewing Co. in Napa California both create a beef flavored barley drink for dogs. The dog brew is non-alcoholic and non-carbonated so that it is perfectly safe for dogs. ...
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Portland Trailblazers Import Spanish Baller
2008-06-10 18:00:00
The city of Seattle is pulling out all the stops to keep their NBA franchise, the Sonics. We’re currently bracing for a long and drawn out court proceeding that will decide the fate of the team: either staying in Seattle against David Stern and the NBA’s wishes, or ending up in Oklahoma City with Clay ...
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MySpace vs. Celebrity - Week 12 Winner
2008-06-10 16:00:00
Let’s be honest Tricia never really stood a chance against Megan Fox. If the looks weren’t enough Megan recently mentioned to FHM that she would prefer to stay inside and have sex all day long. It that doesn’t pull votes I don’t know what will. The contest is tied up which means this week is ...
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Mantastic Links
2008-06-10 15:00:00
My favorite player of all time, Ken Griffey Jr., just hit his 600th homerun.  He is without a doubt the best player of the 20-something generation (sorry Barry, you took steriods; sorry A-Rod, you fold when the pressure is on).  I can only imagine what he would have done had he not been injured so ...
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TastyBooze Fist Bumps The New York Post
2008-06-10 01:15:00
On May 15 we laid down the rules of fist bumping. Understand that fist bumping is a general term, we know people call it a number of other things: daps, fist pound, locking-it-up, gay, knuckles, etc. Whatever you call it, the fist bump has been around for a long time and has a number of ...
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Pamela Anderson Is From Canada
2008-06-10 00:30:00
No, today is not some sort of Canada Day at TastyBooze. But I saw these pictures of Pamela Anderson , one of Canada’s finest exports (although she had to import her breasts, if you know what I mean), representing the red-and-white Maple Leaf on The Superficial and thought it was a good pairing with the news ...
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Buy You A Drank, The Anti-Energy Drink
2008-06-09 23:15:00
If you’re going to name your beverage “Drank,” you better have some sort of affiliation already worked out with T-Pain. “Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin’)” has to be your theme song, it should play on your web site and be involved in every part of your marketing. Unfortunately the people behind Drank seem to have ...
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Afternoon Links
2008-06-09 22:12:00
Sorry about the links being a little late today. I took the day off work and the Comcast guy just left after hooking up the cable and internet in my new place. Today in the links we have a guy that just destroys a mirror, Ana Beatriz reaffirms why the internet is awesome, Ashley Dupre ...
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CNN Doesn?t Understand The Top 10 List
2008-06-09 20:25:00
Here is the actual headline of the article. 10 best excuses for coming to work late Here is their list of excuses. 1. While rowing across the river to work, I got lost in the fog. 2. Someone stole all my daffodils. 3. I had to go audition for American Idol. 4. My ex-husband stole my car so I couldn’t ...
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Canadians Love Their Beer, Eh
2008-06-09 19:25:00
Canadians get shit for a number of reasons, maybe that’s what leads them to drinking so much alcohol or it could just be that there isn’t much else to do when it’s cold as fuck outside 10 months of the year. The Canadian Press (Canada’s version of the Associated Press, I assume) is reporting today that ...
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Bierstick - The Evolution Of The Beer Bong
2008-06-09 18:00:00
I don’t know about you guys but this looks exactly like a party I was at last Friday night. Hot chicks in their underwear binge drinking by shoving 24 ounces of delicious ice cold beer down each others throats. Really it was a hell of a time. With the tired old homemade beer bong you have ...
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Gina Carano - Monday Morning Pick Me Up
2008-06-09 16:00:00
With Ultimate Fighting getting some air time on national TV I figured it was time to put resident MMA and American Gladiator hottie Gina Carano into the pick-me-up. Gina looks good and she can wreck shit with her fists. Don’t take my word for it, check out the video below where she just annihilates some ...
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Mantastic Links
2008-06-09 15:00:00
Cameltap provides us with the most shocking video of the day. The radiation of 4 cell phones simultaneously ringing actually pops popcorn kernels. So what’s it doing to you junk when it rings in your packet 20 times a day? Hmmm. Time to re-evaluate my cell phone carrying strategy… Asylum - ...
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Golf Course Pissing Just Got Easy
2008-06-07 20:00:00
I have never understood golf courses. They love to send cute chicks around to sell you beer, but if they catch you watering their foliage after you’ve had 4 or 5 beers they get their panties all in a bunch. As a result booze loving golfers end up in a jam. You can’t pee outside ...
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Fist Bump Blows Up ?Late Show?
2008-06-06 23:00:00
The fist bump is everywhere this week… I would like to nominate it for having the Best Week Ever on “Best Week Ever“. Obama and wife locked up a fist bump after securing the Democratic nomination earlier this week, and just last night David Letterman gave props to Julia Roberts in the form of a ...
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Afternoon Links
2008-06-06 22:00:00
Finally casual Friday is upon us. Today we have another cute college girl, on205th asks if the Pussycat Dolls are the best girl group the U.S. has to offer, Jenna Haze reaches a milestone and an instructional video on how to handle the less tech-savvy. Cute College Girl: Katie Atomic Kitten Lingerie Pictures The best the U.S. has ...
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Nature Is Pissed
2008-06-06 21:00:00
After many years of debate over global warming, nature is finally taking a stand and letting humans know how it feels.  I guess we shoulda signed that Kyoto thingy….
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Reigning In A Mini-Bike
2008-06-06 20:13:00
Apparently the phrase “father knows best” doesn’t apply to all situations. This is definitely not the best way to stop your kid on mini-bike. It is a mini-bike though, so it couldn’t be that tough, right? Wait, maybe the phrase is “mother knows best”…
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The Obamas Bump Fists
2008-06-06 19:15:00
A little while back, we posted a list of rules for fist bumping. Recently, after securing the Democratic nomination, Barack Obama gave a passionate speech, after which he gave his wife a passionate kiss fist bump. A few alert readers have pointed out that Obama was violating Rule #2 (If you are wearing a suit, you ...
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2 Girls 1 Cup In Cake Form
2008-06-06 18:18:00
By now the shock value is probably gone, everyone should know the phenomenon of 2 Girls 1 Cup (don’t worry, that just links to our other posts on the subject). You’ve probably either been forced into watching the video or have a friend verbally describe the ordeal in detail. Well, 2 Girls 1 Cup has ...
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The Poor Man?s Prison Break Tattoo
2008-06-06 17:00:00
On the left is Michael Scofield the main character in the Fox TV show Prison Break showing off his full upper body tattoo that cleverly hides the blueprint for the prison his brother is housed in. On the right we have…well I actually don’t know what the fuck we have. It looks like the floor ...
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Beer Review Friday - Dead Guy Ale
2008-06-06 16:00:00
This week I decided to go with one of my old favorites Dead Guy Ale from the Rogue brewery located in Newport, Oregon. Shit, two reviews and two ales. Maybe I need to expand my horizons a little. Dead Guy is a German-style Maibock made with Rogues proprietary “PacMan” ale yeast. It is deep honey ...
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Mantastic Links
2008-06-06 15:00:00
The weekend is almost here and I couldn’t be more ready. Time for some drinks in the sun, some bars, and some good quality guy time. Of course to get through the work day we’ve got the following for you: awesome tailgating schools, hot international babes, cheap gas and the lovely Joanna Krupa. Asylum ...
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