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How to Compare HTML Online
2008-03-10 14:59:00
If you're a webmaster to the Internet, and you want to create a slick and well built website, you might be at a loss as to how to go about it. Well, first and foremost you will need some type of basic HTML skills. While you don't actually have to be able to write HTML or get really in depth with JavaScript or any of that, you at least have to understand the nature of and be able to compare HTML tags and what each tag means and what they represent. This understanding can only be achieved by in-depth study, but there is a simple way to skip all the hullabaloo that is associated with learning to code and compare HTML and write webpages on the Internet.The user can simply go to the website of their choice that they believe is elegant and aesthetically pleasing or is otherwise well-written, such as the websites where the proper search terms and keywords are well-placed or what ever other details the user is seeking out are present when they compare HTML. Once the suitable website has b...
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HTML Font Tips
2008-03-09 06:49:00
It is very tempting to use fancy looking fonts when designing a web page. After all, the fancier the font the more attractive it will be to visitors and the more likely they will be to stay at your page once they've gotten there. Actually, the reverse is often true.Most people go to a web page because they are interested in the information that is there, either an article they want to read about something or maybe it's a product or service site that requires them to navigate through a number of pages to find the product or service that they are looking for. The last thing they want to do is have to battle with the font on the page because it is difficult to read.There are several things that make fonts easy or hard to read and each one is equally as important.Font s are made up of many properties but the most important of these are type, size and color.The type of font refers to how the font characters themselves are displayed. The most common fonts are Times New Roman and Ariel be...
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HTML Editors
2008-03-08 06:35:00
In this article we're going to go over some HTML editors, some very popular and some not so popular.There are more editors made to create web pages than Carter has liver pills. If you're the typical non professional user then you are probably familiar with the more popular ones and have absolutely NO clue about some of the obscure ones that are available. We'll cover a few of each.Probably the most popular HTML editor is Microsoft's Front Page. The first version of Front Page came out in the mid 90's. If you're interested you can actually find an article online that talks about the first Front Page beta. You can find the article at htm. The first Front Page had limited functionality and needed a server extension to work it. Today, Front Page has come a long way. It is one of the most powerful editors you can get and can do just about anything. It is also probably the one used by more people than any other.Of course users of Macromedia'...
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HTML - Guidelines For Authoring
2008-03-07 19:20:00
When designing your web site you want to make the visiting experience as enjoyable as possible and at the same time make it so that if the site needs to be changed in any way, the changes are not too difficult to make. You want the look to be as appealing as possible for all browsers and also make the site accessible to users with disabilities. In order to accomplish all this there are some general guidelines when creating your HTML code.1. The first thing that will really make your life easier is through the use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). CSS is used to maintain the look of the document such as the fonts, margins and color. HTML directly on the page is not a good choice to handle these aspects because if say, the font color you are using for certain paragraphs needs to be changed from blue to red, you would have to go in and change each color tag manually. By using CSS you can designate the color for each of those paragraphs just once in the CSS file. That way if you have to ...
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Basic HTML For Beginners
2008-03-06 06:45:00
Do you know what is HTML? Are you looking for a "HTML for Beginners" Guide?First, let's look at the definition on Wikipedia, HTML, short for Hypertext Markup Language, is the predominant markup language for web pages. It provides a means to describe the structure of text-based information in a document ? by denoting certain text as headings, paragraphs, lists, and so on ? and to supplement that text with interactive forms, embedded images code which can affect the behavior of , and other objects. HTML is written in the form of labels (known as tags), surrounded by less-than (). HTML can also describe, to some degree, the appearance and semantics of a document, and can include embedded scripting language web browsers and other HTML processors.There are many people now using WYSIWYG HTML editor to format their web pages and therefore you do not really need to under HTML at all. However, I still recommend you pick up some simple HTML tag such that you can understand. Understanding som...
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HTML Editor - Some Common Design Principles
2008-03-05 17:00:00
A lot of people out there today are trying their best to design their own websites without knowing what they are doing. They aren't using the right HTML Editor or coding things properly for success. There are many other things to know before just building a website, these are common principles most professional web designers know and use.Your Website ColorOne thing a lot of people do not realize, that website colors make a big difference on how their visitors will react to their offers. There are some colors that will make people comfortable and at ease, while there are other colors that are difficult for people to read and even hurt their eyes and they have to strain to read the website. Using these colors will make people click a way from your website before even reading one single word. Keep to using only two different main colors for your website and make sure the colors do not clash. The best put together websites, are the ones that use a simple white background with black tex...
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Basic HTML Code For Your Blog
2008-03-04 15:57:00
Hyper Text Markup Language - that's what it stands for. Its a way for Web browsers to present text and graphics. A code if you like. To get a better idea of what it is, click on your View menu and then Source or View Source and that will show you how a page of text is formatted in HTML (It'll also show you the keywords used in the Meta tags which can be helpful in getting your page ranked higher on Search Engines - but more on this later).Basic Knowledge of HTMLBefore we go any further let me tell you that I'm rather new to all this. I've only been into computers for the last couple of years. Oh sure I'd used computers in my work before that but only as far as word processing. I was using AppleIIs back in the early Eighties to write magazine stories but apart from knowing how to boot the machine up and format a word processing document I didn't have a clue about computers. And I still don't have much of a clue. I probably couldn't explain the difference between ROM and RAM t...
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HTML And Why You Need It
2008-03-04 03:43:00
HTML. What is it, and why do you need to know how to use it?First of all, HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language. It is what a browser reads in order to display what you actually see on a webpage that you view through Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, or whatever browser you may use. It's a type of code.Uh-oh, code. Yikes! Is it some sort of secret language? Not really. And it's much easier to learn than one might think.Why is it important to know how to use it? For many reasons. What I consider the most important reason is so that you can create your own web pages. There's a great deal of pleasure to be derived once you've finished a site and it looks good. There's even more to be gained when you put that site out there and it accomplishes what you want it to do, i.e., get you sales, signups, etc. Besides, if you know how to put together those web pages that you want, it can save you bundles of money. While it's easier having a professional design for you, if you're on a tight ...
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For My Internet Marketing Email Solution, Which Is Better - Text or HTML?
2008-03-03 02:50:00
HTML as You Email Marketing Solution.There is absolutely no doubt that as an Internet marketing email solution HTML Newsletters are more attractive than plain text. Using HTML for your newsletters and in your email marketing system provides a large variety of ways for you to incorporate colors, fonts and images that you would love for your subscribers to see. They are also great for branding your Internet business.By using your newsletter or Internet email marketing to show the same logo, colors and even your photograph on a regular schedule you can influence feelings of trust in you subscribers. This is a great way to help your subscribers become comfortable with you and your product or service. By creating this comfort and trust through your email marketing system and in your name or brand you will also increase your product or service sales and profitsBy using HTML as your email marketing solution on the other hand, it is much more likely to get caught up in spam filters which dr...
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How To Easily Create A Web Form, Html Form Or PHP Form
2008-03-01 06:19:00
At most every website needs a web form somewhere on its pages. It can be a contact form on the contact page, (by the way it is always a good idea to use a contact form instead of an email address as this will decrease SPAM by stopping spam bots from harvesting your email address) or a simple feedback form, an order form, survey.Usually it is easy to create the html form using Dreamwaver or a similar web design software, but making it work requires a little knowledge of php or some other server side scripting language, necessary to process the submission of the form and do something with the submitted data.One easy way to create web forms is to use one of the online services that specialize in offering web and HTML forms.For example, At most every website needs a web form somewhere on its pages. It can be a contact form on the contact page, ( by the way it is always a good idea to use a contact form instead of an email address as this will decrease SPAM by stopping spam bots from har...
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HTML Basics From The Beginning
2008-02-29 15:51:00
If you've ever wanted to know what goes into making a website or would like one of your own it all starts here. Html is the basis language for which websites are built on. There are also other languages (such as css and java/javascript) that are used for more complex or redundant tasks which I will get into later. Html is an acronym for: "Hyper text markup language". Html is a simple language, every 'component' is put in 'tags'. Tags are: and the element goes inside. For Example:Any text type here will be displayed on the page. p stands for paragraph and indicates to the browser that the text typed here will be displayed on the page as a paragraph. Notice there are two p tags, the first p tag is used to denote the start of the paragraph and the second p tag is used to denote the end of the paragraph. The backslash '/' tells the browser whatever tag has been used will end here. Also the paragraph doesn't have to be 5 to 6 sentences long it can be as short as a single letter ...
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Understanding HTML Color Codes
2008-02-28 17:09:00
I help people with web pages a lot and I usually encourage them to edit the HTML directly and not rely on GUI layout programs like Microsoft FrontPage or Adobe GoLive to layout their pages. A lot of people have a trouble understanding what HTML Color Codes mean and how they work.HTML Color Codes are 6 characters wide and look like "#80FF12", and are really 3 2-digit hex numbers that represent Red, Green, and Blue. Ok... I just lost a good portion of the crowd didn't I? Let's break it down into things that are easy to understand.How to describe a color using numbers? There are a lot of ways to specify a particular color, but one of the ways that's used with computers is to specify the values of Red, Green, and Blue to mix together to achieve the desired color. As we vary the amounts of Red, Green, and Blue we can create most any color you desire.How does this relate to computers? Computer displays, TVs, and other "projected light" display devices use pixels to display what you see...
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Basic HTML How To
2008-02-27 18:20:00
You can use basic HTML in many ways and in various places. You can change simple things by making your font bolder, bigger, or smaller by using the simplest of codes. You can create page breaks and separate your paragraphs or thoughts. Change the color of your font, create a text link, or place a picture or graphic image on your web site.If you have not yet copied and pasted a graphic or background lay-out onto a web page or a social network site such as My Space, give that a try. It will show you a great example of what an HTML code actually looks like. Study it for a few minutes to get a good look at the tweaks that could be made to any code to change just a bit of the end result.We use HTML at social networks, on web pages, and in solo advertisements for business marketers.Basic HTML will make your page or advertisements stand out from the crowd. Get noticed and learn a bit of HTML.To change your font and make it show a bit of your personality or to make it jump out of the page, ...
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HTML - Do We Need To Learn It?
2008-02-26 18:46:00
In this article I am going to answer the question as to whether or not we need to learn HTML. This rather long answer will surprise you, but hopefully by the article's end you will understand why. See, this isn't an easy question to answer and there are many points of view.First of all, HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is a sort of programming language that allows us to view web pages on the Internet. Without HTML everything we read would be simple plain text and very dull to look at. HTML opened up a new world when it was created, one that we sometimes take for granted, not just in the viewing of content online, but in the creation of that content itself.In the early days of HTML, if you wanted to design a web page, you were pretty much limited to notepad and your imagination. There were no HTML editors. You went to school, learned the language and then plodded your way through coding it. It was tedious to say the least and not many were really good at it.The first ...
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HTML - Image File Management Tips
2008-02-25 18:31:00
HTML graphics. It's a real balancing act that isn't always easy to pull off. Let's face it. Web pages that are all text are simply boring to look at. It's like reading the obituaries in the newspaper. So graphics really come in handy when trying to spruce up your site a bit. The problem is that graphics, or more specially graphic files, can be very large and take lots of time to load up on a page. If you have too many graphics or if the graphics you have chosen are large, the visitor may lose patience waiting for the page to load. The end result is that you've lost your audience anyway because they have moved on. So how do you strike a balance between a dull looking web page and one that takes forever to load? We'll go over a few things you can do about this problem in this article.The first, and easiest thing to do is to simply not use too many graphics files on your site. Sometimes it only takes one or two carefully placed graphics files on a page to capture a visitors atten...
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Can You Build Your Internet Business With No HTML?
2008-02-24 19:06:00
HTML is the acronym for Hyper Text Markup Language. For learning purposes, just think of it as a language that the computer understands. For example, as humans, we were taught different languages; i.e. HTML as a language, is mostly and specifically used to create a website. The web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, will then decipher and interpret the code or rather, language(HTML), and display it in a way we can understand it, just like in a basic webpage.Knowing basic HTML is good but if you do not know HTML, that is not the end of the world! You can always take HTML courses or search for information online. I started out on the web with zero HTML knowledge but I learn the basic and I build websites. Now, I still am no expert but I am still building websites.Go to Google or Yahoo right now and type in "Basic HTML". You can find many websites providing information on basic HTML. Do not fear the language, the more you get in contact with it, the more f...
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Meet HTML - It Doesn't Bite
2008-02-24 03:04:00
Basic Knowledge of HTML is very important if you want to start and run your own Internet Business. Even if you decide to use Site Builders, WEB templates or automated Blog posting, you have to learn how to control and adjust your ads, links or affiliate codes.What is HTML? HTML is a text file containing markup tags that tell the Web browser how to display the WEB page. At first site it might look complicated but actually it is very simple.Start Notepad (or SimpleTex on a Mac). Copy and paste the following text in Notepad. Than remove the star (*). (Yes, HTML can be edited in simple text editors.)This is the simplest HTML Page!Save the file as mypage.html or page.html (or any other file name with .htm or .html extension). Now open the file with any WEB Browser. What do you see?Now try this: My WEB Page This is my first homepage. This text is bold And this:My TableThis is a TableRow-1 Cell-1Row-1 Cell-2Row-2 Cell-1Row-2 Cell-2As you can see HTML it is very simple. Everything is about...
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Web Page Design - How HTML Stands for Results
2008-02-22 19:37:00
Web pages use HTML to display information over the Internet, using a browser (i.e. Firefox, Internet Explorer). According to, one definition for design is: to intend for a definite purpose. This implies that a designer should have forethought when constructing a web page design such that there is a definite purpose for each page. Of course the web site owner will want their site to be popular, and business web sites desire traffic to achieve a return on investment (R.O.I.) and traffic is the key. It is the search engine that returns the results page for a search. The keywords used help the search engines determine relevancy of the search to the web page.The search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo!, MSN) are not human, but are programs written by humans and cannot actually "see" the images or "read" the text on the web page. It is important to impart to them well researched information that will lead the search engine to your web page and return your web page link to the se...
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HTML - A Beginners First Steps - Links
2008-02-21 18:13:00
Before I begin...Due to this article being hosted online I cant actually show you a tag as the webpage you are reading would make it invisible Tags begin with a "" symbol. For the purpose of thisarticle I will replace these with the "[" and "]" symbols. Remember to always use the arrows though as the square brackets WILL NOT WORK.A basic link...To begin with open up notepad and create a simple html page like this;[html][body][/body][/html]Now we're going to link to a site. I will write url instead of the web address but you should place where I write "url". The simplest type of link would be the web address on the page. When you click that text it sends you to thewebsite. Heres how that is done;[a href="url"]url[/a]So, a link is defined by the tag [a][/a] (the "a" stands for anchor, this isn't very important). Within the tag you include the destination of the link i.e. the "href" of the link. Here you place the url that you want to link to inside inverted co...
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Find Out What Basic HTML Tags Every Podcaster Should Know
2008-02-21 02:19:00
Podcasters need to publish podcast episode notes besides the podcast itself on the Web so others can find and consume it. Nowadays, it is very easy to get any type of content on the Web.Thanks for the blog software and content management system, they are now improved to a point that anyone can just type and click a button and... all of a sudden the content is available for all to see.However, there are times you may find that knowing how to format the text and images on the Web so they appear as you want is necessary and important. You can do it on the Web by using HTML tags.Rest assured though, basic HTML tags are just that, basic. They are simple and easy to learn.1. Heading tagsA blog software automatically format the title of the page correctly with the right tag. But occasionally, you want to divide long content into sub-headings. This is when heading tags come into play. Sub-heading tags are h2, h3, h4, h5, and h6.2. Body text formattingThere are a lot you can do to make text ...
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HTML For Beginners - It's Not That Hard!
2008-02-19 19:32:00
Does HTML seem to be scary for you? Many people have viewed complicated HTML that had been produced by an editor program and have shied away from it altogether!You must realize that from the very beginning HTML was supposed to be quite a simple language to learn and to use. However, there have been many automated systems that seemed to over-complicate the whole process. Try to calm any fears you have about HTML and jump right in!You have to realize that making a web page is really not that hard to do. Basic HTML is quite user friendly. HTML which is short for Hyper Text Markup Language is a very simple computer language or better yet it is a page description language. You have a given set of codes that will determine what your web page will look like in a web browser.A special type of text that is used with HTML is called hypertext. It has no sequencing like a book does. What do you do when you want to look up something in a book? Right - you either search in the table of contents o...
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MySpace HTML Codes - Writing Up Your Own MySpace Layouts
2008-02-18 21:23:00
WARNING: This article may contain some technobabble. Viewer discretion is advised.In other words, if you have no HTML or CSS experience at all then I'm sorry to say but you're at least a month away from writing up your own MySpace layout codes from scratch.On the other hand, if you do have some HTML and CSS experience then here are the basics on how to do this:First of all --for the uninitiated-- MySpace is a social networking site where you can set up your own free home page and through that you can interact with over 100 million other MySpace users. You do this by browsing around their profile pages, leaving comments, sending messages or bulletins, adding 'friends' and generally just having a typical web 2.0 chit-chatty good time.A 'MySpace layout' is a block of CSS code that can be used to modify the background, fonts, table borders and other aspects of your MySpace profile page. Although widely available across the net and free for the taking, it seems to me (from the truc...
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HTML Forms - Plain English Explanation Part I
2008-02-18 00:04:00
In this article on HTML we're going to discuss HTML forms, why they're important and how to use them effectively in plain English so everyone can understand their use.One of the most important things about any web site that you'll put together is to be able to collect information from your visitors, either for the purpose of sending them news of your products or services in future emails, or for the direct purpose of processing orders, in which case you would need things like name and address for shipping purposes. In order to gather this information HTML makes use of forms.A form in HTML is pretty similar to a form that one would see in the offline world, such as when you're filling out an application for employment or a loan. On these forms you would most likely include your name, social security number, address and a variety of information depending on what the form itself is used for. With HTML, which is what makes up a web page, the form is not written in but typed in by th...
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Using HTML Tables to Format Your Web Page
2008-02-17 02:39:00
Designing a professional looking web site involves much more than simply displaying text between your body tags. In order to organize your page, you must use tables.A table is an HTML element, also referred to as a "tag," and is used to display your web page content in an organized fashion.Your page can be set up in columns and rows, you can display your table cells with or without a border, and you can even have a color or image patterned background.Tables can be used in an unlimited number of ways including:? Organize your text and images? Display your text in a newspaper format? Add color and image backgrounds to text areas? Display chartsIf you've never designed a web page, your first step will be to learn some basic HTML. You can find a beginner tutorial at NCSA Beginner's Guide to HTML: MLPrimer.htmlWhen you begin designing your web page, you may want to consider placing all of your page content within a table. This will enable you to...
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MySpace HTML Codes - 5 Things You Can Do With Images
2008-02-17 02:38:00
Is a picture is really worth a thousand words?If so then some MySpace pages are veritable encyclopedias (*chuckle*)...Yes it's no secret that MySpacers just love to load up their profiles with images but it's quite apparent that very few of them are aware of just how much you can do with a little bit of HTML and CSS coding to customize the display of those images.So... Want to impress your MySpace friends with some advanced web design skills?Here are 5 copy-and-paste HTML/CSS codes you can use to do some neat stuff with your pics:First of all, for those who don't know, here are the fundamentals of inserting an image on your MySpace profile page:Upload your image to an image hosting service like ImageShack or PhotobucketGet the URL (web address) of the uploaded imageModify the following code by adding your image URL:Copy-and-paste that code into any text box on your MySpace 'Edit Profile' screen.All done.And that's the basics. A lot of MySpace users know that one. Nuttin' to w...
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