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India Reaches The Top In Opera Mini Rankings
2012-06-02 06:30:00
Opera has released its State of Mobile Web Report for April 2012 and India features as the top country in the list with respect to unique user data. India has been steadily climbing the charts as a result of the increasing usage of the nifty little mobile browser in the country. India has managed to jump from the third largest country to the first in terms of Opera Mini users in a matter of 1 year, racing ahead of Indonesia and Russia. The rankings list is as follows: 1.  India 2.  Russia 3.  Indonesia 4.  Nigeria 5.  Ukraine 6.  Vietnam 7.  China 8.  Mexico 9.  South Africa 10. Brazil The reason this has happened is because even though the global sales of mobile phones are slowing down, in India the number of mobile phones sold is actually rising! Opera Mini compresses all the browsed data in its servers by 90%, thus saving a lot of time and money for its users. Opera Mini is very popular in India and the company itself refers to its Indian users as being part of M-GEN (Mo...
Cisco Study Projects A 58 Fold Growth In Indian Mobile Internet Traffic By
2012-06-01 16:08:00
Cisco, the multinational networking giant has just released its report titled Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Forecast for 2011-2016. This report stems from the company’s drive to analyze and predict Internet Protocol (IP) traffic and the resulting trends on a global scale. The study has thrown up some interesting forecasts.   The annual global IP traffic is projected to reach 1.3 zettabytes (a mind-numbingly long number, equivalent to a trillion gigabytes!) by the year 2016 compared to the 369 exabytes generated in 2011. Cisco points out that such a huge increase in traffic will be caused due to the following factors. 1. Increasing amount of devices being connected to the Internet: The Internet is changing from an Internet of People to a Internet of Things. We are looking at a future where every possible gadget and appliance we have will be connected to the Internet. This will drive up the traffic exponentially. India will have 2 billion networked devices by 2016, doubl...
Opera Releases Opera Mini 7 With Smart Page Feature
2012-06-01 13:36:00
Opera, one of the leading names in the mobile and desktop browser segment has launched ’Opera Mini 7′ with a smart page feature, giving itself another shot in the arm when it comes browsers to feature phones.  Opera which started out in 1994 as a research project within Telenor, Norway’s leading telecom operator is now one of the leading browsers for mobile phones. Opera Mini 7 which will boast ‘Smart Page’ feature will help it strike a better relationship with social media buffs who own a feature phone instead of smart phone. Smart Page displays a one page summary of news from users Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Opera Mini uses technology that compresses the data and helps users surf the Internet with minimum data exchange hence a very low cost surfing option. Smart Page will also provide you suggestions for the news sites to follow and also add custom feeds. Talking about this new feature, Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software  says, “With...
ICANN Receives Applications From Corporate India For Domain Extensions Cost
2012-06-01 11:10:00
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has received a total of 28 Applications from 15 Corporate houses for Domain extensions. What is so exclusive? Well, these domain extensions are not the run-of-the-mill .org, .net, .edu. These extensions will directly reveal the corporate identity of the company. For example Tata Sons have applied for .tata, whereas State Bank Of India (SBI) has gone for .sbi & so on. Additionally there are some generic category-revealing domain extensions like .music, .shop, .food etc. The application process for such ultra-customized domain names had begun in January this year & the process culminated on 12th April. The extensions, though will come into reality next year. However, they will be announced this month & evaluation will begin in July. Interestingly, this is the first time that Indian registrars of domain names like Directi and Net4 have been allowed to participate in this process. So far the Directi has pledged...
New Location Service Hoppr Launched By Bharti Softbank Along With Y2CF
2012-06-01 10:43:00
Location based services are still not very big in India in terms of the adoption that the concept sees in other countries but that is slowly changing with the proliferation of smartphones and Mobile Internet in the country. You will realize that Foursquare and Facebook  places are the only things that Indians use to check-in. Bharti SoftBank, which is a 50:50 JV between Bharti Enterprises and Japanese firm, Softbank has teamed up with Y2CF Digital Media Pvt. Ltd. to launch Hoppr, a check-in service which works on all mobile devices. The local commerce segment in India has a huge potential to grow and this app has been built with the view of developing this space and building a tight ecosystem around it. Y2CF, the startup behind Hoppr have already tied up with Airtel, Aircel, Idea, Reliance, Tata Docomo and Vodafone. They will be covering some 3000 stores in total across cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore. The app means to make check-ins more fun with loyalty rewards ... Secures $10 Million From SAIF, Tiger Global; Will Introduce New &l
2012-06-01 07:58:00
Launched just a year ago, Online Fashion retailer has secured US$ 10 Million in Series B funding from SAIF Partners & Tiger Global.  SAIF Partners, along with some Angel Investors had put together a sum of US$ 5.5 Million in seed funding. The present funding will be utilized for expanding warehouse operations and creating a full logistics team. Zovi owns & operates its own line of logistics in 15 Tier I cities. In its basic element, was an experimental Entrepreneur In Residence (EIR) project backed by SAIF Partners. In simpler words the backers wanted an entrepreneur to initiate & manage a new venture. has been experimenting with unique marketing techniques. It had recently launched a ‘Live’ feature, wherein visitors could watch the online shopping activity taking place on the site. Though the feature  is not directly involved in sales, it was meant to increase customers’ confidence in Zovi. Robemall Apparels Pvt Ltd, who now ru...
Facebook Page Admins Will Finally Get Scheduling And Other Much Desired Adm
2012-05-31 17:09:00
Whoa! Facebook is releasing a slew of features post their IPO. Now it is all set to give third-party Social Media Management services a run for the money by making incremental changes that will render the third party services more or less useless. The Next Web reports that Facebook is currently pushing out several features which could make Social Media teams around the world get a native Facebook experience in managing their brand pages. Page admins can now be assigned roles and permission levels. The permission categories are: Manager, Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser and Insights Analyst. Social Media Marketers will no doubt know that many social media agencies around the world function within these  hierarchies and Facebook has recognized this. As usual, the permissions keep getting lesser as you go down the order, with the Manager having the most number of permissions. Here is an image detailing the new roles: Source: The Next Web We all the know that managing multip...
Newly Launched Indian Service, LazyCounty Brings You Digital Entertainment
2012-05-31 14:21:00
LazyCounty may be a strange name but it is has a reason behind it. The portal was born out of the major problem that many people face while logging onto the Internet these days. There are so many services and options that cater to the many different things that you can do on the web like surfing, social media, video and music streaming. The guys behind LazyCounty want to stop this complexity and have people just visit one website where they could do all of the above. The service calls itself one of the largest free online entertainment content providers in the world. The service claims to have TV, radio, games, social networking and music all on the same platform. The service is totally free and will rely on revenue generation models like advertising, merchandise and localized deals. LazyCounty states that the service can also be accessed from a mobile phone with basic GPRS connections. We are at a loss as to how TV and videos could be streamed using basic GPRS if you consider the ...
More About: Indian No Longer Exists, Courtesy Of Their New Owner
2012-05-31 13:30:00
Within a fortnight of its acquisition has been shut-down by its new owner Though the news has been confirmed, The site’s homepage  still reads: “Website going under maintenance. Please check back in a little while.” Online e-commerce portal had acquired to introduce Jewelry e-retailing. Although it has absorbed all the staff of the erstwhile portal & even procured all of the inventory, it has decided not use the website brand. Founder, Shraddha Danani had made the switch to the day the deal was signed. used to offer exclusive brands and designer jewelry and accessories., had clarified that it wanted to achieve inorganic expansion & StytlishYou offered the company the opportunity to enter a relatively niche segment. Having secured US$ 10 Million (@ Rs. 50 Crores then) from Nexus Ventures Partners and Catmaran Ventures in two separate rounds of funding, the e-com portal was able to seek ...
Jump Games’ Indian Warriors Brings A Nationalist Angle To Gaming.
2012-05-31 12:15:00
Jump Games have been focusing on games having a patriotic bent since sometime now. After the success of their last game Border Wars, they have now launched a game called Indian Warriors. A very unique feature this game has to offer is that you can play as 4 different national heroes namely, Shivaji Maharaj , Rani Lakshmi Bai, Bhagat Singh or Tipu Sultan. Each individual game is based on the lives and fights of these heroes. If you choose one hero, say Shivaji, you get to play as him and foil an assassination plan that your enemies have hatched against you. The games are addictive and simple since they are targeted towards casual gamers. The games have an arcade angle to them and are mainly based around the crossing hurdles and defeating your enemies. The feel of the game is very nice as you can see from the screenshots below.         Some salient features of the game are: 1. A classic arcade game with very vivid and crystal clear graphics 2. Two game modes 3. ... Offers Social Shopping Experience
2012-05-31 09:46:00
Arun Sirdeshmukh, the former CEO of Reliance Trends has joined hands with global E-commerce advisor, Darpan Munjal, President – LeapMatrix to launch ‘‘. The web-portal is a Fashion focused e-commerce virtual store funded by VC firms – Helion Venture Partners and Lightspeed Venture Partners, that offers premium and luxury fashion brands. What’s unique? To begin with the site presently allows access only through one’s Facebook credentials. The site’s owners have added this unique feature to allow shopping directly from Facebook. To ensure a very wide exposure, the page also features other social integrations such as product reviews, creating wish lists and sharing products/purchases with social networks for recommendations. Though India’s fashion centric purchases are nascent, sites have already cropped up offering premium luxury merchandise from global brands. However, the major question of achieving a brand-distinction will surely drive web...
Now Facebook’s Timeline Feature Can Be Used To Create A 55 Sec Movie Base
2012-05-31 08:17:00
Facebook’s Timeline Feature can now be used to create a 55 second movie based on your profile. Digital marketing agency, Definition 6 & Facebook have collaborated to to offer Timeline Movie Maker that wades through users’ photos, comments, links, likes etc. to come up with a short movie. How does it work? Just like any ‘App’ on Facebook, one has to ‘Allow’ the Timeline Movie Maker to sift through the user’s basic information, e-mail address, other profile data such as hobbies, your posts, and your News Feed. Interestingly, the app does not ask permission to autonomously post on your profile. When the user visit’s the site of the app, one has to simply click on ‘Make Your Movie’ & give your approval to the prompts. Once done, the app crawls through your profile & once ready starts playing the movie. The movie usually comprises of just photos & videos from the Timeline. We gave it a try & found the concept to be very rudimentary. Additionally, ...
Google’s Chrome OS Gets A Chromebook & A Chromebox, Courtesy Sams
2012-05-30 14:45:00
Electronic component manufacturer Samsung has launched two hardware iterations running on Google’s Proprietary Chrome OS. While we have been patiently waiting for the Chromebooks to arrive in India since last two years, Samsung has unleashed not one but two options for us to consider. Chromebooks are ultra-portable laptops which run on Google’s Chrome OS. Incorporating almost all the features that Google offers, the Chromebooks are supposed to be always-connected. However, significant modifications in the architecture has allowed people to even work offline & be synched once a connection is available. For connectivity Samsung has offered WiFi+3G or just the WiFi Option. With the advent of 4G we wonder why offer a older & slower standard? With a 16GB Solid State Drive (SSD) the Chromebooks can boot within 7 seconds & resume from ‘Sleep-mode’ instantly! But, Samsung has offered just 4GB RAM & older generation entry-level Celeron Processors, which might hamper ...
Instagram’s Integration With Facebook Faces Further Delays With Exten
2012-05-30 11:26:00
Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram could take some more time to fructify. US Antitrust Regulators has served a Notice to the social networking company to confirm that it will now conduct a lengthy investigation of the deal. Facebook paid US$ 1 Billion to acquire popular photo-sharing company Instagram. However, US regulations mandate any deal above US$ 68.2 Million should face a ‘Competition Probe’ in order to weed out any wrong doings or infringing tactics. Though any such probe usually takes about 6 months to a year, Facebook was confident of completing this within the first half of 2012 itself. A very optimistic estimation which has been shattered by the Notice. What does the Notice mean? The Notice states that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will now sift through a much larger pile of data than previously envisaged. This will be done to thoroughly verify that the deal does not break any Antitrust laws. When Instagram had concluded its latest round of funding its valua...
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Samsung’s Latest Android Phone Could Give Apple’s iPhone A Toug
2012-05-30 09:43:00
With Samsung ’s Galaxy S III officially launched yesterday in Europe, it is only a day away from its Indian launch. Samsung has been doing quite well in the low & mid-range handsets. So good that it managed to defeat its long-running rival, Nokia. With its earlier iterations viz. Galaxy S II & the phone-cum-tablet Galaxy Note. Samsung has proven its expertise at manufacturing & selling high-end premium handsets too. If something was missing from these handsets, the company is hoping to fulfill those gaps with its latest Android based smartphone; The Galaxy SIII. How does Samsung plan to do so? If one goes on pure technical specifications Samsung’s latest is better than Apple’s iPhone 4s. With a better processor & a larger screen with crispier graphics, the phone is not only more muscled, but also offers a large eye-candy. Running Google’s latest Android build namely, the famous ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ or as it is fondly called ICS (4.0.3), Samsung has not l...
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‘Opera Could Offer Facebook The Reach It Craves’, Say Analysts
2012-05-30 08:35:00
If Facebook were to acquire Opera Software ASA today, it would cost the social networking company about US$ 1 Billion (Rs. 5,500 Crores) says Arctic Securities. Is Opera worth the money? With the last closing share price, the value of Opera Software is worth about 600 Million Dollars. Though this figure is roughly half of the estimated buy-out price, one has to remember the advantages that Opera will offer Facebook. In Facebook’s own revelation, though it is witnessing healthy growth in mobile users, it simply cannot monetize it successfully. Opera browser works across multiple platforms offering the wide-spread reach Facebook desires. Additionally, if Facebook does develop a phone, Opera could serve as the default browser! Using its own proprietary technologies, Opera can compress data as much as 90%, which saves on data charges. In emerging countries like India & Brazil, where data costs are still high, Opera has garnered a significant subscriber base. So, why hasn’t Fa...
With 15 Million Users, Indians Comprise 10% Of LinkedIn’s 161 Million
2012-05-30 07:30:00
Indian users on the professional networking site LinkedIn have crossed the 15 Million mark. India is second only to US in terms of users. The site which is preferred by professionals world-wide has been able to garner the support of over 161 Million user world-wide & accordingly, its 1/10th user base comes from India alone. The milestone of 15 million professional Indian users has been crossed by  LinkedIn within a span of 3 years of its operations in India. Though nowhere in the league of social networking bigwig Facebook, it surely commendable. With a 300% Year on Year (YoY) growth, the site still has a lot of potential. LinkedIn has always supported the burgeoning Indian community. A while ago it had launched localized hiring solutions for Indian companies which are growing steadily with hiring being the chief revenue earner (54%). With each step LinkedIn has always cemented its stand of being focused on the professional aspect of Social Networking. Such approaches h...
How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile For B2B Leads?
2012-05-30 06:00:00
If you are working in a business to business setting and aren’t using Linkedin effectively, you are missing a huge opportunity. Optimizing your Linkedin profile is the first step towards LinkedIn success, and we will see how to do that. Why should you care about your LinkedIn profile? LinkedIn has emerged as the goto place where people look for B2B buying and B2B sales. Traffic from LinkedIn converts almost three times better than FB and Twitter. (Because these vistors are coming with a buy mentality, unlike people on Twitter/FB who come with a browse mentality.) There are 161 million professionals worldwide on Linkedin. Most of them are looking to hire, to get hired or to carry out business activities, unlike FB or Twitter. I am sold. How can I improve my Linkedin profile for getting more leads? Most people who use LinkedIn for sourcing use LinkedIn search. As you optimize your websites for SEO, similarly you need to optimize your profile for Linkedin search. Like SEO, you...
After Desktop; IE, Chrome & Firefox Gets Ready To Battle It On Mobile D
2012-05-29 14:30:00
The browser wars for the Desktop has been going on for quite some time. However, with the emergence of the smartphone, that same war has spilled onto the mobile turf. A while ago, there were three main contenders for the throne; Microsoft’s IE, Google’s Chrome & Mozilla’s Firefox . Though IE was the king for quite some time, the other browsers were fighting a tough war & recently Chrome even surpassed IE as the most widely used browser. However, this saga is only for the desktop PC. Since the tremendous growth of mobile population, these companies along with comparatively newer entrants like Apple, Yahoo! & supposedly Facebook too have been busy developing mobile-centric browsers. In case of mobile optimized browsers, Norwegian based Opera has enjoyed a healthy lead. However, owing to its desktop iteration, Firefox is sure to play a game of catch. Why are the companies so interested in developing browsers? The browsers developed by the individual company holds the ...
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Reality Show Satyamev Jayate Proves The Worth Of Social Media Campaigns
2012-05-29 13:15:00
A carefully crafted online digital campaign has proven to be a hit for Satyamev Jayate (Aamir Khan’s TV Series) even before it went on air. What could be the reason for the show’s online popularity? With an active population on the web it is easier to see why any media campaign would be stronger online as it was offline.  Hence, Satyamev Jayate’s team attempted to get people talking about the show on social media portals. With these platforms offering an easier way to voice out opinions, the show’s theme quickly caught the attention of many people. A lot of social issues have made an impact through the Social media. Quite some time back, Anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare and his team had realized the potential of the Internet to spread his message & intentions. Being online most of the time, it was not a surprise that teenagers & young adults form the largest contributing members to the campaigns. Apart from creating a stir, the show’s makers also r...
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Flipkart Shuts Down 5 Months After Acquiring It
2012-05-29 12:08:00
The e-commerce segment in India is in the throes of consolidation and its beginning was evident when Flipkart bought the second largest e-commerce service in India, Letsbuy, 5 months ago. Today,’s website has announced that it is shutting down its operations. The team, the infrastructure and talent has been integrated with Flipkart. This makes the e-commerce giant even bigger in the country in terms of users and sales. This is what we got when we checked out Letsbuy’s website: Letsbuy was founded in 2009 in Hitesh Dhingra and Amanpreet Bajaj both of whom served as CEO and COO of the company respectively. The company was funded at the start by Manish Vij from VUN Network and Nitin Gupta who previously worked in leadership positions at Mastercard South Asia and Letsbuy has also raised venture capital from Helion, Accel and Tiger Global in the past. The company was valued at $20-25 million in comparison to the $850 million valuation of Flipkart when the ac...
Voicetap In The Process Of Raising $7 Million; Education Via Mobiles To Get
2012-05-29 11:25:00
Voicetap, a New-Delhi based company is in active talks to raise US$ 7 Million in its second round of funding. The 3 year old technology startup is focused on offering Education centric Value Added Services (VAS) to telecom operators. The multi-country funding campaign will have Venture Capital funding from Singapore, US & India. So far the company has already managed to raise US$ 1 Million from CCube Angles (Singapore), Frontline Strategy & Angle Investor Umesh Kumar Baveja. What does Voicetap do? In our earlier review of the company, Voicetap was aiming to be a collaborative effort platform for information seekers to get the same from others who are proficient in the matters. While it started of as an inbound-calls only helpline, it soon spread on as SMS & internet based service too. In simpler words, the company offers a platform to connect the people who are seeking relevant information to people who are knowledgeable. With a US$ 0.75 Million seed funding from a Sing...
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Docomo Woos Customers With VAS Activation Via Twitter
2012-05-29 11:02:00
One of the main reasons for the resonating success of Tata Docomo was due to its competitive pricing and customer service across various social media platforms. Featuring itself high up in the NM Incite’s Social Media Brand Equity Ranking, it has offered a plethora of Value Added Services (VAS) to entice the customers. Now, it has come up with yet another innovation, this time catering to its Twitter audience.   Tata Docomo has introduced a new Twitter application, ‘Twittcom’, for its pre-paid customers, which allows them to recharge and activate a Value Added Service or Application through Twitter. This unique initiative hopes to ease the customers in getting VAS on their phones. For using this service Tata Docomo users have to: Mention @tatadocomo in their tweet, followed by #reg <Mobile Number>. Thereafter, they would get a pin on their mobile phones through an SMS. The next step is to mention @tatadocomo in their tweet once again, along with #code &l...
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India’s Online Travel Market Has Its Success Rooted In Offering A Complet
2012-05-29 09:02:00
Though Expedia has made a late entry into India’s Online Travel scene, the company has set an ambitious target to capture a large market share, reveals the company’s CEO Dan Lynn. The company has confidence that owing to its various country-specific endeavors it can confidently grab a larger chunk in a shorter amount of time. At present, India’s online Travel industry is worth about US$ 22 Billion (Rs. 1,13,000 Crores). How does the company intend to do so? Expedia has a pretty strong network of hotels, airlines & activity providers. It currently boasts of a global hotel inventory reaching 1,50,000 & around 5000 holiday activity providers. With alliance of over 400 flight operators, Expedia has a clear advantage to offer a highly customized travel package. Recently Yahoo! added a new recommendation engine for last-minute travel planning. Additionally, TripAdvisor already has similar planning tool. However, the CEO is quick to point out offerings from Expedia like ...
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Are Women Really Holding The Reins When It Comes To Pinterest?
2012-05-29 07:10:00
It’s becoming increasingly obvious that Pinterest is the shiny new toy in the social media world and everybody is queuing up to have a play.  The statistics currently floating around about Pinterest are simply astounding. Consider, for instance, the 110 million unique visitors the website has had since its inception just 2 years ago. Or the 1.36 million approximate registered users that use the website daily. Or even the fact that each user spends 12 – 14 minutes on the website compared to 7 minutes on Tumblr and 5 minutes on Flickr. And all these numbers seem to only be getting stronger. But the question is, who exactly are all these zealous pinners? One important statistic doing the rounds is that a grand majority of Pinterest users are women, according to Google Ad Planner, a stunning 72%. Though there have been many discussions trying to understand whether Pinterest is primarily a woman’s world and men are just occasional visitors, the stats make it pretty clear that ...
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Facebook Is Supposedly Building Its Own Smartphone; Another Rumor?
2012-05-28 16:03:00
There is some serious buzz about Facebook developing its own smartphone and this time it comes from The New York Times. The rumors about Facebook’s phone have broken out before too. Though HTC came up with dedicated Facebook phones, they were not truly Facebook phones and most of us thought that Facebook will probably never build its own smartphone. There were so many reasons and arguments against it. iOS and Android have a very strong footing in the smartphone segment. It would indeed be troublesome to displace biggies like Apple, Google, Nokia and their respective platforms. In the light of its IPO, things seem to be changing. Facebook has recently hired over a dozen ex-Apple employees who worked directly on the iPhone and the iPad hardware. This approach is mostly hardware driven and there is no word yet on the software platform. Check out this excerpt from the article: “One engineer who formerly worked at Apple and worked on the iPhone said he had met with Mark Zuckerberg, ...
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New App Could Use Palms To Authentic iPad Users
2012-05-28 14:19:00
A student named Napa Sae-Bae at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University (NYU) is developing an app that will check for unique palm movement to authentic the owner of the iPad. A PhD student, Napa has already developed a couple of apps that use innovative tricks like rotating an open palm and opening a closed fist, in order to verify their identity. Though iPads will not have proper finger-print recognition technologies anytime soon, Napa’s apps leverage the unique patterns we exhibit while operating our devices to use as verification tools. Locking & unlocking our devices is perhaps the most regularly performed activities that a user does. Hence companies routinely attempt to make this mundane activity either fun to carry out or at least reduce the procedure while maintaining high level of security. While raising the standards of the vulnerable operating systems & browsers is one thing, improving such user-level security is vital to ensure that the device is us...
Airtel Aims To Increase Revenue By Advertising Via It’s Existent Technolo
2012-05-28 13:34:00
Using its pre-existing technology, Airtel has now decided to offer advertising solutions. How does Airtel plan to execute? Bharti Airtel already owns the largest subscriber base in India. Hence, it has a huge potential audience for advertisers. Furthermore it also owns a plethora of services like Broadband, Digital TV etc. These services have what is known as ‘Touch Points’. These are essentially pushed messages. Airtel can easily delivery advertising messages embedded in these messages. Some of the common touch points are ‘End of call notifications’, ‘Recharge notifications’ and ‘Digital TV guides’. Given the huge mobile population in India, companies are now increasingly shifting focus towards various mediums of advertising. How does Airtel differ?  Airtel’s media management service aims to offer a comprehensive package including inventory management, campaign management, reporting and analytics. K Srinivas, President, Consumer Business, Bharti Airtel adds that...
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Anonymous Continues DDOS Attacks & Calls For Nationwide Protest On June
2012-05-28 10:05:00
The latest in the series of DDOS attacks that Anonymous India has been carrying out, is the attack on BJP websites. The earlier targets were AICC, Supreme Court Websites, Copyright Labs and RCOM. The group also hacked RCOM’s Internet service which resulted in people who were using the service to be redirected to Anonymous’ Posterous Page. The hacktivist collective is also calling for a widespread nationwide protest against web censorship on June 9th. Anonymous has attacked Government websites in the past but this time they seem to be very serious about protesting against the path that the Indian Government is taking to limit the Internet freedom of its citizens. The whole issue started when a ‘John Doe’ order was passed by Madras High Court to block file-sharing and select video-streaming platforms like Vimeo is actually a haven for Independent filmmakers and is very important in the Indie Film ecosystem. Anonymous have claimed that this pre-emptive blocking was ...
Exclusive Sports Equipment Portal Launched
2012-05-28 09:34:00
Indian Tennis player Mahesh Bhupati, along with Vishal Gupta and G Chandra Sekhar Reddy have launched an online venture of their Live Sports 365 company; What’s Unique? Though many online shops offer sports equipment, it is a part of a much larger sphere of merchandise that can be sold online.  This website is meant exclusively for people looking to buy specific brands and types of sports & fitness related equipment. The added feature of ‘Live Chat’ is sure to redefine shopping experience. Additionally, the website will also house a panel of experts to offer advice & guide the customers on the right equipment to buy.  The owners have also started social media campaigns to ensure that the company gets the needed exposure. With reputed brands like Yonex, Head, Wilson, Babolat, Puma, Adidas etc, seems to have begun well. The website currently claims to offer over 8000 sports & fitness related products. Though a novelty, the site wil...
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