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Zero - The Suspense Thriller Novel

Zero - The Suspense Thriller Novel
The suspense thriller Novel written by Sunil Doiphode and published by Shivam Prakashan Pune
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Ch-64: Dr. Dr. Kayum Khan ( Online Novel - Zero )
2008-04-04 06:53:00
Command2 alias Vinay was roaming in the area as usual to search his Boss. He used to search him in this area almost daily. He used to take care that Boss should not recognize him. He had completed almost hundred visits in this area, but still with hope and not ready to leave the efforts. Persistence was one of his qualities therefore he was still stuck up with the organization. Today evening he
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Ch-63: Record Details ( Online Novel - Zero )
2008-04-03 06:23:00
Sam and John sat in front of the computer. A software was running on the computer, using which they were tallying the fingerprints they had with the huge number of criminal fingerprints stored in the database. The database contained millions of criminal fingerprints. To match the fingerprints with each and every fingerprint was difficult task unless they had a computer and a special software to
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Ch-62: A blossomed creeper ( Online Novel - Zero )
2008-04-02 06:36:00
To the right side of the bungalow a creeper was blossomed with scented white flowers. The creeper was climbed up to the terrace taking the support of wall, window and the pipe running upwards. John looked at the creeper right from the bottom to the top in the flashlight of the torch. The creeper was crowded with bunches of flowers. Then he observed it from top to bottom. At the bottom of the
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Ch-61: Inside the compound. ( Online Novel - Zero )
2008-04-01 06:40:00
Holding the bleeding hand with the other, John got up. It was bleeding badly so he removed kerchief from his pocket and wrapped the wound with it tightly. He went to the main door of the Bungalow, holding the paining hand carefully. It was also locked and sealed with the police department seal. He ventured around to check out the possibilities to get into the bungalow. To get in seemed to be
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Ch-60: Late in the night ( Online Novel - Zero )
2008-03-31 07:02:00
It was 2.30 in the night. John was driving fast his car through the eerie silence of the city. Still the riots were going on, therefore the roads in the city used to go silent quite early. And now, since it was 2.30 am the road was totally empty. As John was driving his vehicle, he heard police siren from behind. He looked into the mirror. A police vehicle was following him. Shall I stop the
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Ch-59B: Aryabhatta ( Online Novel - Zero )
2008-03-27 06:05:00
Though it is little difficult to tell who is the founder of Indian mathematics and Astronomy, Indian vedas contains the whole information about it. Many Rishis had developed calendar rules, the various ways and methods to give the information about eclipses, new moon night, and to decide the suitable time for various activities. With the passing time Rishis developed Paitamah theorem, Vaishistha
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Ch-59A: Aryabhatta ( Online Novel - Zero )
2008-03-26 05:20:00
Command2 was watching TV sitting relaxed in the easy chair. But mentally he was somewhere else. He was prompt in completing all the jobs delegated to him by the Boss. Boss was also happy with him. The important thing was, Boss did not suspected him about Command1’s murder. In between he was switching among the news channels, just as a fun. He was enjoying the news of riots, arsons, and baton
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Ch-58: Memories ( Online Novel - Zero )
2008-03-25 05:48:00
It was 1’ O’Clock in the night. Almost since 3-4 days John locked himself in the house. As if he lost track of the time and passing days. But today he got to his senses not because of passed time but because of his exhausted whisky stock. As he got to his senses his all sensations became alive. He recalled his all moments spent with Anjeni... Artificial respiration given to her by him and as if
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Ch-57: Tit for tat ( Online Novel - Zero )
2008-03-24 05:32:00
It was a dark at night. Dan opened his front door slightly to peak outside. It was dark all around. Slowly he slipped out, again looked around to make sure than no one is watching him. As he was sure he came out of his compound. On road he looked around, the road was empty. He walked some distance and turned right. He was walking fast in the dark. As his walking speed increased, his thought wheel
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Ch-56: Last victim ( Online Novel - Zero )
2008-03-19 05:10:00
John pushed the flat door with his heart pounding badly. Door opened as it was not latched from inside. As John saw the scene inside, he started trembling. His heart was beating so fast that for a while he thought it is going to stop. In front of him was his dearest Anjeni lying in the pool of blood. And on the wall was a big zero drawn with her blood. John went to her. He felt his legs weakening
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Ch-55: Last message ( Online Novel - Zero )
2008-03-18 06:36:00
Police vehicle, making irritating siren sound, stopped in front of the apartment. John and Sam quickly got down. John was somewhat relieved to see that still press had not reached the scene. As they got down, almost they ran to the elevator. Finding both elevators busy, John pressed the button repetitively and kicked the closed door of the elevator with frustration. This time too the murder was
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Ch-54: Hillview Appartment ( Online Novel - Zero )
2008-03-17 06:15:00
While coming out of the corporation office John and Sam were obstructed by the crowd and the office boys moving around carrying office files. As they reached the open space in front of the office they felt better. “ How will we proceed now?” Sam asked while walking with him. That way Sam was officially in charge of the case, still he was aware of the capabilities of his ex-boss. “ I think we
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Ch-53: Y star (Novel-Zero)
2008-03-13 05:14:00
John and Sam were in corporation office. John opened the map roll in his hand on the table in front of one of the corporation officer. It was a city map on which were made five red marks and a circle was drawn through those marks. “Mr. Peterson we are in need of the list of the residents names living in this area and whose names start with ‘Y’” John said indicating towards the fifth red mark. “In
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Ch-52: Brahma is Complete in itself (Novel-Zero)
2008-03-12 04:25:00
The rishi meditating in the cave at the base of one of the Himalayas valleys suddenly startled awake. His eyes were red and a triumph smile on his face. Slowly his eyes again got closed. Again becoming ignorant from the atmosphere around, ignorant from the era, the place and his body his consciousness started traveling freely. In the jungle, near the hut three residents were discussing
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Ch-51: Arson (Novel-Zero)
2008-03-11 04:29:00
Boss and other Police were standing in front of the TV and were watching the news of the riots spread all over America. Phone was ringing in between, which was duly attended by the lady police staff sitting near the phone. Boss switched the news channel, to find the news of the same thing. Every news channels were over flooded with the news regarding the riots going on all over America.
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Ch-50B: Audio (Novel-Zero)
2008-03-10 05:31:00
'' My Indian brothers and sisters'' There was a long pause in between. All assembled at boardroom looked at each other quizzically. The voice in the audio again echoed- “Someway or the other somebody or the other had been ruling us since long, as if we are been accustomed to the habit of getting ruled. Prior to this 150 years British ruled us ... They treated us very badly like an animals....
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Ch-50A: Audio (Novel-Zero)
2008-03-07 05:59:00
John, Sam and other police officers were discussing about how to catch the killer. John initially encouraged each of them to talk about their ideas. And then considering all ideal found a mid, which he took for discussion. Everybody was given an equal chance in the discussion. This way of discussion was new to everybody, as Boss’s way was totally different. His meetings used to be the dictator’s
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Ch-49C: Meeting (Novel-Zero)
2008-03-06 05:24:00
John briefed everybody with the invention of zero and the concerned history. “ And the secrete of these murders lie in this zero... in the Indian ancient literature the zero is been mentioned everywhere as ‘Shunya’” John took a deep breath and continued, “ The first victim was Sani... whose name starts with letter ‘S’.. the second victim was Huyana, whose name starts with letter ‘H’ . Third
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Ch-49B: Meeting (Novel-Zero)
2008-03-05 05:43:00
... In the history of the world the invention of zero is very important. It had given the mathematics completeness. Zero is important as not only as a mere number but as a concept too. Today also there are so many problems in the science which could not have been solved without the invention of zero and in turn with the invention of infinity. There can be a debate on the issue of who invented
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Ch-49A: Meeting (Novel-Zero)
2008-03-04 05:36:00
In the board room Boss, Sam, Dan and other police officers were assembled. John was heading the meeting. Everybody except Boss were eager to hear what he has to say. “The killer is a serial killer ... about this I don’t think anybody would have any doubt” John started glancing over the officers sat before him. “ I think you better directly come to the point” Impatiently Boss said. John did not
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Ch-48: call the meeting (Novel-Zero)
2008-03-03 05:27:00
Sam sat across his boss and was briefing him about the case. Boss had handed over the complete charge of John to him. As usual Boss sat relaxed in the chair, taking cigar puffs and listening to him. A peon came in and placed a slip in front of boss, “ Sir, John sir had come” “ John sir” Boss said sarcastically, giving unusual weight on the word ‘Sir’ Boss opened the slip, ‘ Needs to talk to you
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Ch-47: Yess! (Novel-Zero)
2008-03-01 07:34:00
Anjeni came out of the kitchen with two coffee cups in her both hands. John was still busy with computer. She kept one cup in front of him, talking care that he should not be disturbed. “ Getting something? ” She asked, taking a swig from her cup. She talked with two intentions, one to make aware John that his coffee cup is kept in front of him and second really to know whether he had found
Ch-46: Google Search (Novel-Zero)
2008-02-29 05:25:00
John sat in front of Anjeni with disappointed, gloom face. “ Bloody Boss... He backstabbed me” John angrily banged his tight fist on the table . Anjeni got up and went to him, caressed him, running her figures though his hairs. “Before surrendering the gun I was tempted to shoot all the bullets in his temple” John raged. Anjeni retracted her hand from his head, went in front of him, “ Look
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Ch-45: I am sorry (Novel-Zero)
2008-02-28 05:13:00
As Boss escaped from the reporter’s mob, he went straight to his cabin, John also came out of the crowd, avoiding the reporters and followed his boss. How can Boss do this with me?.. Last time also Boss declared everything to the press, without my any role or consent as such,... In fact he sent me on the vacation nearly forcefully... John was very upset and angry with his Boss. Every time
Ch-44: One shot two victims (Novel-Zero)
2008-02-27 05:48:00
As Boss and John went before the press they rushed towards them. Camera lights where flashing on their faces like lightening. The police made a circle holding each other’s hand to control the crowd. Still behind them it was totally mess. “ Quiet please” Boss’s stern voice echoed. The crowd became silent; still some were struggling to come forward. Boss took a confident and stern stance, looked
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Ch-43: Again press conference (Novel-Zero)
2008-02-26 05:42:00
John and his boss sat in the cabin facing each other, with nobody else in the cabin, only two of them. For quite a long moment there was an unnatural silence between them. " We have got Alex’s postmortem report too" John broke the silence, turned over some pages in the file he possessed. John’s boss was seated relax in his chair, taking puffs of cigar in his hand. " There is no reason of death as
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Ch-36 : Proposal (Novel-Zero)
2008-02-18 04:23:00
Anjeni still sat alone at the dinning table. By this time candles were stubbed out, leaving just the wax, spread out around on the table. The condition of her heart was somewhat similar, frozen after waiting so long for him. The dinner kept on the table was as it was, untouched. As she felt exhausted, she got up from the chair. Suddenly the wall piece rang, twelve strokes, as if it was the sound
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Ch-35 : Four hours (Novel-Zero)
2008-02-16 07:01:00
Now it was night. Both prepared the dinner and arranged all dishes on the dinning table. John lighted the candles, making dark in the room. Both sat across, fondly staring at each other, in the dim light of the candles. The dinner dishes were still untouched, as they never felt like hungry. Their hunger thrust was gone. Suddenly she realized that again Johns face was gloomed with worry and he was
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Ch-34B : Fishing (Novel-Zero)
2008-02-15 04:22:00
For a while both were quit. Jonh broke the silence “ Now I ask you a puzzle” Anjeni approved with her eyes. “ Number zero appreciated number eight. What it would be?” John asked. Zero.. As John mentioned about zero, Anjeni’s face became gloomy. Cheers and naughtiness were disappeared of her face. John realized, he should not have mentioned about zero. “ I am sorry..” he patted on her back. She
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Ch-34A : Fishing (Novel-Zero)
2008-02-14 04:26:00
On both side of the flowing water there were groups of cottages nestled at the bottom of the hills in the background. Up above in the sky there were white clouds, as if playing with the tips of the hills. The environment around was filled with the melodic music of the flowing water, supported by the sweet chirping voices of the birds hidden in the green tall trees around. John and Anjeni sat on
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