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twisted thoughts within my four brick walls
lurk into twisted dreams and melancholy thru the eyes of a poet, artist and soul traveller..
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moody monday: colorful
2009-05-12 12:03:00
who would blame me for loving the color blue?took this photo last month in one of the hidden gems of subic. club morocco.tho this gem needs a little polishing and the management is clearly doing something about it. if you've been there, you wouldnt mind seeing those ships and cargos parked by the distance as long as you stay in the pool.alas! it would have been lovelier if i spent the sunset strolling by the beach with you*.* ---note: long awaited entry for moody monday
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the long wait..
2009-04-18 17:10:00
?Wait ing is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worse kind of suffering.? - Paulo Coelhoto those who kept on returning and checking on this blog, thank you.i have been in hiatus for months but it doesn't mean i have forgotten this place. it doesn't mean that i will stop painting, drawing, taking photos and writing poems. some of these were indeed placed on hold for a while, while i wait for time to stop. sometimes i wish to hold time and wish a day to never end. sometimes i wish time could move fast forward to that day, that day which i wish to not end. but these only happens in dreams and some dreams seemed reality. while reality sometimes seemsto be dreams.since the time i have gone, i've been to places where i wish to never leave. and soon as i got back i look back and my memories feel like everything was just a dream. my only proof for myself are the photos i have taken, and the memories that kept on running over and over in my head. i do not f...
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2008-10-23 12:37:00
my past 2 weeks were extremely busy and the next week ahead is most likely as equal or even greater. im not sure when i will have free time so this is a post to let you know (and i thought i'll never say this..) i'll be on hiatus for a while.. i'll try my best to reply and visit your blogs but i apologize in advance if i wont be able to after this day.. i shall miss illo friday and all my online friends. you will be on my thoughts i leave you all with an old poem i wrote and a photo i took while traveling to southern manila..Don't Close Your Eyes as i hear the -leaves crash to the windwalls of echoespaint my deserted roomthe linen adriftflying floatingas cold whisperswrap my whole beingas i close my -eyes in deep longingi float more lighteralmost liquefyingswimming to that shadowto drink the poisonof its undying spelldrowning my head in compassionas i feel the -whole world spinningcatch the waves tightly holdingtake me to the other sidecarry me.. carry me..and le...
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String: Blog Action Day 2008
2008-10-14 18:00:00
Today marks the day of a special event in the history of the blogworld. The purpose of Blog Action Day is to create a discussion. Bloggers are asked to take a single day out of their schedule and focus it on an important issue. Last year's topic was The Environment. This year we focus on the mammoth issue of global Poverty.Growing up, we were taught that we live in a third world country. And there are limits to what we can do and what we can get. I've always been a big dreamer when I was young and I always wanted to prove the grown ups wrong that we can only do as much. I also used to be a strong believer with the statement Kung hindi ka kikilos ngayon, kelan pa? ("If you won't act now, then when?")Here are the facts:The map of the world with classifications:First (blue), Second (red), and the Third World (green) countries during the Cold War era. Does not necessarily represent a current world view.But according to the list of third world countries, the Philippines is not include...
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illo friday: strings
2008-10-10 12:48:00
and im floating with strings of thoughts and dreams..back in 2004.. when i first started blogging.. here's one of the thoughts i randomly scribbled down.. half awake half intoxicated.. consumed in escaping and dreaming.."I have a bad hobby. And its driving me nuts. When I do it, I think about impossible possibilities miles away beyond my reach. This is a sin and im not ashamed to look practically pathetic and plainly stupid. Im tired of writing sexual fantasies and sending them to the person most important to me. not because I wouldn?t like any in reality, but because the more I think about it, the more I desperately want to search for him. My bad hobby brought me to the end of my rope to leap into the shallowness of my mind. And without strings attached I jumped in and dove in deeper. Without thinking. Just feeling. Forcing myself further, with no assurance of my return. This bad hobby, as may be unsounded to others, brings me to satisfaction, intellectually, spiritually; and givi...
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amazing friendships and love
2008-10-09 07:00:00
here are more sugary sweetness for this week! below are two awards i received last week and i know its past my bedtime but i decided i cant let this day pass without updating this post.. not for one more day.. from the sweet and very creative yoon see~ see the other amazing logos at her blogandfrom the amazing and adorable bella sinclairand since this award should be passed on, i give this to seven friends who have been so sweet and amazing through these years..1 - aravis ~ i so wanted to give her an award for "i love your art blog" last time but she was more on a novelist for me.. well that she writes about her life is simply amazing and her supportive and encouraging words to people are simply something that i love about her.2 - angela ~ not only did art paved the way for us to cross paths, but so did youtube and myspace! (ha!) angela is very sweet and talented and she inspires me with her inner strength and beauty!3 - floots ~ one of my oldest blog friends from way back when.. an...
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illo friday: sugary
2008-10-07 12:37:00
and of course what other place in the world would best suit a sugary sweet memory but in lovely Paris?and this second attempt on watercolor is for my one and only.. my ambres! happy moogie monthsary honey!and above is the sugar-coated watercolor painting.. filled with cotton candy chewiness..(well, ok ok its just enhanced thru picasa.. hehe)----sugary sweet paris5" x 8" (orig.)watercolorparis.. sweet as cotton candy5" x 8" (orig.)watercolor, enhanced thru picasa
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illo friday: packed
2008-09-29 13:21:00
to avoid a jam-packed holiday vacation.... go in November!i actually find this painting funny! this is my first attempt in watercolor, ha! isay knows this.. and you may find familiar landmarks here..hehe.. although its a mix of different beaches in the Philippines.. nonetheless let me give travelers out there a tip. if you want some peace and quiet on your vacation, go here during the lean season. some locations classify them during June to December 15 and peak seasons are Dec.16 to summer. (this part of the world tho, our summer is April and May). prices are cheaper.. hotel+airfare. can you imagine i was able to see a flight to somewhere in the south (i wont tell yet) from manila, which costs only about 1,600 per person!? to convert, 34 euros or $37 USD. And this is two-way! and some may say.. "that's peanuts!" lol..sorry moogie.. *.* i just had to tell!, can anyone guess where this is?----my dream vacation5" x 8" (orig.)watercolor + liquid paper
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i love your art blog awards
2008-09-23 21:39:00
so with the season of giving just lurking around the corner.. which also reminds me of my pending post cards and atc's that i should send out through snail mail.. i really hope the recipients are not pissed off already. i want to apologize and tell you that you are always on my mind.. i just didnt realize how difficult it is to find a place to print them all..and as for the atc's tho, only one person will get the few that i have done so far, and he is gonna get it himself! hehe.. *.*so while i am still on the hunt for a great quality printing shop, let me give out a badge award to those bloggers i love to visit and have even built friendships with.. despite being across oceans and time.isayalina chauascenderrisesabovebella sinclairbluerosecesginger*:)*indigeneoran gefrute88soulbrushstudio lolovalgal artwillie baronetyoon seezariand of course, to penelope who started illustration friday and illoluv who introduced the group to me!to grab this award badge, copy and paste the following...
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Illo Friday: Clique
2008-09-23 07:28:00
ring around the rosies820 x 620 (orig.)MS Painti remember when i used to play with the kids on our block.. how we play for hours after school, on weekends and whenever classes are suspended.. it doesn't matter if it rains or not. one of my favorite game was patintero (a traditional game where one team will all be "it" and would only step on the lines on our street while the other team should run fast and pass all the "its" and reach from one side to the other without being tagged by the "its").we also used to play ring around the rosies, chinese garters and pretend restaurants or "house" (bahay-bahayan). in this game, we act like grown ups where our "food" are actually just leaves and twigs and stones.. somebody will play as a mom, a dad and the kids. i almost always wanted to be the mom because i used to be fond of collecting plastic utensils and plates and pack them all in a big box. thus the toys are mine so i wanted to be the one to take care of them.then i reached 10 and being...
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Moody Monday + Photo Friday
2008-09-19 16:58:00
last week's photo friday's topic was "relationship"this week's photo friday is "the extraordinary"this moody monday's topic is "love"so let me sum up these three themes into extraordinary love and relationship..growing up romanticized with classic novels and literature.. it has been a dream for me to fall inlove in Paris - one of the most romantic places in the world if not the most. and i.. living on the other side of the world.. who would expect it something like this would come true?about 3 and a half years ago, two wandering souls unexpectedly met and floated in the clouds of Paris.. despite the distance, they were inseparable since.. seven months ago i was awed by this photo and thus added it as a fave on flickr.. in a few hours the inspiration materialized thru my hands as i drew this..weeks after that we found ourselves in the exact same spot..unplanned.but now.. would you believe that dreams can come true?yes they do. if you hold on to it.. and tak...
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calling all paintaholics!
2008-09-16 09:02:00
there is a new art challenge for all those who love to paint! Different Strokes from Different Folksthe rules are simple. one photograph will be posted every Wednesday and the goal is to paint or draw the scene, or etch it your way.. but sorry - no digital interpretations. so as for me, i should buy a new set of painting stuff then.oh well, this is only their second week so let's give it a shot! here's this week's topic: Rehoboth Beach Landscape. here's my entry..and of course i cant resist to make a digital version. here's the style i've been working on in the last 2 weeks..i know! this is nothing compared to the entries there! well they are welcome to all artists who would like to join!and so i recommend that everyone should see it! and for those who loves to paint regardless of being a pro or not, you can check out their blog and try it!-----(1) rehoboth beach landscape challenge, 2.5" x 4" (inches)green gel pen on paper (2) rehoboth beach digital, 970 x 720 pixelsgreen gel...
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illo friday: island
2008-09-15 03:09:00
netherlands is made up of man-made islands ?610 x 840 pixelsdrawn on a 6 x 9 cm. paperedited thru picasa, colors thru ms paintHe *.* mentioned to me before that there were plans in the netherlands to create a tulip-shaped island off the coast of a certain city that is visible from the i need to verify this information coz i cant find it anywhere on the net (handicapped by my poor searching skills) plus my dsl connection was down (again!) earlier. he also mentioned something about a cannabis-shaped island! imagine how it would look like.. a weed leaf shaped island! gee what a trademark! and i used to correct people that they should not immediately associate holland with weed. lol..
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saying goodbye to outdated links
2008-09-12 08:26:00
i have been trying to change my template for days and i know i have links (esp on my blogroll) which dates back to 2004, when i first started blogging. gee! its been what? 4 years already!unfortunately not all my friends since then are still active in the cyberworld. or then again, have already changed much as i want to keep them on my list (maybe they decide to put their sites back) i have too much going on at my sidebars that i need to lessen the activity. aside from that, i have this pop up thingy that i cant seem to remove lol. its adbrite's fault. oh well i havent opened my account there in ages! so thats another thing to add to my "to do list".but here goes the links that i shall remove from my sidebar. the minimum time frame for me to classify them as outdated is if they havent touched their blogs/sites for 6 months or more.::Directories::Pinoy Top 100(additional dead directories are still being reviewed):: Literature ::A Warrior's TaleSilkVeracity.:A:..:A:.(2...
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illo friday: clutter
2008-09-09 12:31:00
in between my cluttered life and daydreaming.. i have you *.*in my room980 x 760 pixelsdrawn on a 6 x 9 cm. paperedited thru picasa, colors thru ms paintIn Your Room - DevicsIn my room did you careI never knew anyone who stared at meQuite like the way your staring at me nowAnd if all these empty words you speakCould change the boy who's at your feetI think you need not look farther than your armsCause I'll never changeAnd you'll stay the sameAnd I'll never changeIf I could change the boy at my feetTo a man who didn't have to speakI wouldn't have to use my arms to measureSomething about the room that dayAnd how I knew I'd go awayNow all I can do is stare at youAnd think what I'm about to doCause I'll never changeAnd you'll stay the sameAnd I'll never changeI stared at the light too longAnd I did everything to keep from fallingWhen all is said and doneDo you think it was worth itPatterns move across the floorAnd it just doesn't feel the same I'm sorryWhen all is said and ...
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memories of rotterdam maart 18, 2008
2008-08-31 16:23:00
i was there with the perfect boy..het was mooi.. The Cure4 tourMarch 18, 2008 , tuesdayAhoy, Rotterdam , The Netherlands(so what happened last march 18? this post will be updated in a while.. please visit again)
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illo friday: memories
2008-08-29 15:00:00
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illo friday: routine
2008-08-26 08:59:00
my routine soon as i wake up..then my routine after that..need i say more? lol..oh except that i was so busy with my routines i forgot to post sooner that it was my birthday and i am giving virtual ice creams for all!-----(1) routine at home, 6 x 9 cm.crayons and red gel pen on paper additional colors added thru picasa(2) routine at work, 6 x 9 gel pen on paper colors added thru picasafor
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Birthday Icecream for All!!!
2008-08-24 03:43:00
i guess im still old fashioned coz i like to be surprised on my birthday with a party, with cakes and ice cream, and balloons(?) ha! but i wouldnt have guessed that the longest birthday and most surprises i'll have is on my 28th!it started last saturday when some of my colleagues and friends went to my house unexpectedly and drank our heart outs while watching some DVDs.then i wished for more time to rest and poof! a long weekend came to me for the first 2 working days of the week was a holiday and we had no work. wednesday, a typhoon came and classes were suspended. and in the tropical country where i live, a rainy afternoon is the perfect climate to make the most insomniac of insomniacs sleep soundly. imagine the buzzing of constant wind and water showering your roof silencing the noisy neighbors as its the perfect ingredient for immunity to their sound.. plus add the cold shivers that disintegrates the hot weather, blocking the sun's hot rays to pierce your window curtains. wha...
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illo friday: detach
2008-08-18 00:22:00
Be content with what you have, rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you. ~Lao Tzudetached from bloom2.5" x 3.5"crayons and gel pen on i wish it were that simple. if only i can detach myself from this busy busy life. all i ever want is to live simple and simply live.. with you *.*this ATC is for my honey.. hope you get well soon..
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illo friday: sail
2008-08-10 02:25:00
sailing with flower clouds2.5" x 3.5"crayons on paperLegend of Woeswandering sparks...slow wind carried them awaythru drops and showersthe sun sadly lainwas it envyof the lucid mirrorthat it had cast away?a drenched down   slipping sledge;calling unto the windas small waves reverberateto traverse their malignant stateas they slide to a stagnant eralost and forgottenthru the journey of folded pagescovered by the crisp scentof misplaced woesand their gaunt desire --     nothing but one     nothing but sailing as one.will they ever be together?connected but with a string    of unceasing dreamswoven between miles apart...forever in the horizonan imminent promisea silver lining with countless knotsalmost owning the starry sky    almost reaching      almost touching    but remained coveredthriving with flourished cloudsand they whispera yearning -carried by the floating ...
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Photo Friday: Rough...
2008-08-08 08:07:00
There is no rough road that can stop us.Mover and ShakerHe walked a journey that flattened the landswith a frivolous continuality    and an upending stance --    Let me paint you from within    and fill the drifting shapes of empty dreams    A reddening twilight that touched the sea    in shades where blackbirds wake the dawnHe swept aside a thousand pathways there'til darkness in dusk were all goneStaring to the radiance of what's to comeHe sank into the clouds, he then floatStill into the echoes he sailed the windErasing all doubts and soulless criesMadness aflamed began to fly awayHe brought rest to give strength to rise.-----note: sorry if this is a repost from an old entry for a defunct b&w challenge group.. i havent written any poems in a while.. and this one that i wrote more than two years ago just brings back memories..
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Moody Monday: Schadenfreude
2008-08-04 08:30:00
Last march i went to The Netherlands. for those who have been reading here for a while, remember my first post about the birds in franeker? [read here..] i planned on writing about my whole trip. and this is my second entry.thuesday, march 25, 2008, paris.due to my short vacation, we can only go to one country outside Holland. and since it has always been a dream for me to see Paris, we booked for a trip to go there. it was not a last minute decision, but unfortunately, we ran out of seats for a train, and even for a plane. but a few days before my big flight, luck sided with as, for we were fortunate to have booked a bus tour despite the easter holiday. yes! we forgot.. it was easter! riding a bus was his last resort, well next to a long drive, but i told him its perfectly fine. at least we had a tour guide. although on the whole trip, the tour guide was speaking only in dutch. so being the only asian in the bus, who can only speak 2 languages, poor moogie, he had to translate ever...
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illo friday: canned
2008-07-29 13:46:00
and yes, of course! who else to inspire and influence a canned art, but Andy Warhol.. lol!insomniac in a can290 x 460MS Painti never went to art school. my folks cant afford it then and always say there is no money in art. but i always loved art ever since i was a little girl. i drew on walls, notebooks, tables at school.. ha! but i never have kept a sketch book. today i saw a post by racheal and this made me think twice of not having one. my job is not related to art in any way, but i sure need an escape sometimes and drawing and painting has always been my frustration. now should i consider myself a canned frustrated artist? lol..
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illo friday: enough
2008-07-20 16:43:00
one moogie wish is never enough... "always keep that moogie smile"and let me just get rid this song out of my head (lol)..Never Enough - The CureHowever much I push it downIt's never enoughHowever much I push it aroundIt's never enoughHowever much I make it outIt's never enoughNever enoughHowever much I doHowever big I ever feelIt's never enoughWhatever I do to make it realIt's never enoughIn any way I try to speakIt's never enoughNever enoughHowever much I try to speakIt's never enoughHowever much I'm falling downIt's never enoughHowever much I'm falling outIt's never enoughWhatever smile I smile the mostIt's never enoughNever enoughHowever I smileI smile the mostSo let me hold it upJust one more goHolding it up for just once moreOne more time to fill it upOne more time to killBut whatever I doIt's never enoughIt's never enoughIt's never enough-----note: i made this doodle while waiting in a hospital lobby.. listening to my ipod and coincidentally writing down the ly...
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moody monday: sleepless
2008-07-07 06:07:00
moogie month-day seventh.."All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them." - Walt Disney and yes, once again my insomnia attacks on a monday afternoon. i have work tonight so i must sleep, but i just can't.. i lay in bed and i can't clear my head of the memories of Paris..i (we) have been daydreaming of going there for years, and finally, last march, it came true! so for everyone out there, remember.. always dream! and hold on to those dreams, for you can't do it, unless you imagine it.have a great week everyone..especially to my moogie *.*pub-7079080684070653
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photo frames experiment
2008-07-06 02:45:00
i know i have skipped illo friday last week and i think i would be skipping this week as well. let's see with the coming days..well, the reason why is because i am busy building a blog for my officemates where we can all upload photos, thoughts and announcements in one location. i'm not even half way done but i promised them i would only do this on my free time..i made 19 cute little photo frames that are customized for each of my colleague. but, what the heck! let me just share it to all. pink hearts | pink make-up | red lipstick | butterfly & daisies patrick pin | lavander stars | moogie moon | guitar on blue green abstract | fairy & flowers | weed camo | black swirls blue tiles | blue clouds | flying balloon | blue stars (mine) brown girls | bunch o'smileys | double piano my fave is the blue stars. i will be using that for my the image and it will open in a new tab. feel free to grab anything you like. don't forget to tell me what you think! like what do...
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in memory of a friend
2008-07-01 08:35:00
I can't stop crying today at a loss of a dear friend. And I didn't knew sooner..Even though I met Deity from online, she is one of the few whom I trust with my non-anonymous life. And in keeping some things private, let's just say, we have so much in common, and one is we both maintain a long distance relationship with a loved one. So in so many ways, I feel her pain. But I couldn't bear to imagine what she feels now especially when she heard the news about Chaos. And I, am still but at a loss for words.All I can say is, if it were me in her shoes, I can't imagine how I'd live my life.Dear friends, Please take a moment to pray for the soul of a dearly departed, a fellow blogger, poet, artist and friend... Curtis aka Chaos. And for Deity, that her wounds may heal soon..Deity, we are all here for you. I do pray that you can move on, and live the way Chaos would want you to live and love life.---note: please visit The Wandering Deity's Worlds.. Blogger | Multiplypub-707908068407...
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illo friday: hoard
2008-06-25 06:17:00
emptiness insidebehind that big maskall that he ever wantedwas to hoard her smilesbut he is just so far away...&mbsp; emptiness inside560 x 730 (orig.)MS Paintpub-7079080684070653
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illo friday: punchline
2008-06-13 16:10:00
feed me with your kiss..the velvet kiss1000 x 777 (orig.)digitally altered photo on picasapub-7079080684070653
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