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Globalwarming Awareness2007
globalwarming awareness2007 is a keyphrase used in the seo world championship.
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Funny high position of my globalwarming awareness2007 contest page
2008-02-06 21:03:00
Hmm, position 4 and 5 in the Dutch Google on globalwarming awareness2007, long after the competition has finished. Just found that out today, by coincidence. The English version of Google is showing this page on the 15th position. Not bad. Just as a reference i wanted to create this post with the proof on it ...
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Seo World Championship - sell Arks and Tornado Shelters online in 2010 on y
2007-02-12 21:11:01
As Jan of globalwarming-awareness2007.isabloodycloa ker suggests, the world’s largest SEO Contest is driven by commercial motives only. He accuses the organisation, of exploiting this contest in the future by selling Tornado Shelters online. I wonder how you buy a tornado shelter online, gues you would run into some practical issues like, is there actually a space under my house that would fit it, or, will my paypal account not exceed it limits today ? Stuff like that. Another thing that seems strange when reading his story is this: If i wanted to profit from domain age in my seo strategy for keyword globalwarming, this seo world championship sure came at the wrong time. Imagine you wanted to launch a seo campaign for “global warming” on 14th january 2007 to profit from that in a year of two by launching an online shop that will sell global warming related stuff like personal uv shields or whatever. In just one day your competition multiplies by numbers !! So the s...
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49 Technorati Backlinks on globalwarming awareness2007
2007-02-09 09:09:02
Doing well in Tech no rati, 13 blogs linked to, which will make it a more influential blog (in Technorati at least). Hopefully will reach a “100 blogs linked here” status during this competition. If i will keep posting interesting information, trackbacks will boost me to that figure.  The globalwarming awareness2007 contest carries on…
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Whitehat vs Blackhat ODDS calculator - who will win
2007-02-09 09:09:02
Press the red button to calculate the odds of which Colored-Hat SEO will win the Globalwarming Awareness2007 contest (Current the winning odds are for GREYHAT with 45 %) These are the Cards: Total Draws: 181 Total White hat Draws: 53 (29 %) Total Greyhat Draws: 82 (45 %) Total Black hat Draws: 46 (25 %)
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Technorati Mentions by Day on Globalwarming Awareness2007
2007-02-09 09:09:02
Thought it would be cool to show the graph Tech no rati is showing, containing “Globalwarming Awareness2007 Men tions by Day”. Big peak at and short after 15 january, in february only the die-hards are still posting … Expecting a big peak in the end of April
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I know exactly how many competitors are playing in the globalwarming awaren
2007-02-09 09:09:02
The organization of the SEO World Championship (Getupdated) choose to not have contestants register themselves to compete in this years largest seo contest. This means we also don’t know exactly how many people/ teams are competing. Because i needed to know i developed a script that exactly calculated the number of contestants, just press the yellow button and it will be shown:
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Falling back globalwarming awareness2007
2007-02-07 21:07:03
Big downfall for globalwarming awareness2007, now shows this website on position 29   
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MSN & Yahoo Strategy
2007-02-06 09:06:01
Just found out that the scoreboard for the globalwarming awareness2007 is working again, found myself at position 33. I am starting to worry that i will never win this contest because my MSN and Yahoo rankings are very very bad, especially in the .com versions. I do have some impressive statistics for my site which i will mention here: linkdomain yahoo: over 2500 backlinks link google: 5 backlinks link msn: over 1300 backlinks site google: over 75 entries site msn: 180 entries site yahoo: 36 entries Although these statistics look kind of good, my MSN position is currently 386 (??) and Yahoo 472 (??). To have any chance of winning, these positions must improve drastically.
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Globalwarming Awareness2007 boring monday morning post
2007-02-06 09:06:01
I currently can’t think of anything interesting to say about Global warming Awareness2007 except that it is monday and i want to place a post to keep my flow of posts going. I hope the leaderboard will soon be up and running again. Google was showing over 1.2 million results.
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Leaderbord error on globalwarming awareness2007
2007-02-04 15:04:01
The scoreboard of the seo worldchampionship (the leaderboard) is currently displaying an annoying error: no results found for the competition keyphrase. With google showing over 1 million results this is kind of hard to believe Is the organisation working on an update because of malfunction (mentioned here before) ? We would like to hear an explanation on the supporting forum.
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2007-02-03 21:02:02
This site is nowhere to be found in the SERP’s of but luckily it ranks 45 in the swedish MSN on globalwarming awareness2007. The seo contest organization bases its final choice of winners on the swedish search engines. No let’s bring it to #1 in MSN and beat mr championcheap guy
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Leaderbord doesn?t include msn & yahoo results on globalwarming awareness20
2007-02-03 09:02:01
I believe the leaderbord doesn’t update for some days now and it doesn’t include my results for yahoo and msn. Are there more people that believe so ?
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Am i being backlink spammed by a competitor ?
2007-02-03 09:02:01
Today i checked my backlink collection and a large part of my backlinks seem to be coming from shady environments, for example sites like this: I can’t figure out why my link (sometimes) turns up on this page, is this referrer - or some other kind of smart spam from a competitor who targets google top tenners ? As maintained the 5th position in for a while, could it be that a competitor decided to rule me out along with the rest of the top 10 ? Hopefully i won’t get disqualified for this …. I must report this to the organization.
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Where is this spam coming from ?
2007-02-03 09:02:01
Checked the source of this to look for my url and found the following code in it: a href=http://www.globalwarmingawareness-20 -both-google-msn-and-yahoo-with-globalwar ming-awareness2007 Winners need entries in both Google/ MSN and Yahoo with … It seems to be a shady network of sites that uses content from rss feeds to keyword stuff . What strikes me odd is the rel=nofollow, but maybe this is ignored because of the non-closing tag.
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Leaderboard doesn?t update
2007-02-01 21:00:02
Is it me or are there no changes on the leaderboard in the last couple of days ?
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demotivation - It?s hard to stay motivated in the globalwarming awareness20
2007-01-31 08:58:11
Am trying to stay motivated, but its hard, seeing myself falling in the serp results…
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The impact of regularly updating blogs on se competitions
2007-01-30 08:57:01
One question that comes to mind is how often to update your blog/ site in order to keep the bots coming, to assure they keep seeing your site as “frequently updated”. As i do most work during the week, the weekend remains as pain in the This is my post for this weekend. that’s all.
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2007-01-30 08:57:01
Unfortunately this site fell back on the leaderboard to position 36, we’ll be working hard to make it into the top 10. The good news is that we were finally indexed by MSN search, with an entry position of about 100, as i recall.
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Google breaks the million results barrier on globalwarming awareness2007
2007-01-26 14:53:02
Google currently shows 1.030.000 results when searching for the SEO World Championship keyphrase “globalwarming awareness2007″. MSN finally updated its SERP too, showing over 50.000 results. Yahoo over 500.000 ( over 300.000).  
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Difference in and results in globalwarming awareness2007
2007-01-26 14:53:02
There seems to be quite a difference between the results in and I am not sure on which language version the leaderboard is basing its calculations.  
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Winners need entries in both Google/ MSN and Yahoo with Globalwarming Aware
2007-01-26 02:52:01
Whereas in previous contests, players with the biggest collection of inbound pagerank textlinks could win these contests. At this moment it is the quest for a position in all three searchengines. So let’s take a look at what’s the actual difference between Yahoo , Google and Msn. Well firstoff MSN doesn’t bother to update very frequently, this is something you will have to take in account if you want to win this one. In addition to that, blogspot entries seem to do very well in MSN. Secondly Yahoo seems to like spammy/ over optimized pages and mostly disregards inbound pagerank/ textlinks or doesn’t evaluate them for much in their algo’s. Also, Yahoo is less frequently updated than Google, but updates more than MSN. Thirdly Google, seo’s with a lot of inbound pagerank, numerous collections of  directories and linkvaults can win this one. Obviously, you also need a well-optimized site, but that’s no problem for the most of us. Good luck other ...
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How important is Linkbuilding in this competition ?
2007-01-26 02:52:01
Very important, i came across an excellent article to learn exactly how: link building guide  
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Technorati bloglink influence on Globalwarming Awareness2007
2007-01-24 14:51:01
Other Publishers contesting in Globalwarming Awareness2007 pay attention; To make your and this blog more influential, let’s start reciprocal linking and boost our importance in technorati. Wouldn’t it be cool to see a 56 blogs link here ? Please contact me to setup a linkswap.  
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Ridiculous fallback to nr 82 for
2007-01-24 14:51:01
Although is still on number 7 in and 11 in, the leaderboard shows a fallabck from number 19 to 82, which is not right at all. Eagerly awaiting the next update …
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Google?s SERP almost shows 1 million results keyphrase globalwarming awaren
2007-01-24 14:51:01
Probably tommorow Google will break the 1 million results barrier on the keyphrase: globalwarming awareness2007 It will be interesting to follow.   
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What does the dude look like that will win the Globalwarming Awareness2007
2007-01-23 14:50:01
Will he look like this ????   Global warming Awareness2007    
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Current Rank nr 19
2007-01-23 14:50:01
Current ranking is nr 19 on the keyphrase globalwarming awareness2007  
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Globalwarming awareness2007 Link Exchanges made easier with Roboswapper
2007-01-23 14:50:01
Switching links now made easier with Roboswapper   Click on the Image to go there and start swapping links.  
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Can MSN call itself a search engine or is it a already a page in the histor
2007-01-23 14:50:01
While Yahoo and Google updated its SERPS already 4-5 times since 15 january, the startdate of the Globalwarming Awareness contest, MSN updated only once. It is not updating regularly and has not much value because of this. In future seo contests msn should therefore be excluded.
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Massive 619.000 results in Google on keyphrase Globalwarming Awareness2007
2007-01-23 14:50:01
This morning, Google .se shows 619.000 results on Global warming Awareness2007 . Yahoo now shows 168.000. Msn still 270. This competition is growing at a rapid rate. Top contestants seem to be team players that rapidly are growing their backlink collections.      
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