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Quality Website Traffic
2009-06-15 08:07:00
An open letter to all Losers who keep whining about not getting any traffic to their lame-ass websites: STFU. The reason none of your traffic is converting is because the traffic you’re breaking your pimply butt over isn’t worth a damn.  It’s random.  It’s untargeted.  It’s the online equivalent of driving a Prius – it seems like a good idea, until you actually start doing it. If you want to spend your time doing something productive (you know, that will actually make you some money), spend your time getting quality visitors to your website. I’d rather have 100 quality visitors than 100,000 untargeted, low-quality site visitors any day of the week. Why?  Simple: Because quality website traffic buys crap.  Untargeted, low-quality traffic doesn’t. So if you’re spending money buying low quality website traffic, then it sucks to be you.  Really.  You might as well pull that money out of the ATM, wipe your bum with it, roll it ...
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Stop Wasting Your Time
2009-05-07 23:00:00
I constantly get emails from Losers wondering how they can start making money on the internet.  They’re either begging me to do the work for them and just “hand over” the money, or they’re calling me out and demanding that I “prove” to them that it can be done. The problem with both these scenarios is (besides these people being full-on retards) that both types of people reek of desperation. They are constantly running around, desperately looking for something – ANYTHING – to make them money. As soon as some new guru comes out with a product promising to make them a bajillion dollars, they jump all over it.  And as soon as the next product comes out, they jump on that too. In sort - they aren’t bothering to focus on anything. And if there’s one thing ol’ RJ has learned, its that the key to success in any field is FOCUS. For instance, I built my empire by focusing all my time and efforts on search engine optimizati...
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Are Your Clicks Not Converting To Sales?
2009-01-22 11:01:00
Dear Losers, Check out this question some snotrag asked me a while back: I need some help on how to get clicks to convert into sales! I have used the AdWords demographic strategies and have had over 2000 Clicks between 5 campaigns. I ran each campaign until it had around 350 clicks. I need some help as to how I can improve my sales via PPC. -Steven I actually hear this a lot – especially from newbie marketers who still don’t really understand what it takes to make real, live cash on the internet. Look – just because you get CLICKS on your happy little “ads” on Google doesn’t mean DIDDILY. SQUAT. NADA. Why is this?  Simple… clicks do not equal quality.  I could buy an ad under the keyword “Johnny Depp” for my website, and literally get 5,000 clicks in one day, and spend thousands of dollars in ad costs. But I don’t.  Wanna know why? Because even though I’m incredibly good looking, charismatic, filthy rich, and most...
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Getting Started In Internet Marketing
2008-07-22 12:00:00
Hey Losers, More from the mailbag my pet Phillipino has sent me… Elizabethe writes: I am going to try and write this without provoking you to call me any names…lol   Anyway, I found your website and wandered through. I was seriously thinking of sending that whopping $9.95 because I am interested in what you are saying/selling. Then, I’ve read your blog and alot of this stuff is over my head. Not that I couldn’t learn it, but I really am not familiar with any of the intricacies you discuss. My question, Will I be able to use your system without becoming a computer guru? I don’t mind learning something new but I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of the info. I can’t afford to f**k up too much  before I make money. Okay, let the chastising begin. Thanks your royal jerkiness! Its a good thing I already have an extremely low opinion of all you people, otherwise I’d be upset by emails like this. Look – you don’t need to be a...
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Improve Your Sales Via Pay Per Click (PPC)
2008-07-17 12:00:00
Hey Losers, Got another good question from one of you morons.  Check it out… I need some help on how to get clicks to convert into sales! I have used the AdWords demographic strategies and have had over 2000 Click s between 5 campaigns. I ran each campaign until it had around 350 clicks. I need some help as to how I can improve my sales via PPC. -Steven Conversions are about two things – the quality of your traffic and the quality of your sales page. Obviously, I know NOTHING about your sales process.  But if you want to improve your shit, you need to start SPLIT TESTING those mothers… Here’s the deal… You’re setting up your campaigns in Google, and it sounds like you’re doing a good job at it.  Your ads are getting clicks.  But are you split testing your ads? If you create better ads, you attract better buyers, get a higher click through rate, and a lower cost per click.  You always, always, ALWAYS want to split test your ads!!!! To ...
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The Blog Gets A Facelift & Botox
2008-06-03 21:35:00
S’up Losers. After I decided to start blogging again, I came back and realized how embarassingly bad my blog looked.  I’m RJ, baby - I do everything first class.  So I fired my lame-ass programmer and hired a new one who wasn’t as lame and told him to make me an awesome blog worthy of the Rich Jerk or I’d bang his girlfriend and put the video up on Youtube. As you can see, the new blog is awesome.  I’m awesome.  You still suck. So here’s the deal… register for the blog and leave your comments in this thread kissing my ass about how great my new blog is.  Tell me how much you love it and how much you love me (in a non-gay way, of course).  The commentor who’s the best kiss-ass will win a free consultation with one of my top guys who’ll critique any website you want and give you pointers on how to improve it. Who knows?  Maybe I’ll be generous and pick more than one winner.  It depends on how well you all pucker-up....
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Not Making Conversions?
2008-05-27 15:00:00
So, you’ve got your website set up, you’re getting traffic, and you finally feel like a “real” internet marketer. But there’s a problem… YOU AIN’T MAKING NO SALES!!!!!! Oh, whatever could be wrong? Why are you not making any MFM? Are you not getting the targeted traffic? Are you not using the right keywords? What’s the problem?????? Chances are, if you’re not making any conversions, you got two problems…. 1. Your copy sucks. 2. Your sales process blows. I guarantee you that’s the problem, because every website out there that doesn’t convert has those two problems! Let’s go over each one… 1. Your Copy Sucks For those of you not hip to my jive, “Copy” is short for “Sales Copy,” which is short for “Sales Letter,” which is short for “Buy my shit right now, moron. Daddy needs a new pair of shoes.” Sales copy is the lifeblood of conversion. If it...
Video # 1: RJ’s Ninja Google Demographics Technique
2008-05-21 15:00:00
Dear Loser, I know there are probably a lot of you morons out there wasting piles of cash on Google Adwords. Well, I had one of my lackeys (ie: “employees”) whip up a little video showcasing one of my latest and greatest strokes of brilliance. It’s a technique I’m using to *LAZER* target adwords campaigns, not just for the Rich Jerk company, but also for new affiliate offers we’re testing out privately. I’m sure you guys will be racing over to your adwords accounts to trick it out RJ style right after the video. Video #1 here: Click Here For My Super Ninja Google Demographics Technique (TM) Later, -RJ (RJ Headquarters) P.S. The video takes 60 seconds to load. Patience! You’ll see it’s worth the wait.
Use Your Own Damn Affiliate URL For PPC
2008-05-16 15:00:00
Dear Loser, A lot of you guys out there, who are affiliates for stuff, are playing the Google Adwords game, right? And as we all know, Google is the online equivalent of the creepy, popular, born-again stepdad who’s boinking your mom and trying to be a good guy, but he’s just a loser you secretly wish would die. (Daddy issues? Nah…) Anyway, if you’re using Adwords to get affiliate traffic, you are probably having a hard time - especially with their dang quality score nonsense. Well, here’s a nifty little trick I use for my affiliate marketing efforts you should definitely begin using immediately. However - it DOES cost a bit of money, so all you broke-ass losers out there, stop reading this post right now because I don’t want to hear you bitching about how broke you are - especially if you can’t afford the $10 it’s gonna cost you to do this little ditty. All right, that said, here’s the trick… Go to, and reg...
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Using People’s Pain To Make Money
2008-05-13 15:00:00
Dear Loser, Check this: JoeF over on the Warriors Forum posted this: JoeF writes: Hey All, I can’t figure this out for the life of me and I’m hoping you can help. I have a Yoga/Breathing program for athletes (with a unique twist) that I created. If you were doing it, would you create a general “catch all” website for all sports and athletes - trying to brand yourself/program as the go-to/authority. Which of course could be broken down into individual sports inside the site in a message forum (or whatever). Or… Would you create 10 or so sites and put a spin on the general program for each individual sport (i.e. Yoga for Golf, Yoga for Volleyball, etc…)? I’ve been researching to no avail. I would be very grateful for any insights. Thank you, Joe First of all - you can’t be everything to all people. If you have a product that could be applied to many fields, don’t be a “jack of all trades.” Why? Because a jack of al...
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