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LZZR is my personal Brand of SEO. Search Engine Optimization is my hobby and my job as well. Occasionally I may tend to answer your questions and sometimes I do SEO research for free.
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Toilet Digital ID causes Internet Controversy
2008-04-01 11:17:00
When it concerns digital technologies we here in Britain are used to be feeling like living in the Stone Age when compared to the advanced wonders of the Far East. Miniaturisation and digitalisation entered almost every aspect of their daily life continuing to surprise unprepared Westerners. Almost every British visitor comes from Japan with a ...
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Internet States of Presence
2008-03-31 10:40:00
So picking up from where we left off in the post on the Internet History let us summarise in condensed form what we may take from there and use in our further reasoning. The transformations described in that posting eventually lead to the explosion of Web 2.0 were secured through gradual introduction of three distinct states of Internet presence. Whilst online, an individual may act in one of the following three capacities: Visitor – freely surfing the net: anonymous, invisible and passive, can only read and download Legal Self – predominantly when engaged in some sort of monetary transaction, government or job-related activities: tied up to various offline ID tokens (SSN, Credit Card Number, Legal Address etc.) mostly sporadic, purpose-driven and compulsory, creates two-way tunnels between "real" and "virtual" worlds transferring tangible goods or services Internet Service User – authorised with login/password combination, recognisable by nickname and/or ...
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Those who cannot remember Web 1.0 are condemned to repeat it
2008-03-01 07:41:00
Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it from "Reason in Common Sense", the first volume by George Santayana not my favourite philosopher, I admit, but the quote is too good not to use it Well, of course there is no new thing under the sun but problems we are facing with the rapid introduction ...
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Happy Birthday SexySEO
2008-01-31 13:47:00
My dearest SEXiest SEO ? I?m infinitely sorry. How could I be so stupid not to post my virtual greetings in time? How could I think that it?s enough to make a non-virtual presentation? Forgive me SexySEO. Well, not SexySEO actually. It?s Lora?s birthday, not hers. But she?s angry with me. Who? Lora or SexySEO? I?m ...
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Do we see the road ahead?
2007-12-25 01:40:00
Now, how do I start this story? Once upon a time, sometime in mid July to be more precise, I was approached by a group of guys from a young start-up company who wanted me to assess their in-work project both in terms of conventional SEO as well as from a more generic angle and ...
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Online Communities - Notes on Terminology
2007-11-30 22:44:00
Having to read masses of texts written on the subject of Online Communities I had to face the sad fact that we are all hopelessly confused by the overwhelming amount of information coming from all sides and terminological mess arising from our inability to grasp the meaning of the emerging phenomena doesn’t help a bit in our attempts to catch up with events. As it always happens in moments like this buzz words tend to spring up from every corner of the field quite naturally reflecting the need to name something that only just came to exist. Being rather natural product of the course of events buzz words are just that, buzz words, that came into circulation spontaneously out of scarcity but not as a result of regular analytic attempts. Clear and transparent terms reflecting at least to a some degree the meaning of phenomena are clear signs of the maturity of the field and can provide an invaluable help in our attempts to rationalise the stream of events. Although some of the though...
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ART POWER - How Google counts links
2007-10-31 01:43:00
Just came form holidays. Well, obviously not. Sorry. Just needed to invent some excuse for not writing for such a long time. My holidays ended weeks ago but as it always happens you come back to work only to discover such an enormous backlog that it takes twice as long as my holidays lasted to ...
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Pownce Invite - Microblog SEO cheatsheet, tips and tricks
2007-08-09 03:41:00
Quite frankly the first item in my ToDo List was to write a roundup on LZZR Linking but the scheduled work on this project that mainly consisted of watching people joining in and backlinks spreading over the network was mercilessly interrupted by getting a long-awaited Pownce Invite . I can?t help applauding their market-entry strategy where ...
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Why it is good to link to LZZR
2007-07-04 19:27:00
We are all hungry for inbound links these days and even more so since the introduction of nofollow which I personally hate as it did not solve a bit the problem of comment spam it was supposed to solve but had a detrimental effect on social networks and blogsphere in particular. It turned all of ...
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Image Search: Blessing or Curse?
2007-06-20 03:47:00
As you might have noticed from my post about EXIF I am certainly fascinated by the opportunity to squeese out a bit more of SEO not only from the traditional textual content but also from visuals. Every little bit counts and if you can enhance visibility of your site by just another grain, however small ...
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Yahoo Censorship
2007-05-30 14:54:00
Internet censorship seems to be a rather far-fetched issue until it actually affects you directly and personally. I admit I do things that make a lot of people angry and this time it seems Yahoo ! Inc itself decided to get angry with me! I perfectly well know why as my post on Yahoo handcrafting describing exactly ...
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Wordpress and Twitter
2007-05-23 17:11:00
Just came across Twitter - for those who don’t know it is a microblog community that encourages people to share all pretty boring and extremely uninteresting events in their life with the whole world at a terrifying frequency. There you will have a chance to learn about digestion problems of people you would never want ...
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Is Google AdSense actually a Pay Per Impression Network?
2007-05-23 13:00:00
Google AdSense continues to surprise and since my last post on this subject I happened to bump into yet another Ad sense thing that bothers me so much that I just can?t help sharing it with you. If you are like me do most of your Pay Per Click monetization via Google AdSense you just have ...
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Closing Subject
2007-04-19 08:24:00
Writing my first post on this issue I couldn’t expect the reaction it will produce, even less I expected the kind of reaction that followed. If this thread I quietly watched without intervening happened to be openly hostile than this comment I got in my own blog is simply offensive, so I feel I need ...
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Update on DNS Attack
2007-04-10 19:24:00
Update to my first post about DNS ATTACK Just now observed that DNS poisoning continues this time affected DNS servers belong to 1AND1.COM AKA 1&1 Internet Inc. - one of the largest registrars and hosters! I am getting pretty scared - if they can’t deal with this problem for three days in a row - Internet is ...
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DNS attack or Easter DOS attack as they call it
2007-04-08 18:28:00
Today I nearly fainted (of course I meant to say farted as I’am not a sissy young girl, at least not anymore ) but anyway seeing a crappy landing page instead of my beloved was a bit of something. Here is how our Host described it: Major DNS DOS attack April 8th, 2007 at 1:29 am ...
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Rel follow attribute gets universal approval
2007-04-01 14:08:00
At the request of WhiteHat SEO community on April the 1st this year all major search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN Live declared their joint support for a newly developed XFN standard. The new attribute rel=follow is designed to complement the notorious rel=nofollow. However unlike nofollow attribute rel=follow is designed to express not negative but ...
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Google Adsense Hits Hard
2007-03-09 17:44:07
Watching my Adsense traffic from over two hundreds of sites I’ve noticed lately an unusual drop in performance. My average adsense income per site had dropped almost in half. The truth of the matter that I honestly considered this to be a natural phenomenae accuring as a result of lowering traffic and never bothered to ...
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Google cheats on Webmasters
2007-02-20 05:35:11
As you might have noticed from my post the other day I was a bit ironic about Google Webmaster Tools thingy. It’s been noticed by many that even those highly publicized innovations like backlink checker are not working as even a simple Yahoo Site Explorer search like this one gives you much more links that ...
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Hard Proof of Yahoo Handcrafting
2007-02-20 05:35:11
In my post Yahoo delivers Hand Craft ed results too I already hinted on a fact that Yahoo uses hand-job on their results. By the time of writing I only had rumours to rely on, today a hard-proof is at hand. This screenshot published on Flickr by a rather unthoughtful Yahoo employee gives us the following: Yahoos: Report ...
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Google Teaches us a bit of SEDD
2007-02-13 05:30:04
Another addition to my SEDD collection - Googl e itself produced a small guide to SEDD, I quote from their Webmaster Guidelines Don’t participate in link schemes designed to increase your site’s ranking or PageRank. In particular, avoid links to web spammers or “bad neighborhoods” on the web, as your own ranking may be affected adversely by ...
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Yahoo Pipes the Ultimate Splog Tool
2007-02-11 11:26:02
As I noticed elsewhere already, Yahoo had gone crazy. Now it seems it’s a deliberate strategy. It looks like they’ve got offended by Google’s near-monopoly and decided to aid those who are more than happy to exhaust Googlebot and Google spam-filters with millions of pages of duplicate content. First Yahoo makes their Y360 blog service to ...
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Yahoo Ignores Nofollow When Counting Links
2007-02-07 23:23:01
BLIP Going through my Backlinks on Yahoo Site Explorer I suddenly realized that it displays all backlinks regardless. There were open links, links with nofollow attribute in a tag as well as links from pages with meta robots nofollow. This doesn’t mean Yahoo ignores nofollow as it may still exclude it from their link popularity algos but ...
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Google Opens up Backlinks but not to Everyone
2007-02-07 23:23:01
During the recent google dance not only we suffered the usual (i. e. disappearance of entire sites together with jumping PR) but also it stopped displaying backlinks in any comprehencible manner. I switched to Yahoo! Site Explorer to see my backlinks! But now, hurray! The announcement comes from the babe-swamped heart of Google plex - you can ...
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What a SEDD coincidence!
2007-02-01 11:18:01
It’s been just a couple of days since I had written about the possibility of SEDD and what a coincidence! In my post I was talking about Bad Neghbourhood and precisely this happened to me - I looked at my backlinks on Technorati and it happened that some jerk decided that linking a dozen of spammy ...
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Prefetch or not prefetch for SEO
2007-01-28 23:16:07
Prefetch attribute had been around for some time but had some limited use as it was supported only in Firefox. Now with an explosive adoption of IE 7 that seems to support this attribute it can open some really good opportunities for not-so-whitehat SEO. If it does what it does uses for this wonderful feature ...
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Yahoo likes on-site optimisation
2007-01-28 23:16:07
BLIP Stranegely, but Yahoo pays more attention to on-site factors than others. This a bit old-fashioned tactic possibly extends to meta tags as well. tags: SEO, Yahoo, blip, meta, meta-tags, on-site optimisation, tag Related: Yahoo used to be a Directory Yahoo delivers Hand Crafted results too Image search plus EXIF could be another traffic booster Yahoo is based on Inktomi Slurp MSN is ...
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MSN likes link text
2007-01-28 23:16:07
BLIP This observation is derived from MSN ranking higher for a particular keyword pages and sites that have keywords in link text and link title of external links as opposed to sites and pages these links are pointing to. This seems to be a reverse logic i. e. link text becomes a kind of a weighted keyword ...
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Yahoo Tracks User Behaviour
2007-01-28 23:16:07
BLIP Yahoo seems to be particularly keen on having and most likely using in-house data on relevancy of their SEPR by tracking user clicks. It is undeniable that they get this data, the question is how exactly they use it? My take is that this data can not be used in an obvious way - you get ...
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Yahoo delivers Hand Crafted results too
2007-01-28 23:16:07
BLIP It is a rather widespread rumour that inside the Yahoo corporate network the Yahoo searchpage is delivered with a link urging Yahoo employees to report inappropriate search results to the relevant department. Although to my knowledge it is the only evidence of handcrafting so fat I am inclined to believe it. More so considering that ...
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